Is that your hair

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Is that Your REAL HAIR?? Unbelievable Natural Looking Wig? My NEW SIGNATURE WIG IS NOW AVAILABLE?

109 773 views | 9 Apr. 2020


Ya'll, My #NEW SIGNATURE #WIG is now available for purchase??It looks EXTREMELY #NATURAL and it will have people asking if its your real #NATURALHAIR. Hope that you all enjoy this detailed tutorial on the unit as well as the #hairgrowth tips that I shared.

? The "Glory Crown" Signature Upart Wig by Msnaturallymary

Length 16:


Length 18:


?Limited Time Offer! Enjoy $40 off on this wig in next 48 hours!?


Texture: Coily(3C-4A)

Wig type: Upart wig

Lengths: 16" & 18"

Cap Size: Small


Pre-cut Style - Yes

100% Virgin Human Hair - Yes

Adjustable Elastic Band - Yes

?Natural Hair growth products Mentioned:

- Aloe Vera Plant

-Fenugreek Seeds


-Neem Butter



?Link to protective headband: http://www.hergivenhair.com/hergivenhair-satin-lined-protective-headband-p-48/?y=ytmsnaturallymary

?Products Used on #wig

-Aussie 7 in 1 miracle Conditioner

-Coconut Curling Creme by Cantu

-Curl Defining Glaze by Dark n Lovely

-Felecia Leatherwood Brush

? Link to Africa Necklace:





?Previous Natural Hair Wig Videos:





?Previous #CrochetBraids Videos:









Crochet Braids Curly: How to Make Crochet Braids look Natural Protective Style| Msnaturallymary


How to do a high puff: Crochet Braids Curly ~ CURLED DOING A ROD SET| Msnaturallymary


EASY Way to DIY Install INDIVIDUAL Crochet FAUX Locs using Knotless Method | NO CORNROWS: Nu Locs


Easiest Ways to Install Individual Crochet Faux Locs| No Cornrows!! Free-parting (Very Detailed)


?Let's Stay Connected!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/msnaturallymary_/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mary.taylor.5621


Tumblr: Msnaturallymary



?Camera: Canon G7 x MarkII


?Lighting: Diva Ring Light



➡️For business and partnership opportunities please ? [email protected]

Akelah Glenn

Hello, you don’t know me and no, I am not a scammer. I am an avid watcher of your YouTube videos. I recently saw the video posted about one of your wigs called “the glory crown.” I was curious to see if you would be willing to sell it to me? I am in love with the 16 inch, but the price on hergivenhair is out of my budget. Thank you for your reply. ❤️


Beautiful! Do you have to follow the process you demonstrated every day on the unit?



Tann Smith

congratulations but can we git a deeper corona discount??!!!! :) thx for the $40 off:) pretty! When should we check back for the DIY sprays (aloe vera plant spray and the Fenugreek spray)?


Can't wait to get one.


Mary, you’re looking beautiful and fit!!!!

Jurina Isom

what is the best wig that mimics African American hair?


Sis imma need a tutorial on this make up look. You look amazing!!!

Rokiah Martin

Greetings !
What lip color is this your wearing?

Tamara S

Why you drop this now?!?!? Ugh!!

Kay La Soul

What size do you usually get? I'm new to this wig thing and don't know what size I should get? (I have a big head)

AERendon Rendon

I love this unit !!!!!!


I am not doing all that for a wig lol

Teisher Mcleod

I brought this wig because of this great video. Waste of $400!!!!! Sheds sheds sheds. I been wearing kinky curly hair for years, I’m a pro when it comes to taking care of kinky curly hair. It mats like crazy at the nap of it. I’ve purchased much cheaper kinky curly units in the past that did not shed as much as this wig. Ladies don’t waste your money on this wig. I thought maybe I received a bad wig, so I reached out to the company with my issue, they responded by sending me this same video to watch how to take care of it ?. Chiiillllllleeee, every time I got finished with prepping this wig before wearing, it was sooooo much hair loss. EVERY TIME!!! Like a small bundle. The unit is thick tho. Very disappointed in this wig.


Could I use the black tube of Got2b gel?

No Frauds

Your REAL hair is so beautiful too??

Sandra Conway

This is you girl, absolutely perfect only!!


400 for a wig.... I can not. ? its so cute though. But not that cute ..

tsedal netserab

I wish I live in the same city with you. Hopefully after this pandemic pass, I will come to meet you.

Jay Tron2000xp

I love it ? my I need this is my Life


I dnt know how you do it but you always come thru. Yes girl!


The hair is beautiful...both yours and the wig. If it wasn't a upart I'd definitely purchase it. I have the same texture but mine is too thin to work with leave out but my edges are good. Might you consider this hair for a lace front if it'll work?

Neke Wash

I love you Mary and would love to support however (and as a mother and wife with priorities) I cannot bring myself to spending this much money on a wig. ?

I pray that God continues to bless you and all of your endeavors. ❤️

denise salt

I love the detail and straightforwardness of your videos. As usual, never seen a wig you couldn't pull off. Great content as always. Thank you.


This is beautiful!! Definitely gonna buy this


Hi Mary, I watching this video again and I like to do that because I can see what I missed. You really make this wig look so natural and your hair is beautiful too. God Bless.

Miss Barker Miss Barker

You and your twin sister are sooooo beautiful! My twin sister and I are 3rd grade teachers. We’ve been writing songs for our students about skills since we have been doing distance learning. Please check out our channel! Love and God bless! I’m going to share this with your twin as well!

Ruth Celistine

does somebody know how to return items from them???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz help!!!!!!!


Love this!

Sharon Johns

Why don't you use your influence to encourage those of us that have that kind of money to throw away to spend it on the needy.....


I got my "Glory Crown" Signature U-part Wig by Msnaturallymary in the mail today!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ When they told me it would take 15-20 days because its hand made faints the anticipation was unreal lol I am sooooo excited!! I have been wanting a Her Given Hair unit for awhile now, but l'm glad I waited. I was trying to decide between the clip-ins and the ORIGINAL U-part wig. I knew I would need to do some cutting and shaping on the U-part wig. I Loved the style you created in the twins video. I finally decided on the original U-part wig and here comes the " Glory Crown" already cut and shaped and its msnaturallymary's signature unit!! it was clearly a sign that it was time for me to go ahead and get it. lol


I can't even tell tell you how many times I've watched this video. I'm watching it again right now lol. I'm watching your new videos as well but I'm working on more clumps and less frizz I may have to get a different brush or some gel.

Susan Benmark

This is so beautiful, looks really natural. Love it ??

Ingrid Prendergast

Wow!! So thankful for video tutorials like yours!

Liselle Modeste

How does your hair not smell when you cover it with the wig while its wet? Please help

Naya Sherece

What are you wearing on your lips I love this natural look !


Where can I get buy that felecia leatherwood brush from please?

I Am Loved

Beautiful but $359...NOPE!

Stefanie Smalls

Just got mine , I’m in loveeee with it ?

Marilyn Talks

The unit is good but its too pricy.... well i already have a unit like this that was made for me

Nicole Simpson

Mary and Martha you both are gorgeous. I hope my natural journey is going to be as successful as yours. I am praying. :)

Margana Whyte

What color is your wig?

Yvonne Hunter

i cant wait for the giveaway i'll take this one putting my bid in now!

Yulonda Brown

Ok your buying hair from CHINA... how about Coronavirus? And getting eyelashes that comes in the box
Gurl I would be so afraid of that hair....the price is crazy and lots of folks are not working because of CoVID 19..

Colisa Page



I've never worn a wig. . .well a quick weave many years ago for a few weeks if that counts. I usually protective style with kinky twist extensions. Tried something new & rocking spring twists right now. But seeing your natural hair, all moisturized & coily makes me miss my hair. I'll be coming out of these twists soon! Tfs!

Erica Sims

Just ordered it. Can’t wait to get it. You are gorgeous and beyond. Thank you for your skill and tips.

Lavendar Ladybug Adventures

Beautiful. Question. Is HerGiven Hair black owned? Is the hair natural hair or synthetic? I don't wear wigs but this would match my hair perfectly and I'm also trying to grow my natural hair out after wearing it short for 3 years. I love their wigs just never purchased anything from them.

Sonya D

That's all they do is hype this expensive mess. They don't care they are so far removed from the people that watch them....epic fail!!!!

Sandra Benedict

Love it!


You're beautiful and the wig looks beautiful on you. That said, this is clearly a Chinese owned company taking advantage of African American women. The price is crazy high and it's the same hair all of the other companies sell. Very sad that they use beautiful talented black women to sell their products. I hope one day you will get your own hair line, price it affordably, and use your talents for your own people. I do realize however that it's easier said than done. Bless you, sis!

gg lanora

Amazing. Thank you for this input. I needed it.

jaelle ntanga

Where can I find the aloe vera plant?

exception mason

Between you and Mz Curly proverbz what do you recommend in terms of nutrients that I can ingest and also put on the hair

exception mason

Mary I have no edges will this work for me


Will you be showing it in a middle part, can it be worn in a middle part?

ggh grfs

Thank you for sharing this great video,you are so kind,I love your channel, I buy the wonderful one from newigstyle theree months ago

Dawana Merkerson

I loooove your videos! You're always very detailed with everything.
How do you make your fenugreek spray? Also does your fenugreek spray leave a maple smell to your hair?


Congratulations!!!! Your platform is blowing up and I love it - and you!!!


Seriously! Ms. Mary..Can I have one of these wigs? They’re so expensive but I want one! ?

Delfina Belfor


Esther Sowell


Karla Kreates

I ordered mine and it just arrived! I can't wait to style it this weekend! Thanks Mary <3

Alee G

#hairtexture twin, your natural hair looks so well taken cared for, i am on the same hair growth journey and we will succeed!! This unit is so gorgeous, I may be purchasing soon

Melisia Bowman

OMGoodness....how did I miss this video??? I'm a little late to the party- but my gosh your signature units look fabulous!!! And your hair care routine is very similar to mine....lol! I'm a huge fan of Curly Proverbz....so almost everything is DIY??. I'm sure your natural hair will look like this by the end of the year! Congratulations on your Signature Line- yes deserve it??

Michelle George

I love you Mary. Beautiful person inside and out always! Love this unit. Please create a full lace wig version of this. I always buy from hergivenhair. Bought 2 wigs so far. Will be buying this unit once it's available as a full lace unit. ❤

Valindsia Cenales

For anyone trying to conceive,pls be mindful that neem is also used as a contraceptive ?

Ginger Rose

So beautiful!

Stacie S

Queen, you are just amazing!

Ta'Miya Crockett

Bomb!!! Love it!! ??

Kymberlie Montreal

Love it

exception mason


Trenice Charne’

This came out so perfect and blended extremely well. Most times I think this is your real hair until I read the title lol but that's how good it looks on you!

Daniella Louis

Beautiful ❤️

Rose Barefield

I’m a natural as well and I’ve NEVER seen a unit that looks that natural and beautiful!!! Wowww!! Just beautiful!!!

Esinam Agbley

I just ordered one, excited to try it @msnaturallymary

Catherine Davis

Life giving!

Bliss Omm

It's a glorious unit! Thank you so much for the detailed video, very helpful information! I definitely want to watch the videos on the DYI Fenugreek and Aloe Vera sprays. Thank you again for all your positivity! I wish you great success with the unit sales, too.

Cynthia Cummings

I love it!!!! This is so beautiful!!! Please do the video of your diy hair products.????

Zotha Mhlongo

I absolutely love your channel. You're really gifted when it comes to hair ??

Fabulous Marilyn

Where you get the spray bottles with the white tops please?

Kay VB

Hi there. I saw your pic on Amazon for another wig. Hope you’re being appropriately compensated Lace Full Wigs Human Hair Perpetuum Shiny 4B 4C Afro Kinky curly Wigs with Baby Hair for Black Women,Brazilian Human Hair Wigs 130% (12'' Afro Kinky Curly Full Lace Wig) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075JHDZNJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_84Y6FbQM0M68E
Great job with the video. All the best!

Jan Casson

Very beautiful! Congratulations! ??????♥️

Layla K

I love it. How long before you wash your leave out typically pls?


I'm having fun with my unit the "Glory Crown" by Msnaturallymary getting to know her, finding out her likes and dislikes when it comes to products. Air dry or blow dry. I can't wait to try a twist out omg!!!

romina brown

This video was so thorough and you look amazing. Love it. Thank you

Tawana BeautyBelief

This is such a smart process! You've totally perfected it! Gorgeous!??


To me Mary your hair looks as good as any wig you try and review if not better. You really know how do handle any hair and I glad I can watch you do your job on hair. Thank you.

chiniqua manning

Hi Mary..Congratulations on another signature wig. This look is definitely your go to style out of all the styles I seen you tried on. I am also trying to grow out my natural hair. Can you do a DIY video on how you made both oils for your hair!?!? Thanks

Robert Lindsey

Thank you for sharing this amazing video, I purchased the wonderful one from newigstyle..com yesterday

Sharon Johns

please can you justify why people should spend 350$ on a wig particularly during these hard times? is that how much you pay or do you get them for free and then encourage your viewers to spend that kind of money on a wig?

Happy Blessed

Hell to the nawl naw nawl ,350 but cute tho


Not for no $359 no ma’am. I was just too excited until I saw the price. I need to stop being lazy and just make one for half the price ?

Felecia O

I really want this wig, I'm new to wearing them but this is sooooo out of my price range


I'm noticing that my wig is hanging a lot longer than yours and I have the 16 inch. I'm wanting it to shrink up more. I'm ALWAYS complaining about shrinkage on my natural hair and now I want this to shrink up. lol I don't own a brush, I have very curly hair. I add water and finger comb products thru my hair and the curls pop. So the first day I wore the wig, I just finger combed the products through it. It was long and didn't have any shrinkage or what I would call curls to it . it was more like a z pattern. The next day I purchased a brush. I got a basic $5 Conair paddle brush, to "clump" the curls as you say. This worked wonders, its much curlier now. But my question is, do you think a brush could make a difference? for example the Felecia Leatherwood Brush vs a Dollar store brush? I'm wanting more "clumping" curl definition, and surprisingly shrinkage lol
BTW Congrats on Glory Crown I love it I you can't already tell from all my comments lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sheila Gales

I love it', it's beautiful so much like me

Paula Taffe Adams

Can this be worn as a middle part?

Alexandra D.

Girl, you cannot tell me this is not your hair. You slayed this!!! Love your videos, keep it up ?


Hi Mary, long term fan here! Just noticed there are new innovate weaves new on the market with a thin U-part/No leave out. Are you thinking of making anything similar - eg a new updated customised unit for Her Given Hair with thin U-part/no leave out? I'm keen to buy a new unit but just wanted to know if your are about to release a new customised unit.


Wow the price. Nice wig but soooo expensive

Is that your hair

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GIRL, IS THAT YOUR HAIR?? | UNDER $30! | Outre | The Daily Wig | OPHELIA

24 221 views | 9 Sep. 2019

Y'all... Tell me this

Y'all... Tell me this ain't my hair!

It seems like a lot of you were feeling Ophelia from my Fall wig lookbook, so here she is! I am loving Outre Ophelia right now, from the The Daily Wig collection. Be sure to watch until the end to see how I make this hairline look more natural.

Thank you to thewigcity.com for sending me this unit!

Check out my affordable wig fall lookbook here: http://bit.ly/fallwiglookbook

Check out The Wig City's website here: http://bit.ly/thewigcity

And, of course, subscribe, and click that notification bell! Let's slay together!

Much love,



+ BRAND : Outre (The Daily Wig)

+ STYLE : "Ophelia"

+ COLOR : 1B

+ LINK TO WIG : http://bit.ly/opheliawig

C H E C K T H I S O U T !

+ WIG 101 Playlist : http://bit.ly/wig101playlist

+ HOW TO Make Your Wig Look Natural AF! : http://bit.ly/bombnaturalhairwig

+ HOW TO Dye a Synthetic Wig : http://bit.ly/howtodyeasyntheticwig

+ $20 Tuesday Playlist : http://bit.ly/20dollartuesdayplaylist

+ Neesha Soft & Natural Lookbook : http://bit.ly/newneeshalookbook2019

M Y P R O D U C T S (Affiliate Links)

+ Neewer Ring Light : https://amzn.to/2waqCbE

+ Revlon One-Step Blowdryer Brush : https://amzn.to/2Xa0rgy

+ Silicone Spray (for restoring synthetic wigs) : https://amzn.to/34lxiAF

+ Got 2 Be Glue Gel : https://amzn.to/2X5OYhX

+ Rat Tail Comb : https://amzn.to/3aKaKvw

+ Edge Brush : https://amzn.to/3dSAl7y

+ Hot Comb : https://amzn.to/3bQyWwn

+ Mini Revlon BlowDryer (Pink) : https://amzn.to/2yzN138

+ L'Oreal Eyebrow Gel : https://amzn.to/2V0GI07

+ Fave Lashes : https://amzn.to/3dWop4E

**Affiliate links are included, and if you use them, I earn a small commission. You are not obligated to purchase any items mentioned in this video, linked in the description box, or comments**


+ WIG 101 Playlist : http://bit.ly/wig101playlist

+ $20 Tuesday Playlist : http://bit.ly/20dollartuesdayplaylist

+ IsThatYourHairrr in TEXTURED HAIR : http://bit.ly/naturalhairwigplaylist

+ IsThatYourHairrr in BLONDE : http://bit.ly/isthatyourhairrrblondep...

+ IsThatYourHairrr in COPPER : http://bit.ly/copperplaylist

+ IsThatYourHairrr in BANGS : http://bit.ly/isthatyourhairrrbangspl...

+ IsThatYourHairrr in HUMAN HAIR : http://bit.ly/isthatyourhairrrhumanha...


+ Neesha Soft & Natural Lookbook (204 & 205) : https://bit.ly/newneeshareview

+ Neesha Soft & Natural Lookbook (201, 202, 203) : http://bit.ly/newneeshalookbook2019

+ Fall Wig Lookbook 2019 : http://bit.ly/fallwiglookbook

+ Spring Wig Lookbook : http://bit.ly/springwiglookbook2019

+ Neon Wig Lookbook 2019 : http://bit.ly/neonwigsummerlookbook

+ Outre Colorbomb Lookbook 2019 : http://bit.ly/outrecolorbomblookbook

+ Janet Collection Lookbook 2019 : http://bit.ly/janetcollectionlookbook

+ Spring Lookbook 2019 : http://bit.ly/springwiglookbook2019

+ Vday Wig Lookbook 2019 : https://youtu.be/5HhjUPm-Zbk


+ Instagram : https://instagram.com/isthatyourhairrr

+ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GwMez


+ EMAIL: [email protected]

Emma Nordin

Im white, and i wonder if you think this unit and the parting color would fit me?

Anglica Edwards



THAT LAUGH!!! Ahhmmm.. this unit is IT ???

Kie RaShon

I love how this looks! So natural ?? very natural looking. You laid this sis even though the hairline is a NO!

"Hairlines like THIS!!!" ?????

Naturally Ronda

You look SUPER CUTE, per usual! I was def gonna use this song in the video I'm posting tomorrow. lol! Great minds think alike!

Ona Lee Jones-NY

Thata a huge difference cutting away that bulk in the front lol. Huge difference


Love this length and your customization made it look very natural


Great job!

Kirstie M

I'm so amazed that you cut the track out and she transformed. I subscribed before I was amazed tho. ?? Kia Rashon sent me here.


Oh yes this wig is very pretty! She looks a lot like Kiyari to me. Very nice everyday wig. Thank you for taking the risk and cutting out those tracks in the front! Made it MUCH better.

Nikki Laniece

Appreciate you keepin it real! Girl I be scared to mess up my wigs lol. But it looks so good on you!!<3

Shanise Nicole

Sissssss now I am in love love with this unit! I’ve always scrolled past this unit because she is not cute on the stock card lol but sis you slayyyed to the Gawds! Is this a natural color I see ?? They was wrong for that hairline thanks for the tip sis! I’ll be ordering this THANKS to you??? Thanks for sharing sis beautiful as always ❤️

jadoresephora roi

is this a new hair website that opened up cause I was purchasing my wigs from another black hair site..So Good to Be or something like that..( i could be wrong though)

Doris B.

Thanks for the hairline share,but other wise she??

Shan-terrific XmasHawkins

Loved the video!!! Thank you

Ebony Mariah

I love this one!

mariette coe

I just ordered this today, soooo excited!!! I couldn't find the Neesha 201,,so this is my 2nd choice, I sure I'll be happy. I got the 1b/30.
Thanks for review and tips as always ?

Kalynthea Cooper

I just watched the don’t rush challenge video and I had to make sure I’m subscribed to all you beauties! ❤️❤️


Thanks for the tip about that bulky area in the front. I’ll be cutting that off too

Gail Talley

Okay, this is like my 2nd or third time watching this and I think I can do it. I'm going to purchase an inexpensive wig with the cons listed here as my practice wig BEFORE I touch one I really like. Thanks Gladys.

Evensya Xo

It legit looks like it coming right from your scalp! I like how it looks like relaxed hair. I'm definitely going to try cutting out the track on some of my old outre wigs. Thanks for the tip


Geezzzz!!!! Love how natural this looks!! And sis your skin is glowing!!!!!!!! ??? I wanna try this! It’s so doggone hot in Texas, I need something new!! ??❤️❤️


How’s this wig holding up? I’m thinking of buying this wig to wear as a daily work wig. Just curious. Thank you ?

Silky Saks

Feeling OPHELIA! This is ???. Outre is bringing these units. You can definitely rock daily

kamie Minaj

Sis that is flat asf. You are so beautiful and talented!

DeAnna Monet TV

New subbie ?? Love this unit on you! I want ittttt ???

Maranda Lampkin

You have gained a follower! Girl you just slay every wig! My kind of girl ❤️


Girl this hair deffff looks like yours!!!! I love ittt. Natural looks for the win!!! YESSSSS we seeee itttt !!

Cambria Francesca

Omg you are so cute. She said “No!” Lol

Baby Drack

I really enjoy your reviews. They’re smart , honest and through. You will definitely go far in this field. Good luck and continued growth to your channel.


Beautiful!!!! Way to fix the hairline! I want this but the length has me concerned. I would expect the ends to frizz quickly because the length will rub on my shoulders and coats this winter. I like above the shoulder for synthetic wigs

Prebella Prebella

It's so cute

Kellyann Bishop

???this unit

Real Advantage Productions

I'm feeling it! I have just subscribed to your channel. I'm checking you out from VA. That intro to this video was awesome. Your a great model. You did a great job talking up that wig. The hair looks great on you too. You are a great presenter. Great personality. You know how to draw people in. The people at Ophelia should be writing you a big check. Anyway, I just want to show support and love to your channel. I figure if regular, black, everyday, real Youtubers like myself don't do it. Then who will? I say, let's all stick together and support each other. And I have subscribed to your channel. Appreciate if you return the love. Appreciate if you return the love.

gigi biz

Great review, thanks! Will go to site now.


Welp... vibrant personality, but not over the top. Very informative and helpful and not too long winded! I'm sold. New subscriber alert lbs hey girl hey!


I’m feeling the love ? she’s looks so natural on you. I would slap her on everyday.

Natalie NH

Omg...your demarc point is perfect..how did u lay so flat ??




Sis pulled out the safety scissors!!! Bahahahaha!! Girl this looks sooo good on you! I love this!

neek caldwell

I swear yo music the best on the YT

Dee Walker

Loving you!! Just subscribed ❣️❣️❣️

Miss Khrissy

Love it! Cute everyday. I agree "we don't want that hairline ??"

Driven Spice

Honey you did surgery on that wig! Looks great ?

Lee Lee

Sold ???


Looks really natural. Your make-up looks great too!


Girl I took your advice and cut that bulky mess in the front out and OMG WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I would have never thought to cut that out if it wasn't for you! This can go from the classroom to the club super quick. It may even beat out Freetress Hania as my favorite school/work wig!


Fam...TELL ?? ME ?? THIS ?? AIN'T ?? MY HAIR ??
I'll wait...lol. Make sure you watch the video until the end so you can see how I fixed THE CON to this wig! Talk to me in the comments below!

Just Dee J

I love this perfect for everyday!!!

Jasmine Pearls

The wig is small. You made yours look so natural.

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk

Looks like your natural hair ?❤️?

BriTanya' Lee

This black hair is so ?? on you and this cut is ?? as well definitely want to try this site! You look great with a middle part ? love the cutting Hairline tip ?


You always did like that 3LW song

Michele Proano Kressin

Can u do a video on maintaining your synthetic wigs? Specially the wavy & curly ones since they fuzz up the most! Thank u?

Jamilah Michelle 2.0

????? this is bomb !!!

Nizzy Mac

them lil pieces would def irk my soul! LOL! makes a world of difference

Urban Eve

I loove the loook of this wig. Every review I've seen has been glowing.THAT PARTING SPAAAAACE! The hairline makes me sad but I have to pick this one up.

Leo Morris

GIRL-A!!! ???

Queen DIVA lifestyle

Hey sis I sub you can you sub my channel QUEEN DIVA of Fashion and let support one another to Grow. Luv collaboration with Free .keep slay too.??

Deborah Barrow

She is gorgeous on you i have just
got her in 1B/30 today ?????


I had to put this in my cart after I seen the first wigcity video. This looks so gorgeous on you.

Fatima B

Very cute wig, thank you for the tip. I was having a good laugh when you were saying that track wasn't needed ? Another great review!

Yolanda Taylor-Burwell

I loveeeee isthatyourhairrrrrr! I truly fell in love with the Outre Neesha line 201,202 and 203 because of your honest reviews of each. She is the best and accessible for questions!

Everything Ernie

Yesss! Definitely giving me fresh duby wrap! She is cute! I would wear her everyday...especially to work! Perfect!

Val Dub

I held my breath when you pulled out the scissors, LOL. But you hooked it.

Kie RaShon

Notification gang!! Shhhhhhhh

Dianne November Songbird

Came over from Hearts and Cakes mention. I learned something. You can cut that first bulky track. Fabulous!! You slayed it. New subbie here.

Felicia Ford

Yes, that hairline was definitely one of my cons when I tried on a few of the wigs. I thought it was an old collection or something because of that. But they do have some cute wigs.

T Smith

Would love you to take a gander at and review rowena

Debbie Barrow

Hey Gwladys I finally got the guts to cut out that ugly track from Ophelia the difference is amazing I did try & cut a V in my 99J Rowena but was too heavy handed so I cant wear her now ??? it's all a learning process Thank you again for all your hard work & tips❤????

Kie RaShon

I don't understand why that random track is there. Like wth!?

jadoresephora roi

no offense,but i seriously hope they add more to their store...thank you...

Richalena Adelaide

You look great

Nizzy Mac

ohhh yaaasssss this one is cute AF!!! i need it right neowww!! kilt it sis!!

Is that your hair

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MAGIC! - Let Your Hair Down (Official Video)

52 015 880 views | 31 Oct. 2014

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Music video by MAGIC! performing Let Your Hair Down. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment International Limited

Tekkyo LUV

I love this song so much, it’s like a time machine that brings you back to the good times when it’s just relaxing and chillin

Cheng Rayos

I miss her so bad.

Samsung J516

Reza rahadian

eppy gonzalez

Im listening this song and i remember my ex who was with me in 6years. and now im already with someone else now? i love this song. even though the memories hit me so much.

Adilson Silva

Nossa essa e top

Caroline njiraini

They can't make bad music

johnn romerr

Cancion infravalorada!

Michelle Silva

2020, corona time☠️Wear your masks, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

Daniel Galvis

¿No hay más latinos que escuchan esto? Saludenme!!

Karen Sousa

2021 ❤

Jonasclea Cavalcante do Nascimento

"No one's on the clock now lying in this simple moment. You don't gotta worry now just let your hair down ...tell me when I can steal a sweet kiss right from you? ...". When a shy person trying to steal a kiss from you ... very lovely song!!

ian mwengu

Reminds of lovely time with my woman. When still young. Love you Chematia!

Saphi Wahlang

Who tf dislike this vid????

Prashant Mathur

one of fav song of my Girlfriend :))

Michelle Silva

hi, is there anyone who is also going through a crisis in the pandemic? :)

Garota- Kim

Música perfeita??

Enrique Franco

@huneydipmari ❤️

TainoBubba Drew

Man, Nasri's one hell of a good man! He's got such a great voice! Man, this is just music that'll never get old! Man, if I were to ever see Nasri in person, I'd give him a big fan hug! Straight-up so amazing!



Evil Dax

This guy has an obsession with blonde woman, but so do I

GG Gaming

five years later ? i love you.

Janahlei Tumaliuan

It's nice when you suddenly remember this one song you used to sing and just vibe with it. You just know the lyrics by heart. Ahh, this nostalgic feeling.

Richard Morales

Me gusta mucho esta canción??

Tarciso Santos


Florenz Nick Cabuyao

What happen to Magic band why they even not uploaded any videos this quarantine? Hays

Audrey Muga

reminds me of the love i lost?
But hey yoouu...yes you..i love you??♥️

Tinah Souto

Miss you, guys. <3

Elsie Dolim


Christian Jay

Feel like im time travel to the past

Ezekiel Madia

I used to listen to this back in my highschool days, and now I'm 20! still inlove with this song ❤️❤️

Nina Matos

Maravilhosa ?

Lilian Muthoni

2021, and this jam still hits different every time I listen to it. ❤❤❤+254????

Morgan Perry

I showed this to my crush and we got together and kissed

Robson Joanes

Tá show

Lorong 12 Official

I like song

Elsabe Zaime

here 2021 still one of my favourite

Joseph Stanford

I remember when he enticed stitches then carved him up to look like some Halloween mask lmao

Polyanne Alves dos Santos

2021 <3

Eric Kuria

Who else feels this song was actually better than 'Rude'...... quite ironical

Justy Bee

Just let your hair down

Fabrícia Brandão

que saudade ❤️

Marla Díaz

Part of my "Joi" playlist, Paraguayans will understand me, good vibes only bc it's only us here!!!☮️?️

Tekkyo LUV

I’ll definitely going to sing this to my crush after this pandemic going on, i promise that!

Ron Bidle

Beautiful song with meaning:)

Adilson Silva


Rick Ovid

Why the fuck I feel like crying while remembering my ex and our memories together :<

Adriana Kira

November 2020, who's with me? ??

mirian silva

Gosto muito dessa música Magic e top❤️


potek na yan tagal na pala neto

Steve Gita

This song will never age

4 876

Nostalgia on that hill planning the world out with a gf

J Man

2020 anyone!?

Annie Riezel Brillo

feels like yesterday when I play this when I was elementary then now I'm going to college but this song is always lit❤️? youtube didn't recommend this uwu I try to search it for a purpose hahaha.

nigga pac


José junio


Josefina Leonor Coronel


Jayron Gadi

whooooooo we love you NASRI !!!!!!

Lynx Escobido

2021 this song still rocks

Angela Brown

I love the words to this song. The song says "baby, let your hair down" which means, relax& enjoy the moment & everything around you. Theirs no TIMEFRAME. But appreciation & love.


just imagine when you are in the place where in a lot of tree and peaceful sorouding you listen this music

Canal dos cara

Narigudo pegador

Sheriff Adjei

Who's still here in 2020?

Mireya Franco

?? me gusta su voz su estilo su mezcla soul + reggae perfecto

Kathy Moulton

That's his wife

Amute Philip

Love this song

Kenneth Kimani

4-20 song vibezzzzz

Lucía Rincón

me quieren decir por favor qué significa KKKKKK? perdón res que no me dá la cabecita xd

Josenilde Martins Silva

Magic, tudo de bom adoro suas músicas ?

Lilian Milagros Rosa García.

2021 y sigo sin superar la musica de MAGIC


♥️♥️♥️ escuchando en 2020

Wayne Fisher

bro this still a banger

Karla Thalya

Q musica lindaaaaaa❤❤❤

David Babu

I remember i used to sing this to my ex???Am glad for the time we shared though❤️

Muleke Sonhador

Essa música é massa top

Neenah Revalliv

November 20 2020 woohooo ❤❤❤

fountain water

i'm in love with this guy

tezar Kahar

Wake up


2020 every one?

Luke Shannen Reroma

Almost through 2020 and this is still my favorite



Annie Riezel Brillo

it was only yesterday when I play this when I was elementary then now I'm going to college but this song is always lit❤️? youtube didn't recommend this uwu I try to search it for a purpose hahaha.

Truth Army

2021 anyone?

Sydney Masilela

I can't believe this song still winning my heart in 2021 January ??❤️

akane takumi

I'm only 14 and I feel old as shit watching this ???

Ericafaye Brown


Jê Alves

Nasri dancing...

Kip Kirui

I've been looking for this song since morning.. Ending 2020 in such a rhythmical style ❤️❤️❤️

Salome Ndanu

Timeless ?

Victor Tai

Hpw is this not in 100 M views smh

Franca maria D'avola


Tinah Souto

I'll never forget your show in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Wish we can see you again. <3

Midier Hernadez



Great song! Thanks so much Magic! Your music is helping me so much right now in my hard time, you are appreciated

Bradburgh Williams


Viviana Ribeiro

Amo suas músicas ❤️?

susi haryanti

Vokalisnya ngapa ganteng banget ya Allah ??

V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology7

The feels.

b v


Eagleeye Gaming


Camille Tomale

My favorite! ?❤️ Will never get tired of this song EVER.