Pierced ears

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TWINS get their EARS PIERCED for the First Time! | Roblox Bloxburg Roleplay

47 516 views | 23 Jan. 2021

꒰ open me

꒰ open me ꒱

︙huge thank you to everyone who participated in this video! ily guys so much x

。゚꒰ :: ???? ?? ???? ꒱

ʚ discord server - https://discord.gg/M4y2927F4B

ʚ instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ariellesyt/

ʚ roblox profile - https://www.roblox.com/users/1676588530/profile

ʚ roblox group - https://www.roblox.com/groups/5045510/Arielle-s-Fan-Group-Lovelies#!/about

。゚꒰ :: ??????? ꒱

intro by arielle

house by siimpIyjxne

:: i DO NOT own any of the music in this video.

- arielle ✧˖*°࿐

Ashley Plays

omg i love ur videossssss there so aesthetic and i like the vibe so so much like omg ur my fav youtuber

La Stupido

I wish I was in the video, I know I'm sooooo kewl?


arielle posts gets a notification me: tries to be quick as possible watches video teacher posts assignment me: ??

Jessica Arzu

when I first got my ears peirced they said that I can only have silver earrings haha


this is how many times siimplyjxne said “*smiles*”:

୨୧ glcssy

well, my family tradition is that you get your ears pierced at 4-5 months old


this is a dumb question lol but what are the colors of youre van :D

alurixella x

when i got my ears pierced i got them done at the same time luckily

Princess of Carmel

Why doesn’t she have 1 million subs? It’s so good ?

Solid Zen

If only life was this peaceful ?

hazel nut

I love this role playing I wish I could make a Claire’s shop too but I am too poor xD

Sunny Sway

Can you imagine role playing with her tho- she so KEWL ;>

Sadie Quinn

Omg what’s the code for the backpack I have them in real life there so cute!!!

malaak barakat

Omg u guys are u cute :)


Lol I got my ears pears at 3 years old I didn’t cry I wasn’t scared I’m brave:)


ive seen that house before! is it a speed build I need it!!

Misty Taylor

Imma get my ears pierced After of the. Coronavirus I loveee your videos

Shaena Langley

???I'm nervous


i was the mom so:D PIN ME CAUSE I WAS SO KEWL


Could I be in the roleplay? Looks like fun! :D Its fine if not! I understand. ❤️? - I could also be the friend. ?
Edit Username: aquaxbubblez

Vayda Bug

Did you know Claires is going out of bussnies? Like if you didnt know!

Willow Thomas

I never knew you were so talented

Shaena Langley

I had my ears pierced a long time ago but I was too scared to take them out so last year in January so this weekend I get to get my dangly earings

Clinton Kanukai


Gemma Coombes



Wow my name Abrielle almost like Arielle

shelmy destry

oooh omg im making the same house like hers :O are u using arxstelz speedbuild ? cause i did!, btw l luvvv vids!

Chloe Lopez

Lol I bet most of the workers at Claire’s were fans and were like “aw they are so cute”. I laughed so much-


i luv this vid so aesthetic! :O

Sean mulvihill

I love the thumbnail!!

Gilberte El Khoury

Your profile pic is ugly Arielle


O M G what were the pictures id codes I neeeeed them ???????



Addie Playzz

Could I be in a Roleplay like this? I’m a big fan ?


this reminds me of the promised neverland for some reason, where emma and ray just cuted their ears..


omg this roleplay was so realistic on when i got my
first ear pierced! :)) well my second first lolol!

MinTurtle Playz

Have you realized that almost everyone has an “i” or “x” in their name I LOVE THAT FACT ITS SO AESTHETIC

Jennifer DiMarco

New Years resolution: gets at least one per-sing
Corona: no hunny you got to stay home

Perfect Penguins

Last year when I got my ears pierced the lady piercing my ears said I had big earlobes-


Wow I love this video and u have such a nice house and a great YouTube channel I would really like if you could build my house, and I know the chances are slim but I would really like it if you could build my house and still its probably slim but I always see people have great houses like that like you and I would really like to be one of those people if you decide yes my user is. babylaniipoke lowercase best wishes to you all. Your dearest babylannipoke

Asma Yahya

Oh my God I love your family it’s so cute!


I got my ears peirced at Claire’s yesrerday :o

Emma Has fun

how can I be in one of your videos

Maggie Qovu-Tokailagi

Love the intro!❤ keep doing you beautiful ??


arielle pls notice meeeeee ilysm i am so excited for you to hit 100k subs i think u deserve like 1m


the thumbnail is the cutest thing ever! who can’t agree?


Bruh it says 1 store close to Renton mc Donald’s bahaha

Amaya Srk

Claires in da uk ??


what is the song??

Pup Squad

Can I be in one of your vids? I will give you my user?



inaaya m.

aww this is so cool! i got my second ear piercing at Claires too on the weekend! :)

Malany Plays Roblox Offcial

my house is in the role play

Angel Ava

Lol a few days after you posted this i got my ears pierced and i got it at the same place Claire's

Sandra Roberson

I got my ears pierced on my birthday ?

Hi this is a Kitten channel

Hi! Your amazing! I love your vids! You and June are the best!??


Claire’s is the worst place to get your ears pierced at,it’s not professional and can get you an ear infection ?

p0ppyn0tf0und _

I remember when i got my first piercing omg I was so scared and then it didn't hurt at all

Brooklyn Fowler

My ears are Pierced so I don’t blame you that you got scared



Melody Mata

:3 I love you vids ?????

angelsvshelp yt

this ropelay is so cute!

the roblox player !!!!!!

Omg I remember me getting my ears pierced at clairs twice! Lol lucky I wasn't crying cuz I got it when I was sooo young omg Arielle ur the best to watch?

Izzie Watson

I the thumbnail they were standing in front of claire's. don't get yur ears pierced there. They are not as experienced as the people who train. Claire's staff don't train as much as the experienced people (for example tattoo shop employees).


i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw someone with the EXACT same outfit as me!! :) i luv it!!


loved this roleplay! and sorry I'm late :( but what is the name of the clothes and hair you and sof wore? :D

cici_ Playzs

Did u do a speed build for the house u have? If u didnt can u:?

Maryam_ gamer

I got my ears pieced when I was 5 years old lets just say when I was in elementary school and I qctually didn't even cry I promise i swear lol I still wonder how I didn't cry ?.


Amariah Scott

What song is that


Can you pls do a speed build on the ear piercing shop

Miriam Davis


Miriam Davis

omg today I m getting my ears pierced


Fun fact; I have a twin sister irl ;D

Rxses Layx

I wish I. ipod be in one of the rp

Zoe Playz

I first got my ears pierced when I was 3 months o.o

I cried SOO MUCH

•Stxawberry Milkshake•



Arielle is amazing C:

iix_cloudxyn Roblox

I love the kid’s crowns :o


She makes so much creative content!! ❤️

XHxney_ CloudsX

Fun Fact: We have the same Name…Meh Name is Vivian…

Serina Sulentic

I wish Arielle could build my home :(

Taydem Renneberg

Bets video of my life!

Sophie Lawlor

Can you do a house tutorial on this!?

Renae Summers

I got my first ear pice at 2 years old then 9 years and didn't cry on either one , so I have 2 on one ear and 2 on the other


video: getting ears peirced
music: go block your ear


Zakiyah Tasnim

omg this is one of the uniquest rp ever i've never seen one like this!

Aquatic Ava

OO I am a twin :> if ur a twin well idk if it’s reliable but uhm I don’t my twin wearing the same thing as me :< it’s weird and I’d k well for example I have a lunch box for school and my twin/sis is wanting the same lol it might be sisters too? (No hate )

Clinton Kanukai

I like it when you do this face O.O

La Stupido

What's the name of the first song? Cause I was straight vibin

Gacha Life playz

I was the kid who side IM SCARED

Simply BloBins

What house is this I like it

Fire Gamers-Roblox

Oh "youre my best friend ..." love it btw

Nugget squad

Is this a speed build how because I really want it if not you show make one :)


The thumbnail I can’t-

MJ Lara

Hey wow wow ?????????? :)

Allie Playz

Hey! I love this vid what do u use for ur intro?!


if you don't mind me asking how do you make your thumbnails??

Peltier Family

her vids are soo good and i bet all of us would wanna be her in roblox!!



Meri Imamovic

My anxity for twins; ↗↗↗↗↗↗↗ I was scared of those tho xD

Pierced ears

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Sisters Get Their Ears Pierced Together | Second Ear Piercings

706 views | 20 Jan. 2021

Anna and Hallee get

Anna and Hallee get second piercings in their ears for Anna’s birthday.

#earpiercing #familyvlog

Hyde and Seek

Nice! I love them!


Does ear piercing hurt?

Farnes Family Scrapbook

How fun! I got my ears pierced for my 10th birthday, but I almost never wear earrings anymore. ?

Ohana Of 3

That looks painful