How to protect hair from heat

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5 Popular Hair MYTHS That Are NOT True... That YOU Believe!

9 445 views | 10 Jun. 2020

Hi there this is Tarun

Hi there this is Tarun Molri and I am back with another demanding video on hair and heat damage. A lot of you guys ask me about hair and heat damage so here is a complete detailed video about it.

As we all know excessive use of anything can harm us. So in this video we are going to discuss about.

• how to use hair dryer (maximum speed /minimum speed)

• about heat protectant products (how/when to use them, benefits/advantages, natural alternatives)

• what to keep in mind for hair care.

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Also if you want to get a complete detailed guide for your hair care you can watch

Hair care series : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLETe1nD85ci_Qfxn191HXkDAbsvvnQsGn

Easy hair growth hacks : https://youtu.be/J3j0qgi1Ghk

How to apply hairwax : https://youtu.be/f6VcQ1lkYD4

#haircareseries #heatdamage #heatprotect

And do let me know in the comments how well you liked this series as this will help me up to create more quality content for you.

If you have any queries please let me know in the comments.

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Mahbub Shakil

Bro,tan ko remove carnake bareme video banado plz .specially face,neck,hand and leg tan.

Dhruv Soi

How can I remove darks spots near eyes?

Rushikesh Dhanmeher

Hey sir how r u .. Be safe n take care... I doing have hair for Because of u thanks ... Now I am facing a problem they r damage

Rushikesh mali

Skin routine please bro???

Nikhil Singh

Make a video on hairdyre


bhai plzz make a video on how to grow thick eyebrows


Only legend knows that the thumbnail has been changed twice

pankaj jadhav

Bhai tum bade ho ya gourav?

Sheldon gill

You look same videos like alex costa❤ keep it up bro❤God bless you

Kamal Choudhary

Hi sir can i use chobha dryer

Preetham Kedar

Bhai itne silky
balo pe ek video banao

Puchhar Verma

Please make a video to get thick hairs......

Nikhil Kushwah

Bro make a video on skin care tips and series for good and glowing skin ?

Kartikeya .M

Brother what do you do apart from youtube.

K.M.D Nawaz Rehman

Bro red beard coming bro
How to make it again black

Barshan paul

#Tarunmolri brother
.which hair wax is best??


Hair dryer kitne rupees tak lena chahiye?

AHMAR Mughal

Make video on difference of hair dryers

rahul gvpe

sir , recently i had a rapid weight loss , now im facing hair fall problem , please tell how to overcome it

Abhishek Soni

Bro there are no links for the products

Mir Rawal

And i do oiling every day but no result?

Teja G

Bro please suggest me the best products like oil, shampoo & conditioner for dry, dandruff and itchy scalp
Aur week me kitne din wash karu hair..
Please reply...

Harsh Rexwal


Nitesh Sharma


sameer _zehen1

Bbhai plzzzzzzzzz blow dryer ke uper video banao

Vishal Jagga

How to make hair smooth and shiny I apply streax serum after sometime it loose their shine❤pls help✌?

Trending Porium

Trun bhaiii make a video that how to blow dry the little bit cirly hairs..??plzz


Bro how to recover those hair lost from heat

Yogesh Choudhary

Bhai what's the current length and type of your Hair??

Tamarana bhuvan varshit

Bro how to recover hair baldness

Mir Rawal

my hair is so hard wht i do for make silky and shine hair?

Praveen 2003

You have given nice tip bro hi bro

Deepak Agrahari

Thanks bro you helped me alot with your videos keep it up

Akshay Khatri

Bro apne posters pe dhyan do

Krupesh Dk

Bro can you please make a detailed video on hair straightening I'm planning to straighten it but there are a lot of myths and I'm scared it might damage my hair I thought it would be great if I take tips and advice from a professional like you

priyam krman

Bhaiya skin series banaiye na?? please

Alauddin Ansari

Sar ji Koi Subah Shaam ke liye koi cream Bata dijiye Jo Subah Sham donon time cream use kar sakta hun aur koi night cream Gora hone ke liye

Ayush Vishwakarma

Hair smooth kasa kra ...??

Aditya Kotiyal

BhIi desi alex costa

sahil Joshi

Bro which shampoo nd oil is good for our Hair Growth

Manoj Gupta

Mai bahut bada fain hoon aapka tarun sir

Prashant Gowdru

Suggest some best hair dryer?

Karan Kumar

Bhai forhead par thode se baal hai jisse hairline disturb horhi hai, what to do? Please help

yuvraj kumar

Bro you forget to give the links of prestyler

Ajay Kumar Jaggi

Can i use dryer daily with heat protectant?

king maker Balu

Which shampoo are u using tell me plss....!

Jasvir Singh

Cheap and premium hair dryer video

Dhananjay verma

Bro can you make video on white hair bcoz mre kch bal white ho gya h?

Ajay Kumar Jaggi

Bro aapnay kaha k daily hair dryer use na kren phir daily college ya work k liye style kesy bnayn


Bro teen hair greying pr video banao plz..?♥

Ajay Kumar Jaggi

Yes make a video on cheap vs expensive dryer


Sir hair bhot dry hote h hair serum Roz use krna chahiya Kya ??

you not

Copy kar hai tu ?? mridulmadhok ka

Saksham Dogra

Needed this from an INDIAN GUY. If you know what I mean?


Yes, a vid on diff b/w low and high cost dryer plz! And one more question! Do we need any shampoo to always remove products from hair or just washing will do?

How to protect hair from heat

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How To Protect Your Hair From High Heat

3 704 views | 3 Nov. 2019

Travel, Events, Photo

Travel, Events, Photo Shoots... and Catriona's hair is still silky smooth? Watch as she shares her secret to protecting her hair throughout her reign.

Miss Universe 2018 is Catriona Gray from the Philippines.

Learn more about the competition at http://www.missuniverse.com

Stay Connected!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissUniverse

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Follow Catriona Gray on Social:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Catriona_Gray

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CatrionaElisa

Category: Miss Universe Year In The Life

Year: 2018

Filomeno Lopez


Drew Naguit


Anthony lopez

Girl bioslick do all that?

Clarissa Duran

Yes Take care of your hair from styling everyday!

The Dedew Channel

I think catriona is the most boring miss universe ever..why? less of number travel all around rhe world..the styling so lame..hypocrite...the way she talk is so scripted and unnatural..look like she acting..pia is the best of the best Miss universe.she go around the world..trendsetter..styling very unique and beautiful...catriona.is.nothing..!! she only know doing something that all people can do..why u so boring catriona??

Janay Pochika

I got this product because of you
Lol I like it smells good leaves the hair like literal silk

James Renz Cortez

Very Beautiful ate Catriona!!! We love you!!! #BestMissUniverseEver

Hijau Kertas



I love you my girl crush ?❤?

Rahat Alam

miss fat and ugly....


Ahm... Ok... Apply it to your skin too. Very beautiful and smart Catriona

P Calmalel


Aerton Sena

Linda! Amei!

Ailyn Timbal


Ana Clara Bihain


Dener Corrêa


zabdiel joel

I love you po ? miss Catriona

Stefani Lima


Dominic Moreno


How to protect hair from heat

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How to use curling / flat iron without damaging hair - Styling with heat do's & dont's | PEACHY

26 826 views | 18 Jan. 2019

Hey cuties! Today I want

Hey cuties! Today I want to show you my do's and dont's for using heated styling tools such as the curling iron or the flat iron. Hope you ll find my tips useful! Kisses, Peachy

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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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⋆ Valentines Day Hacks 2018:



Twitter ‣ www.twitter.com/realdamnpeachy

Instagram ‣ www.instagram.com/realdamnpeachy

Facebook ‣ www.facebook.com/peachyofficial


Hoved - No Love


⋆ Camera: Canon 70d


⋆ Editing Software: Finalcut Pro X

Disclaimer ‣ This video is NOT sponsored by any of the brands mentioned throughout this video.

ignore this part:

How to get healthy shiny hair

how to get healthy hair

how to get shiny hair

10 hair care tips

the secret behind GLOSSY STRAIGHT hair

hair care tips for dry hair

top 10 hair care tips

top 10 tips for healthy hair

How to protect hair from heat

Styling with heat do's & dont's

Ultimate guide for heated styling tools

Jason Kelly


Imlilemla Pongen

Second viewer

sabikun nahar

U looked different and elegant in today's lip colour.. Good video..loved it..


Hii sweetheart how r u ?? Looking beautiful as always ? loved it ❤

Sadaf Zishan Khan

Hope you have an wonderful year ahead.. You look so damn pretty.. Much love ? ❤️

anshika tyagi

Can u plze make a video on makeup tutorial for the beginners ...
Nd also about the tips for it plzee ...

Jennifer Dodd

What kind of shampoo do you use? Your hair is gorgeous. Thank you

nilesh warde

Useful video thanks ??❤❤

zala Family

oh hiii my love,
this makes my hair care easyer
thanks for this love yo???

Snow Dove

Hi, thanks for the video!!! How do I avoid frizz at the ends of hair if I am not using heat to make it beautiful. Love you!

do kyungsoo127

First ??

K A 1 9 1 1 7 Vighneta Vasuthevan

I act don't use styling tools...but if I use I make sure I follow whatever u say...tks peachy!

Jyoti Choudhary

Slayer you are?

Sahil Singh

Nice nail paint??


Peachy, I have a question about hair tools. If I want to straighten my hair(I have fine wavy hair, but on the straighter side), I will wash my hair(because my roots get oily and I want to have straightened hair for as long as I can until I wash it again) then I put oil in it and heat protectant spray, then I let my hair air dry until it's almost completely dry, then blow dry it. Do I continue to straighten it, or do I put more heat protectant spray?

Kara Cole

I wish I had known this years ago! Thank you.

Iffat jahan Raisa

Can i use aloevera gel before using straightner?

Dewnika Dehemi

Love you peachy❤

Miss shadow

What lipstick are you wearing and the shade no. Your Looking so adorable

Persephone Astrology

Thanks for these tips your hair is amazing so I trust you! haha

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I really loved these tips. I have never heard any of these types of tips from any videos or hair stylist which really sucks that not everyone knows this. Thank you!

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Which lipstick have u used?

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Must watch the latest blonde hair highlight video..
How to highlight your hair in an easy way

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Thank you so much peachy. I really need this tricks. ?

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Please make a makeup tutorial ! Love your look

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Love from my heart


God bless you ❤️

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0:53 Love this moment


What shampoo/conditioner do u use?


Looking beatifull...


I subscribed dear ❤️

sufiyan khan


Hina Nayani

Peachy your ❤️

Janet Mifsud

How often should I use my styling tool daily which protective hair heat products is best I have silky natural long hair also


please do a video on how to use a straightener or curler to curl your hair cause I am an idiot who fail to use any tools ?


I still have damaged hairs all because of using such heating tools...and not caring hair ends while using roller machine... realizing my mistake after watching ur video... hope to see some contents from u on healing heat-damaged hairs....?

Tanmin Khatun

Nyc..... Really liked it.... Please do a tutorial how to use hair roller

sraddha ghosh

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Thanks for this video peachy sis ❤

Anum Areena

Hi peachy,, in this video you are looking healthy. You are gaining your weight but still looks beautifull as always?

Lisa Tso

Thank you that is such a great video

Camila Velasquez

i just started using a straightener thanks for the tips

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