Hydrating face

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Dirt cheap DIY hydrating face mask for all skin types

2 571 views | 17 Dec. 2020

Dirt cheap DIY hydrating

Dirt cheap DIY hydrating face mask for all skin types

Hello, I'm Cody Montarbo the founder of Montarbo Skincare and The Montarbo Method. As San Diego's leading provider for acne, pigmentation, and chemical peels and with over 20 years of experience, I can help you achieve flawless skin regardless of your age, skin type, or budget! I got you!

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Darling today’s video for anyone who is experiencing dry skin from the cold weather, Retin-A usage, exfoliation, or if you need to calm down your skin from using active ingredients. I make this mask at home when i want a quick and effective hydration mask without the fancy. It really works so please try it and report your feedback. I measure about 1TSP of Aloe and add 2-6 drops of Glycerin depending on how much hydration I want or need. Feel free to improvise, get creative, and adjust the amount of Glycerine needed for your skin. I usually massage the mask in for a min and leave on for 5-15 mind then rinse with cool water. I got the Glycerin from CVS and the Aloe from Target. Just make sure the Aloe does not contain alcohol or strong fragrance. Please share if you enjoyed this tip and want more tips like this. Love you so much and have a wonderful holiday.

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Disclaimer: Often the information I provide in my videos are my own opinions, beliefs, and ideas based on personal experience. In NO WAY are my videos or opinions meant to replace a health care provider or Doctor recommendations. In no way am I offering medical advice or diagnosing. Please follow my advice and opinions with caution and chose to take what you want and leave the rest. We’re here to have fun and stay gorgeous.

Lori Jo

As much as I love your tips dear Cody, I think I’m just going to move in with you and Nate so YOU can take care of and improve my skin! ? Hugs and love from MN!

Noelle N

Bring on all your winter skin tips!!! Thanks Cody and Happy Holidays ?

Pretty Woman

Hi. Can I use fresh aloevera?

Lin Alex

Can I mix flaxseed oil or any other oils with glycerin and leave it on my skin overnight? Will it work?

Eden Cottage and Nature Sanctuary

That's great! Will definitely try this! Good for around the eyes I hope? And any tips on keeping the rest of the body hydrated would be so helpful. Thanks! ?❤️


Thanks! Awesome tip!!!

Elisabetta Corna

More more more tips please !! ?

La Bella Vida


TishaG 216

Beautiful skin yassss?

Lynda Bustillos

Hi Cody, on the video you mentioned to put glycerin on a wet body. Did you mean to say glycerin, and aloe vera as well? If it's for the whole body, what's the ratio for both approximately?
Lastly. . . please do more video's about body care lotions and potions for us! We really do need that!
THANK YOU SO MUCH, FOR... filling our lives with so much wonderful skin care WISDOM. . .

Janhoy አባ ጠቅል

Thank you Cody. This is great. More winter tips please. We?you too.

Natalie Zahorsky

Thank you for sharing..you are such a generous soul..even my hubby now knows what TEWL is..lol


Love your tips been started useing it with water and love it thank you for sharing.

Kathy D. Smith

So cool of you to share tips like this! I would like to see more of the same! With so many people out of work, It is nice to hear of affordable hydration!

Kara Leonor

Thank you so much Cody for this mask. I forgot about my aloe Vera ? in the frig, the glycerin as well.
Be carful though, the glycerin mustn’t be over 8% or max 10% if the skin is really dehydrated otherwise you will get the opposite effect by drying the skin ?
Hugs ?

Kelly anjos

Thank you! More tips pleaaseee

Lorraine Daley

I absolutely love your tips! Thank you. And you have an amazing energy

Life & DIY

Cody, I LOVE this so much! I need some of that aloe gel. I used to have a plant in my room but I accidentally killed it. I would love to create this and just leave it on my face. The only thing I would add is a few drops of avocado oil (by Now too). It is the best thing I've found for my crazy dry skin (plus veg. glycerin) and next I will add aloe! LOVE Your content. You've given me some great ideas!

denise bissell

Sweetheart my daughter who is a nurse has horrible red rash under her nose chin etc from mask. I'm thinking not to wash face. She is trying too much stuff. Her skin is do angry. Cordizone?

Diane Lopresti

Cody, Yes, Yes on the tips. You are a sweetheart. Merry Christmas. Be well.

Shalom Alcheim

Yes thank you more tips. LOVE LOVE LOVE you?

Kristen Alix

Yes, more tips and tricks please!!!


Yes Cody! I.actually use this in winter as.I'm in upstate NY where it's dry ! But I also include 2 teaspoons of raw honey for the face mask. It washes off easily with Luke warm water.


My mom adds glycerin in her bath water. She has thee most beautiful skin and she’s 72! I just caught on and so I am adding it into my bath routine now. I cannot wait to share this DYI mask and have a little R & R spa time with my mama.
You have the best tips, thank you & may God bless you!


I'm going to try this mask tonight! Thank you! ? ?More winter tips please.

Debra Jean

Well Hello Beautiful (right back at ya lol). Great moisturizing video. But I think I told you using your products I just don't seem to need a moisturizer. But I'll keep this video just in case the day comes and I do. I would love more videos like this. You are the greatest Cody....always full of new tips and tricks. And oh yes, 2021 has to be better than 2020 - it can't be any worse (I hope). Love ya! XOXOXOXOXO

ferdinand aulia

Love the new lighting.


Yes! More winter tips, please!

Kamryn Cristina

2:44 Beautiful ??love u??

Caroline Bielby

More tips pleased x


I’m going to try this! Thank you for the tip—I would love to hear more winter suggestions ❄️?

Gretchen Ross

I did this last night. Lord knows why I am so dehydrated. I live at the coast north of you a few hundred miles--I think it's hormonal. Anyhow, I cannot believe the difference it made. Thank you, Cody and God Bless! Wish I lived closer to you. . .

Katrin S.

Definitely trying this..thanks as always for sharing your Tipps...love send from Germany ????

claire chapman

All skin tips yay

Nina -

Cool tip. I use diluted glycerin under shea butter. It's really amazing.
P.S your skin looks fabulous ?

Anastasia Zazulina

Great tip! Thank you ? and we definitely need more)) take care!

Juan Y Michelle Mendoza

Yessss! I made the diy glycerin and aloe and mineral water facial spray. Ill do this tonight. Please share more tips like this. Hydrating cleanser next

sherie light

I can't wait to try this. I suffer year long with dry skin on my arms, hands, legs & feet. More tips please!! Be blessed.

Teuta Gjokaj

This is such a great thing to know...I watched maybe 2 years back the oatmeal mask video from you and it was a life savior..you really do share the best tips!

Kanchana Bindu

Thank you for this your advice is so helpful and very much appreciated??❤

Kimberly Crosby

Do you leave it on your face or wash it off after a few minutes?

Caroline Bielby

Love thisx

carrie snow

This is exactly what I was looking for. Paused video to order on Amazon. Can't wait to try this! Thanks.

Lauren Vogt

Thank u Cody! You're the absolute best!! Appreciate you so much! Loved when u said "you don't need to be fancy!" ???? Also would LOVE more little tips like this!!

keeley stackhouse

Love a quickey

José Bredeveld

Omg this is the 5th video I saw today from you en just 1 sec ago I saw you don't have long hair ??. I thought you had a ponytail(don't ask me why?!) . You have like the best hairline ever for a guy? I would love to see an oldskool pompadour haircut on you (sorry the barber in me is taking over)
Love your videos and info! Thanx for the no nonsens, cheap and reasonable tips

xiu jim

Do we wash this off after applying??

Ricky Hogan

Thanks for the tip!

Hydrating face

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E.L.F. Hydrating Face Primer Review

111 362 views | 18 Aug. 2017

Here is a drugstore face

Here is a drugstore face primer review, where I am talking about the E.L.F. Hydrating face primer. xx

❤️ S U B S C R I B E : http://bit.ly/2lBMALa

❤️ P R O D U C T S

E.L.F. Face Primer: http://amzn.to/2v69Aov

❤️ T H I S

Blog : https://www.yanairbe.com

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/yanairbe

Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/yanairbe

Twitter : https://twitter.com/yanairbe

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/yanairbe

Snapchat : yanairbe

❤️ A B O U T

Hi y'all, I'm Yana! I share weekly videos on beauty product reviews, style tips, hauls, tutorials, vlogs & more. Subscribe to my channel to never miss one!

Kelly Walsh

Nasty horrible smell like a greasy truckers cafe kitchen! Nearly heaved putting it on my hand !

jal gatab

The thing I hate about this primer is the like sticky feeling it leaves I hate the feel on my face


they do sell other types of this primer.. maybe you just didnt need the hydrating one

Carol B

It smells like old cooking oil.


The Elf primer did prevent your face side with it on from absorbing as much of your applied blush as your other side; the blush seemed to stay on your skin surface, not go as deep.

Leah Damron

The odor is definitely horrible!

Dawn Baby

Hi, did your skin FEEL hydrated? You didn't mention this at all and that is one of the main reasons (for me anyway) for buying this?

Doc Lewis

A hydrating primer will make your makeup look hydrated. If you want a matte or close to matte finish, you can't use a hydrating primer. At least, I can't. I have oily skin that gets extremely dry due to medical issues so I've tried a number of primers and foundations. The hydrating primers always make my foundations look like they're lumi instead of matte.

Saisha Badgujar

Your eye makeup is always on point! ❤️ love the video! you are gorgeous!

corina laney

Am i the only one that doesnt think it has a bad smell i barely smell anything if any

Eva miller

I actually purchased this two weeks ago and I absolutely hate it because it made my foundation and concrealer sooo cakey so I had to reapply my makeup 3 times till I knew that the problem is with the primer not other products I usually use and good video keep the good work.

Vera Black

as of 10/21/2018, I can confirm that E.L.F has changed this product for the better I'm using a new bottle right now and there is no scent. and i usually smell even unscented products, but this has no scent. it did cost me $6 from target. I think it also pays in the long run to make sure you're buying a fresh product from elf as I'm sure they, like all makeup, expire with time. ♡

Diana Rus

I thought that just my primer smells like that... but i don't like the smell of the primer at all...

Ele Ele

Hello what are you usi make up name e numeri?

Ellie McManus

Ugh where I live Elf is a fairy new brand and this costs the equivalent to $12.51 ?


Did the smell kind off go away after u had put on ur makeup?❤️

andrea hernandez

On the primer side it’s less oily and more matte


whenever i use this primer it makes the foundation slip off my nose

T. Ferguson DiazBrothersFan

no difference because you are just beautiful

X Lyrics

Why do I get pilling or flaking when I apply my foundation? I’m sure it’s not my foundation because without the primer, it works fine. But for some reason even after I applied a small amount and letting it dry, it still pills my foundation off.

Allyah Trujillo

My elf hydrating face primer smells like nuts

Serena Martinez

For me the smells not strong like at all, And it works great for me I have oily skin and I love this primer.

Isabelle Cristina Santos Salvatierra

you cant see much of a difference because the other side is smooth too

Bella Mae

Princess A

Same! I love the formula but it’s just the smell ?

Ebba Pruttt

Can you use if even if you have normal skin?

Yoselin Sandoval

Great, I just bought it ?

Sunshine Freckles

It felt oily and smelled like grease

Luz Diaz

Not great for acne prone skin, caused to break it out in HUGE pimples


Think all the Elf products are a ripoff.. nice container.. but there are actually 3 different containers inside.. the one with the product is soooooooo small...... even though it's priced well.. it's a joke...

Cassiopeia Baker

I'm glad I found your video! Great help because I'm planning on trying this. Btw you're so beautiful and great humor! <3 (I subbed)

peble pable

It's only... 5... dollars....

Phoebe Watts

Thanks for an honest review! i saw another review about this prime and they were raving about it. Such nonsense. I thought this primer was GARBAGE!

Samantha Arellano

This product does make my face feel oily too !


I used the blemish control primer and I hate it. For me it does literally nothing. Primer should make your skin feel smooth and it didn't make my makeup last either

Apple Apple

Too me it smells like olive oil????

Toni Cannella

I like this primer especially for the price & the packaging but i noticed i started to brake out?

Lisa Bustin

I absolutely dont like this product. The smell is very musty and it makes my face look very oily.

Shafiah Aqilah

Video starts at 1:30

Breezy E

I really love this primer! Did you moisturize before you put it on? Bc you're supposed to put it on a clean face. It is supposed to serve as your moisturizer as well. That's the only thing I can think u may have done bc when u use it as your moisturizer it makes your face so beautiful and supple. that's my experience anyway


I squeezed some primer out and the smell was gone for me

Teach Kinder

This worked ok for my very dry skin but I can’t get over the awful melted plastic smell :( I’m going to try to use it up but I will not repurchase! I think it probably performs better on dry skin... but still not the best.


I looked up this video because I was wondering why it smelled so bad. It smells like paint primer for your walls not your face. Not sure if I will keep using it.


The smell doesn't bother me. You mentioned that you have acne. Maybe the formula is not right for your skin type? I have dry skin and need the extra hydration.

Jourdan Lucero

To me it smells like sunflower seeds

Michelle Morgan Harsin

I LOVE IT!!! I ❤

Brittany Dalton

I got this product for my birthday when I turned 13. Yes I know its a bit early to consider putting makeup but my mom allowed it and that's why I decided I needed a primer to help protect my skin. I bought it and asked my sister to look at my stuff, hey! I was an annoying girl and I wanted to show off my stuff. So she looked at the primer and said that I didnt need it. In frustration I used it 10 minutes after she said that and instantly regretted it. I put it on my hand and began applying it to my red spots and areas where it was needed. It caused a huge amount of oil and looked the same but felt so oily on my face. The next day I tried using less, since it was kind of cheap i decided to use more at first but using less didnt help either. After taking my makeup off my face it felt like it was still there, maybe I didnt take it off correctly but I have never had a problem with taking off all of my makeup before. Anyways, the product does suggest that its more hydrating but it left my face looking shiny with my makeup on and sometimes red and patchy after taking it off

Jessica Carter

Omg I thought I was the only one that noticed and hated the smell because no one else mentioned it

Lauren Anderson

I was wondering if you could do a makeup collection video?

Christen Stephenson

This product is also offered for all different kinds of skin types I believe you applied too much product, I noticed you also applied your makeup with the same Beauty blender on both sides of your face. The product could have been on both sides of your face.I'm just saying .

Katarina L

What eyeshadow and blush are you using?? ?

Swedish Fish

the smell's not THAT bad

Ryan Hestand

It smells like emu oil.

Joey V

There is no smell.smh

Kerry Mannix

Can you try the purple one? im thinking of getting it....but i don't want it to be like this one

Afra Chowdhury

if you have oily skin, i wouldn't recommend this product

Lucero Franco

Can you do a mac studio fix review? I know the foundation has been out for a while now but not a lot of people talk about it anymore n I'm oily ?

Lesley DeMattie

You should shake primers when in bottles

Ellie McManus

Is this silicone based!??

Marwa Mohamed

Yes, you're right, the smell is weird

Dawn B

Have you found a good primer for dry patchy skin? I use mac sculp foundation and even that goes all patchy.

Kerry Mannix

Does it still smell after you wear if for a few minutes??

Maritza Torres

I really like it maybe is not your best for your skin remember we all got different skins and is my opinion I do love the smell it make me relax and I recommend it to people to try it they are so many products out there that cost more and do nothing waste money!?

Steph R.

What number/color of foundation do you use?

Khishigt Mandakhbayar

I thought only mine smells awful... thank you for letting me I was right... I can’t take the smell


Packaging is a scam. A tiny bottle within a bottle within another container.


Her: This side also has a bunch of acne...
Me: Bish where?!?!

Olivia Johann

This product works great for my desert skin

Phoebe Blaze

Tip: this is the kind of primer that would probably work best with powder and matte foundation. So if you wear powders and you're having trouble finding a primer that works for it, try this or something similar ? ?


I use it on my hands.

Sassy Ranita Crafts

My skin is dry, but I had the same effect. I didn’t like it at all.


Love this one

harminder jakhu

Omg I had same problem my makeup just started to slide of

Isabella Duncan

Is it bad to yse hydrating products for oily skin?? Im not that oily mostly in the creases of my nose.

Jennifer Murray

Great video ? thank you...your beautiful and a pleasure to watch.. thanks for the information...

Rachel Reburn

I have this primer and it is the same. It is so oily on the skin

Princess A

And I think the smell is like that because it has grape seed oil

Ashley Luna

the smell isnt that bad

Maria Perez

She said even though they're totally not haha

_jimins_ jams_

I bought this and it was12 dollars at CVS!!!!

Hydrating face

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Super Hydrating Face and Body Moisturizer- MultiVitamin Moisturizer - Subliminal Affirmations

85 485 views | 31 Mar. 2018

Are you ready for an

Are you ready for an exclusive and rejuvenating experience

this " body and face moisturizer" will be your number one friend

get ready for a baby smooth flawless skin from head to toe this moisturizer is for all skin types

affirmations includes:

(the moisturizer ingredients )

?Hyaluronic acid

?marine collagen

?vitamin c, e, and all vitamins b

?green tea extracts

?grape seed extracts

?red ,white roses

?co enzyme q10

?immortelle flower oil



?almond oil

?tea tree oil

?lotus flower

?pure 24k gold

?chamomile tea extracts

?rice water

?mint tea extracts

?red wine

?red &blue berries



?passion fruit

?milk (it wont affect your allergy )



listen at least 3-6 times a day

please subscribe for more royal subliminals ?


what a sound! I love it !


The music is so relaxing ?
The pic are well choosen..seems like I'm enjoying my me time in the bathroom while watching the fascinating sunset! Lol ?? thank you ?♥️

Mandy Tr

I’m on Accutane and I can’t open my mouth bc of dryness around it..hope this helps:(

Jamira 48

Thank you I like it!

nas buzzer

can this remove scars also ? thanks.

Hilary Donohue

Totally had the tingles all over my head and felt like I was floating the music definitely inspires relaxation and tranquility and today it was a necessity! As always, deepest gratitude & blessings! Xoxo

Beatrice Cholagh

Simply wonderful!!

Life bruh

Can we use this with the korean falwless skin?

Bob Jo Starshine

Can u make an OASIS from Ready Player One video?

Chelsea Rain

Just classy gorgeous beautiful thank you so much and you get a chance could you please tell me who is by

Don 211

can this be listened to while you sleep ? do they count ?


awesome stuff,new subscriber

Mrs Coles

Just beautiful ?

sweet ass sweet ass

Hi guys who still watching this in 2020?

fiona zzz

Day 1

иоятнеяи sтаяя

If you're thinking about making more potion subliminals perhaps one of these would be good:
1) elemental powers: water / ice, earth, fire, wind
2) Invisibility
3) Extreme Intelligence
4) Supernatural Ninja Abilities


Who cute ass legs are those ❤️

Jade Thompson

will this give pale white skin too? please make one on super pale milky white skin too???????. your subs work really good on me.


am sooooooo loving it <333333333 Thank u sooo much

иоятнеяи sтаяя

Nice music! ^-^ Do you think you could maybe do one like this but for a special hair shampoo / conditioner? I can't really use much shampoo or any conditioner b/c it irritates my face - so that would be very helpful. ♡

Bexaida Candelaria

Trying this to see if it improves on my excellent skin care from within
Thank you ?

A Charbonnet

I’m starting this now! I’ve never really had skin issues but it’s 110 with 60% humidity! My legs are flakey ☹️

иоятнеяи sтаяя

This works quickly. After playing 1 & 1/2 times my skin felt relieved from extra dryness. :)

Tracy Angel of Love

This is so beautiful. You know my instrument. Love the sax. Could listen for hours....at least this way it will do my skin some good ????

Raymond Churnside

Maybe a gentler sweeter tune. But other wise like this.
Sender Liz churnside.

Alicia Squaire

OMG ,this is just amazing and so soothing.

Kaya Elizabeth

How awesome is this y'all? And a side comment, that picture looks so relaxing. It reminds me of when a bad storm comes and the lights go out, and you have to bathe in the dark?

Sue McKendrick

Which frequencies are used to create this sub please?

Kay Em

Hi Royal subliminals.. Can guys listen to this? You have created many wonderful videos and this one is surely an another feather on your hat..keep continue with such great work.. Thanks and Namaste :)

Nithya Mohan

It’s such a royal subliminal indeed. I feel super super hydrated. I’m using this with the perfect Korean skin but I don’t know if I like this one or the Korean one. Both of them are so perfect. I’m totally addicted now to ur subs. You are truly sent from future ?

Dhara Rami

this is really nice

Barbara M.

Does this hydrate the hair and nails too??? Thank you ????

I see it has rice water and almond oil. I heard that rice water makes your hair grow faster and that almond oil is good for your nails. Will this video do that?

Sky Carter

OMG! This is so relaxing! I love this!

Mystic magic tarot Healing souls 11:11

This is one of a kind sub..u have shown immense creativity in creating this sub..loved it?

alda amaral

This is Pure Luxe, Pure sofistication. Congratulations.

Sandra Sandra

This is my in my mermaid mood in the tub. I am so glad to find this subliminal. Just perfect coz I had my results in 1 listen!!!

Cami Canales

As I'm listening to this,I can feel the softeness and smell the smells.my skin is hydrating


Wow, perfect ingredients, thank you??????