How to make hair wax

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How to make hair wax

6 182 views | 11 Dec. 2019

All information in the

All information in the video.

Shea butter. 20 gm

Castor oil. 10 gm

Paraffin wax or beeswax. 10 gm

Perfume. 1 drop

For mixing process follow video.

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Salman Shamsi

Sir bleach cream ka bhi bataen

naitik mehta

How to make magic dish wash powder and hand wash powder

Amit Jotangiya

Very very nice sir ?

Yasir ktk

Beautiful video
SIR make a vidio about shaiving foam

denim deisel

Does it have side effects or damage hair ?

Amaan Rayeen

transparate hair wax banye uski jayda demand h jaise MG5 ki h

musnik cleaners Sanjay Goswami

1st like comment

C&P - The Cleaning Solutions

Please sir I request you. Acid thickner ka formulation dijiye.

Rishu Dubey


कान्हा सिसोदिया

बहुत बडिया

sara collections

Youtube first and super video wX ke upper

taha taha


Nzan Murrie

Can i mix paraffin wax and beeswax together

sara collections

Super bhai

Amit Jotangiya

Sir aap MG-5 ka hair wax banavo

Uves Patel

Transparent HAIR WAX ka formula bataye ga, pls

sangram prusty

Sir hair dai shampoo k upper kuch information de sakte he?

sara collections

Sir coco butter and coconut oil ka quatity kya hoga

How to make hair wax

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How to Make your own ALL NATURAL HAIR WAX (Tutorial)

3 379 views | 3 Jun. 2015

In this video I show you

In this video I show you how you can make your own ALL NATURAL Hair Wax cheaply.

Get these products at a low price:

Organic Beeswax - http://amzn.to/1cwADQi

Essential Oils - http://amzn.to/1dKBUVn

Organic Coconut Oil- http://amzn.to/1HJAn9l

Olive Oil- http://amzn.to/1HJAstH

Apache Wolf

Totally cooool!

How to make hair wax

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How to make Hair Wax at home in 5 mins | Natural Hair Wax | TheRealMenShow★

246 173 views | 27 Oct. 2016

How to make Hair Wax at

How to make Hair Wax at home in 5 mins ★Natural Hair Wax ★TheRealMenShow★

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★★About This Video:

Things we need :

1) BeesWax.



2)Coconut Oil.

3)Almond Oil.

4)Essential Oil.

Procedure :

1) Melt beeswax in a double boiler over low heat.

2) When the beeswax is melted, add in Coconut OIl.

3) When the mixture is melted, add Almond oil and stir until just melted.

4) Pour mixture into a container and allow to cool slightly, then add essential oil.

Voila.!! You have made your own Hair Wax. ;)

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Prakhar Jain

can we use honey instead of beeswax

príñćė jăýđen

Bro u don't have a good camera not able to see properly

shiv Shankar

Bhai kabhi hindi bhi bol Liya kar

Nitin Gupta

which type of wax it is bro

Prajna prabhu

It really happens I'll try it

Pratik Editing

Beeswax kya hota hai

Imran Khan

Can we use normal wax instead of beeswax

Akshat S

Dear what is ingridient you have taken in starting please tell me. I like your video


ThankYou Everyone ?
Help us Grow.! Join the Fam ?

Amrinder Singh

Tatti bna di re

Mayank S Garg

Sir whtt is beeswax & essential oil??
Essential oill means ??

technical guru

Make video in light

Sumit Prasad

Bhai isse koi hair fall ki problem to nhi hogi na in future

Sunil B

First thanku bro..
How long this wax we can kept??
Ithu keduvarillle

Natasha Green - Chillaxed Products

And you shouldn't of added the spray purfume in it as it turns it from natural to not natural :) you should have put in a fragrance like vanilla etc

tribhuvan lodha

This is not wax it is pommade

Vibhu lohan

Bhai hindi me bolega to tere jyada subscriber bdhenge
Kyonki kuch log smjh nhi paate tu kya bol rha hai

Beatle Toons

what language are you speaking ?

Seema Patil

What is first product

Bindu Munjal

What what you said after bee wax and Coco oil and almond oil what is the last thing

Sanjay More

what is price of beeswax


bekar video

Ruchi Bala

Will it not damage hair?


Which was the first ingredient


Beeswax kis dukan me milta hai

grah dosh ve unke upay

what was the first thing you added in it



pushpendra kumar

हिंदी में बोलने को मौत पड़ती है क्या

Sunny Verma

Bhai ish mai aapne konsi wax use kri normal candle wax use kr sakte hai

sai krishna

Too much background sound

deepak more

Bee wax means removing all honey and what remain that is bee wX

tejus pawar

Low camera kolity

yours choice

What is yellow material

Anamika Nath

Ye ... wax remov hota h na easily

poonam singh

Bhai hair wax banao without bees wax please video banao

dhruv chauhan

What is the yellow powder

Krishan Pratap

We can use honey without beeswax


can we take honey

Kelvin Nguyen

Awesomeness contentess brotha

Ritam Mondal

Bhai beeswax ki jaga candle use ho sakta hain ?

viji saravanan

How Many Hours give strong hold

Ayush Agarwal

Iske use se hair white to nhi honge

Lightning gamer

Bees wax kya hata hai

Arunkumar Andiboina

Music in the background is very dominating...

Istiaque Roman

Dafaq! U used bodyspray for fragrance??

Karan Kene

Are bhai bahot hard hard hota h wax maine or oil bhi dala to bhi bahot hard hi h to kya karu


Bhai ye baki wax ki trh hi wrk krega na ?? Khi wrk na kre??

Prannoy AH

That background noise just sucks !

Arman Alam

What is the first ingredient

Hair Buzz

hey, can i use pieces of candle?

Jayesh Suryawanshi

quantity kitni leni hai bro?

Ritwik Bhattacharjee

Bad introduction

Ali Akbar

hey,will bee wax cause hair fall

Touseem Abbas

kia yarr hindi mai bnate aik to peche english mujre ki awaz itni hai k tmhari awaz palle hi nai par rai k kia sikha rahe ho..

juned Khan

What is bee wax



Joy khan

will it make my hair look shiney???

Manu Saini

Saleya fuddu Bna reha Aapne Bala te ta lga

Vinodjain 00001

setwet ka hair gel===aloevera+sugar+salt+processed glue se banta he

Tech bhai

Anybody who is rich here ..please can you send me 50$ paypal cash i m in big trouble guys i dont have enough money pls help me out if you can donate then pls send it to this gmail [email protected]gmail.com. Its very urgent guys pls try to understand

All of you

Chutiya samajhe k

Babu 2001

does it cause hair loss??

Deepak Maripi

No clarity


What is the first thing

Nishchal Soni

Can i use it daily??


Beach wax

BASU beatz

bro Wt is that yellow colour

Sarfaraj Mullick

Bhai Agar Main Beeswax ke Badle Mom use karu to kam hoga kya??

Ishan Aggarwal

Bhai hair damage to nhi honge na

The Final Hacker

can we can use candle wax as beeswax

ravi shah

bhai i requste you muje english kam samj ati hai kya ap ye jo samgre hai vo muje hindi me bata skte ho please bhai please

mansi sh

Thanks bro
Good going??

Ajay's Vlogs

hair will become yellow while applying this wax

Mahendra Das

yellow wala kya ha

Sameer Adhikary


Natasha Green - Chillaxed Products

What are the measurement for the ingredients??


What is the things u used please comment it

Dev Patel

What is bees wax how to make it

5 somali

Bro plz redo this video again we can't understand anything

Wolverine OP

Beeswax kya hits hair ???

chandra shekhar nagawat

Can we use bees wax obtained from candle

Saif Mohammad

The sponsors part made me lmao


bhai beeswax kaha milegi

Sushant Dagar

It is which was

khaled sakhri

I hate indian videos speak with indian and put thier title in eng ?

sumit helper for ff

Any pronlem

Jay Vallada

Can i use aloe vera oil instead of essential oil and onion oil? Ive heard it is good for your hair?

Aman Faridi

Wo Yellow wale ingredient ka kya naam hai

batchala jagadesh

Reduce the background music can't listen you only can listen music only.

Vaibhav verma

Chutiya video bro..

Owais Qureshi

Light nhi hai kya ghr ma????

Karan Maher

What is 1st ingredient that you're used ??

[CRABBY]- Brawl Stars

we're do we get bees wax please tell I have to make this

Ajay Aju


Zunira Nadeem

video to five minute ki nani thi


Bhai ye beeswax kya he

Fuzail Khan

loser video

Sunny Done

Itne mai mehnge se mehnga wax aajai ga .itni chizz use karra?

Devender Kumar

how to make hair wax & it has not effect on hair

Shahil Hussain

Where did you get wax