Red line on stomach

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Project Redline | Episode 3 | How to DOMINATE The Internet with Viral Sensation Graham Allen

1 337 views | 20 Feb. 2019

Project Redline | Episode

Project Redline | Episode 3 | How to DOMINATE The Internet with Viral Sensation Graham Allen

Today we welcome our first guest to Project Redline, Graham Allen!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to go viral on the internet? How to create not just one, but every video you make go viral? We deep dive into how Graham has scaled his empire, managed his family life and developed his own tv show. I have personally known Graham since his time in the military and it has been absolutely amazing to see his growth not only in his business but his personal and family life!

This episode will show you what it takes to be an internet sensation while simultaneously building a business around it. Graham is sharing his secrets on the Project Redline podcast and we don't want you to miss any of the tips and tricks that go with hit! Grab the pen and paper and enjoy this weeks episode of Project redline!

James Pestano

Thought provoking and enlightening vlog!!!????

How to Guides and Reviews

Dominate the internet ? 52 voows - LOL :)

Alec Antrim

Awesome brother

Red line on stomach

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Redlight King - Bullet In My Hand (Official Video)

8 524 783 views | 3 Oct. 2011


IRONS IN THE FIRE, featuring "Times are Hard" out NOW!

Download - http://smarturl.it/rlka1

Streaming - http://smarturl.it/rlasta1

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/redlightking

Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/redlightking

Official site -- http://www.redlightkingmusic.com

#RedlightKing #BulletInMyHand #Vevo

Croy Wedgewood

Your battle with the guards was magnificent. Your skill is extra-ordinary.

MooShe G.

DEC 2018 people I came here after "In This Moment-Roots" another great song to workout to

Robbie Wiley

That's bullets n your right


Amazing lyrics... Do they tell any truth of a story lived?


Sod all to do with how great this song is Jaydon Bean is a hottie. Thanks Anthony Martinez for telling me the drummers name.

Now if only I could get his number..... joking for what should be obvious reasons :-D

Banana Mun

2019 anyone??

Harbor Lu

2020 still here from 2011

Mark Futter

Lost my 21 year old son January this year, music was one thing that we shared. Really Didn't want to get up again a Nd carry on. Think he lead me here.

zack goad

ya know I've been working through 2 accidental gunshot wounds and I'm so glad to just run and play with my boy. So he got one shot and I got 2 so I believe.

Amber Opphile

This song hits a little differently these days after the amount of trauma(parents divorcing while I was in college directly after surviving Hurricane Irma, my dad being the biggest douche in history, flunking out of college due to an asshole professor, which caused a serious mental breakdown, which nearly cost me my life... And so much more, but we'd be here all day if I went on. I could literally write a book about it) I've been through in the past four years. And I thought I loved this song before. Especially now that I'm climbing out of the hole I've been in for three years.

Amanda Nelson

Love the song! Has alot of meaning to me and my life the past 7 years of bs. Dealing with depression, anxiety and stupid losers.

staroutlaw reapers safe havans

Call the cops yet they beat me I'll just pull the bail moneyc

Miriam Goldfinger

Addicted to this song... great song men!

Teddie Prine

I’m a new fan here, thanks u tube for the recommendation.????

Shadow Owl


Michael Howell

thank God for His Light to accomplish this in my West Texas life

Dana Mann


Jj dynomite


Анжелика Машталлер


Chad Mower

The unplugged version is super good



Laurie Whittaker

Love this, so glad I found you guys. Very electrifying and makes you take notice to the music and the lyrics \../

staroutlaw reapers safe havans

Sad lowlifes over to 3000vvucstolen Peter f u

Kricket Jones

Boy this song really hits home hard my heart is hardened but I can have the gift of forgiveness for most generally everyone but myself ask what the hell am I thinking .......why give many of chances mist wouldn't do that for their best friends.

Robbie Wiley

Dam I wish I had a sip of scotch

Chris Prichard

2020 anyone???

Haley Raven bella Hanson

Well I'm a proud woman army combat medic vet battling stage 4 advanced brain cancer lost my husband to a bike wreck my oldest committed suicide but I still fight

Robbie Wiley

It's me

Banana Mun

Lancaster Heavy Bomber in the back ground. I love it.


Yeah this is an addiction recovery song.

Jake The fox


Monica Mason

The song I heard first and instantly made me a fan.

Gibbs Mariah

2020 I have never heard of this band at all! Cool song though and I totally get it!! Need to hear more from them though!!

1975 XS650 B

To those I afend I apologize!! To see the the old Birds gives me a hard on!! Like I said to those I afend sorry you don't understand what I'm talking about!! With today's world some people will never understand. That's why I'm sorry!! To the rest of you. To see a video like this with the old birds in glory and in flight!! Who else loves our past glory.??

Will Reviea


Daisy Edberg

Your free see I got the bullets you were brave n you tried your no killer

Ian Ainscough

If i had a bullet in my hand it would have Donald trump name on it and borrris Johnson name on it double shot Muppets

MegAnne Stryker

Just got out of detox after a relapse after two years of sobriety...this is helping me deal with the shame from that. I’d be fucked without music

Charles Wilhelm


Eva Karpiak

See how you're still old and I'm 16 and fresh as a proverbial daisy???? You ain't goin' nowhere but down ... the dress I bought today for my home goin'. How many people are you willing to let die on account of your guilt? 853???

Jason Jewell

I remember coming back from a dope run and I stopped and got high at a truck stop and I heard this song. It heard it speaking to my soul

Nickie Vinson


Banana Mun


John Weed

Because I got ruffed I really got fucket up I came out with a bullet in my hand

staroutlaw reapers safe havans

Hecshouldchabecjustvpull thecfuckingvtriggervback in 94

Ivo Georgiev

Hey, everyone. I am wondering, is there a movie, that this song is a part of a soundtrack, or its just a video for the song? Can you help with the name of the movie?

Tyson George

Mr. Biden, after you implement your National oversight of the police committee.... can you please send a team to Medford Oregon? A couple cops are due for a killing every 5 years. They almost killed me with three of them and cuffs to force a whispered in my ear lie as I was being maced, with my face in the asphalt in 2005, killed an 18 year old who’s dad was hoping for help in 2010, killed another guy in a standoff in 2015.... 2020 is almost over and their trigger fingers are itching!

adam magby

1.8k people have no soul or real life hard experiences

Monkey D Luffy

blaaaast from the paaaast!
i used to abuse this song all over, in every playlist i could possebly fit it in!

Mamma Shona

Wish I could see the light


This song probably saved my life. Good stuff.

Charles Wilhelm


breezie_ baby

Omg im a new fan i never thought i be one but my mots fav song from you is Old Man its like the same thing between my dad and his dad


"Nothing left to sell" really? I know of atleast three things you have left to sell at that point :-D Keep it clean people.

Sarah '93


Jaxier Rodriguez


art 888


Brad C

Rockn toons

Jr Bargo


Angelique Angey

Ruptured aneurysm, here. Glad to be alive ?

Robert Curtis

The song is bad ass just like the english made SPITFIRE and the pilots that flew them to the edge of their performance capability "the aircraft" that is, an kicked the Germans out of the sky into the ground and won WW2. I came out of the darkness with a bullet in my hand is in regards to the english roll of Aerial night time bomers like the one behind the band as they sing, the Spitfire n pilots escorted the bomers on their boming runs in the cover of darkness.. Alot of Real Men got FUCKED UP an gave all... US Air Force and English Air Command My Father was one of them. USAF Bomer pilot an flew the B 24 liberator.. Bad Ass Song for the Bad Ass Airman of WW 2. Thanks for the song guys!!!

charles of the Father YaHuWaH Y

Nice Lancaster Mitchell and spit. All your work is really very good kaz. Keep the momentum going man! Thanks for the blood sweat and tears of rage!
Powerful stuff mate.

Stephanie Steinline

To all those i know fighting heroin addiction...

Jackie Joy

Been there" done that" ? and that is a fact ?? and luckily I like you too I have somebody watching over me ??? and I thank my stars every day

Andre Tokayuk

lol.. i was looking up bullet for the pain.. b k rocks..)/*
bring the "kazband" back and f' da sharif if he don't like that smell. Also bring back DHD. Never seen y'all live. Spliffy time..)/* 20/*20?/*)

Adam Cerny

This Is literally Kazzer 2.0 ??

Nova 2006

2012 separate from my wife her step dad put a hit on me .. dirty life is dirty. Survived. Never gave up I got it all back she even came back step dad even said I see you now.. this is my song. Some days I wish I was half the man I was then

English 101

Have some self-control, you have no right to be on a pity pot there's always someone out there who has it worse. And nothing is looking out for you its a cold lonely place down here. You have to pull it together and make the best of it and don't fall into drugs, stay strong.

Nick Bonck

This song has helped motivate my recovery from a life of drugs and violence. It felt like this song was for ME! Great job

Charles Wilhelm


Charles Wilhelm


Micky King

He is sexy

Lewis Hicks

for my friend rodney where ever you are god is in control

Anthony Bobinger


Ashley Lanthier

What happen to this band did they stop making music

Anastazia Beaverhausen

Here I am 2019, buzzed an eatin radishes, an still lovin this

Tammy Gee

I tried to drink myself to death, was hospitalized w/a blood clot in my lung; I signed myself outa the hospital hoping for a quicker death. Almost happened. I woke up on my living room floor couldn't stand, shaking uncontrollably. Crawled on bloody hands, knees, elbows n had/no right sense of mind. Hallucinated 5xs for the 1st time in my life. 2 were silly, 2 were helpful n the last one was auditory>she sounded angelic n told me to go to my door to get help (I think I was on my floor for 2 days, not in my right mind n layed down to die). Help came, it was my mailman John? He saved my life! Eventually I went to rehab for 6 months. I've been sober & ALIVE for 7yrs. I'm now a moderator for a suicide prevention group! I LOVE life! Even ALL it's ups n downs n this song is my "Go To Song" to boost me n to remember that that day my late father begged for my life. ?but??☺???????THANK GUYS FOR THIS AWESOME SONG!!!❤❤❤

staroutlaw reapers safe havans

Be blessed and safe hope all is well and ur dad

Egyptian American Patriot

That is one damn sexy airplane in the background.

Kathy Duran

im lisining to this in 2020,my dad was playing this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.thanks dad you have good taste :3

Robbie Wiley

True story

staroutlaw reapers safe havans

Lost mom geabdcmamaxurclow


this band needs to get the recognition


As a recent widower, losing the love of my life after 30 years together. I am torn in keeping going or stopping....... I keep going.

Scott Pollock

I'm a recovered alcoholic and drug addict. This song speaks to me. It's real.

Miss Independent

Never heard of these guys before. I'm now a fan!


going back in.....hope i come back this time

HollywoodSaint 57

To my kids...I love you babies...this is your Papi....Love Jehovah God...our salvation thru Christ Jesus...Amen

Corinne Barca

She's moaning highness moaning try this without a problem as a License
This ain't no picnic for me either Obama ? No friend's at President Trumps childhood Birthday Party ? Remember that BLM is not a riot

Ken Nuhfer

It's been years since I heard this song, I've forgotten how good they are.

Mike deAngelo


jamie goodbrand

Good old hammer remember me mark ya boy

Scruffy McDurmas

Fukn AYE!!!

W.D. Shaffer

This band opened for Halestorm at a concert a few years ago in Pittsburgh,PA. I was amazed by their talent and totally surprised that I hadn't heard of them until that night. They began to play "Bullet in My Hand" and I began to cry. You see, this was first concert I had attended after a suicide attempt. I shot myself in the chest with a .357 Magnum. I was aiming for my heart, but the gun kicked to the left and the bullet went in 2 inches below my right collar bone and went straight through my body and came out through my right shoulder blade. I was lifeflighted, spent 3 days in a medical coma, had a 10 hour emergency trauma surgery and then an additional 6 hour surgery the next day. My right arm is paralyzed from below my elbow, I suffered brain damage from the massive loss of blood (I had pierced the clavicular artery), I'm in constant pain from nerve damage, BUT.... I'm also incredibly thankful to God that I got another chance. I spent too much time in the darkness.... now, I am greeted by the light.


Damn I do love the weird path YouTube takes you on sometimes. I ended up finding out about these guys and they sounded insanely familiar after hearing Born to Rise. Then I checked out this one and instantly remembered hearing them on the radio all the time.

His Forever

This song makes me think of The Crow. ??

Teddie Prine

I’m your new fan, you guys rock ????????

Charles Wilhelm


majesticksilver star gallery music


Red line on stomach

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66 views | 9 Feb. 2021


Sir pwde po ba dalawang water pump na 3hp sa isang pressure switch?

Richard Damuag

Sir,puydi po bang mg video kayo ng mga ibat ibang timer para malaman din namin ang tamang pag gamit lalo na po ang diagram ng timer.salamat