Rollers you can sleep in

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Overnight Heatless Curls Using Primark Sponge Rollers | Becca Rose

74 901 views | 25 Sep. 2014

After I featured these '8

After I featured these '8 Pack Sleep In Rollers' from Primark in a video - MANY of you asked to see how I use them to achieve bouncy curls, as I do it a little differently... I remove the velcro! Velcro can be damaging to your hair, so see my step by step demo. I've used these for MONTHS now and have finally got the hang of how I like it! Enjoy (onesie and all!)...

I had the KEYS to the Tottenham Court Road Primark and could shop ALONE! See the video on Primark.com HERE: http://www.primark.com/en/whats-new/article/6208,keystothestore-the-ultimate-primark-haul

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Cally Q

I haven't watched your videos in forever...I've no idea why, and when you had your fringe clipped back I was like, ooh looks good! But then when you put your fringe down at the end I was like aaah that looks amazing!! Sooo anyway sorry I've not been watching, I'm deffo back though! :)


Lol! You are so adorable :)

Audrey Natalia

Why velcro ruin our hair?

Maisie Reeder

Love ur videos soo much u r so beautiful ! Xx


Too gorgeous you are, Becca! x

Amy Louise

You're so naturally pretty Becca! I loved this xx

Laquita Christal

U Look so beautiful!! 

Destynie Cook

Oh Becca, you look so so gorgeous in this! your hair looks fab and oh my girl crush haha! x

Emily Clare

That jar full of rollers looks like a jar full of giant marshmallows! You are literally flawless without make up xx

Shelby Huston

Anyone know where in America you could find similar rollers? Primark doesn't have an online shop ):

Nojoud Alharbi

I think it looks prettier if u don't come it

Livington De León

i have a set of 4 diffrent color and sizes i found it at dollars rite. mine contains 48 rollers little medium and big

Ruby Johnson

absolutely gorgeous Becca! hope you're having a nice day, thankyous for making mean smile x x

Lizzy Pettitt

I have that onesie!

Sarah Wrengler

I would love to see a tutorial of how you do your hair half up and half down, cause I never get it to look as good as yours. Lovely video as always! Hugs

Kacey Tay

She went to my school? she's apparently visiting soon ?

paper fishh

You are soooo pretty ^^ !

Kimberley Trueman

I need some!!

Natalia Alyssa


Amiey Laureen

I love this method, can't wait to try it out! Xx


Need to try this. I wanted those flexi rod rollers, this looks pretty much the same..

Troy & Missy

Your hair is gorgeous and the way you style it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.Love it <3

Jade Mason

You're gorgeous,can you please follow me @jade_francesca xxx


You're like a mix of Louise and Gabby ❤

Great video tho!! Ly Becca xx


My god you look gorgeous without makeup and, i really like your hair without the bangs (sorry i just really liked it, but you look beautiful with the bangs too)


You could be Marcus butlers sister! Your so beautiful?


:0 where's your onsie from x


You are absolutely adorable! Subscribed :)

Steven Smith

Beautiful curls :)


You are blooming beautiful becca ?


You look amazing without makeup honestly you look better without makeup than anyone I've seen with makeup holy Jesus

Safa Khan

Wow, I'm actually suprised about how gorgeous you look without makeup! You look stunning with or without makeup, your hair is beautiful and your smile is so pretty, stay blessed:D! Looks like you've got a new subscriber!xx

Katie Eileen

OMG, I have such a girl crush on you! You're absolutely gorgeous! D:

Kalyn Anderson

Your. Skin. Is. FLAWLESS. Absolutely glowy and beautiful. 

Emily Simpson

I find if I used a slightly wider tooth comb my hair doesn't frizz up as much :) and my hair is a lot frizzier than yours and it really helps me, so it may be able to help you! Ps love you and your videos ♡ xx

Charlotte Taylor

oooo you are a little stunner becca!xo

Nesha Gorges

Such a pretty face au naturale WAAAOW!

Abbie Lowe smith

Loved this video! Can't wait to go to primark and buy some of these :) x

Danielle Payne

Gorgeous becca! ❤️


Totally gorgeous Becca :) as you can see in my picture and in my videos I have hair that's 'kinky curly' too so I definitely want to try this! :)

Faye Sibley



What a great tutorial, really want to try these out now :-)

brelovesbooks always

You woild look so cute with short hair

Nikita Currington

Oh my god that onesie. LOVE IT

Katie Louise

You're so beautiful! Can't wait to try this out x


you are literally so pretty!!!

Charlotte Watson

Gorgeous! If I did this Id need to keep them in for 2 nights my hair would still be damp the next morning my hair is so thick Xx

Helen M

If I did this my hair would end up a big frizzy mess :( your hair is so perfect!


Your hair is absolutely beautiful! Xx

Nina Lea

Definitely trying this!!

Hoya Cow

Omg I love u and I love the lip color your wearing can u plz tell me where its from

sierra pacheco

Has anyone ever told you, you look like Zoey Deschanel?


yay you did the video!!:) Love it!!:) 


Love this, I always use rollers with the velcro on and end up fighting with them when they get stuck in my hair. I'm definitely going to try popping them out of the velcro! Fab video! :) xx

Molly Richmond

buying these! I also have a full fringe but I'm contemplating growing it out? Any tips on growing it out so it looks nice and not awkward?x

brelovesbooks always



This is awesome! im going to try it straight away, and i know i can get those rollers in Aus :)
just wondering, when you twist it before wrapping, does it loosen the curl or make it more frizzy?

Aryadnie -

You're so pretty without makeup, you're eyes are a gorgeous ice blue and you remind me of a proper English lady! :D

Abigail ODonnell

Found it! can't wait to try it?

Cole Nalle

Your Hair with all those Pink Rollers that you have on looks beautiful and I like you as well and you're a very sweet loving lady that I ever liked. ???????????????❤❤❤❤???????

Liza Prideaux

This is rather fabulous, great tip about rolling backwards when you come to the front. I'm all about a good nights sleep! X

Arya Stark

looks so lovely 


Great idea don't like the sleep rollers I bought kept giving me frizzy hair will try this. Also naturally curly it's hard work thanks for this.


I LOVE your bangs !!! I could never pull that off.

Carrie-Anne Kimberley

beautiful becca! must try out these rollers x

jazzmin lin

Omg you look like Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry. You are so pretty and love the hair!


i love you're fringe

Gabi Bazan

Is that your natural hair color?

Ashely Green

Such a lovely video. So natural with a pleasant voice that you don't need to reduce volume like with so many others. You are very blessed to be so beautiful and have beautiful hair.

Emma Totney

Becca you are so beautiful:) loved this video!!! oh also where is your onesie from? its adorable xxx

Rosarie Sammut

Your actually beautiful, cant wait to try this, do you think the result will be the same with shorter hair than yours? X

Taylor Begg

You're great and your videos are so professional! I subbed :) 

Kristina Juliett

I've just found you on here and you are bloody hilarious! Love all of ur videos :) Definitely guna try this! Fed up of drying my hair out by curling using heat! Ur hair looks in such good condition :)

Melissa Dennett

Yayayayayaya hair care routine wooo

Eliza Sandra

WOW that looked amazing!! :D i should get some of these

sissa naf

I love your lipstick, can you give us the mark and the reference, thank you you are lovely, I have just discovered your page and I am delighted. Thank you very much

Sarah Breen

oh my gosh! your SKIN! i would just leave the house in that onesie with no makeup if i looked like that!

Classy Chic

I have thin hair but my curls last all day.

Rohma Malik

Thank you for uploading this! always wanted to know an easier way and your method seems really friendly to hair haha! :D

Julia T

I want the rollers! why don't we have Primark in Sweden D: so f-ing expensive here

Sophie Kniveton

lovely! i'm going to try this :) xx

Maša Kim Kestner

you look so beautiful without makeup :)

Fatima Mendes

i love your half up half down, it's so 60's! could you do a tutorial on in?

Cherry Blossom

Really nice and you got such a lovely eye colour :)

Leah Holt

Love this so much, defiantly going to try it out x I love your hair sooo much x

merin babu

Love how the curls look on you especially with your fringe.. going to see if I can pull it off sometime ^^~

Erin Williams

Your fringe is so pretty when u have it back ,but you look beautiful everyday !xx

Casey Burgess

Absolutely love your makeup at the end, so lovely?

maianneke xx

Hey Becca! :3
Since you're a true Primark expert, could you please tell me a bit about their shoes? Quality? Selection/range? Price? I'm gonna go to London in a few weeks and would love to know if Primark's shoes are any good.


It just looks AMAZING I'll def try it

Lucille Anna

Awww <3 You are so precious in your onesie!! ^-^

GeeGlow Hairstyles

you look like Katy Perry

Martika Gaul

You could totally pull off the 'no make-up look' you're gorgeous! 


Lovely video, and very useful!  
I actually have dry,very curly hair, and would like to have bouncy waves like yours without the heat, do you think this technique works on my type of hair?

Charis Olivia

Your skin is so beautiful!!!

Erin Russell

Seriously wish my hair wasn't so thick, I would need about double that, problems lol... It looks so pretty though :) xx

Paige Roy

That onesie = LIFE! I love pugs!! Also your skin and hair are both amazing, I wish I had your skin xx

Erin Williams

I have literally been watching you since you have blonde hair ,I love your videos and your channel.Would you ever do a morning routine ?xx


Beautuful Becca! Your hair always looks so naturally elegant xx 

Emma McCormick

Thank you for uploading this, i am deffo gonna give this a go! 

Rollers you can sleep in

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DIY Blow Dry - Ibiza Hair B4, Sleep-In Rollers, Kérastase Styling Gel | PIPPA O'CONNOR

36 337 views | 15 Aug. 2014

My YouTube video today is

My YouTube video today is all about blow drying your hair at home. I often get asked how i style my shorter length.

I'm not the best hair person in the world, my skills are pretty limited but I've taught myself how to blow-dry my hair, it just takes practise and patience.

I've recorded a tutorial on how exactly i do it.

I hope you'll find it useful. The key step for me is Velcro rollers. So if you haven't got them, definitely get some!

*** Please note *** I am not paid or obliged to speak about any of these featured products - all opinions are my own*

** What I Use **

- Kérastase Styling Lift Vertig, Hair Gel - €21.35


- Hairdryer, Turbostratos, 3800 Ionic - €64.50


- Tangle Teezer - €10.35


- Ibiza Hair B4 Blonde Extended Cork Round Brush - €35.64


- Straightener, Babyliss Vintage Glamour - €62.65


- Sleep-In Rollers Mega Bounce Rollers - €25.95


- Sleep-In Rollers Backcombing Brush - €5.27


*Please note I am not paid or obliged to speak about any of these featured products - all opinions are my own*

Website: http://www.pippa.ie

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pippaoc

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pipsypie

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/pipsy_pie

LinkedIn: http://ie.linkedin.com/in/pippaoconnor/


Love it. U remind me of Anna saconne x

loveevie x

Hi pippa !!!

Cathriona Doonan

This was really helpful, thanks Pippa! x

Alami Plays

Pippa my school every second year has a school play and guess what? THERES A BEAUTY GURU CAR!! AND IM YOU!! I have to wear a blond wig though lol

Liza Prideaux

Fabulous! Now to dig out my rollers! X

Aine Cryan

Hi Pippa just wondering what backcombing brush you used been looking everywhere for a good one? :) Thanks Áine 


What a great video...for sure will be buying those Velcro rollers, fab tip, thanks pippa! So glad I found your channel, brilliant to see more Irish girls here on YouTube!

Rosaleen Murphy

Brilliant video. I know what you mean about new growth after having a baby. After my last baby I had a lot of loss around the front, sides and underneath. She is 14 months this month so ive lots of shorter hair .


Great video! Thanks Pippa ❤️xx


So jealous your hair looks fantastic it's so healthy!! Great video :)


Thanks Pippa, I have never used Velcro rollers but I think I will give them a try after watching this.


Hi cute style. I was wondering if your is on the thicker side?


Where is your necklaces from pipa it's lovely? Great video x

Chrissi b

Great video pippa my hair is the same length as yours and i find it very hard to style so.thank you :)


Where did u buy Ur brush??

Rollers you can sleep in

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185 views | 9 Feb. 2021

MY House chore every day

MY House chore every day off.one of which is to iron my Clothes specially my uniform.As OFW you have to do it by yourself, unless you have extra money to pay for loundry package?

I used roller for ironing I've learned it from my Uncle who used to be a tailor for long time.

A roller or any wooden flat short stick can help you to easily put and edge like a sword to the Clothes you iron.

Email; [email protected]

Facebook.com Arnoldv Tolorio

Ginalyn Vlogs

Bagung kaibigan po payakap dn ng munting bahay ko thanks po

Dhing Channel

dami ah sana all


Good tutorial ..keep it up.. keep safe lodi


Magaling. Kanya kanyang tecniques. Ingat kayo jan kabayan

Dicas da Lau

Hi friend nice you did a great job???

David Walker


Toong Cristyl dianne

Galing naman po unique po ng content ninyo thank u for sharing this video enjoy lang po

RHD channel vlog

Ka mits na bisita ko na bahay mo
Keep vlogging poh ingat

junaida ganih

Dikit natayo sir just I'm watching you video wgee


very organise talaga at magaling po kayo mag plantsa.

Just For Fun Vlogs

Plansado talaga?. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe kabayan

it's me Joey

See you around


tamsak idol

Agutayno ExplorerTV

It's really interesting lods. Very helpful and impormative thank you for sharing..keep on vlogging keep safe stay good health God bless!

Eil Lie C.

Hala. Hindi q pa na try yan sir, adobong salmon. Galing naman po.

The Biongi SQUAD

hi we will give you 3 bananas from B SQUAD

amy villaras

Yum yum i love adobo but i try this menu thanks for sharing

KATropa18TV matuba

Idol ayos yn. Salamat sa bagong ka alaman. More vlog idol. Katropa n tyo idol. Dalaw nlng sa pugad ko. Godbless

masayahin alfredo m Londong

Very nice content my friend

Jang Ranleaf

Nice technique but if you do it a lot no need for rulers na;)

Rio's Videos

Wow galing...

masayahin alfredo m Londong


Kabayan Montreal

No choice talaga kabayan kapag nag iisa anoh!? Be safe

Dayday Pinay in Sweden

Galing mo naman mamalantsa lodi

Rhodora Olivas-Machacon

Ok yan idol, yummy salmon
Plus galing mamalantsa! Nice...

Willy Red Gonzales

Ayos yan bro. Gee

Willy Red Gonzales

Sarap niyn

Byaherong Dubai

Gyahinko yAn brod. Galing e

Marielle Lau

Yummy Salmon :)


Ayos yan idol gayahin kita

Michelle Vanessa Mateo

Nice idea po, harang tmsak po host. Keep safe

Mrs. Wolla

pahiram ng plantsa, akin nasira na.

it's me Joey

Hi idol

Repedro Vlog

Shout out @word of gee

Cole Joicy Channel

Ang Sarap Naman ng adobo na fish ironing using ruler that's great idea Thumbs up best regards from Japan new neighbor see you around.

Jokalbs TV vlog

Ayus boss pwede na pang part time yan

MJ Escario

Good technique po kuya, it seems you are very meticulous when it comes with your things. Thanks for sharing this.

Acilino Tolorio

Nice ironing technique ?, also the white salmon Adobe, looks delicious ?

James Tuba

Sipag mo idol god bless po

Ms. Ern

Galing idol haba ng harang mo hindi ko iniskip pinanood ko lahat.pasukli nlng kahit bukas nalng idol.ingat kau po dyan..galing nio magplantza idol

Zoy Kazyr



Very nice content my friend a big like you got a new sub. here keep in touch from world of Gee

Mysterious Granny

I dont wear clothes that I have to iron. Good video tho friend

Ark Men21

Food trip na Salmon. Masarap po yan lalo na grill w/butter. Salamat po sa pagshare nyo. Be bless always.

James Tuba

Sarap cgoro yan idol kain aku jan idol

Dora Bells

Wow sarap naman ng salmon sir nakakagutom. And by the way ang tyaga mong mamalantsa sir at very neat.

Melodays P&E

Hello new friend here wgee,

Brave Young Lion

unique technic on how to iron plus ruler. what a good idea. I never ever try to use ruler for iron.
salute to the man who can do this chores ??

Jhune Alcober

Nice video, good viand for any meal...tamsak done idol..

Janine Sambayon

Galing naman magplansa thanks for sharing

it's me Joey

Keep blogging idol

eleahyra Moko.

,# no skip ads ???

Momon Adventures

Galing nman po keep on sharing techniques...

shade gumapac

Ang galing bro salamat sa sharing bro


Galing nmn mgplantsa ,,tama po pgkatapos plantsa Kain sarap p nmn ng ulam niyo