Ingrowing hair face

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The Longest Grossest Ingrown Hair In History

41 246 513 views | 1 Oct. 2012

I had this pimple that

I had this pimple that would ooze every couple of months for the last year or so. The dermatologist told me it was a cyst she would have to cut out. Apparently it was just the longest ingrown hair in history.


This is what happen when you go a long time without shaving.

Cameron Jones

How long was it

Austin Lewis

Why his stupid ass not clean off the tweezers

hunter 135

WHo elSe iS HerE fROm INstaGrAm?

Matthew Whalen

How has someone not cleaned face before it got to this point?

Donovan nwk

I wonder if it hurt tho

Bret Harley

A year of hair? You think you could grow an 8 foot long beard in a year?? My guy that is a decade long hair.

Baked Eggplant


Paul Vernitsky

Drove me nuts that he kept trying to grab at it while leaving the previous hair on the tweezer.

Lilly Is here

I have not forgotten

Supreme Deluxe

Sooooo are we not gonna talk about how much water this man wasted???

Bret Duratti

I got bored af during quarantine and now I'm here

Jimmy - TLOPO

How tf did you miss that

2ಥ_ಥ Numb

I have balls for watching this while eating

Namera Graybeal

Love it


why did you leave the water on the whole time

Plodding Dream

How is this even possible. I get an ingrown hair and it is taken care of immediately.


Waste of water in the background though...

Logan Wedlock

IG brought me to this

reece foster

Remove the hair please before u try pulling again

Vick_HushPuppy 215

Jus pulled an 13in strand outta my underarm the other day didn’t even kno it was there steam in the shower made the pimple Pop & I felt a sharp hair I got out da shower looked in da mirror at my under arm & squeezed a bit seen a curly extra thick/black strand of hair poking out da hole once the puss stopped running out I pulled & pulled & da hair was thicker & darker than all da rest of da hair on my body it also had a giant oxygenated follicle hair on the end that made me feel a popping sensation once I got the strand completely out ??? weirdest shower ever & yes I kept the hair in a ziploc ?????

Blake M

if i were to know i would die in a minute, i would watch this video.

Matt Bavington

Try recording a proper video of it before you post it mate

Daphnée Lemaire

eww it's disgusting meeee

Noah Koch


Caris Gg

lmao i saw this video on instagram and came to see it on youtube for the whole footage on February 10, 2020❤️

NV Diecast

What in the actual fuck is wrong with you


No one gonna talk about the fact hes just standing there with the water on.


Ugh, I really wanted you to clean that dang tweezer as you went!


Who else came here from an ig post?




which Instagram page show u only half clip???.
and then u rushed to watch full. tell the name of page

Ilja Asihmin



I almost threw up

Yuda Obon

Turn off the tap!



Doctor Ricudough

Be honest most of you also came from Instagram.

Toxically Masculine

that's not AN ingrown hair, it's more like 10 or 15 ingrown hairs in a single follicular unit. polytrichia. seems pretty certain as other hairs in the area are also very close together with large gaps between the clusters


Anyone here from ig??

Alyas Gaittan

Dude he's running all the hot water what would mom say

Mya Erba

i was slightly satisfied.. then it got longer.. and more puss.. and started to bleed.. EW... but did it hurt or feel good??


Just yank it please it’s so frustrating watching him be gentle with it. ?

Estefanía Guerra Jiménez

Turn off the damn water you inconsiderate pig

Nathan Wolfe

Funny how this was posted on my birthday 7 years ago

Bruno Chinchilla

This man's camera steadyness is trash

John Doe


Ninad Achrekar

Here from todayyearsold

Bianca Ariel

Fuck the hair, whats bothering me more is that he has the shower on and is wasting water ????

Anacristina Ruiz figueroa


Hannah Rogers

I think most of us was on Instagram and saw see account for part 2 and just looked it up

I hate This generation

WhO eLsE iS fRoM InSt- shut up tards nobody cares?


No lie I pullled an ingrown hair from near my butthole of about 12 inches ? twice!

Laurent C

You really live up to your name!


Damn it’s crazy how fast I found this video from Instagram y’all curious

Sonia Nevermind

We all know that if we were there we could have done a better job no cap

Bobby Deuce

It’s annoying me a little that he doesn’t remove the hair from the tweezers.

Gracious weasel

Wow 40 million views so I guess I’m not the only weird one

ellie mai rages

Who else come from instagram



Miranda Scott

Did take the other hair off and try and grab it...

macks fox

Grab it with your fingers

Donovan nwk

I don’t like this

Anonymous User

Me: Its not THAT much hair
Me: Sees there is hair inside
Me: haha what


It’s gross but I can’t stop watching it


Here because Instagram don't have the full video

Alan Pasalagua

Bro bro, what did u use to record???

Abbigail Smith


Smiley Face

This was hella satisfying ??

Bitter Comments

I had an ingrown hair like this once.

On my scrotum.


2020 anyone


Who came from ig


It's absolutely MADDENING that's there's no more videos like this out there. This is one of a kind and is extremely dissatisfying. If only there was a name to this condition it would at least be something.

Luciano Watanabe

Americans literally love to say 'literally' in every sentence. Literally.


I have a similar black mark that's been there for over 4 years, and it's increasing. It started after I pulled one hair out. I found this video after searching for "ingrown hair" as I only recently learned that's a thing and probably what I have. I'm wondering if pulling this out hurt and if it healed properly, because I'm considering doing the same.

Nanny G

Good it is out....

Ahmed Diagne

Odly satifyi g

New 2 Step Entertainment

That's nasty!

Hudson Holman

What did it feel like?


Whole ass ingrown beard.


I got dizzy af watching this but im training so i dont get so dizzy when i look at blood

Mari Mari

Idk anything about Instagram, I just like gross videos

First Last

Make me a sweater

Ultron- Kingz

Who came from Instagram ?

Keiran Ganteng

Why arent you using scissors?

Joyce Unico

anyone here from instagram?


Why does every man have this, I have this too but I just cut it off

KingDuffy THE2ND

My dude thats longer then a year..more like you're whole life ?




저정도면 그냥 손으로 빼도 되겠는데


i eat that for breakfast

Sarah Clements

What is this condition called?


wasting shower water tisk tisk

Adam Andrade

Every year I come back to this video and still have the same reaction every time

Prod. Sandro



Why not shave it?

Adam Pavon

Anyone see this on Instagram and just looked it up after it was asking you to folllow an account to see the rest ?


A year of hair bitch thats like 5 years


who else came here from an instagram ad?

Woods93bullet Brass

Wish he showed us him yanking it all out and wouldnt it of been easier to use his hand

Anastasiya Baltsevych

Is it just me or does the running water annoy you