How to use vaseline

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Vaseline real way work for beauty hacks | 5 uses of vaseline

7 796 views | 18 Jul. 2020

Jasmin Ali


Renu Ka

Can we use coconut oil
If we dont have olive oil?

Justine Tincs

Thanks for teaching me I will do it ❤️?❤️?❤️??????

Maryness Sebastian


Rahm Ally

Hizo mbegu umeweka kwa Vaseline kwa ajili ya shepu ni nini kwa kiswahili

sarah savala

Thanks to show the secret

Purity Mwangi

Thanxxx For Sharing This .. let me try??Mob love?

Jessica Adamadwo

Please can I use two items with out the feugreek seeds?

Sadiq Yau



Wawoo good advice thanks beautiful

Bar Jama

It Actually works Thank you sister

Marcy R

I only use Vaseline nothing else on my boobs n it works i’m not about to put anything Else at first I didn’t believe it but I saw change

How to use vaseline

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Apply Vaseline On Your Skin and See The Magic || Amazing 5 Vaseline Beauty Hacks | Beauty | Hacks

920 091 views | 28 Jun. 2019

Top 5 amazing Beauty Hacks

Top 5 amazing Beauty Hacks with Vaseline. friends, see the full video and learn the amazing beauty tricks of Vaseline. #vaseline #beautyhacks #vaselinebeautyhacks

Vaseline is the most admired and widely used jelly over a century. Here are just some of the amazing uses of Vaseline.

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Vasudev Sankhe

Want to. Passwaerd the same as number

Muhammad Ahmad

In other video u said to use coconut oil as well for dark circles. Tell me whether to use it or not

Maraa Helwa

We want to see how you applied it on your face. ?




Try to use margarine to rub your face you will see magic.

Samiya Akter

So why u don't put this on your face ??????????
And I saw this on thumbnail

I'm soft so plz don't hurt me

Not sure but I saw a video by a skin doctor , he said petroleum jelly isn't good for face n Vaseline contains it

Sandhya Ekka

Apka nail paint kon se brand ka h...nice colour

Lau Sharon

Hi, may I ask which one is for your video's thumbnail ? Remove the pores and let the face becomes smooth. Thanks! :)

anj gonzales

This is good for pregnant?

Majeed Shaik

Very good vide??????????

Mani kanta nukala

Hi mom.hw r u?nice usefull video.change kanipiesthunda

felicity catab

thank you for this tips but can we see the result first? thanks....

Mst. Mahadia


Tanaya Desai

Nice I'll definitely try it's easy thank you ?didi

Simrandeep Kaur

Amazing hacks di

Johnkyle Sayson

How many times apply?

Angel's lifestyle sr.

Dear I see your all videos and subscribe also ?? amazing idias..... ??????

Aiburomlang Kurkalang

Ihave pigmentation darkspot shall I use this

FUN Life

First view and comment hiii dearrr

Ariston Weekes

I dont have money tobuy aloe vera gel???

shravani .p

For dark circles can I use the natural aloevera gel

Yeimi Usuga

In spanish plis


Im having the problem of pimples shall I use Thiss ?

fire bae

Vaseline is thick... it will clog the pores and stop the skin from breathing

Nithin Sai

Nice, vitamin e capsule not there so what can we use?


Ya oily skin valy use kar sakty hen?

lhei nosuic

How about if I use other brand because I have petroleum jelly but not Vaseline it is ok to use?

نور الحسن

يجب ان تترجمو الفيديو الى العربيه لكي استفاد من ذلك

Magdalena Cruz Leon



Mam ese face pe apply kar sakte hai kya first remedy ko peales reply peales mam koi side effects to nahi hoge

Shivani KS Sathya

Can we use vaseline for dark spots ???? And how can we clear chicken pox scars on face??any idea

Neogiseomu Khem


Sasmi Liyannsa pusswella photo movie

Thank you

today's status


swarnalatha chilumula

For hair damage you have showed a recipe na if in that if I won't add vitamin capsule wht happens

naheed imran

Last hack ma kiya bataya ha apnay under eye use kren aur gentle shampoo se hair wash kren kiya mtlb is hack ka??

Axat Gandhi

Open pores problem pls help

Saniya kadam

Why don't not like

syeeda aliya muzamil

nice sisoo ???????????????

Rekha Shrestha

Mere paasa alovera nai hei main kya use garke mam

Jeann Cidenio

Hiyangan lang

Jelly ann Llaguno

Wow amazing,your idea is the best

Mim 2020

Apu komorer kalo dag dur korar jnno kisu dao plz plz plz payjamay rabar use korar Karone dag ta hoice

Monirul Islam

Will rashes be out of my face if I apply it ?

MOMO zhu


Nilesh Manchalkar

nice hacks

Violeta Blanza

Ganun pla magawa nga yan sis

Shahin Azmi

Mam mere face p bahut hi zyada keel h main kya krun

Naseem Gull

Very good ? ?? ?? and your idea is the world Best ?????????????????

Rinki akhter


Chinmoyee Deka

Vaseline on hair.. Haven't heard that before

Muhammed Irshad

Wow it's working thanks

Umar Anees

Agr aleo Vera gel Nahi hai to cocumber use kr samtay hai?

Nawaratanm Nawa

Saya tak jadi macamana

Annalyn Melgo

I am just wondering about the petrolium jelly. I supposed to apply it on my face. But somebody told me, it helps to increase the size of their penis??? so? It means it can be increase the size of my face?? Enlighten me please..

Hannah Alejandro

Yung vitamin oil po ba ay yung para sa hair??

sima tripathi sima tripathi

Your idea is very good thanks

Shawie McNeese

Your supposed to apply in your face not just showing to mix, so we can prove the result ,,,

Jim Jam

Rose petal powder nhi hai toh kya use karega

Mishra Dikshu

Mam rose petals kii jgh beetroot powder bhii le skte h naaa ??

Maria Noscal

hindi ba sya nkaka pimple?

AS Havaldar's

Can I use natural Alovera gel

Madhu Garg

Apne apne hair per apply kyu nhi kiya


He llo♥️♥️♥️♥️

Madelyn Cruz

Amazing and smart I will try it.

Sandipa Paul

Effitive hack

Dev Banik

face a use kre? r koto somoy rakha lagbe

How to use vaseline

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How to Use Vaseline In 7 Different Ways | DIY Beauty Hack

158 519 views | 16 Jul. 2016

Vaseline can be used for

Vaseline can be used for more reasons than just to give you hydrated lips. Check out the video to know and learn how you can use a jar of Vaseline in everyday life!

Producer & Host: Natasha Patel

Videographer: Rishab Maliwar

Video Editor: Rushabh Shah

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ayesha Jabeen


Aura Alum

r u Indian, sist ?
your English is so cute ?

Azra Armaan

Hiiii fabbbb video keep doiiiii mmhhhwwwww

Raima Dey

mam gives many beautiful and great great ideas .I like the hairstyles that mam shows to us

Shelly Fw

Really helpful! Thank you!??

Nidhi Rawat

you are so fashionable and i like you way to talk and hacks also.???


Who in the world wants to remove their lips? I have never heard of such a thing.

misti mitra

We can use any vaseline??? i am asking because you have used another thats why

Mohammed Janealam

Hi mantol nathasa i love you.

S. Ananya

i want u to do hair care videos

Namya Thakur

very funny moves how she moved her hands at the starting

Pink Lips

what's your hair colour?

Unknown Melwani

You look breathtaking!!
Amazing vid.

Hedayat Bushra

You are beautiful women ????❤❤

Bhoomika Bhatt

Nonsense hacks

its shreya

Rosewater hacks plz

arushi sharma

are yr splits ebnds pr vaseline ko lekr ek sahi video uplod kijiye plsssss

janavi kartik shah

natasha does vaseline help in growing eye lashes..??

shagun Sharma

nice mam plz dry hairs ke liye kuch btaye mere hairs bhut bhut bhut dry hai

Uma Dutta

Hey guys.
Watch my video.
It take a lots of hardwork to make a video.
Like, subscribe my channel.

B4_71_Manish Gautam

Her style is just awesome?

celebs videos

Hmm nyc only but ??sub ko kitni pasand hai ye stupid video

Harmony Vasquez

That ashy elbows??every brown and black girl needs that hack. It make us look hella shiney?

Mohammed Janealam

natasha you very beutifull. i love you.

Shahina sameer

Can I use cocoa butter vaslime for eyebrows growth

Eisha Malik

Hi natasha really you looking so beautiful???

Nikita Jain

Yes more hacks please

Right Hu

What do my hair so oily pleas tell uR next video

Tanya Singh

It's osm
I really like it and i want to do it .

Altaf Khan

Very nice ?

ch noraiz

Kya isyy face par apply Kar sky h???

Ayesha Zia


kamal ranshoor

How to glow our skin

Md Juhi

You're very beautiful natasha

zara fatima

excellent yar next vedio hurry please

Dhanya Teja

please do diy planner journal

Ramita Sharma

Boring ...the kajal didn't work??

ManisHa Pawar

beautiful ?

Keerthanakeerthi Keerthi

Do more video

Rupsha Banerjee

You are so cuteeeeeee

Reena Parmar

Hii i m ur new subscriber ,
Bhai bhai gujrati rock che????


Guys don't put Vaseline in your hair it's a HORRIBLE idea (learn that the hard way lol)

Rashi tripathi

Mam it is very nice .

kamal ranshoor

pimple promble In our face soo what we do