Itchy blisters on face

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It's pus tule and Itching on skin is terrible acne | Part 62 - KD Acne Treatment

76 678 views | 23 Jul. 2019

KD Acne Treatment

KD Acne Treatment

This video is intended to show early cure or get rid of acne.

Welcome all youtube online users. Here is a video of treatment of acne on the face, how to

remove whiteheads, blackheads, redheads, milia removal on your face.

We hope this video will be useful to all of you.

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Vanessa Kane

Tearing off huge scabs then squeezing the blood out is not how to treat acne


What in the world are you doing to that man?! Stabbing his face up bad.

Victoria HRH


Olga Perezhigina

She is doing evrything incorrectly!!!

Ruth Easton

Empty the pours out !


Needs retraining or should find a new line of work.

Barbi Womack

I always wonder why they stab it so many times


Every time you pull a scab off, you create a SCAR. You are ruining his face!

Tammy Woodruff

Really bad job

Linda Ferguson

This is such poor treatment and camera work, I couldn't even finish the video. You did ZERO good and a ton of damage. I think the popper and the camera dude are both high as hell. Hope this gentleman sued your useless asses. God awful video.

Wendy Hatton

I don’t think you have made that any better. You are too rushed and you aren’t cleaning the pores out properly. Just a mess. I feel so sorry for the client.

Death Wish

Cystic acne must be treated with the proper medication to reduce inflammation before extraction is attempted. The poor guy needs a proper dermatologist, not a esthetician. The video was a perfect example of incorrect treatment which will make his skin worse, not better.

Sundances lady Tiffany

Just think, they use that same bamboo on everybody that comes in there, and I’m sure it’s real clean......YUCK

Geraldine Reid

What a bloody mess you idiot its their face not their arse


Poor guy.. it’s like they WANT to keep him infected to shoot more videos .. they don’t even empty out the pores.. sad for this guy.

Susan F.

Must be near going home time cause the speed you are butchering that young man's face is shocking.

Claire Booker

Is it just me or is this treatment really rough! I feel sorry for this poor patient, they're skin must be sore.

sarah scott

Whys it so fast!!! I can't watch it

gareth barnes

This was more like a bayonet charge! Blood transfusions all round after this

Miss Gsm

your not even squeezing all the pus or infection out, you making worst. plus you making a mess with the the stuff you pull out over the patient clothess. nasty! you do this in all your videos

Tobey Hodgin

These poppers need to be arrested. What they're doing to this poor boy is a crime!


This person is so rough!! You know this acne hurts bad enough with the additional pain this person feels the need to inflict. No one should let this one touch them!!

shattered life

AWESOME JOB, thank you so much for sharing. One of the BEST videos on what NOT to do.

Phoebe McLellan

I'm not a dermatologist but ripping off huge scabs seems to be the wrong approach.

Karen Simpson

Crazy no nothing

Christopher Ward

Better out than in

Debra DeSimone

It's like she's racing someone and not even doing a good job!

Karen Simpson

Poor IN ALL CATEGORIZES you should have went to the park and played leaving this work to professional

Amy-Celeste Quillen

Horrible! Why poke his poor face like that and then NOT empty the pore??? Really????

A Roberts

What an incompetent fool! You have no business touching this man’s face.

ken garber

What the hell is this speed popping 101 how the hell does the popper expect to help it heal when there probably leaving half of the blemish inside what a fucking moron talk about a waste of time energy and memory space I give too many morons making stupid ass video's beam me up Scotty there's not enough Intelligent people making vids down here duhhhhhhhhh I m dead