Ingrown hair in ear

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Ingrown ear hair

7 201 views | 8 Mar. 2014

Emanuell Lebron

My kind of classy people

Anu Perspective

Girl 1: Oooooh I got blood
Girl 2: "Whyyyyyyyy is shit bleeding?"


Ingrown hair in ear

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Most Unique Ear Canal Hair

25 470 views | 30 Jan. 2018

John's ear canal has an

John's ear canal has an abundance of loose hairs unlike any I have ever seen. They are causing him discomfort because of irritation of the left ear drum. Removing the hairs with irrigation and extraction with alligator forceps brings relief.

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Margaret Jones

Hi I have alot of ringing in both of my ears what causes that.


I wish there were more doctors like you

Michael Kenney

I have some corse nose hair I have to get rid of

Alexandra Borkowski

Ingenious! Love the clothespin

Butterfly Girl

volume again is super low again

adoptafurkid mama

As many of your videos as I've watched, this is the first time I noticed your remarkable wedding ring. I believe you're also an artist. Did you design it?

Rasheeda Nelson-Howard

I love John's reaction. It's exactly how I would react

Bonnie Rodriguez

Put in some ear plugs during your next trim ?

Michell Egger

He’s got some ingrown ears! Lol

Francesca Nguyen

Great video Dr Vaughan! I'm so glad those hairs were removed because they looked so uncomfortable up against his ear drum. I hope your lovely patient John has got some well needed relief!! Thanks for uploading this video

Betty Boop

After every hair cut I get I rinse my ears out with peroxide.

April May

Aw he's sweet! I dunno if its stupid but could his ear hair have fallen out but into his ear?

Pamela Schramke

Bummer I caught this too late to see it live! Glad I got to watch it after the fact though. I've actually always wondered why/how something tickling in the ear or if a certain spot in the ear canal is touched, why/how does it cause coughing? I know the membrane expands in the ear while coughing, so is it the body's way of trying to push something away from the ear drum to protect it?

Timmie Hawkins



His face at 5:57! LOL What a great sport!

Bonnie Rodriguez

Would that ear sprayer thing also work for removing the stray hairs?

June Osborne

Bless him!!! That had to hurt!!


There an audiologist on YouTube by the name of Nick Chitty. You should look at some of his videos. He gets out big chunks of earwax with lots of hair. Pretty interesting .

Rasheeda Nelson-Howard

Is it already over


the hairs may have entered the canal if the last hairdresser blow dried his hair after a cut, perhaps?

Joshua Ferguson

Could there be ingrown hair in ear

Candace Jones

A selfie of two people is called an Usie!

Cheri M

My favorite videos are your ear cleaning videos! Keep them coming!

Jacee K

Could be enough hair for an earwig...Badda Bing! ;-D I love some of the expressions John shoots at the camera..too funny! Nice gentleman too.

Heather Noel

What a lovely patient, well done!

CS Nanny

What happened to your sound. ?

Barbara Mclaurin

If he sleeps with a pet , this could be pet hair too

Pink Withsprinkles

Just a selfie lol darn wish i saw it life

Tami Gampp

It looked like spider legs....


A Dually? Lol

Debi B

Thanks to your patient and you for sharing the video. I bet alot of people wonder how hair gets into their ears from a hair cut.
Thanks Again.

Bonnie Rodriguez


Kake LiLi

A selfie with 2 or more people is an usie. Lol

Alexandra Borkowski

Does someone trim his ear hair? If so, they need to make sure they clean out the trimmed bits.

Glen Luss

Enjoyed that what a really nice man to let us see his procedure.

Mary Vala

I ? him

Ingrown hair in ear

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Gnarly Ear Hair in HD, on Bono ... gross and creepy (and the hair is too!)

10 735 views | 3 Nov. 2015

The boys decide to pluck

The boys decide to pluck Uncle Bono's disgusting ear hairs... Enjoy!


I wish I got hairs in weird spots. I never do. I want a few thick ear hairs badly just so I can feel what it is like to pull them. I am fifty now and still don't get any good hairs to pull.

Electrology Now

Actually, I was horrified to see the hairs in my stupid old ears .... NEED ELECTROLYSIS, PLEASE ! ! !

Elizabeth Mendia


Jenise carter

Not electrolysis, just tweezing. Not sure why it's listed under electrology?