Kiehl's return policy

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335 views | 28 Apr. 2019

Hey my gorgeous friends!

Hey my gorgeous friends! I am trying out some new Drugstore skincare I got in PR from Pixi Beauty. Let me know if you guys like seeing me try on skin care products. I will do more like this!

Items shown:

Kombucha Essence https://go.magik.ly/ml/mpe4/

Glow Tonic https://go.magik.ly/ml/mpe7/

On the glow stick: https://go.magik.ly/ml/mpe9/

Glow Tonic Serum https://go.magik.ly/ml/mped/

Phenomonal Gel: (my fave) https://go.magik.ly/ml/mpel/

Rose Cream Cleanser: https://go.magik.ly/ml/jqcy/

Glow tonic cleasing gel: https://go.magik.ly/ml/mpei/

SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2XDwVxw

SHOP MY ONLINE BOUTIQUE: https://www.shopbyruna.com/

VLOG CHANNEL: https://bit.ly/2To2Tyu

⋆S O C I A L M E D I A⋆

BLOG: I need one soon LOL!

INSTAGRAM: @glambyruna https://bit.ly/2fTQiNO

FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/2UccZQ1

SNAPCHAT: @glambyruna


For all enquiries please contact [email protected]


I am a Bangladeshi American Beauty and Fashion Blogger. I have 10 years of experience in the Beauty and Fashion Industry. Focus in Products.

I love to share all things beauty with you guys ranging from reviews, first impressions, and also lots of my sass is included.

I believe in confidence. If you are looking for inspiration in confidence and self love. Join me! I am on the same journey!

I love to undefine beauty and take out the labels of false ideas that the beauty industry has ingrained in us. I like to believe we all can CHOOSE our form of beauty! Let it be hair facial hair, chubby cheeks, thick thighs. WE choose our beauty!

I am on this never ending journey of becoming healthy and I share it here and there. It’s my most vulnerable thing I share on my channel. I am an emotional eater. Being fat is not simply just saying lose weight.

Pizza makes me happy, so does red lipsticks I have wayyy to many for a normal human.

I am married to my fabulous husband (no bragging, he earned the compliment) (we have a vlog channel check it out: https://bit.ly/2To2Tyu)

FTC: All my opinions are always honest, nothing is worth lying about! Plus brands need to know what is good and what is Bad, so they can provide us better products. Always remember many people may have different opinions but we all have different taste. Life is short avoid the TEA and try everything for yourself, and check the return policy BOO!

Some links are affiliates, I make some coin that goes back into my channel.

#skincareroutine #drugstoreskincare #skincareattarget


let me know if you guys like videos like this! I will do more!

Casual Beauty UK

I'm glad you did this as Pixi has just started appearing in shops in the UK and i wasnt sure if i should take a chance on it or not!

Cassondra Ross

Yesss! Definitely do more skin care routines. I’m currently trying to figure out a skin routine that works best for me, so I will definitely be trying pixie products ?

Denise Reiland

I love pixies skin care line! The only one I can’t use is the Rose. I’m allergic to anything with Rose in it:( the glow tonic is my holy grail for keeping my skin clear and naturally glows!

Happy Hearts

Love it ! So natural!


So many people love pixis skincare. Ive never tried it but have one of their palettes and love it. Some of this I would like to try but I just started a new routine. Im going to stick to they new products for atleast 2 months so I can see how it works for me.

v29 j

I get that tingley feeling with some of the pixie facial products and then i get a skin reaction with temporary bumps.

Kiehl's return policy

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DEF CON 19 - Paul Craig - Internet Kiosk Terminals : The Redux

456 views | 2 Nov. 2013

Paul Craig - Internet

Paul Craig - Internet Kiosk Terminals : The Redux


Paul Craig is the self-proclaimed "King of Kiosk Hacking" You have likely heard of him or his pornographic tool iKAT (Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool). For the last 3 years he has dedicated his life to striking fear into the hearts of Kiosk vendors.

This talk will compromise all of his latest advancements in the field of hacking Kiosk terminals. Multiple platforms, vendors, technologies and more shells than you can shake a stick at. If you have ever wanted to hack that lonely web-browsing computer in the corner of a room, this is the talk for you.

This talk will also showcase a live freestyle Kiosk hacking session, with a truck load of slick ninja techniques and zero-day. Watch out - the King of Kiosk hacking is back in town.

Paul Craig works at Security-Assessment.com with a bunch of some of the best hackers in the world.

Paul lives for hacking, it's in his blood! From the age of 13 he has have been addicted to popping shells, stealing access and escalating privileges. He loves his job and is fully committed to the trade.

Kiehl's return policy

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Stella’s terrible experience at Saks Fifth Avenue & And a insider secret about Mac ?

444 views | 19 Jan. 2019

Stella is hopping mad ?

Stella is hopping mad ? She will no longer shop at Saks Fifth Ave mortified by a rude

sales person and manager she was brought to tears almost. I on the other hand will continue to shop Saks ?

Reminder about return 6 empties for one free gloss , lipstick ? or blush from MAC.

Thank you for watching ♥️

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#stella #saksfifthave #mac


Well that stinks that she couldn’t get the one she liked. Have a great weekend ladies.

Rosemary Gianni

Stella , you should get a gift card from your daughters the next time you wants something from them, it will make it easier for everyone also Stella thank you for the Mac tip


this is why I like to shop at Sephora. The return policy is not going to screw you


I'm sorry to hear about the bad experience at Saks. That's really cool that Mac does that when you bring in your finished up products like that though! Great way to get returning customers and to help with recycling!


Sorry to hear about Stella's bad experience at Saks! Hope her weekend get's better.

Christina Bracamonte

Should have told them it caused an allergic reaction. Hahahaha

Mary Christo

That's a nice tip about Mac. I've never been to these stores. Sad they wouldn't return her perfume at Saks.

Heba S

Thanks Stella for the tip at MAC. Will keep that in mind. Sorry about what happen at Saks. Love Nordstrom. Love rants you ladies are cracking. Me up. Have a great weekend


hey Stella!!! I am going to hang out on the freeway onramp with you! With all the money Saks makes on upcharges they should be ashamed! Have a fabulous weekend anyway---you look marvelous!!


GREAT VIDEO ?☘️??????????☕️?‍♀️?‍♂️

Kay Lilia

Upsetting about SAKS

Great to know about the products

Leann Serao

Stella, your hair looks fabulous! I love Mac's policies ❤❤ that's not cool about saks

Solstice Beat

First of all, you both are gorgeous! Sorry for the situation. Bottom line, you both are amazing and it’s always so nice to see ya both ?

Robin L

Hi Stella, I would have asked for the manager before leaving the store then I would call customer service to complain. Did the receipt say no returns allowed? It's a Good idea to shop at customer friendly department stores. (Nordstroms) xoxo Robin

Nancy Rounds

Hi Stella and Kathleen, sorry about Saks! Hope you ladies enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Bella D Designs

Hahahahah you two made me laugh!!!! I feel her frustration!!! I knew that about Mac did you know that they are originally a Canadian brand!! I think though they left Canada actually not sure ?

Take Control Beauty

I'm glad I don't shop at Saks! Everyone takes stuff back ! I would write to the company and complain!! Maybe Stella will get use to the smell :). Barb ?

Lady Dy

Love this.

Max It Up with Marta

Stella I am sorry you had that experience at Saks. I had no idea that if you return 6 items you get 1 new product. I don't own any Mac products. It looks like you are having a great time. xo

Pakistani Mom Youtuber USA

First lk nice share

JC Couch

Thats a beautiful store but omg all the prices are I incredibly high?. cant blame they are all designer items . Wish to shop there someday hahaha!Oh that's awesome to keep the empty container then. Oh if they are beautician too they can get big percent tm that cool. Big thumbs up.

Jax T

Stella, you're right, Saks could have returned it to the vendor - OR - the store could use it as a tester and get a credit from the vendor. I think you should try again with the department manager. It could be the Tom Ford company has ridiculous return policies with their retailers.

Coffee With Nadia

First time I teared about that Mac deal. Thanks for sharing ladies ? xoxo Nadia?

Sincerely Brittany

Hey Stella, thank you ladies for sharing. So sorry for the terrible experience. ❤️
IG: sincerelybrittany01

Bonnie Keiser

Why wouldn’t they return her perfume? Because it was used?


You go Stella! The really sad thing is, Sax could give 2 shits about customers. It’s all bottom line. Sell sell sell. And it’s not the salesperson. Although they always get the shit for it. It’s the company. So sorry that happened. I work at my friends boutique an a small college town and we would take that back in a second. ????Paulette

My Life Wendy

Oh no I am sorry Stella that Saks treated you that way.. I worked there a lifetime ago.. and back then we would of taken it back..times have really changed..


Lol Stella is too funny! Sorry to hear about her bad experience!

The Steve and Nina Show



Great video

Bettina bettina

Great pic stella

Anjali Nanda

hello there Stella you are very cool and funny bad that they didn't return it . thanks for sharing about Mac didn't knew about it.Take care and have a awesome weekend

Debbie Hill

Hi Stella and Kathleen, Thanks for the reminder about MAC. I had forgotten about that. What is your favorite colors of lippies in MAC ? That Stinks about the return policy....... ? I don’t blame you for being upset....... You look great Stella.

Benita Stephenson

Hi Girls..this country girl lives in the boonies ..no Mac here..darn it anyway..Hope Stella's feeling better..y'all have a nice weekend ya hear..God bless

Alicia Free

Well, that return policy stinks!

Christy Loves you all

I love the rants , you girls had me literally lmao love beautiful ladies. Can't wait for the next video

Güzel Türkiyem

Hello my friend very nice video??

charm charm

Hi Kathleen and Stella .Thanks for the tip at Mac ??

ellie wonder

Hi Stella and Kathleen,you look great Stella.❤️?

KathieStevens Designs

I love Tom Ford's Black Orchid. I just tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago & it smells amazing. Have a fabulous weekend :-)


I hear ya Stella! Lol....your like me I would have been so mad too! Tfs ladies...love a good rant from Stella! Us Italian girls gotta stick together! Lol!

Priyanka Pri

Hi Kathleen and Stella ?
Have a great weekend both of you ????

Kelly Kimmell

So sorry to hear about Stella's bad experience.


Kathleen I'm here for the insider secret about the Mac store LOL, ok still here watching=)

Luanne Thompson


Ashley H

Wow never new that about mac

Christy Loves you all

Wow that's amazing I would've never known!! One day if I ever get to own anything mac I'll definitely be doing this. I'm sorry about your experience at Saks . They stuck for that. Your so kind how could they!!!

Clara Barrera beautyisageless55

I was aware of MAC'S policy...pretty lipstick ??

Bella D Designs

I’m responding I just looked it up... so they head quarters are in NYC now and Estée Lauder bought them. But they were Canadian and they were amazing!!


Ohhh Stella is worked up??
That lipstick is pretty

Jackieblue beautytips

Hi gorgeous girlfriend!!! Awwwe sorry about your bad experience at Saks !!! I won’t go there now for sure !!! Hugs and love ? xoxo


Oh no, that's terrible about Saks...I never knew that about Mac, thank you for sharing!!! ❤

Palm Springs Cindy

I think Saks is kind of snobbish....