Older girl

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Older Girl

40 541 views | 16 Jul. 2016

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Older Girl · 1986オメガトライブ / ナインティーンエイティシックスオメガトライブ · 藤田浩一 · 高島信二 · 船山基紀



Released on: 1990-02-21

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mr sir

wtf, I thought this song was wayy more popular than I think

Christoofolis 313

I like this song man, I stride to it with my headphones. I think I’m cool idk but this song makes me not wanna care because it makes me feel like I’m in the moment, if that makes sense.


This song feels like the future and the past combined ???‍♀️?????‍♂️?? 1980$ future!

Kaila Gee

this is one of the most truly magical songs i have ever heard


I wish I knew the lyrics




How does this only have 1 other comment?!!

This song is amazing and even better at 2 AM


tasogare no machikado kun ni daiaru suru
henji wa tēpu no koe munashiku modokashī
yū atari wakareru toki kimi wa sasayaitane
kyō no tsuzuki o ashita ni ikashite to
toshiue no hitodakedo setsunai hitomi de boku o miru
kotoba o erabu tabi hanikande suneteru
I don ' t know why kun no kimochi
dare yori tsukameta hazu to
kaeri no Frē way dake wa
ryūsei o tobasu nosa

ichi nin de irarenai boku wa kimi o sagasu
itsuka oshietekureta himitsu no 19 century bar
mise no oku no sumi de doa ni senaka o muke
Glass mitsumete nurashita sono hitomi
toshiue no hitodakedo 危 iai kanjiruyo
Style of my love asa made ni
mitsukedasu kiseki o
Swēt in yōr heart konya koso wa
dakishime hanashi wa shinai
tamerau kimi no tame machi akari keshiteyuku

toshiue no hitodakedo setsunai hitomi de boku o miru
kotoba o erabu tabi hanikande suneteru
Swēt in yōr heart konya koso wa
dakishime hanashi wa shinai
tamerau kimi no tame machi akari keshiteyuku



Lucero Ojeda

porque nadie la conoce asi que cagaron
Pd: chifuyu y baji los amo uwu
Miercoles 26 de agosto pandemia uwu


One of my favorite songs, the best I discovered this year. In love...

Ellis Asson


Sig S.

Night tempo got my ass over here


This song makes me feel emotions that don’t exist ??

Adam Harits

One of My personal favorite songs alongside "Super Chance".

Older girl

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Pokey- Older Woman

10 212 163 views | 9 Sep. 2013

2013 Ross Music Group.

2013 Ross Music Group. From the cd Josephine Son Pokey

Kennedy Davis

Been There Did That Dfk

Monquise Reynolds

This my song I yous go with a older woman but I lost her being dum lef her for a young woman ?

tellno lies

wash your back & clothes and clip your nasty toes ? ewww baby bye!!


I know I rock his world!!! These young girl ain't ready!!!!!!

Monte Carlo

Somebody rock the cradle ... Wish I had me am older woman.

Jarrin Mcclain

You ain't got something until a woman treat you good when you ain't got nothing

Carolyn Lambert

This is that old soul music!! Love it!!

Lawton Davis

I rather be older woman sweetheart than be younger girl fool.

Vanessa Wesley

That's GROWN FOLKS music right there. Mr. Pokey.

Runna Moquls



BobJazz be aUpiil

shameka murry

If you here in 2020 you a god

esther santiago

I respect a man who respect me. I'm in love with a older man, attractive, how handsome he is and say who he is.

Marcus Reeves


Virene Brown


Pandora Bonsu

I was sleep on this song...love it...I'm woke now...

Janell Walton

Awesome some

Consuella Boss

His 60 I'm 44 three kid's been together 23 years


I'm 42 and he's 37 ? and I Love my Little Daddy? and he Loves he's Big Mommy❣

Marcia Stroud

Yes older his better. Know how to treat you.

Ann Ricks

Honey you did your thing last night in Halifax County NC had a ball .Keep the music coming Gates County up close and personal with POKEY BEAR.......

Rena Mason

Big pokey bp

Joseph Johnson Jr

I'm in love with an older woman I'm 50 she's 61 now it's going down like that love her so much

Pam Spradlin

Love you lindrasue

Cristy Grant

Love this song!!!!❤

Lawton Davis

Older woman is always better....to be their sweetheart than be younger girls fool. Forget the fruit go for the root.

David Swanso

You are so right old woman are the right if you want a peace of mind

Jonathan Desselle

I'm in love with an older woman...gonna marry her soon..
She takes care of the kids like they her own and she gets along with the kids mom...no drama like a younger woman would be giving bc of a man's baby momma..and DAMN she can COOK and take care of BUSINESS BUSINESS ?????

Imiracle Anderson

Is okay for a 18 year old ?? to fall in ❤️ with a 53 year old??‍♀️?

Ophelia Wimberly

Alright Pokey it can happen, sounds good

Freddy Franco

Nice song...

Annie Winds Conner

like this song

Mike Lewis

I’m in luv with an older woman I guess that’s alright to lol

Darwin Graham

How many people know this dude listen to a lot of Marvin Cease, Clarence Carter and Tyrone Davis

Shayia Robinson

I remember listening to songs like this riding with my uncle and cousins to the store piled in a Monte Carlo jamming. Or sometimes all on the top bunk of his 18-wheeler tryna dance and hold on for dear life at the same time ????

Youlanda Smith

They say them older guys treat you better then the youngest 1 but from the comments I'm seeing the youngest 1 is good to you just gotta know which 1 for you...?

Angela Porter

They just turn the little Mississippi ☝ keep doing what y'all do

Christopher Williams

Louisiana's FINNIEST

Monquise Reynolds

Love this song bring back memories



Betty Anderson

Yes I loving this song

stokide inspiration

clare siobhan

sherry jackson

I went to Pokey concert in Cleveland and he thrown down ..I love you Pokey

Joseph Johnson Jr

I'm 50 and she's 61 love it wouldn't change it for anything love me some her

Angela Head

T_ Pain


My wife is 50 and I'm 38

Music Deron Jones Music

Yes Sir Big Time...... From Blues Star Music Deron Jones

Tammy Orr

Some men dont get it..Some men just dont get it at all When its in his face

Ryan Johnson

Tc publiccc

Katrina Hewitt

I'm in love with a younger man OMG

Monique Armstrong

Yes I need to find my tea cake( im 46).. So hell be like 26.... Come Here sugabear??????????I can definitely help him grow.. Just gave some Ambition,.. Get a job & we can BUILD ❤

Dee Wood

Fell in love with this song this 1st time I heard it! ♥️. He is 44 and I am 57. It's electric Its an energy!

Diane Thurston

I told my sons to get a older women that they could teach them some thing about life

Charity Taylor

My hubby is 15 yrs older than me and love it he is 58 im 43

Conswilla Smith

Fine myself falling in love with an OLDER MAN. I've been the OLDER WOMAN SMH.Think Im going to enjoy this OLDER MAN spoil spoil spoil is what he got me. His's 56 Im 45

Melvin Scott

New York and I have a few questions regarding the gym and we can go from there to the house and

Joevone Newsome


Deonna Mcleod

I fall asleep with it

Cofield Baker

Best of the best

J Roc

Can somebody put swing out on YouTube please. The one off this album

mimi free

My boo came through and said play this..... He don't know... My hard ass love him more 2020mr d.s.???

Debra Jamison

Ayeeee., Ayeeee, Ayeeee..I'm in loveee with an older woman. Heyyy. Gone Pokey

Tamica Armstrong

You got to be in love

Dozzy T

I've always liked older women

NeekNeek Kevy’s Mom

Tyrone Davis sure wasn’t me Beat ❤️❤️

Betty Moore

I like older men

James Day

Too shorts

ras Leak

Any older women out there lookin im head over heels about yall

Maggie Craig

Know what you deal wtta

Milk Man

Heard R.Kelly doing a remix.

Janet Boggs

Band is off the chain.

Ben Williams

Vick Allen

Dianna Rambo


Elliott Fulwiley

I like this song but I don't believe that shyt... The ones I've ran into pfffft... So I call bull shyt

Pippi Mccray

Yeah baby

Betty Moore

Love all three songs pokey left home to be with his side piece and while he was out making love who was making love to his old lady her BOO now pokey bear done fell in love with an older woman I'm here to tell you about us older women you ain't nothing to the older woman treat you GOOD WHEN YOU AINT GOT NOTHING AAAAAY

Angenette Partee

My husband is 40 and I am 50 ?????????

Kelvin Mccray


Tarsha Shaw


Tanyia Roscoe

Love it!

Derix Truett

Am i love with woman and she knows who she is M . C she my sweet thang

Joann Hunter-Kemp

Love me some "down home" blues.


I'm 11 years older than my husband and we have been married almost 18 years now. He still makes me feel loved, desired and appreciated. Yes, I was called his mom once but never when I do myself up, lol



Mckinney Brown

I'm in love with a older woman and you can't go wrong



Garrick Beck

I agree with the lady Gloria comment. I personally had that experience myself

Tenetra Hughes

I'm in love with a older man. Hey, now!

Jeremiah Matthews

Wow this is the truth man I'm in my feelings

Boss Savage

Every cookout?

Ronnie Ford

This me Mississippi all d way yes I'm ??????


I met an older woman once. I as 25 and she was 40, let's just say I ain't been right since. Smh! Ya'll young cats out there be careful??? js. They tend to have certain hidden skills and a lot of pent-up energy.

Kevin Jones

I'm 44 I've been dating one who's 58 from Dominica. Man this lady so Damn fine. Everything is good. From the nuky to the rice and beans.l!! Look like she can be related no... Nikki Minaj and Chaka Khan. SMDH

King J12

Well i have been with someone 4 years younger than me and we had been together for 12 long years all of the lies and cheating i am looking for a older .man

Latreace Renae walker

I love all big pokey

Sharrum Headen

My Honey is 67 and I am 53 Well Preserve !

Kyle Walker

Love it very true

Janet Boggs

Whose doing the music on this song?

Rhonda Mann

Loving it

Older girl

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Howard Johnson - Older Girl 1985

7 928 views | 6 Dec. 2016

Extrait Du Lp "The

Extrait Du Lp "The Vision"

Mail Box

It's crazy how they don't talk about this guy singing in THE FIVE HEART BEATS. Thank GOD we have access to Internet now.


80s had the FUNKIEST jams...


Take me baaaaaaack!!


DAYUM!!!! I forgot about this joint!!!!

Mike Kemi

C’est dommage qu’il a pas fait d’autres albums dans les 80’s ou du new jack swing oooorh ça aurait été trop biiiien

Abdel Hoggui

Monstrueux !!!!!



Francis Frederick

Rewind back to 1985 Howard Johnson Older Girl

Frédéric Scamps

J' aime bien ce FUNK de 1985 je le trouve NET et POSITIF en avance, précurseur... Howard Johnson

Don Champion

Une vraie perle!!


Zero dislikes. I love it.

Vijay Chandegra

So so good

Francis Frederick

To the silly people 33yrs on Howard Johnson Older Girl like Robbie Vincent said back in the
day if it moves funk it.


easily one of the greatest songs ever produced by music gods jimmy jam and tery lewis...long live minneapolis!