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?Hydrating Serums for Winter Skincare • Propolis Skincare Comparison Review

145 691 views | 25 Nov. 2017


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Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence

(the NEW version comes with "white label" instead of black)

Yesstyle: http://bit.ly/2AekHlv

Amazon : http://bit.ly/2AwtJv9

eBay : http://bit.ly/2AuCqGp

eBay : http://bit.ly/2Aw6Uro

COSRX Propolis Light Ampule

Amazon : http://fave.co/2xhRS3t

StyleKorean : http://bit.ly/2z3Tq5H

LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule

GlowRecipe : http://bit.ly/2AuCBS5

eBay : http://bit.ly/2A5G0Gl

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Causes of Acne

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Why Your Acne Routine Never Works

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Skin barrier : What it is and how to protect it

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How to start a skincare routine

➥ https://youtu.be/tkjWvigs9q8

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Maybe you can do a video about your favorite serums?

D Yo

my skin is worshipping you liah. im now obsessed with korean skin care. i incorporated propolis and hyaluronic acid in my skin care and it was a game changer! thank you so much!


I have very dry skin and Propolis did magic to my skin. So good

Synnøve S

Your channel have seriously become one of my favorite after school activities. You seem so lovely - keep up the good work!

Avon Fool

You should have a skin care store.

ghizlane derkaoui

U r so beautiful
Ur skin is a goal!!! May i ask how old are you?

Meemy Ali

Hi Laih. May I ask U about PMD Personal Microderm is it good Device or not. coz I read about it what makes me Interesting. thanx

Daniel Choi

Pretty funny she's promoting bees product which has higher probability of the allergic reactions than essential oils which doesn't make sense to me as she's been so negative about essential oils in general from many of her videos (and even in this video, she's so happily claiming it's essential oil free product as if it's harmful ingredients). I think it's quite bias and she doesn't seem to know much about essential oils yet sharing many people with false beliefs.

Sirirat P.

Hello Liah
I want to know about royal honey propolis enrich 'cream'. How it different with this enrich essence?

l’appel du vide

Damn the adiouo cuts out at the product I wanted to know about ;/

Sachiko Ponpon

Can you have a minimal skincare routine for winter

Madalena Martins

You should try this new skincare brand I found called Lovely Day. I heard its really good for the skin barrier


This is wonderful! It changed my skin! Keep up the good science! You’re the only one I listen to now...


Are these safe for pregnancy at 7 weeks ?

The Nomad

So glad you mentioned the Skinfood Royal Honey line - so underrated! There are definitely a mix of good and mediocre products at Skinfood, but honestly I think there are some overlooked products at Skinfood that are such good value for money.


남자라 그런지.. 예뻐서 자꾸 보게 되네요,, 첨 본 영상에서 팩 사느라 대출 받았다는거 보고 이상한 유튜버인줄 알았는데 상황극이었단걸 늦게 깨달음,, 수고링~ㅋㅋ

Ivy Christine Rebultan

Can you make a video about skin care products for 20's please ?

Samantha Chong

" i dont konw where that black bee lives" this made me laugh. love how informative your videos are!


Liah, what do you think is the difference between the skinfood royal honey propolis enrich essence and the original essence? I looked at the ingredients list and they look exactly the same ? help please!!! Would greatly appreciate if you answered, thanks so much!!! ?


I can’t find the skin food Propolis anywhere and the websites I do find them on have heightened the price ??

Rezky Yostisa

Hi! Lately i think that my skin barrier is getting worse (bumps everywhere and looks dull), so i use grapeseed oil only as my moisturizer and cetaphil as my cleanser. Is it good enough to repair my skin barrier? Or should i add extra moisturizer (or anything) to my daily skincare? Because i cant see any improvement to my skin :(

Lee Tani

I love yr reviews and bought a couple of items coz you raved about them and it worked well for me! Thank you for sharing!

Kiera Hohne

Ok, I know Liah that you say using Propolis, honey and etc won’t be used in your brand, and I totally respect that. However, in a Lush product, called “American Cream”, they use lanolin in that product, and lanolin comes from sheep, but they still claim their product is Vegan friendly. Some food for thought??????


Do your other products such as moisturizer, sunscreen or make up layer well on top of the propolis serums (both Skin food and Cosrx)? I’ve been looking for a propolis that is hydrating but that also allows other products to be layered on nicely without it rolling up or feeling too gritty


FYI Bonajour has a Propolis serum with 81.5% propolis extract. I do like it. But since it's my first propolis serum I don't know how it compares to the ones you liked ?

Olive Patricia

I've been eyeing for propolis in such a long time and want to try the LJH but so pricey because come in 15ml bottle now because of your recommendation i really want to try the Skinfood!! Never thought they can make a great product xP

Audrey yerduA

Could you make a video for redness (I have seborrheic dermatitis). Thank u, love all of your videos <3


시드물 민중기 프로폴리스 앰플 사용해보신분 ㅠㅅㅜ 저 모낭염이랑 여드름이 갑자기 났는데 피지도 좀 있어욤 진정효과 괜찮은가요


저도 이거 쓰는데 정말 너무너무 좋아요!!!!!! 피부결이 좋아지고 넘 좋아요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 정착템...

Ida Yuyunku

What do you think about the iunik's propolis synergy serum?


can you do an ingredient spotlight specifically for Niacinamide? <3 <3 <3 also i find that dr jart ceramidin cream and tiger grass creams are great so far in the NYC winter for me :D


Hi Liah, there's another great product from The Skinfood. It's the coffee scrub for the body. It does the job so well imo. Although I tend to make the diy version due to its high price in my country. However, if I live in Korea I would definitely just use that. Give it a try if you haven't;)

quỳnh nguyệt

Hi Liah. Thank to you, I'm now much more serious about my skincare routine. However, there aren't many products that you recommend are available in Vietnam . By any chance, I hope you can try Tosowoong propolis ampoule and let me know your thoughts. Waiting for your videos everyday ! I'm always fighting with acnes. But ever since I've watched your videos, I find that the struggle has been easier. Hope to see you someday in Vietnam !

stephanie sprinkle

Will you be putting a product in your skincare line with propolis since your such a fan of the ingredient?? If so that would be awesome

Kirti Khosla

i love you liah

Mei B

i LOVE the skinfood propolis. Glad to know you agree!

Kiera Hohne

Is honey and propolis good for Rosacea?


In what order would this be applied to your face? Before or after moisturizer?

Olivia Villanueva

Is this a essence ? Becuz i currently use the secret key so im wondering if this is also something to replace my secret key essence

Ilenia Bonato

Hi Liah ? what do you think about the Iunik propolis serum? I want to try it but there’s no much reviews about it...


Thank you for posting. I really appreciate your attention to science.

Gustavo Hoe

Can you do a review on the GVP skin care products. They are a company that make dupes of ‘high end’ products from hair to skin care and I’m really interested in their dark spot corrector that compares to cliniques $144 version while this one is only $14 but I’m not as educated as you with all the ingredients and science aspect.

tatum belanger

I'm sorry what does "OG" mean?

tine__ almxx

Very cute earrings! ??❤️


liah i noticed for winter my skin texture is not as smooth and silky as it was in the summer i was just wondering what that might mean? does rougher skin need more hydration or exfoliation maybe? what works for you when your skin gets like this because i think mine similar to how yours reacts to certain products

Snow F

'Ampoule' is my new favorite word, it sounds so futuristic and potent lol

dinda artya

Hi.. so this is cannot be use for me if i have fungal acne? Because from your video fungal acne cannot use skin care which are fermented???


Have you look into Valmont Essense of Bees. It's a bit pricy but because it is highend luxury skincare line. It has all these ingredients you mentioned. Honey Propolis and Royal Jelly. The eye lifting serum is AMAZING. it really does it job to make my sagging eye lid go away and they have beehives from bee keeper in Switerland supply only to Valmont. Please look into it and i would love to have your feedback of what you think. Thanks! Valmont has products with seabuckthron and machata rose etc all those very nourishing ingredients. Im new to your channel and love it. some of your video is quite long (12mins is usually consider long for me haha) but i watch it all from the beginning to the end and repeated because it is so informative! thank you for your sharing and best wishes for your business Krave Beauty <3

Apurva Sharma

Does it work well for sensitive oily skin as well” skin food propolis”??

yume bherdae

pls do product review for skincare products with snail mucin..is it really worth it?

Josie Lau

I want to choose between cosrx centella blemish ampoules and cosrx propolis light ampoules I have acne sensitive skin which one should I choose?


Liah, have you heard of the elujai propolis myrrh ample? What are your thoughts on that product?


Initially i was about the get the Skinfood propolis essence but found out that it has fermented ingredients inside, worried it might worsen my face because i have fungal acne, so kinda skeptical about using this product. Saw some research where Propolis suppose to help in inhibiting the fungal acne. Or am i totally wrong about this essence? actually there is nothing to worry about? :''(


Can people who are allergic to honey use honey/propolis/royal jelly products? Because there are products i can eat (milk, cream) without any problems that my skin is allergic to, so I wonder if the same will be true for vice versa.

Syd W

Where in your routine are you using the ski food essence? If you’re using actives, does this come before or after?

Sue Shaleh

I've tried the LJH one and while I do love it, I think it's really overpriced for the amount you get. I ordered the Skinfood one from Korea (it's very difficult to find it in stores here in Singapore for some reason) but I'll wait till I finish up my It's Skin Propolis essence (misleading name btw - feels more like a serum to me) first before opening it. I'm loving the It's Skin essence. It's so hydrating and also contains honey, just like the one from Skinfood. In fact, I don't see water in the ingredients list at all! Honey and Propolis make up the first two ingredients which makes me so happy cause I know I'm getting a high concentration of these two ingredients.

Always Be Kind

Hi! I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of the HiMirror! I would love to hear your thoughts about that!

Kiera Hohne

I bought the Skinfood Propolis essence and it has worked wonders for my Rosacea. My Rosacea is not so sore, pussy or really red. The medicinal properties are really rewarding my skin. Yay for ? bees!!

Angela Chang

What’s the different between the black skin food propolis essence vs. the white label popolis essence?

Julia Dawson

Hi Liah! I know you’ve discussed this before, but maybe you can talk about “skincare ingredients you shouldn’t layer together and why” in more depth – with ingredients like Vitamin A and C, A/BHAs, and Niacinamide. Are there any oils (such as rosehip) that I can’t layer too?

You said one active at a time, but what if the skincare products I use each have those ingredients? Thank you!

Maria Lamus

Hello Liah, i don't understand why if the propolis is very dark or green the ampoules you show us are clear? Something is wrong there! Can you please use Amazon Honey cosmetics, www.amazonhoney.com. This are really natural, with real propolis and Honey from Amazon basins

Carolina Parra

Liah, you really are my savior. My skin's been so dry and patchy and I was looking for ingredients like propolis, I was just looking for the COSRX ampoule and the one from Skinfood, and found your video hahaha I follow you since last year and love your videos! <3

Hope Wimer

Would you apply the Skinfood Essence after serums and before moisturizer?

Cynthia Tan

Do a review on Natural pacific fresh herb origin serum pleaseeee! Love your video always btw


Liah Hiii can you do a video about Vprove products pls? Thxxxx


Has this been discontinued? On the Skinfood.us website it only shows the old version and says it of stock.

Deepa DAS M

Has anybody here got acne again from sunjoong 2x barrier cream???

Liah Yoo

?I'M OBSESSED WITH PROPOLIS!!! So I had to share my favorites with you! What's your favorite skincare products for winter? Instagram @aboutliahyoo

lolita testu

What about Manuka honey as a mask?


I am sold) After your presentation I need to go out there and get a Skinfood Propolis Serum)


hii i wanna ask if that serum is good for a 18 years old girl?? xoxo :*

Little Miss

When Liah AND Gothamista recommend skinfood propolis!!!????

Victoria Lee

I once used a honey face soap bar...didn't have any good things from in(my skin is the same, I still have pimples/acne as usual. literally did nothing) and I just concluded that honey does not work for me.
if so, would propolis be the same thing? Im kind of jz avoiding anything bee-related


언니!!! 차앤박꺼는 써보셨나요?? ?

natasa 00

Did you use Paulas choice, I'm interested in what you think about brand and ingredients


I am in my thirties (too old most likely to be watching you) but I'm really into K-BEAUTY and enjoy your tips and reviews. It helps that you did a few videos with Gothamista ?


We don't have the Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence here in Malaysia, only the Royal Honey Propolis Essence(the lighter bottle). I've tried the 20ml sample of the Enrich one and I looove it! Can anyone tell me what's the difference between those two?

Yolanda Wang

Hi Liah, it is Yolanda from MSF company, who is raw factory for raw propolis, refined propolis, propolis liquid/powder and finished products since 1958. We supply propolis with high quality and good products, and have cooperation with cosmetic manufacturer in South korea, please call me to get more information( 008615617858602) Yolanda

Ghina Hijanah

hi guys.
i really need help. i'm fifteen and have a slight obsession with skincare. i used to get really bad pimples but thankfully they have calmed down. i'd like to ask a few questions:
1. what's the best nonclogging moisturizer for a humid country where i sweat a looot?
2. a good nonclogging sunscreen but still has a tint to it?
2.5 is dr g brightening up sunscreen okay for a teen to use?
3. is skinfood's yuja water safe for a teen like me to use (cause i bought it out of "wow this sounds amazing" and cant tell if its ok or not)
4. is my routine too intensive for teen skin? maintain or cut out stuff?
am: wash with water, sometimes splash on the green tea blithe splash mask, sometimes wear moisturiser+oil, sometimes suncreen (mornings are busy)
pm. double cleanse, toner alternate between drg and sulwahshoo first care serum, essence, sheet mask or clay mask, sleeping mask.
i need help :')


I was thinking that I want to try the skinfood propolis essence then you said the propolid comes from bees in Southern France, and it's where I live so I think it's very funny, I'm imagining the path the product had to take and I don't know, it made me laugh


Hello i found a skin care that is maybe good for my age (18 after 3 months) and my skin.. DHC cleansing oil.. i heard it's good for blackhead too,klair toner,muji - Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk (High Moisture),kose - Sekkisei Emulsion ,and for cream : embryolisse lait creme concentre.... (sometimes [COSRX] One Step Original Clear Pad).. and for eyes:innisfree eye cream
i don't know anyone who knows about skin care
so..can you tell me if that's good or not? thank youuuu so mush :)
i have dry skin with some fine lines under my eyes when i laugh..

Jonathan Quek

Copper peptides!


Are there any serums you would recommend for the Summer or all-year long?

Coco Gali

Q: Are all of your links from trusted sellers? Thanx for making such rad videos! <3

Amirah Mirza

Because of this video, I prepare to use this n share my review

Hanna Kang

Can you please do a video for eye creams? Especially ones that help with dark circles and/or fine lines? I've been on a hunt for eye creams and bought over 5 eye creams and none of them work ;; I trust your recommendations because you've helped me with my skin a lot!! Thank you and awesome video!!

she is yeon

요즘 건강한 정신을 갖고 있지 못한 사람들이 참 많은데 리아유님을 보면 말 한마디한마디에, 글 한글자한글자에 건강하고 배려심 많고 노력하는 사람이라는게 선하게 보여요! 저도 더 노력하는 사람이 되고싶게 만드세요 좋은 영향과 자극 받고 갑니다 늘 응원해요 :)

emily fanon

What do you think about Cosrx Bha rerurning A-Sol? It contains 60% black bee propolis. Have you tried it?


Please try aloe vera gel in tubs like those from nature republic, luxxe organic.


girl, I have the same reaction when I use rose water and witch hazel as well. I'm glad I'm not the only one


결국... 샀습니다.... 이 채널 지름신 아주.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ끝내주네여

Rice ball

Hi can I use propolis at the morning before getting out or it's only meant to be used at night?

luli lopez

i saw ALL your videos!! im obssesed with you !! i use fisical exfoliator, but in so many of your videos, you recomend all the time QUIMICAL EXFOLIATORS. If you have to choose one, for dehydrated oily acne prone skin, wich would be? please ! im so confuse, you recommend so many jajjajan. AHA? BHA? im starting to use oil cleansing method, and the i use my vitamin C serum and then aloe vera gel like moustrizer ! love you ! you are the best!!!

Maria Fernanda Franco

Hi! Can you tell us how to use the propolis serum in the skincare routine? Does it replace the moisturizer or work with? Do you apply this on morning or night routine? How long should it be used? Thank youuu, once again love your video! :) greetings from Ecuador ?? ❤️

Effy Ng

Liah, thank you so much for your recommendation! Luckily I saw this video on the last day of my Seoul trip and managed to get the skinfood propolis, and I have to say it really works!! It really improves my skin texture (usually quite bumpy) and my skin feels soft and becomes less prone to breakouts. I highly recommend trying this out if you have similar skin problems ;)

psychicoutlaw Chanel

Hey lovely Liah, this was great, thank you!! Will you please help spread the word that NYX Liquid Suede lipsticks are at least some of the new ones labelled with the word FLAMMABLE on the side? This is crazy!! And there is some other lipstick out there as well that says that how to these things get past our health agencies? I love fermented ingredients, even in food, we cant digest fruits & veggies very well unless they are fermented. Great info!!

Fun People

I’m someone who travels a lot. As a result my skin became very dehydrated due to the dry airplane cabin. Could you do video about this.. Thanks!


this is the best propolis product i found on ebay

Juliann of Pasadena

I love your videos. I am subscriber and I routinely buy your products. But ...your background music gives me strange memories of standing in line in the hot sun to get on a Ferris wheel. ?

Honest Review

I recently used skin food royal honey essence and love it I'm amazed to see it vanished my white heads and make my skin hydrate.
I want to asked is there any other product which you using recently and liking more than skinfood one ?