Overnight braids for short hair

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How To Braid VERY Short Hair // Mallory1712

98 409 views | 18 Mar. 2020

This is how I've been

This is how I've been braiding my short hair! There are surprising tips and tricks in here, so if you have short hair too...don't worry this is possible!

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Products Used:

Texturizing Spray | https://bit.ly/2WbG1mD

Hairspray | https://bit.ly/2xvy959

Elastics | https://bit.ly/2w6qutP

My Makeup:


Fenty Beauty Hydrating Pro Filtr Primer | https://bit.ly/38unkwX

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Foundation Light 7 | https://bit.ly/32YdjXS

Too Faced Concealer Snow | https://bit.ly/2TQMyjQ

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder | https://bit.ly/3aAJgrL

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel | https://bit.ly/2TxwEfC

Laura Mercier Blush Rose | https://bit.ly/2IFMuyx

Laura Mercier Highlight 01 | https://bit.ly/33g1xZ6


Natasha Denona Biba Palette | https://bit.ly/2vr9puo

Lilly Lashes Lyla | https://bit.ly/2TQnZop

Fenty Beauty Mascara | https://bit.ly/38QUMy2

Flesh Flaps:

Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick Bare With Me | https://bit.ly/2QfkFB8

What I'm Wearing:

Tank Top | https://bit.ly/2w6HBvA

Earrings | http://bit.ly/38Pprf2

Necklace | https://bit.ly/2Qd7zEE

On My Nails | http://bit.ly/2U5MZqD

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Lemonhead LA Mallory5 (saves you $5) | https://www.getlemonhead.com/

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My Filming Gear:

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Mic Stand | http://bit.ly/2Fakgd1


Backdrop Stand | http://bit.ly/2Fak1yD

Backdrop | http://bit.ly/2FclR1X


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Ring Light | http://bit.ly/2TOroFV

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Intro & Outro Song Credits:


Happy Life by FREDJI https://soundcloud.com/fredjimusic


Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/u4PI5p5bI9k


Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links. I get sent a lot of fun free goodies, and when I decide they are good enough to mention, I feature them in my videos! All opinions are always honest and my own!

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Indi Pietsch

anyone else feel like they don’t have enough fingers


Can you do it with thick hair?

Kristy Carter

Ugh. I love your hair so much ?

Who 8

When u focus on it it seems easy but when u try doing u break your arm

Sandra Herrera

My mom is a hair stylist and she just chopped off my hair to shoulder-length and I have NO IDEA how to braid, but I’ve been seeing your videos all morning and you’re amazing!! The effects, the commentary, the clarity of instruction = ???? Keep it up! I’m subscribing!!!

Andy Kade

Perfect! I have second day hair right now! My only problem is that I had my sides and undercut shaved and it's long enough to keep in the braid, but not long enough to stay and look smooth.

wow what an embarrassment

I used to do pigtail braids a lot but I cut my hair (barely that much, it was already short and now it’s a little longer than my shoulders) and now I can’t really braid it because the back hair is shorter than the rest bc I was cutting it myself lol but I think it should be long enough now

Eva Schlinger

Thanks for this! Worked perfectly on my awkward quarantine length. Also always great to see another adult with braces?

Dhiva Aurelya Ryvaldhina

And i also have less hair on the left side of my head. So, thank u for this video!

Sunny Oleary

You are an angel, I have never understood anyone trying to explain how to braid like this, but you explained it perfectly. I actually did it!!!!!! Yay! Thank you so much!!!!❤️ ily

Mireya Hoffens

I JUST DID MY FIRST EVER DUTCH BRAIDS AT 18!!!! This is a new milestone in my life!!! Your video helped a lot!!!! High School me is screaming for joy.

Dora Alicia

I’m going to try this look tomorrow. Your eyebrows look perfect by the way!

Roshni Vekaria Ramroop

OMG! Years...years I've tried to braid my hair and give up after 20mins of failing. Today I preserved and watched a few and fail. Saw yours and thought cant hurt anymore.... and OMG it worked! Its not perfect but I've got braids! I closed my eyes and focused and talked myself through it and worked! Thank you so much!


I’ve been growing out my pixie cut for a year and it’s about the same length as your hair now. I am so out of practice when it comes to any styling but I’m going to try this! I just want it out of my face and I can’t do a ponytail so I’ve just been clipping it back for now

Lauren Mufford

You are so sweet! Thanks for this little tutorial. Trying this tonight!

ᴊɪᴍᴍʏ !

finally someone without shoulder length hair

Kyu Kyu Linn

I’m here because my dad really wants to be a hairdresser during quarantine and he’s always looking at my hair ?????

Corinne Cooper

Thankyou so much! I did it and it looks really good! I love it!

Linda Debelack

Lmao the sound effects with your part and brush ????????

citizen pac

You're still so beautiful. First of all take care of yourself ?

Moumita Roy

When I was making the braid all hair was opening but I have longer hair than yours

Shelia Smith

Love you and your videos.

Rajeswari Mohapatra

During this whole process of braiding.......my hand starts paining !! Is it only me ??

NV Showgirl

Thank you so much for this video! I’ve got short hair and I’m also growing out bangs, and all the Dutch braid videos with long hair just make me sad! ??

Amira McNamara

I haven’t for the life of me get my braids to stay in place until I just followed your video, such a great tutorial!! ??

Priya Jagan

This kind of a style doesn't suit you.. lol

Ashlyn W.

Your editing makes me laugh so much ? Love your videos, I wish I could braid better!

olivia grace

God bless! Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and died on a cross for our sins so we can live again in Heaven where there is no pain or suffering! God is our Father and Creator and raised His Son Jesus from the dead! Confess and repent of your sins and God will freely forgive you! Trust in God and live for Jesus as He died for you! ? (and don’t take God’s name in vein!!)

Vaaruni H Rao

I tried this today and it came out amazing. Thanks!

Nishtha Vishvakarma

my hair are the same they are every long on one side and very short on the otherrr
lol :)

Petra Torner

I always go cockeyed trying do this in the mirror...but damn she looks good!


thank you SO MUCH, my pubes are lookin fresh AF

Kimberly Bigford

I love this. My hair is shorter too. I’m definite going to try this! ❤️❤️❤️



just me I am

I was thinking about this hair style couple of days ago=hello no touching all day hairstyle=Corona virus hairstyle?.Thanks for posting.Love and light

Hannah Leonardo

aww you’re so gorgeous

ali tras cul

Iam giving you grant that she has done plastic surgry


In what world is her hair short. My hair is long enough to braid and her hair is literally 3 inches longer than mine.

Nicole Purdy

Omg love this ! I’ve never braided my hair but need to try;)

Laysa Ferreira Silva

One side of my head also has less hair than the other ????

Sangeeta Chopdekar

Hi ... Thanks for the video
From India


I thought I was the ONLY person who had less hair on one side of their head!!! I swear I do. No matter how perfectly I part it in the middle. And no matter how I cut my bangs or who does it, there’s always more on the left side and less on my right. I’m not the only one ??

Alexus P

thank you so much! i work at dq and i want to try different hairstyles besides the usual ponytail :)))

Honey An Milk

The back of my hair is shorter than the front so it confuses me. And one side has more hair by a lot lol

Ariana Xoubi

ok so my front hair is as short as your hait but the resst is a little bit longer but its still short so i hope you can help me becasue a have no hairstyles to do its always a a pony tail with alot of hair sticking out from the front

Shelia Smith

Adorable. I can french braid but not dutch braid. Your makeup os gorgeous. Will try it. I like your braids better than french braid

Lemon ArtTutorials

Me trying to do this with super smooth hair: ? ? ?


It's not just me then.. My thinner side is the side I sleep on, is yours? Dunno if that's a coincidence or what. But yeah... Good times! :/ lol
Your darker hair looks a lot thicker ?? that must be promising :)
Beautiful as always x

Bunny Bananaz

Finally someone who has the same hair as me! ?

Annmaree Miller

this hair style is soooo bad learn how to teach people how to do it well and not trash !!

Andy Kade

What would you recommend if a hair texturizer isn't available?

Atasha Briones

Idk but you look likee khloe kardashian


I’ve just came across your video and I gotta say, thank you! I know how to braid long hair but I’ve had short hair for years now and every time I tried braiding it, I just failed miserably. This is the first time I braided my hair and while it’s not perfect (I lost a strand accidentally and I got like those pieces of hair that loop out ?) it’s good! I bet if I keep trying I’ll get better! So, thank you for teaching me how to get closer to those sweet, sweet perfect braids ?

Lidya Seran

I gave up 5 minutes into the tutorial hahah..

Danielle W.

Thank you so much! Your tutorial was so easy to follow, and my super short hair looks so cute now! The texturizing spray made a big difference, and the hairspray and bobby pin tips helped with my little "wing dings" too!

Elizabeth Flesher

holy, you’re gorgeous

Kat Owens


NKAREs Rotana

I'm hopeless,and when I say hopeless I mean HOPELESS at doing my hair. I'm much better with makeup. I've never even halfway finish trying to braid my hair before giving up. But for the first time while watching this video I DID IT! So proud of myself,and it looks good. I'm going to be showing off that I can finally do this?

Megan Follis

Can you make one with the bangs out? Like the with the bangs sectioned out so you can still have them out


1:00 Taylor Swift lol

Jan Chav

I don’t have short hair but I love your hair style. And I’m going to attempt. ❤️❤️❤️

zhang kai

you have beautiful haircolor may i ask if you dye your hair ?


I'm confused. When I try to braid, my hair is super flat BUT my braid is giant ugly fat ass thicc. This looks like octoberfest shit on me. Probably because my hair is thick.

Omar Ayaz

whyyyyyyyyy does she have sooooooo maaannnnnyyyy tattoooooss

me: (crying.................)

Susie Young

I'm just getting started with my channel. I really look up to you. Can you give me some advice to succeed ?


The bravery it takes to brush hair while wearing hoops is not lost on me lol.

Cait Lou

4:11 best part of the video ?

Sunflower Goddesz

You look so cute with your braces

Maya Akcar

Omg i literally have the same hair! Bangs and the height and all that.. this video saved me thank you ❤️

Nicole The Weirdo

I can do a French braid on my short hair but oh my gosh it's so Loose! Do you have any tips on how to do them tightly?

Srijani Chatterjee

Whoa she kinda look like Anne Marry ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Alexandra Carranza

I rarely comment on a video but OMG! I finally can braid my hair! Been trying to learn for a looonnng time and I just thought my hands where clumsy lol... today i got my hair even shorted but i can finally do braids!!!! So well explained! New subscriber!?

TwelfthSwift 998

I am a boy and I was not able to cut have haircut because of Covid and decided to grow it more. I’m now trying this hairstyle. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Dhiva Aurelya Ryvaldhina

This video just made my day


thank you so much for this video, I needed to fight somebody without them yanking my hair ?

Arty Minc

I’m growing out a pixie and it’s sort of a bob and sort of a mullet (with bangs 0_o) so I’ve been S C O U R I N G the internet for styles. Thanks soooo much!

Gwen Thomas

I'm going short tomorrow, can't wait to try it. looks awesome.


you had me in the first two seconds haha - my head has less hair on one side too

Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction


Christopher Bruintjies

Let me just say your curls style is fire but the braids is more fire????


When you have thick hair, do u wanna grab smaller sections do it doesn’t look so blotchy or thick

some loser

This helped me more than any of the other channels I've used, thanks so much!

sam holden

Nice look, Now i have to try this in my wife’s hair if she will let me!

Mya Grace

I need you to do my hair:( I can’t do it?

olivia grace

God bless! Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and the Son of God and died on a cross for our sins! God is our Father and Creator and raised His Son Jesus Christ from the dead! Confess and repent of your sins and live for Jesus as He died for you! Trust God!! ?


Hallelujah! I needed this! The short hair struggle is real (really bad) for me lol!
Realized my short hair was work lol

Missing my long hair ? sooo excited for this video !

Nyka Rose

My hair is a little longer than chin length and this helped a lot

Hama Nari

angel choir singing you’re my hero ?
It was a disaster (I’m growing out a buzz cut so my hair is all over the place and far too short for a normal bun or ponytail) but at least all those floofy curls are out of my face and neck. Sweating adieu I won’t miss you

Gretchen Whitney

Okay! I’m growing out my hair... I say I’m hair dyslexic... but I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for the tips!

Lamb Gaming

I have had long hair for practically my whole life and im getting my hair cut tomorrow so I need this

Mallory Brooke

Let me know if you attempt to braid your short hair! Braids have saved me on bad hair days lately?This humidity with my short curly hair is not the most fun I’ve ever had? What are some styles you go to for bad hair days?! Please HELP lol

Kanchan Harish

Ugh, I bet I can’t do this myself, ....


Roll On

i cant braid to save my life and i will NEVER be able to braid

Maksuda Zaman

Omggg thank u sooo sooo much,i literally have same hair like urs and i used to struggle with braids and now i can do it really good,thank u so much?

Linda Sanchez

Thank you so much for this video! It was very useful ?


THANK YOU!! i am not hair savvy, other than cutting and dyeing, but i need to wear dutch braids when i go backpacking because otherwise my hair will get super messy, and because of quarantine i can't just ask a friend to do it. only just started the video but hopefully it will help! <3

Danielle Anderson

I got a super botched bob haircut and this video saved my life while I now wait for it to grow out?


Loved it! Super useful (I've just tried and it worked!) and I actually got some laughs because of the editing lol Super cute!


Looks easy when you do it ! I'm a guy who've never braided hair before and want to do a single braid on top of my head, I'll give it a try thanks.
Edit: Failed miserably; 20 minutes and 5 tries in and I again lost all sections, my arms are killing me and the final product looks like a disabled spider's web. You're talented !

Jade Wilson

..is her intro “hi mom, how’s the new cow?” or am I craaazy?

Overnight braids for short hair

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481 310 views | 23 Feb. 2018

Hi! People ask me all the

Hi! People ask me all the time if this is my natural hair, and sadly it’s not ?? lol. I have naturally straight-ish hair and envy EVERYONE with curly hair lol. Hope this video is helpful to those who want heatless curls too!

follow me?

IG: miaatylerr

twitter: MiaaTylerr

Intro song: Nana Fofie - Mad Over You (Mashup)


Stay sane

Business inquiries : [email protected]

subodh kumar

Ok its a French braid ??? i dont know why is she making it complicated


please, hair videos are the only reason i love this channel

Brianna Medrano

U remind me of Jazmine from on my block

Iman Mudey

Can this work with Dutch braids too!?

Linda D'vino

I only could do dutch braids. Would it work? Or does it only work on french braids?

A Hwk

Backround song??

Allie Stoddard

O my gosh your SO PRETTY

Iced Coffee


Tom Greer

I love your waves, your hair turned out great. Tricia not Tom

William Afton

I can't braid my hair because of side shave ):

ᨳ᭬ fry ࿐

Dude I thought you were my cousin for a minute i was so confused for half of the video ??

J Jensen

This is it. This video is the one to which I French braided my hair for the first time.

Brianna Adams

Is it just me or does she look like moana from pretty little liars when she had her hair up.

danna negrete

What’s the song your boyfriend was singing I keep replying the song but I can’t find it ?

It’s just me, Leena

For anyone who struggles with volume, Dutch braids provide more volume

Alex Watson

i’m so confused

janice cheng

yeo can you make a better tutorial like ur confusing me ?

Sarah Rees

Try coconut oil :)


she is so pretty!! wtf

Hailey Martin

i’m confused. so you basically did french braids? hUh?

Colbie Graham

Can you Dutch braid instead it’s way easier for me to do that on myself haha


Does this work for long/medium length hair?

Noems Caceres

Please do more hair videos. This video helped a lot on how to get waves. So please more hair videos ❤️


gurll dis the same thing I do buh i live in Florida so humidity stay ruining my hair

Kamia Bruh

I do a bunch of really tiny French braids. Makes it look really curly. It looks great half up.

onakiisses ;

her : if you don’t know how to frenchbrai-

me : ight imma head out ??

Valentina Peters

Those brows tho! Gorgeous!

Manasi Bahutale

Oh ! It really works

lisa terp

wheres your glasses from theyre so cuute

Faith Lawhead

First of you are gorgeous! I understand the struggle with dry scalp. I use Nizoral shampoo (I get mine from meijer $15) and it really helps. I massage it in to my scalp really well and let it sit for a couple minutes. I only wash my hair everyother day, sometimes I go longer. I also do a jamacian castor oil mask once a week/every 2 weeks depending on if I have the time. Let it sit for an hr or two, but you have to wash it out really well. So I usually use a regular shampoo then go in with my Nizoral and condition. Hope this helps you! Thanks for the turorial, I loved how my hair turned out! ?

Katelins Life

Chopped my hair yesterday so let’s just hope this works on me

LaCrystal Martin

I luv’d this ???

Aniley Vade

what’s the song at the end

Clarissa Whitelaw

Does Duch braiding work?

Catherine Jeong

Head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner rlly help, I use them myself❤❤❤

AnnaNicole Boateng

People watching this video in 2021

Sára Tomorszki

Still my favourite technique thanx❤️❤️❤️

Lna Casino

Eyy try usin coconut oil in ur hair para for ur scalp to be less dry



Jessica Miranda

“My cheap forever 21 warring before they rust” ?? girl same


you are the best for making this!!! cant wait to try it thank you


1 like = 1 prayer that she fixes her eyebrows

Kim Anh pham

Ok but damn girl how do you keep your lips looking so nice???

Molly Dorman

so it's just a french braid?!


Lmao I’m doing this on My American girl doll hair so I can see the results before I do it myself???lmao

Daniela Itriago

This is my first time really trying a tutorial, immediately! I've actually have curly hair, but I also have dry scalp recently, so I don't know if it's because some product, or the weather, so I'm not using anything. And I really needed something like this, thanks!!! You're beautiful, your eyebrows and your hair ??????????

Jamie Rego

Okay your eyebrows are AMAZING ???

Kaeley Duarte

Is mine the only one that didnt cause anything to my hair towards the braids

Niki Taylor

I'm now more curious about them eyebrows. I've never wanted those exact eyebrows more in my life



αмєlι ᴍ

I have been trying this method for 3 months now since I've seen ur video. And it's the best. My curls don't hold for long. But this method gives tight curls that last for sooo long!!! Tysm

Alchemist S

BrUh how do you making the braiding look so easy I was a tangled mess when I first tried this

hoody box

ur hair is not short...

Tia J-B

So French braids

Erik Andersen

Its sooo pretty

Jasnoor Arora

Ur acc so pretty ??


i adore this - but i‘m too stupid for it ? i just don’t get it. is it braiding?


I have bangs so the beginning bit is really difficult lmao :') Any tips?

sydney gatten

Mixing a tablespoon of tumeric powder in your shampoo or conditioner before washing gets rid of dry scalp. It's for inflammation which is what causes dry scalp so I highly recommend . Id look up videos before hand cause I haven't done it in years but it got rid of my dry scalp!!!

Just a girl

I know how to french braid, but not to myself ಥ_ಥ

Raisa Labiba

omffggggg it worked.thank u!!!

Jazzy Hill

I'm Latina Cuban Spanish and black so my hair is just a mess

Madhuvanthi Sridhar

Love the waves!!!


rip: dont brush your hair the moment you take off the curls.

Bubble Lolli

hair is flawless
my wig flew again god dammit-

Elizabeth Garcia


Josie Hill

Does anyone else find it weird that we can go and find anything on YouTube from years ago and it’s not weird but when you find someone’s post on insta from like a month ago it’s considered stalking? No just me ok

alisha hemsley

I get eczema on my scalp. I use lush fairly traded honey shampoo and lush American cream conditioner and they do an amazing job of preventing my scalp from getting dry and sore. They are a little bit expensive tho but they last quite a while because you only need the tiniest amount ? also I wash my hair lile 3 times a week to stop it from drying out


Awww, I LOVE THIS. Here's to all the lil mamí's that grew up holding their own with the boys! This makes me miss my primos, man

adrien genevieve

I don't really understand I'm not hating it I'm just a slow learner so I don't really know but nice hack thou I still I love it and I'm trying it on my sister thanks

Varsha Ramanesh

Who else watched this video without knowing how to do a french braid?? ????

Kariman Hany

It's too hard ?


Twist, grab a piece, freehand, twist, grab a piece, freehand

Me: twist, grab a piece, twist, freehand, twist, shake profusely, grab a piece, freehand, question my entire existence, twist, cry yourself to sleep


so it's basically a french braid?

Dana G

Can I do a Dutch braid

Megan James

who else thought that this was easy, and then brought their phone in the bathroom, and then tried to do it but had a little temper tantrum??


Me: has curly hair already

Also me: .....maybe if I-

Hawa A

I have really similar hair to you, but I've found that constantly parting my hair on the side has made the hair thin quite a bit. How do you keep your hair so thick and healthy looking??

xoxo you know who

I cut my hair to take the bleach out but I feel like I can't do anything in my hair!?

minji san

What if you do a dutch braid?


wish my natural curls looked half as cute as this ??

Kaiya Cooper

What about Dutch braiding


only people with straight hair can pull this off. Us curly hair gals gotta live with the struggle of having to use product to keep the frizz down

arielle del rosario

i have naturally straight hair and whenever i do this it looks completely different, anyone else???

Kaylee Summer

I’m growing out my hair but this is making me want to cut it short!

Zaima Ahmed

Did anyone stop to think how pretty she is ?

Destinee Palazzolo

TSal/TGel shampoo by neutrogena is the onnnnnly thing that saves my scalp from dandruff/scalp build up, if you’re still looking for suggestions ❤️ gorg xx

Shania H

I think you need to either put more lights on or turn the brightness up on your camera so you can see what your doing with your dark hair

Giu lia

Curls last for like 2 hours with my hair :( yours are beautiful


Whats the song called in the end (8:19)

mapitso lesego

Yes pls

Whit Stone

Acv rinse girl! Thanks for the video!

That Girl

For Dry scalp- put mayo on your scalp for a bit, sounds nasty but it helped me so much :D


Love it

Sabrina Guzman

Your honesty so pretty and stunning and Don’t let anyone tell you your not ❤️

Mike Z

You did the most horrible job explaining the concept of braiding, literally furious trying to figure what you mean by twist and free hand right now. Come on.

vanessa lortia

“Nip slip”??✌?


My problem #1: I can't do braids lol I'm ashamed


Imagine having thick ass hair ? cus my alopecia ass cant


Thought this said heartless curls. Beautiful curls amazing job.

Overnight braids for short hair

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2 784 023 views | 27 Nov. 2016


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10 Faux Braided Short Hairstyles | Milabu

Here is the list of my 10 easy different faux braided hairstyles for short hair. There are beautiful and creative updos, milkmaid faux braid, awesome hair buns and double buns, viking looking hairstyles, reverse braids, retro hairstyles, pull through braids. Which ones are your favorite hairstyles? I love them all equally because they are all creative, simple, and new hairstyles. haha

Hairstyle One 0:55

Hairstyle Two 4:49

Hairstyle Three 6:48

Hairstyle Four 8:42

Hairstyle Five 10:06

Hairstyle Six 12:15

Hairstyle Seven 13:56

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Hairstyle Nine 15:37

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Hi, and welcome to my channel! I am a Beauty Addict and love to create how-to beauty tutorials for short hair and hairstyles, makeup, and lifestyle in general. I try to make my videos informative, creative and most importantly entertaining. Sometimes it may be dry humor. I warned you.

I love interacting with my viewers. Let's get to know each other.

Love, Milabu

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Shirley Szeliga

You’re cute


I tried! Couldn’t do it ?

Melisa Delagarde

Your so cute!...you my favorite to watch
You have such beautiful energy as well as great hair??

Dori Becket

I tried the Faux Braid Fauxhawk and on the 1st attempt it actually turned out really well!!!! LOVE this Girl!!!!!

katya_ mirnova



I have short hair now so thank you for this ❤

marie livingston


Nadine l Garza

Please slow down with the steps. Thank you!

Rosangela Da Silva

Amei seu trabalho

Carrie Becker

She is so pretty!

Renuka Krishna

Super duper hairstyles and u r ?

Luthfa Rob

You try so cute

Mhary J.

Era mejor cuando no hablabas .no eras tan boba

Rossella Piliero


alae aghzaf

I live malabu ???

Tanea Bree

The first one I need to practice and master, looks so stunning and like it could be my new protective style ❤️? idk if I was following though ?

Lucy's Old Account Lol

You have beautiful hair???


I wish you could do these hair styles for me ?
My hands already started hurting while trying to do a normal braid I can't imagine keeping my hands up for so long doing my hair, but I want a new style for school ?

Asra Inkisar

Please please can you do a space bun tutorial

Chanelle Cindy

Hands down: hairstyle #1 is my fav

Milana Danino

Wow!!! Ur the best!

Lady of Winterfell

Ur so silly

GB 03

No sé hablar inglés pero amé tus vídeos, y obviamente ya me suscribí. Saludos desde Uruguay

Silvia Elena Zúñiga

You are amazing!!!!

Karine Fonte

At the first hairdo, you looked like Angelica's doll, Cynthia, from "Rugrats".

Chrissie B

You look like Christina Aguilera. You probably hear that all the time. You’re beautiful.

Sierra Lane Carrier

7:28... "You look like a rooster!"
7:29... "Show it to me, just like that..."
7:30... *shows creepy man in backround how to be a "rooster."
Me: Roosters don't make that sound...


I wish I had you around to do my hair. I have never been able to do my own braids... and these are so cute!!


I would really like to watch something other than you playing with your hair... Unfortunately for me, you are mesmerizing (& inspiring). Seriously ;-) <3

Chrissie B

These faux braids are more complicated and time consuming than the real ones...! ???


How do you get the elastics out????

Σταυρουλα Ευθυμίου


Alicia Sipocz

I don't know why I'm looking for hair inspiration... can't do any of these with broken fingers lol. Remind me in about 6-8 weeks!

Joyce Fung

OK so.. let's start with dividing my hair properly.....

Steffie Zett

best ever ???

Unicorn Sparkles

I love all of her hairstyles and try them but I have really thick hair so my hair never looks as good as hers even tho lengthwise it’s only a couple inches longer.

Ziggie Zag

These hairstyles are all very cute, but they are still braids. See:
Braid dictionary definition | braid defined
The definition of a braid is an interweaving of three or more strips of something. An example of a braid is a popular hairstyle​. verb. Braid means to weave together three or more strips of something.

Ammie Z

So I've watched about a dozen of her videos on braids and styles for short hair and I've reached one conclusion. This woman is clearly a witch. How else can she do all these styles on herself and they all look so freaking good? Obviously magic.

Ringparrai Halam

I like your shows

Ronda Merryman

She makes this look so easy!

Rocio Lobo Elizondo

I just wish you had bangs hahaha
short hair + bangs make it even more difficult LOL


How long should your hair be for this, especially the first one? I'm growing my hair out and i really hope i have enough to do this when i have prom (ill have about 10 cms of hair then)

Denise Baker

You are great at teaching. Fun to watch and cant wait to try some.

Shes the one

hi! me encantan tus videos, y tus cejas!! me gustaria saber con que te las pintas.. saludos desde Buenos Aires.❤️

Milana Danino

OMG!! This us so hard!!! I've tried the friest 1 to my kid and i'm loosing my mind!!!!!!!!

Paige Scaffidi

Thank you thank you thank you! I've always felt like a failure as a female for not knowing how to French brain and Dutch brain but I understand this, now I can fake braids since I can't make braids, LOVE IT, keep it up girl!


I'm still lost on how to do the faux braid in general

Li na

Wooooooow ????

lucie L.

Those Hairstyles are going to save my life ???


half way i began wondering " her hair is probably gonna all fall off" ><

Lynn Greger

Thanks! Excellent description of technique and adorable results!


Yooo I legit do NOT have the patience for stuff like this ?

vanessa garcia

You’re a genius!!!

Gabi Robles

She explains so well I'm finally learning and having my life easier ????

Brandin Shaeffer

my arms literally hurt watching this video. I already know i will never ever ever try any of these, but i still LOVED this video.

Lady of Winterfell

I wish u would've slowed down the actual faux braiding to show exactly how u do it cuz I love the looks and I'm lost af on how to even do it

Lynn Kelly

I never comment much less subscribe to any YouTubers but I have with you and I just wanted you to know that you are so adorable and because of you I have gone ahead and finally bobbed my hair to shoulder length (DIY)and I want to say thank you for all the USEFUL videos. ???

Ally Bancroft

Can these styles work with thin flat hair

Cathleen Walker

way too complicated. I'll just stick to braiding. but I do like them


I don’t own bobby-pins. What else can I use or do I need bobby-pins?

Shruti Marathe Devdhar

Omg!!!! This is amazing ? I have short hair and love braids but struggle with combining the two. Going to try this asap as soon as I get the rubber bands... Thank you! ?

Антари Фокс

Ты супер!!!???

Cyber Player

1:24 i think i watched SIA doing hair tutorial hahaha

Shut Up

These clear elastics are sent from the devil himself

Rachel Fretz

These are really cute, but i feel like theyd be so much faster with a normal dutch braid

Альона Нижник

U are so cool

Rara Avis

This might just be my favorite hair tutorial of all times ?

Malisa Kenney

If ur a rugrats fan a couple of these reminded me of the doll lol not trying to be mean I love u milabu

Cat Jefferson

Hair style number 2 and number 10 are MUCH faster and easier to do if you just learn to braid the hair. It takes less than 10 minutes for hairstyle 2, and less than 5 to just do one cornrow down the back, like in style 10. You don't get 'rubberband breakage' either. Now for starting from the back of the neck and braiding upwards, I might do a faux braid, but anything going from one side to the other or front to back, I'll just do a cornrow type braid.

Rubber bands are NOT for people who have very fine hair. It breaks the hair no matter how careful you are when removing them.


I bet her arms are killing her tho! That's alot of work!

Yamie Andre


Zelda Pointer

Love you!!!!


Question for the side faux braids (I encounted this with the faux braid on the back of the top knot), do you leave the elastic in when going from one section to another when folding the hair over from the previous layer? I find my hair looks so ridiculous with so many elastics showing and it doesnt lay flat like yours. Wondering if I should be taking out the elastic on the next layer as I move down?


I know this is an old video, but, thank you for sharing it.
Letting my hair grow after an undercut pixie, so this are very useful...
Thank you ????

Dayna Tow

i love your videos!!!!!!!! do you trim your own hair??? <3

Kiki Kolodziejczyk

I have done the first hairstyle, but in a totally different way

Amber (Cinderz) Morthland


Elizabeth Guerrero

I am so frustrated at this. I tried this several times in an hour and still can not do it. Not sure what i am doing wrong. Seems so simple. #frustrated

kimmy taetae bts

Amazing introduction ??

Savannah Autumn

can these work on long hair?

Amanda Rose

I'm about to cry of frustration! I can't even do the faux braids right. I'm using identical materials and tools, what am I do wrong?

teffa Maltez

La verdad no entiendo lo que dice?? pero me encantan sus peinados?

gabriela kaiser

Quick alternative: learn how to actually do the braid

Luzy Reyes

Beautiful. ..I love braids

Dolagy Isaac

you're amazing , great , clever , smart , brilliant and beautiful I really love your videos .?????❤❤

Zoe’s Life

?the beginning!!

Ashley Phillips

In love with all of these videos.. ????..thank you for so many lovely ideas

Nicole Chua

Thats a lot of hair ties

Jennifer Lewis

Why am I JUST finding this!?! I can't braid my own hair for shit! Lol It's like I suddenly get ADD and get distracted, then lose track which section I had been on, multiple times, and my braid is janked every time! lol Finally a foolproof braid even I can't mess up!!


Am I the only dummt who can't do this? ?

Jennifer Hubert

I really love evry style of your hair.


9:16 , 14,

Nyte Shayde

I love these.

Reina Daniela Casas

The One like❤

Dr. Cynthia Faith Sheek

My five year old has hair that is so blonde and fine that her angelic face is really just framed in a network of spiderwebs. Thanks so much for giving us options that make her feel more like a "young" instead of a "baby." She loves (and Mommy loves) the ability to get her hair out of her face with something other than childish pigtails. In fact, I'm considering trimming my own hair a bit because you've given shorter hair the elegance of longer hair and the fun of a pixie. Kudos. Subscribed!

Lauren Dolezal

The braids your doing is called a dragon braid, they’re sooo cool

Athar Ahmad

Can you do a video about how you undo your hair without damaging it and how you put off those elastic bands

Anna Karic

My God, U R so natural and beautiful ? Wonderful positive energy and honest smile, i didn't see that so long..Big hug for U from Croatia ??

Taylor Gobble

You're my new fave.

Alinelima Lima