Men's natural skin care

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DIY Men's Skin Care

17 725 views | 10 Sep. 2015

You guys have been asking

You guys have been asking for healthy skin tips for men, so I'm sharing three easy recipes for shaving! With amazing ingredients and essential oils, these DIYs are sure to leave your man's face feeling refreshed and healthy!

Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera Aftershave Splash

3 tbsp witch hazel // https://goo.gl/kHX467

3 tsp aloe vera gel // https://goo.gl/amRfUK

2 tsp vegetable glycerin // https://goo.gl/j27c5a

5 drops tea tree essential oil // https://goo.gl/VQuEqF

3 drops grapefruit essential // https://goo.gl/fihFkq

2 drop bergamot essential oil // https://goo.gl/LYC49X

Ingredients for Olive Shaving Oil

4 tsp olive oil // https://goo.gl/5GjCB2

2 tsp jojoba oil // https://goo.gl/7F1PZk

5 drops frankincense essential oil // https://goo.gl/m8Nusf

3 drops lavender essential oil // https://goo.gl/7jrg4b

Ingredients for Coconut Shaving Balm

2 tbsp coconut oil // https://goo.gl/DyW1Xp

1 tbsp sweet almond oil // https://goo.gl/HTGSu4

2 tsp shea nut butter // https://goo.gl/jPPZun

1 tsp beeswax // https://goo.gl/MX8XbL

4 drops sandalwood essential oil // https://goo.gl/Rts51U

4 drops neroli essential oil // https://goo.gl/wGbc3E

2 drops chamomile essential oil // https://goo.gl/5Wn3Gk

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Neha Singh

Hi Ma'am,

Excellent tips, i like your show and your channel, iam Nisha from India i want to buy Chinese rose essential oil from Mountain rose herbs products and it is not available in india, i deeply request you to please suggest me other than mountain rose herbs which brand i can purchase easily in india or else kindly help me buying chinese rose essential oil (rosa rugosa) from MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS as they are organic manufacturer of these herbs (I'm in love with mountainroseherbs)

Ray Ray Fuzzeh

Omg sounds like an awesome gift to make for my dad

Gnome Beard

$1 a piece? Where can you get essential oils for $1? Especially sandalwood.

Itty Bitty Busy Mama

I see why it’s a dollar ,, it’s not all natural and none of those Es oils are a dollar bummer ? good stuff tho I made it

Tania Banek

Hi Sophie, what’s the shelf life on this shaving balm?

Men's natural skin care

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Men's Natural Skincare Routine

11 497 views | 11 Mar. 2016

Here's the routine I've

Here's the routine I've been doing the past couple of weeks to improve my skin!

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Contact me: [email protected]

North philly 215

Clean from the inside out


My 2cents: I really appreciate his attention to the more hygienic aspects of a facial skin care routine (washing hands first & routinely washing linens). He appears to have very even skin tone, and this video could not be smoother. He's a talented editor. As far as skin care: everything is a chemical so making chemicals seem bad by calling other products "natural" is a marketing gimmick. He didn't pull a coconut out of a tree and crack it open and start rubbing it on his face. He bought it in a jar which means it probably went through some kind of refinement to make sure it did not have bacteria or other unwanted elements inside. Chemicals are good. But not every chemical is good for everyone. I would upgrade his routine with the following: 1. wash with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid 2. use a well formulated toner (not the wipes) 3. use a chemical exfoliant (BHA in liquid, lotion or gel form) 4. protect the skin with a well formulated broad spectrum sun block SPF 30 or greater 5. protect the lips with lip balm SPF 50 (options for this adapted skin care routine can be found here: beautypedia.com)

Bryant Montgomery

Exfoliating brush

Mic Derin

How highly would you recommend the African black soap cleanser?

jalloh saikou

bitte bro can you write me down all this stuff please

Blair Harris

you seem to have very similar skin to me, I've been looking for a good night moisturiser.... any ideas ?


Jazzy Jose

you should probably stop using the coconut oil its probably contributing to any pimples you have left its know for clogging pores search it up

Macky Suson

Thank you for sharing! I am really inspired to have watched this! Can't wait for the next video! Keep it up!