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Spring Brook Fabrics, Quilts, & Solids

6 509 views | 2 Feb. 2021

Welcome back! In today's

Welcome back! In today's video, I am sharing about my latest fabric line, Spring Brook. It is due to arrive in quilt shops in February of 2021. I share a look at the prints within the collection as well as the quilt patterns I've designed for the collection. I finish the video by sharing the matching Moda Bella Solids that will coordinate with Spring Brook.

For more photos of the fabrics in this line as well as better photos of the quilts, visit this blog post: https://corianderquilts.com/spring-brook-fabrics-and-quilts/ You weren't able to see the full quilts in the video so you will find this helpful if you'd like to see more.

This is the link to the Moda website I mentioned in the video for additional pictures of Spring Brook: https://my.modafabrics.com/webfiles/fcc_spring-brook.pdf

All of the patterns shown in today's video are available to purchase in my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CorianderQuilts

These are the Bella solids that I mentioned in the video:

9900-200 Off White

9900-25 30s Blue

9900-397 Waterfall

9900-178 Etching Stone

9900-170 Etchings Slate

9900-332 Pineapple (Note: Pineapple has been discontinued and isn't available for shops to reorder.  If you are unable to find Pineapple, I would recommend 9900-81 (Goldenrod).  The two shades are very similar and either color will work great with this collection.)

9900-102 Prairie Green

9900-398 Cucumber

My fabrics, patterns, & books are carried in quilt shops both locally and online.

Thanks so much for stopping by today,



Gorgeous! I wish we could get more wides to go with your fabrics. My top favorites from this line are probably the large floral on the lighter gray, the multi gingham stripe of course, and the bees on the green are just precious. Now I need to go look up your sew along


I just LOVE all your fabric lines I think they are so fun! ❤️

Stitch by Stitch

Love everything you put out!! My favorite fabric designer

Maria Wells

These are stunning!!!

Victoria Zaleski

Did I just hear block of the month?!?!? I can't wait to hear more!!! And I can't wait for this fabric line. Thank you so much ????????????

Debbie Stallings

Omg...i luv this line and all the quilts.
Your fabrics are always so beautiful.
This is definately my fav line of all
Cant wait to do the sew along and im patiently waiting on the kit.

Stephanie Ward

I am super excited about this line!!! Can’t wait! ???


All of the fabrics and the patterns are so beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing and giving us something to look forward to!?. The sew along sounds wonderful too!!!❤️?

Vicki Heath

That collection is stunning. I love the blue and yellow. My favorite was the third one you showed from the Moda box

Pam L

The quilts are gorgeous Corey! I love ever single pattern so hard to pick a favorite?. This new line is so appealing you have hit another home run. Thank you so much for showing a preview. You have such an enthusiastic personality and it shows through in your work? Fivestars??


Pretty spring collection! I love the bees! ❤️

Barbara Jordan

What bedding do you use. Pretty quilts. Thanks for showing us.

Donna DeLany

I love this fabric! I pre-ordered it from Fat Quarter Shop, can't wait to get it! Blessings to you Corey

Michele B

Such a gorgeous collection! I really appreciate the information on the Bella solids as well.

Sharon Shergold

This is a super cute collection.. looking forward to the quilt a long and of course updates on the kitties

Sammi Jarrad

You did a stunning job with this line. Sooo beautiful!! ????


Love this line so happy and springy! Can’t wait to hear about the sew along

Lora Gearhart

I Love Spring Brook (and actually all your fabric), can't wait till I get my fat quarter that I already have on order. I wanted to say that I love the blues in this coIlection, but as I typed it I thought I love the grays, the yellows, the greens, and actually all of it. I would have lots more money if you would quit making such pretty fabric (and patterns). You are so talented, thanks for all you do. Can't wait for the quilt along.

Gwen Gibson

You simply amaze me!!!!

Merritt Crawford

Beautiful quilts and fabrics, Corey! The bees are my favorite. Love the blue Starry Gingham quilt. Enjoy every stitch and sew just beecuzz!?

Deborah DeLisle

I am in love with your Spring Brook collection! It’s so inspiring to see all the colors & prints dance across the screen. Funny but think the tone on tone white is my favorite... oh the possibilities! The new patterns are an extra plus... you’ve outdone yourself Corey!

Lana Stewart

I love this fabric collection and everything nature! The colors are luscious! ❤️ I’m looking forward to your sew along!!!

Country Gal

Beautiful fabric,quilts, and patterns Thank for sharing

Carol Omer

The bees are my favorite! Great fabric line!

Home Body

Absolutely love the shades of the blues and greens in this line. Beautiful prints and can't wait to get my hands on it!!

Cheryl Mink

Lovely line of fabric & quilts! Thank you!

Cecelia Bass

Love this line, just beautiful! Put I love all your fabrics! Thank you!

Amy Williams

The whole collection in all the color ways are just beautiful. I really love the cornflower blues, but all the yellow and the bees reminds me of my mom. ❤️. She loved flowers. Especially daisies and sunflowers.

Kelly Wenhold

love starry gingham

Deana Shortridge

Beautiful fabric and quilts ??

Rebecca Sledge

Love this line of fabrics especially the yellows.


Beaautiful collection!! loveit all!!! which pattern will you be using for the sew along? (or will that be a new pattern)

Silly B

Love the dark gray fabrics!

Brenda Johnson

Gorgeous fabric and pattern collections as always! Thanks sew much!!!

Free Spirit

Corey, great presentation. Fabulous fabric collection. Sweet color schemes. Well done. Blessings.

Cindy Crist

The fabric is beautiful! I will be making a wedding gift this year and this fabric line will be perfect. What is the quilting name on the patchy stars quilt? i am thinking starry gingham will be the perfect pattern.

Carol Banks

Beautiful quilts. I loved the sunflowers with checkered centers. What was name of your book again? How can we do a sew along with you?

Loraine Leuschke

I love your fabric lines. They are romantic and fun.

Piali Biswas

Love love love the colors of this combo! Can’t wait for my bundle to arrive. As always love your designs!

Dorothy Scott

Thank you for showing solid coordinates. Beautiful fabric line.

Linda Federer

Oh my gosh, so gorgeous, goosebumps on all those gorgeous quilts, will watch over and over

Patti Rojec

How many quilts will I make with this line? I am already planning two, (when I finally get my hands on this much anticipated fabric), and now a block of the month! I love everything about this fabric line. I can't wait.

Jean Boyd

love to know the quilting pattern used by the long-armer.

Patti Jarabek

Love this line! So excited for the Fat Quarter Shop Serenity quilt kit. You should do starry gingham in all the colors and make kits!

Angela Eaves

Wow love it love the daisies the gray and all the colors!

pam ketron

A beautiful line of fabrics. I love yellow and gray together. The blue is such a pretty shade. Love every print in your new collection. Oh my goodness, look at those stunning quilts. So very pretty! ☀️??

Barbara Barnett

Beautiful collection! I Love the colors!! The all blue is so pretty. Well they are all very very pretty.
i want to do the sew along. Thank You Barb

Debbie Brugman

I do not generally gravitate towards blue fabrics but the minute I saw this collection I fell in love ? and pre-ordered a fat quarter bundle online. I am so excited to receive it. For a while it will sit on the shelf for me to just look at next to my ultimate favorite CY line P&F ?

kim Patterson

Oh my goodness!! The writing print, the bees, the daisies... the luscious colors!!! I love this line! ? ? ? It’s coming to my quilt store and I’m sooo excited!

Sandy Heller

Very nice collection.

Match.com yellow line under picture

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The Science Behind Football's First-Down Line

261 711 views | 1 Jan. 2018

If you’ve watch American

If you’ve watch American football on television, you may have wondered how they make that yellow first down line look like it’s actually down on the field.

We're conducting a survey of our viewers! If you have time, please give us feedback: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SciShowSurvey2017

Hosted by: Olivia Gordon

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Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow


Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters: Kelly Landrum Jones, Sam Lutfi, Kevin Knupp, Nicholas Smith, Inerri, D.A. Noe, alexander wadsworth, سلطان الخليفي, Piya Shedden, KatieMarie Magnone, Scott Satovsky Jr, Bella Nash, Charles Southerland, Bader AlGhamdi, James Harshaw, Patrick Merrithew, Patrick D. Ashmore, Candy, Tim Curwick, charles george, Saul, Mark Terrio-Cameron, Viraansh Bhanushali, Kevin Bealer, Philippe von Bergen, Chris Peters, Justin Lentz


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You should introduce this by saying its concussion season. We laugh at Rome for lead in their wine then we pay our best athletes to go injure themselves for our amusement.


There is a dearth of graphics in this explanation

Zane Russell

FINALLY! This video has ended my quest to discover the black magic required for the line of scrimmage / first-down graphics. Now that I finally have an answer I can understand why the secret eluded me so long.  Why would anyone go to that much trouble for just a dumb football game?  Thank you SciShow!

greenfun50 Monkyarby

vox did a video like this

MoJo's Mojo

American football? I think you mean real football ??????☝️


The green screen is REALLY sketchy at the top of her head everytime she moves her head.

Zack Abnet

Vox did a much more detailed and overall better video about this two years ago.

robb rooss

That ring in her nose makes her so much more desirable.?

Buda Puffin


Denzyl Casuela

Please don't assume all people are americans


season finished on new year's eve, we are in play-offs


It is actually 60 times every second Olivia. Most programming is 60Hz nowadays.

Ricky Ray

I thought we agreed, a few years ago, that SciShow wouldn't do sports related videos? Man, I hate most sports. But, that's simply my opinion. I'm not trying to put down anyone else who likes sports.

Hamlet telmaH

I have to share this with my brother since just yesterday we had a conversation about this particular topic during the Bulldogs and Sooners game at the ROSE BOWL

Kaela Olsen

I don't know what I learned more about, the science or the football. THANK YOU SCISHOW!!!! But WILL YOU PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON GLIOMAS???


Wow that's a pretty painstaking, time consuming and maticulous process and all done just for your entertainment.
It actually reminds me of some of the incredibly time consuming lengths many ancient people went to just to get a building or a work of art just right.

Antoeknee !!!

The explaination would have been so much better if she didn't have such spastic movements with her head and arms.


Vox made this video a year ago and was 10x better


Let's not forget the blue line for line of scrimmage....1st down line turns red on 4th down and the field goal target line with the writing in it.


Check Intel 360 for the LaLiga then

Ashmeed Mohammed

That was a question I had for a long while. Thanks


Olivia with the mini-dab at 0:12

Heath Shain

Stop putting Olivia on interesting topics I would like to watch it, and I just can't watch her


Hmm could have sworn this channel was called vox


If you watch football, you know what a first down is

Crispy Bacon

So it's just one giant green screen? Cool...

Johnny J

I hate those little nose rings, they look like snot dripping.


They should go from calling it American Football to GridIron

im hunter

The Vox Channel already made this video already


Vox did it better.

Big Cat

lets be real, who here watch foodball?

Jacob Staten

The video doesn't start until 1 minute and 20 seconds in.

Nate La

less glasses and nose please.


It was so hard to listen to this dumbass nerd talk about football


Doesn't anyone on this channel own a freaking LINT ROLLER that they can run over her shirt before filming!


10yard line in Giants stadium is where Jimmy Hoffa is buried

Raymond K Petry

...this was supposed to be "science" not 'technology'—like, why ten yards is effectual for game play, even some history like whether any other standard deviation has been used, how the measurement depends on adult-player size, height, weight, sprinting speed... if, there's science in the game parameters, there should be science in the show...

Albert Nusawardhana

vox already made a video on this

Mr. Boma's Balloons

There is lots of consternation over whether Princess/General Leia could survive her brief space walk (sky walk!) in The Last Jedi. How about an episode where you tell us what would happen to a person who is completely unprotected in the vacuum of space, and how long they could survive (I have read it is about 2 minutes).

Mauro Tamm

Likely something a average youtuber can do these days.


Vox did this first, and on time smh.

Timo Y

Need to use some of that technology to remove the vertical lines from your glasses.


I scream at my TV during football games


Really enjoyed this episode. Well done! Now if we could protect their brains better...

J. Donaldson

Would love to see the amount of work that goes in to scanning Boise State's field.

Tyler Knutson

Get the ball 10 yards to pass that line. Done


Hmm, seems pretty expensive to measure every new field and report exact camera angles. With todays home computers, you can make a live frequency analysis that can determine where the white lines are. If you have some measure of where the starting point for the attacking team is, and if the white lines are 10 yards apart and at least two are in the pixture, you can use this frequency to draw a parallel line on the field ten yards from the starting point live, without any additional external measurement needed. The fact that this is a camera feed would make the algorithm even more robust as you have earlier images to compare to. The occlusion of the line by players is solved in real-time already, as the video stated, so that also is no problem.
Should be possible for the NFL to set up a decent computer somewhere to perform these calculations and forget about all that measuring and camera angle and position measurements.
I am not an American though, so maybe I misunderstood something about that line.

lucy nsugaree

I've always low key wondered this. I don't feel so weird now lol

Mikayla Eckel Cifrese

Wouldn't it be a lot simpler to just draw the line on the field? Why go to so much trouble to have a virtual yellow line? (I don't watch sports so I really don't know if this somehow adds a lot to the game.)


I like Olivia.

Ian h

Ah, football. How do dey get dem lines dere. Answering the questions people need to know. Youre doing god's work, sci-show

Justin Lye

Welp, that yellow line is way more awesome than I every would have guessed.

Lil Tate

Well ive seen the yellow line show over players before, but ig that is just a glitch or something

Brian Jones

Olivia are you a trans


I just thought they used the green field as a giant green screen. Maybe that's what she is saying I just don't know computer graphics.


I honestly thought it was just old-school croma-key technology and the field served as a green-screen - thanks for the knowledge upgrade!

Dick Jones

All this technology still cant remove that dot from her nose tough


This is definitely NOT the person to be describing football. She would be more suited for a video on yoga or weed.

Isaac Stevens

So is it a laser?


nose rings are so gross tbhh


Who would not want to snuggle up with Olivia under a blanket and watch a football game?


i really want to watch this but that voice makes it not possible.

Jo Wick

It's 29.97 frames a second.

JJ Smith

Vox did it better with the bonus of Joss Fong presenting.



Why is this trending?


It's not yellow. It's gold.


that moment when they try to explain amarican football in an easy way, but it still makes no sense :P


I just thought the grass acted as a giant green screen ?‍♂️

Yabba Dabba

Short version: computers do it. Everything else about the game is so simple an idiot could understand it. I guess that's why so many idiots watch it.


I wonder how much money the inventor made from the NFL



Michael Grinshtat

Whats in her nose ??

Syazanie Amirin

Is she Indian?

Kieran Luksic

This is why there was no first down line during the bills colts game

Jim Burns

?? Got a nervous twitch??!!!##%}


How annoying is it to deal with boise state's field?

Michael Smith

NASCAR is technically America's most popular sport.


Cut off that girl's hands and she couldn't talk.

O Will

Its actually the end of football season.

Crispy Bacon

1:29 Wait, what idiot actually thinks that line exists in the real world?

James Kroll

Those glasses really augment her homeliness.


Why is she here?


A Meerkat football?


Why is it in every video she moves like she is having a seizure? Rather distracting


Real football only has three downs.


Hold. Still.


What is up with curly hair?

Dead Below Zer0

Um football season is almost over... so

Irvine Spiegel

I've wondered this for years, but didn't want my computer to think it was stolen because I did a search for football.


1:18 best description about american football (a mild fan of both sports)

ElBardete de google

Football's fire

Danyelle DeSean

What's the matter with her voice?

You don't see an old man havin' a Twix

You people seriously didn't know how the yellow line worked?

Whole Lotta Troll Ish Bihh

Just ask the ref who brought the index card to the dallas vs raider game

Fernando Torre-Mora

That's just ridiculous. You need a new setting for EVERY game? What's next? New balls and uniforms for every... oh

John Patterson

Will you marry me?


I think I watched this from VOX before... Or it's just me.


I’ve seen pidgins with less head movement.

Raymond K Petry

...as Science goes, the Scoring of Football is very unscientific, but technological: Referees know the technology of scoring but when they come to an unusual situation their responses approximate 'the odor of' uncollected garbage (there are worse)—for example the receiver catches the football just as [he] crosses the Endline inside the Corner Pylons but does-not-touch the Endzone, instead landing foot outside the Sideline, obviously-not-a-"touch, down", but the Referees-call-them-that, call, " Touchdown"—like, what, language, are they speaking—it's a 'Manned Field Goal' (4 pts)...

Michael F

football season is almost over actually...football season starts in August for all you nerds out there.

Match.com yellow line under picture

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Crazy Science Experiments to Try! #StayAtHome ? | Science for Kids | Operation Ouch

7 401 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Subscribe for more:

Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/iDvxKs

You can try ANY of these awesome biology experiments at home with Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand!

(Please ask an adult before you start making a mess in the kitchen though!)

Operation Ouch is a science show for kids that is full of experiments and biological learnings. In this educational TV show, twin brothers Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand do science experiments for kids, to explain us how the human body with all its different parts and systems works, and how medicine and medical procedures can help. It's Biology for kids in a fun format!

You can buy the book here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00CIVLZYY/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 and download the series here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/tv-season/operation-ouch-season-3/id1164855856

#OperationOuch #ScienceForKids #HomeSchooling