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Why Does This Lake Make Laser Sounds? | [OFFICE HOURS] Podcast #040

51 779 views | 10 Feb. 2021

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Artist: Masood Safdarian

Editor: Lilit Aramyan

ARIA: @ClaireMax

Smart boi: Kyle

Music: bensound.com

Sound effects: freesound.org


The bit before the Tom Hanks segment was fantastic

Jensen Griffiths-Bownes

“Laser sounds” - surely an oxymoron. However I did remember seeing a series on movie effects and remembered that the Star Wars laser effect was dispersion in long cables (straight slinky!). Here’s a Google search snip: “Burtt was on a hike with his family and as he passed underneath the guide wires of a radio tower, he bumped into it and the wire made a twanging sound. That principle became the bases for all the laser noises, bigger weapons like the Death Star reportedly used bigger coils, such as metal slinkies”.

Mega Lucario

No body cares if you get the vaccine, we know asgard people are immune to the virus.


Idk why he had to slow it down or anything. You can hear that when you walk on cracky lakes.


He didnt cut it lol

Also he sounds like comodo in the first part.


He must've hit a few bubble columns. Dang magma blocks.
And who placed the soul sand?


Tom hanks telling us that he had covid had such an impact because so many people think that its hoax because no one they know has had it therefore it doesn't exist.

Ryan O'Reilly

Haha, stupid aquaman....

Ignatios Nelson

Here’s an idea: stop copying everyone else and do something original.


Kyle, you are doing great at giving us the science in a medium we plebs can understand. Or rather, graps the idea. To know how something fundamentally and mathematically works takes years and years and thats why we have doctors and professors in specific areas, like quantum physics. I dont understand it, but it's dope af. Thanks to you and some other we know how for example rockets work, but we will never be able to build one ourselves without studying the matter.


8:36 taking a moment to admire Kyle’s body vibrations.

Logan Byrne

Been following you for months, what are your degrees? Cause you know what I do, but, you have creds.


Hey Kyle I would like to start off and make it clear that I love the show watch it all the time man but, I felt compelled to leave this comment because do you know the settlement segment where you had pictures of the scientists or science communicatiors from YouTube and asked how many could we name. I understood that paragraph a little different than what you got from it or at least in addition to what u said. It sounded to me like what that paper was saying is that because of certain factors, i.e. popularity of a certain creators video. Someone may think because a particular video was popular and the creator is consistent with how often they upload a person will automatically deem the information contained therein is 100% trustworthy and fully accurate. I think that the paper is trying to say that that particular creator could either straight up lie to you about something in the video and someone watching would take that inaccurate information for fact automatically and not cast any doubt that it could be false because of the persons position and popularity.

Paul Walsh

There was a toy that looked like a megaphone that had a slinky in it that made sounds like that too.

Sean Draco

Kyle seriously needs to read the TNG technical manual. He's kinda noob to UFP technology.

pineapple ikush

?? But Kyle If you're a super villain promoting vaccines then it could be a trick just to give us covid-19 ??

Justin Siebel

Nice recovery, I missed the live silent film but I think what makes your program believable is the mistakes and bloopers, it’s authentic. Like you getting mad at people who make you say, show the love. Also you missed tiny human Alex’s question, can lightening power objects? Love the show, Love NJ

Chase Lents

So this might be somewhere in the comments, Dr. Tyson your personal astrophysicist, explains in multiple videos of StarTalk, that the gravitational tidal force is so strong that matter is spontaneously created (hawking Radiation), how this works is when 1/2

Shadow God

If super intelligent AI are indeed superior to us, these AI could understand humans more than humans do. We don't know what we want, because we are limited. But super intelligent AI's will not be limited like us. Their comprehension will be beyond what we can imagine. So how can we say that they won't understand our commands?
It could take every person, stick them into a simulation and give them complete control. Only, all their memories are wiped so they have no awareness of their previous existence. All they know is that they are a god in their own reality, they are free to do whatever. I don't see how someone could not be happy with that, as they know nothing else and have literally nothing to worry about.
Or they could scan their brain and put them into an optimized/tailored simulation that will be certain to make them happy. Maybe it's the way their life was already going, or their life with slight adjustments. Or something entirely different. If it has access to their brain, memories, likes, dislikes, everything, it will be able to know what makes them feel happy.
Or maybe it just turns them into our own super intelligent AI. It removes their human limitations.
These are just ideas I can come up with as a primate, I'd imagine a super intelligent AI will come up with far better ideas. If we do create one of these things, all we can do is put our faith into it. It's not like we'd ever have the chance to stop it, It is a lifeform higher than us. Our power come from our intelligence, and it will be far more intelligent than us. Humanity has yet to encounter anything that comes close to us, I can't picture what something more intelligent that us would be like.


I'm sorry, I want to focus on the cool science but my eyes just keep zooming in on that beautiful black wedding band and wondering what it's made of? Is it meteorite? Is it fancy gun metal? Either way, Congratulations!

Random Debris

Do we actually know for sure that antimatter falls down in a gravity well?

Paul Walsh

I've heard some sounds like those when I used to very regularly walk on ice in my youth, but some of those sounds were out of this world ! Like way out ! Really cool !


God damn second law of thermodynamics. That's the strongest reason why religious god does not exist. There is no way an all almighty god would create a universe like that.

Planet de la Tourette

I once stood on the ice while the whole lake cracked from side to side. This sound, but loud as thunder. Everybody's heart skipped a beat.


please, add time stamps to topics... = <3


If you shake a metal sheet just right it does a similar sound, i used to shake them for minutes when i was young, id probably do it now too if i had another metal sheet.


Humanity's *


Reminds me of the Red Hot Nickel Ball In Water (Nice Reaction) video

Pedro Serna ostalaza

Hey kyle love the show, but its like super night time in my country, would you please start earlier.

Ps:Hey show love the kyle


You can also get the same "laser" sound from throwing pebbles at water towers or stand pipes. I'm assuming for the same reason.

Logan Byrne

what your thoughts and Kong vs Godzilla? You do know that all these viruses are the same? An anti-matter bomb would only work if you pieced thee structure and then explode.

Jacob M.

Is anyone else of the opinion that the audio is rather quiet on the YouTube upload of these streams? Just curious, if enough people agree then maybe he'll see it


A lot of the science communication stuff talked about in this Office Hours struck a cord.

I once had a professor that I was very fond of. He was an absolutely brilliant man, senior professor of my university, could do incredible math in head, derive complex equations from basic scientific theorems; I honestly can't overstate how brilliant this professor was.

We once got into a debate though, because he basically said the duty of a scientist or engineer towards social policy was to clearly state the facts . . . and that was it! I was deeply concerned, especially with how much misinformation and pseudoscience that was readily spread through our science and technology university, that just stating facts wasn't enough. That if we know something to be a fact, and a large portion of society doesn't agree it is, do we really have no duty to attempt to communicate those facts better?

To my disappointment, he basically told me he didn't want to discuss it with me, and shut the conversation down.


My favorite statement about quantum mechanics is "I think I know the basics of quantum mechanics. I know I don't understand the basics of quantum mechanics."


Oh come on! I really wanted to see the boo boo


So that's why I used to like so much the Because Science show and usally trusted it completely...
I still remember the wingspawn that Mothra should have had in the movie to actually being able to exist and fly...

Roadster Tracker -Ben Pearson

As an engineer with a Master's degree, I really encourage people to work for a bit before getting a master's degree. I would have done it totally differently if I had waited a year before starting. But it kind of depends on the situation I suppose. If you have any doubt, most like you want to wait.

The PUNitentiary

I disagree on the philosophical point about one still being the same entity following disassembly and reassembly(unless the same material is used to reassemble the person). Such technology could simply create a perfect copy of an entity without destroying the original, at which point 2 distinct and separate conscious experiences would exist.

So, yeah, I'm not going to be joining any friends for Korean BBQ via teleportation. Sorry!

Marcelo Silveira

50:45 all this talk about the super inteligent AI keeps bringing to mind the fables about genies, and how they always "distort" what you asked for. Seen like this was already a question before the concept of computers were even dreamed about.

Mickey Dangerez

I am so bad luck I am that 1 in 20 million.

Marcelo Silveira

26:34 we have, nowdays, bombs that can detect impac and penetrae a certain amount of matter before detonating it's payload. It was created to deal with bunkers, though we don't see much of those around in this century. Essentially it enters the target and detonates inside it, for this very purpose (having the explosion have targets all around it), so I assume something similar could be done for sci-fi space ships


Understanding can always only be an iterative process. You never set a goal in a 'fire and forget' kind of way. The only chance to get a "good" AI, I think, ist by teaching it what we mean by that, with feedback. Optimally at human levels of intelligence before we make it smarter than that. It could of course still turn out to be psychopath, but the chance should be way lower. Especially if there is also a reward mechanism implemented that rewards good behaviour (i mean something like dopamine for humans) for the early stages, to make reinforcement easier.

Raigar Müllerson

How i the hell did i miss this?


"Laser" sounds were made by dispersion which came from skiing on ice and slinky..

Astrid X

Love the lowkey Newton quote at 11.40

The Dude Abides

50:00 Yep, so no surprise that the answer we will always get will be 42

William Johnson

What about the three laws of robotics (skip the 0th one for now) or could they even be programed. There was a story about a robot that failed and succeeded at the same time. The robot inspired love in his mistress.


Kyle, how much force would be needed for a human to bounce off the ground from a great height? Like when you skip stones, but downward.


I have been saying this for years. In conversations I get a memory that I have seen a video about this very topic but can't remember any of the points it made. I watch a lot of infotainment and my opinion is that you don't really learn anything complex from them. You most likely will remember that a thing was proven wrong or right or a funny fact but nothing more complex.


Dang he cut out all of the audio stuff, I wanted to see that for no reason in particular

edit: 16:16 I know that face when you receive information you really didn't want to hear. It's ok Kyle you didn't need them anyway

Edit: time stamp 22:03


I dont have a slinky :(

Phoenix Soren

I've heard that pew sound in a movie scene with ice breaking, I wish I could remember the movie

George Ronhar

The ice sounds like young crocs/gators.

Brad Lemon

Imagine the good that could be done if this country wasn't so fucked


32:48 Would you share the name of that study, please?


You know when Kyle starts talking like Syndrome.. and his mask slips a bit.. oops


Greetings Kyle..... in the spirit of technical difficulties ..... did you hear about the lawyer who conference called in to court but couldn't figure out how to turn off the Cat filter? !!! ?

i wont place a link to other channels on yours but search " Lawyer Cat Filter " be well

Big Daddy Wes

Lasers don't make sound. This is however, how blasters in Star Wars got their sound.




Entertainment and the illusion of understanding are almost inevitable. It's directly related to why Elvis getting vaccinated makes people feel comfortable with vaccines who saw it as scary beforehand. And just as with science entertainment, it wasn't because they understood the vaccine - it was because they were made to feel comfortable with the knowledge they had of it.

And while that seems good in 2021 while we're fighting an epidemic of antivaxxer BS, when Elvis made a show of getting his vaccine in 1956, the polio vaccine was actually just coming off the "Cutter Incident" in early 1955. Back then, the version of the polio vaccine produced by Cutter Labs was produced by "inactivating" the virus (not the same process, but an earlier form of the IPV that is used today), but they shipped 120k vaccines that were NOT inactivated, resulting in an epidemic among those "vaccinated" and those around them. Notably, while "inactivated" viruses are NOT live viruses, this is what anti-vaxxers are hearkening back to when they talk about "live" viruses. This wasn't the last issue with vaccines of that era, and the illusion of understanding lead to people feeling their trust was broken when their children became ill or were harmed by mismanaged vaccines of the 1950s. And that is what created such fertile ground for Wakefield's BS paper and other conspiracy theories.

I worry that efforts to capitalize on celebrity recognition today will end up exacerbating the problem. We already see today that the conspiracy theorists just lump anyone who disagrees with them into the conspiracy, so even if you convinced Tom Hanks to get vaccinated on national TV they would just make him out to be "one of them". All that would be accomplished is a greater illusion of understanding among the people who were going to take the vaccine anyway...and that may lead to carelessness.

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are amazing for what they are and a huge net positive for society and the average person taking them, but they are still a serious product with serious risks if you aren't careful - the reactions are extremely rare but it is vitally important that people take the risk seriously. Talk with your doctor before taking it if you've had past reactions to vaccines, wait 15 minutes after being vaccinated before leaving to make sure you're not having an anaphalactic response, make sure to inform them if you've had COVID and how long ago (too soon increases chance of reaction), and if you have blood pressure issues monitor yourself for a few hours after the vaccine. Having a celebrity get poked in the arm and immediately get up and say "see, I'm fine!" will just get a wave of carelessness, which we've got enough of already thanks to our government STILL not listening to science at any level.


I remember I read somewhere that some quantum physics theories stated there is a minimum size a blackhole can collapse to, so effectively there will be a ball of matter if it was correct. If that's correct, would anti-matter cancelling some of the mass?

Alex duenas

Hi Kyle,
In regards to the philosophical question about teleportation Star Trek way, I have to disagree. Even if the copy is a "quantum exact copy" it still is a copy. So, I would like to bring up the aspect of time. If like in Star Trek, the machine takes some time to copy and disintegrate you, then you will experience that disintegration and for some time you are effectively dead and another "you" is re-born, yes with everything that makes you "you" but the other you is definitely dead. Otherwise if your body is copied instantly, then at one point in time there would be 2 of "you" experiencing reality and creating different memories, one where you die (disintegrated) and another where you continue, effectively making them 2 people by the time they have different experiences.
I feel like the movie "The Prestige" shows the problem with this teleportation effect very well.

Creationeer Gaming

That's ok, I messed up a live stream audio for a whole hour and didn't even notice ? happens to us all

Isaac Kotlicky

Tom Hanks getting COVID led to people taking it more seriously.


We should infect celebrities with diseases in order to get the public to care!


Actually Kyle it would. If we tell an AI to maximise humanities or even humans happiness, it might connect everyone to dopamine and such but we wont die. It will continue doing so untill it preserves our consciousness in 0 and 1s untill its energy run out


Okay, that lake and slinky trick sound nothing like real lasers... Though, now I wonder if that's how early sci-fi radio shows, movies, and television shows produced the sound effects we've long come to expect from hollywood lasers and other hollywood energy weapons... Similar to how they would bang coconut shells together to make a hooves on cobblestones sound effect(the reason the phenomenon whereby we collectively perceive certain unrealistic audiovisual effects as more believable than genuine realism the coconut effect). Also, since you didn't say, does the trick work with both metal and plastic slinkies? I have a large, plastic slinky, but I don't have a metal one.

Also, is it weird that I can't name a single character played by Tom Hanks?

Michael Berthelsen

The only truly perpetual thing in the universe is human hope in perpetual energy devices.? There are always some people willing to believe in that crap.?

Rice Realtor

Uhhh... should the ice be cracking like that?

Melanie M

Science communication is not just incredibly important to inform people about critical matters, it is important, because people need to be able to trust science. And if they don't understand science, the scientific method and its life-saving work then they don't learn to trust in it and we have the mess we are in currently in with a lot of people not understanding climate change, vaccines and the pandemic. Kyle, your work is so critical and I can't appreciate you enough. And your hair, but mostly your work.

Dark Lens

Waiting and interview with Dr. Fauci. ?????

Mickey Dangerez

For which variant will you be getting vaccinated?


Well any lake or pond or any body of water that’s a decent size and depth that’s frozen can do this lol

For Love of The Page

Methane bubbles are just lake farts, right?

Mickey Dangerez

lol love it when you call security.


8:56 not exact, but close enough

Hanna Young

There is another video of this sound phenomena is from Sweden and the skater is Mårten Ajne.

Mike Bramlett

I don't think the point of the transporter problem is a question of an immaterial essence of Kyle, the issue is the continuity. Take the transporter question and just get rid of the destruction of the Kyle that stepped in and then consider. Now you have 2 fully identical Kyles, down to the spin of every electron, they are both the "same person" but the Kyle that wanted to have bbq in Korea never gets to, he's still in the facility. The Kyle that stepped out in Korea FEELS like he gets transported, especially if there is a sort of fade in continuity but the original never REALLY gets to go anywhere. If the transporter just took you across the room and didn't destroy the original by molecular deconstruction, would you feel comfortable just shooting him and calling it teleportation? No. It's still YOU of course, and the copy feels like the original but it really isn't, not in the way that counts. If souls were a thing, then the soul could just jump from meat sack to meat sack with no philosophical repercussions, but the soul is about as close as we can get to being proven false with neuroscience alone. Sorry, this is a hot button topic for me. Love the Kyle show hey.

Supra Kooper

But.... laser doesn’t have a pew pew sound...............


I think a critical point to make is that it's not that the cracking lake sounds like lasers; laser sound effects sound like a cracking lake. When developing the sound design for the original Star Wars, the sound designer created the stormtrooper's blaster sounds by hitting a steel cable under tension, which creates the exact same "pew" noise as the slinky. It uses the same dispersion effect to create the sounds.


Kyle become a vtuber! Play science stuff

Noah Hodges

Kevin is canonically 75

Daniel Bickford

on a previous video you talked about how many lives vaccines have saved, and you tossed around a number about a hundred and twenty Million Lives saved 20 fifty or so. Just to give you some idea that is about the population of Mexico, Egypt, or Japan.

AGA_ Zernichter

27:17 but, for me at least, that doesnt make much sense....it seems a bit like your sense of YOU is only dictaded by the observation of others.... if it is a copy of you... no matter how good and exact it is... it will allways be just that... a copy. if i copy the mona lisa its still just a copy i made... instead of da vinci... if you load your consciousness or rather your personality to a supercomputer to preserve yourself after your body dies... it would still be a copy and not you... it would be you to all others maybe (which leads to the question... if you are not here anymore to experience "yourself"... but others are... would that make it you bc it is observed as you by others?) but the original YOU is just gone. long story short...(got waaaay more examples but i think you guys know where im coming from now) a copy is a copy (or at most a replacement)

Yusuf Ginnah

Kyle: "No specialized equipment needed..."
Me: ?
Kyle: "You need a slinky..."
Me: ?


next i would like to see Budget Thor do a video explaining Trump Derangement Syndrome and the SJWs that experience it on a regular basis. we must put an end to this mental illness!

Debargha Mondal

Wow the comment was a mouthful


I believe you've talked in the past how you dont buy into the whole "simpsons predicting the future" thing, but you gotta admit, "Hi, Im Tom Hanks. The US Government has lost its credibility, so its borrowing some of mine" like straight up that happened here.

Josh St. Louis

Hitting a large cable under tension also makes that noise too.

Torgie Madison

27:30 ish - All of these transporter scenarios involve a destruction step before a reconstruction step. Let's try something new: say that a transporter scans your everything, down to the quantum level or whatever granularity is necessary for a 'perfect' copy. You watch it do this from across the room. But, instead of destroying you and re-creating you, it just does the recreating part.

Would "you" simultaneously inhabit both bodies? Would you BE both bodies, and see and feel the experiences of both? Would "you" have to learn to control each body independently?

I don't think that would be the case... because of this, I don't think that transporter technology would be able to persist a consciousness. You would die, and another consciousness would "inhabit" the newly-printed clone.

Alexis Welsh

Does the video flip? I've noticed a ring that seems to switch hands, also a watch that switches wrists.


Kyle, let me put your mind at ease. You have never made me feel like I understand quantum mechanics.

Jame Young

when will i see vsauce x kyle hill collab?

Melanie M

Regarding the different levels of science communication. I think the key here is the intention that is behind science communication. Carl Sagan's intention was to make people understand. Your intention is to make people understand and you put a lot of thought and effort into it. The YT channels that exist to merely cater to surface level curiosity and put entertainment first for views and monetary purposes don't have the intention to make people understand as a first priority. Kyle, we all feel and know that your first priority, passion and intention is to help people understand and there is no crime in wanting to make it entertaining for your audience, as long as your heart as a science communicator is in the right place (excuse the clichè phrase), but you know what I mean.

Flono McFlooneyloo

Kyle is looking a bit puffy... Quarantine pounds?


Oh you can hear that noise on Ice Age (animated movie)

Rob Kinney

Been out on frozen lakes and gotta say I would not be comfortable having cracks spreading like that. I'd be heading back to thicker ice pronto.


Nononono we cant really understand happiness but that doesnt mean we cant understand anything or that we cant give any orders, we simply have to be really precise at ordering with every little detail that can even remotely have negative side effects on anything


Perpetual motion ideas are dunning kruger at it's finest.


51:00 Why would the AI even care?


Once again, the Halting Problem has been solved through quantum entanglement. It enables the independent observation of the process thus allowing for an evaluation, which was up to now impossible.
Should this be wrong or I mixed two principles up, please correct me, otherwise please help point it out to others.

Personal laser

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Eleksmaker A3 Pro Laser Engraver Review

298 238 views | 10 May. 2019

This is a review and test

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Thanks for Watching!




Moemin Ebrahim

thank you for the value you provide

Rookie Machinist

I noticed you have the lazer stepper motor above the crossmember and the instructions show it below. Is there a reason why you did it this way?

Dennis Clark

We are here in the USA, we use Feet and Inches, don't give dimensions in freaking centimeters.


Can you use it to cut thin plywood?

Peet Hofman

Very clear video. I bought a 500 mW laser for an engraving machine, I had in mind I might do some engraving by hand, but it came without any specifications about the voltage it needed.
On another, french video, I found out it needs 12V dc supply. But I couldn't make anything of the French language the guy spoke. I'm from the Netherlands, speak and speak dutch. But I can communicate in English quite well. I'm an engineer in electronics and measure and control technics in chemical and oil industries, I had to fix problems when the factory got down.
But it seems to me a 500mW laser is far from enough the do some engraving. I'll try to burn something in papier, a cigarette paper must be possible with this power?
thanx for your video, I'm always busy making stuff, no matter what, I will watch your videos with most interest. Thanks again.

e s

Is this available in india

tomer mizrahi

can i buy this machine and put a plasma henndle and to cut steel with the machine? or to do a small modifcion?


Hello do you think I can laser glass with it


great to see

अभिषेक जगताप देशमुख सरकार

sir i am indian . please send me your mobile number

Ali Rehman

Hello Bob,
Once again thanks for cool review of a hot machine.
I need to cut 2mm white acrylic (painted black, like tags), could you please let me know if this machine can do this?


Right now it's $270 from China (24-40 days by ship) or $225 from US.

Burnt Rice

I paid $300 for a HP inkjet in 1995. This is cheap by comparison.


Does this aalow you to cut as well as engrave? Is there a need for a water pump etc?

red serpent

Bob, nice and honest review and just the right condensation of facts.t hank you. Am a newbie . Looking for my first laser engraver

Michael Dang

How long did that take bro

Dario Cvjetkovic

Can he cut MDF 4mm or plywood 4-5mm?


hey does it engrave the glass? and able to cut it ?

Emiel Tirbeni

Does it works with Apple or is it Windows only?

Roy Waarts


Can this laser also engrave photos in wood? I have read that you need a laser that supports power modulation.

I want to engrave portraits in wood.


Fakhruddin Gadiwala

Required metal engraving machine

Dreu Austin

Hey Bob, great review. Does this machine's software work with mac?

Adnan Minhas

It’s working on metal?


Our company is a leading Chinese enterprise devoted to laser cutting. The quality and after-sales are particularly good. If you are interested, you can contact me WhatsApp8613895052004


Can you engrave a mirrored type logo on this ?

Steve Maddock

Will it do round surfaces? Like a coconut??

Derek McCabe

Excellent and straight forward information. I'm looking at doing engraving for a hobby and your video gave me valuable insights. Cheers.

Doug Hurst

There are really no comments in the video about speed. What could be more critical? This is a HOBBY laser at best and I'm guessing you "MAKING STUFF" image took several quite awhile to render... I'm guessing well over an hour. This should have been mentioned at the very least.

Nithin Kumar.H.M

hi, upto how much thinkness of wood we can keep


How long did it take for the engraver to make any of the images shown in your vid on the wood? About an hour? Great vid by the way ?


This was helpful, thank you.


Good God. I really hate being part of the companies assembly line. Im only buying the machine if intact. I don't buy cars that need to be assembled or clothing that needs to be stitched. 1 minute into this video and I stopped it to give my take on it. Wonderful presentation on your part and I know you don't sell or ship these out in the way that they come, but if it's irritating enough when the batteries are not included on a device, I could just imagine a couple of hours of assembling and reading just to do it over again and finish with extra parts when there shouldn't be any. The chinese don't give refunds nor guarantees since you're the one doing the technical work, it's very easy to blaim any malfunction on you. It's best you don't touch the components so you can return it the way you bought it.

Weaver Family Farms

Good video! I know this video is over a year old. But when seeing you use that software I thought to mention you should get T2 laser software. It’s the best thing to happen to me two years ago for my lasers. The maker Zax is very responsive and will help you quickly. The program is super powerful with so many settings


Great video, keep up the fantastic work!

Colin Hunter

A good video and although a bit rushed it's one I watched to the end. I tried several others but switched off due to the speed they rattled through things. I have just bought a similar engraver but just cannot find any videos that explain the basics of how to set up the actual screen and set what you want to print and how to print it. Help.

Zeb Anderson

Ah yes, enslaved light

Rajiv Divakaran

I converted the A3 drawing one to laser.... its working perfectly, but the engraving is on a slanting position...


How long this machine can use
Or what the laser life of this machines

Shazil Malik Jaan Official

I Wana this leaser machine

e s

Hi sir. I interested this machine. How to purchase this machine. I'm from India

ange malaurie

Can it cut Eva foam on even 20mm thickness?

Charlene Hall

Can this thing cut through wood as well?

axell bucell

My EleksMaker A3 pro doesn't move,what I'm must supposed to do?

Donovan Lym

When you say loose X axis, do you mean the belts needs to be tightened up?

Name Withheld

Wood leather and paper? What about plastic?

Sherwin Funa

Thanks for the video. What materials can you use this for? How about glass?

Valkata Uzumaki

Can this engrave steel and metal, I mean my mother wants to know if it can engrave because we look videos like this one and it's always wood, plastic, paper and I want to know if anyone know please answer on this comment because that's what she want to do and I'll do anything to help her. Thank you.

jerry coleman

I added a 7watt laser to my cr10s ez pe ze it runs off the cooling fan supply it does open up the possibilites
good review thou well done
I recommend pic engrave pro +laser software for making the gcode
works great on the backside of mirrored glass tiles from lowes the ones with gray backing remember you may have to invert the image

George Longworth

hi i wonder i have 3040 laser engraver do the software on the eleksmaker would work on it

Hacibalayev Perviz

Salam bu aparat mene lazim hardan tapa bilerem yada sifaris vere bilerem. Xais kim bilirse mene yaSin 055 849 63 33


It would have been nice to know the time expended to print out some of your examples.


Do you think this model will make markings on plastic and gun metal? Not trying to go too deep but just enough to make a design on gun parts.


Easy for you. Not so easy for someone that has never done it before.

Timothy McCleary

Ty for making this video what would b the best laser engravler for concrete?


I want to use an engraver maybe like this one to engrave my logo and perhaps the name of the wood on the bottom of my wood bowls I turn. I'm thinking one of these engravers would work and for deep bowls, I would just put the engraver on pedestals to get it above the bowl at the right height. Your thoughts? Oh...I liked your video and I subscribed.

Brian Leabo

All right quick question I'm looking to get a laser engraver. But I'll be engraving on polymer and like stainless steel and metal. I'd like to be cost-efficient. So is there any recommendations for that? And being able to cut would be a benefit but not necessary

Keith Schlotthauer

I found a site that sells a 12" x 12" laser shield. You can drill some holes in it and mount it to the laser module. If you have a heat gun, you can mold it around it.

Jayesh Naik

Bob I am looking for an affordable CNC LASER CUTTING machine which can help me design name plates, which one do you recommend???

keshav rx100

Sir I want that machine plice send link

Cheeky Monkees

Great content! Every I don’t know how to do but want to learn.
Newest subscriber.

Capt Mike

I am looking for a laser engraver that I can use to engrave on the bottom of wood bowls I turn on a lathe.Bowls are usually 2" to 6" top to bottom, so I guess I would need something to rise and lower the unit . What do you suggest?

Sarah Havner

I watched your vireo, andi have a question, instead of my laser going back and forth it'doind criss cross
Does that have to with the y& x axis, and how do i fix it

Glitter MePink

Does this cut acrylic sheets? I'm looking to make acrylic blanks. Thank you. Awesome video

No Description

what about metal plastic and other material


Thanks, very interesting. Can this laser engrave on metal with thermal grease?


Are you able to load multiple images at the same time? Thanks for the vid!


Hey bob, i saw a cool project on the glowforge website they recreate familly pictures on wood, woud this engraver do the job ? Can we scan image or download them into the software ?

Information Club

Sir how to contect with u


Would this be strong enough to cut foamcore?

13b Rx8

Can you stipple guns with this?

Harsh Katara

Sir I need laser cutting machine. Cheap price

Lee Banning

I can see people using this machine to burn patterns on their hands.

How good does this do on rocks?

99% Perspiration

Can someone answer this question?
I want to paint an aluminum panel and then put an image on that. Is this possible? Can you put an image on a painted surface?

Phoenix Appeal

Your review was extremely helpful, thank you

Thomas Leonard

Good video thanks.

Teri and TL Stanbro

How do I make a 16 inch circle

Shade' Owolabi

Hello, does this machine cut mirror acrylic? I'm looking for a machine that will make name cut out.

Chuck Crooks

This is about as much of a "PRO" machine as a match is a beacon.

Nevada Smith

I have the same yellow toolbox. Bought it in 1997 at Lowe's.

Craig Monteforte

Thanks Bob Great Video and review in all honesty it stilll amazes me that you can get one of theses shipped to join for $200.00 plus or minus a little

Wascaly Wabbit

Can it do metal?

Couverture Magazine

Can it engrave to PVC plastic?


Thanks Bob how large can this machine cut can you reset material to make a longer peice

Cheeky Monkees

BTW, LASERS of this frequency and amplitude can fry holes in your retina and damage your cornea even via an indirect reflection. Building a containment box is an excellent idea.

Jonatas Silva

Can I use a 15w laser module on the elekslaser a3 pro?

Chris Roosa

Could this cut threw poster board?

Ima Wiseguy

why is this guy reading a script and NOT looking at the camera?

Jennifer Harris

Hello, I don’t know if you ever reply to comments, I’m just looking for a small laser engraver for myself never used anything like this but like to do small wood cutting boards or coasters, personalized keychains etc, from your video this seems to be good, I was deciding between this and the one that looks like a box. If your able to answer I would so appreciate it thanks as to which you fill is best


Did you figure out what's causing the wobble.. I've done several test prints with the same experience


Subscribed just to help anyway i can!

CSX Baltimore sub division

Can you engrave numbers on a gun frame....

Tomo Polic

Tell us more about the software installation startup and usage in general.

Desi Recipes & Vlogs

Good luck


Would u recommend using this product to cut foam for packaging?

Fugitive Irons

I stopped watching when he went to millimeters

Bonnie Friend

I think I figured out how to keep the smoke and black dust levels down and also cool the project down to prevent a fire. If I'm right I'll share a video with you so you can help others as much as your video helped me.

none None

Thank you so much for reply. Very kind of you. Beside k40 is there any good laser and engraving machine might you can introduce me? I need to make a beautiful and clean cut for acrylic but of course not too expensive. I guess max 700 to 1000 USD . I need it for business . Not much budget I have.

none None

So sir are you happy with this machine? I am looking to buy one but I am wondering which one. Some thing around 500$ but I need to cut acrylic clean and engrave beautifully. Can you help me to introduce a good brand please?

Frank Blackcrow

I don't trust Banggood instructions, last time I followed their instructions it blew up a control board from them giving the wrong board in a 3d printer kit.. that had the polarity switched around.. and that i was just going off where things were connected than actually looking at what was sent as to the instructions being different to that of physical properties of what was sent as marked on the board as being a different board that looked to first glance as being the board sent.. it wasn't... instead of them sending the right board as a replacement, they gave me what they said was the cash as of to buy the replacement.. to buy the right board.. that they didn't have as to their instruction.
I opted to buy a better board (mks 32bit) as the ones that were originally as per the instructions as well as the ones they mocked up as the original.. as said to be a problem as that they couldn't control bed heat and needed a mosfet type of set up, which would cost more than the board I bought to replace their shitty board.

Annette from Ca

Aluminum is a soft metal, would it work on that, and how tiny can it engrave?

Personal laser

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Dremel Laser Cutter Update and Overview

242 204 views | 1 Dec. 2018

Here is an update and

Here is an update and overview from my wife about her new Dremel 40 Watt Laser Cutter.

Check out more of her videos at https://www.youtube.com/kathrynmcelroy23

Bold&Boujee Designs

Can these cut through metal or craft metal?

Денис Карабулин

компрессор подключи на обдув...

Andreu Martinez

Dremmel likes noise. And bulky things... I think this laser cutter compared to Glowforge is like Dremmel mini-drill compared to Proxxon one...

Zyn Zane

Thank you for showing how it works!

Lawrence Scott

Maybe you should try using a wood planer to make sure non-Dremel wooden panels are flat. Maybe that can increase your profit margin! Just a thought. ??

Michael Hemmingsen

Nicely done and helpful. Planing to cut balsa and light plywood for model aircraft structures. Have you found another source of wood besides Dremel?

charles bennett

She's hot

Don Stoddard

That was very cool thank you very much. Hey can that thing do portraits? Thanks again I'm looking forward to a new one from you so I can learn more

Lara Yang

how to remove the smoke ,do you think this Smoke Purifier is ok ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/164322607860

Nouman Raza

Well you can make a 40 W Co2 laser cnc machine with a larger working area for 1000$.

Tiffany Stoppelmoor

Does this machine also cut acrylic? Trying to find something so I can make and customize my own acrylic keychains

Sunny Mos

Is there a laser cutter for soft metals?

Raju Kumar

How can i buy this.
What is the price of this machine.
My contect no is - 9631110706

James Cullins

Your audio is very loooow ....... Ok now it's up a bit.


that laser head looked like it wobbled all over when you adjusted it

Made in Bharat

Hello I am Atul Gusai
Any Requird a experienced Laser cutting machine operater pls Contact me
[email protected]
Whatsapp : +91 96627 25605

pier san

i like to see your feet


Mhhm ok

Jkc Boo

Can you do 3-D with the dremail

Harune Malik

I’m looking for a good laser cutting machine that will cut Acrylic. Can anyone help? Not too expensive...?

Hkk Hgffh

This printer is hot!

Taim Ahmad

This is laud I mean really laud !

M Deen

Did you make a video to show how you made the material test plaque and what's settings you used?

Master P

hi sir i want this machin send me your contact detail

Josh Garrisi

I just got my LC-40 and the tube is cracked in exactly the same spot!!! And of course it’s Saturday, and their support is only M-F... bummer!

David Dawson

https://www.jpplus.com/ Try Johnson Plastics for you material orders, coincidentally they just started selling this cutter. I'm a foreman of a sign shop and use them as my main supplier for romark and engraving tools. I'm looking to purchase this for personal use and came across your video by chance... I'll probably be making this purchase before the end of the year. Awesome video btw!

Shufan Xuanyuan

A ad show up about this printer

Trình Phạm Đức

Could I get its caltalouge?

Ferdo Brzica

What are the tolerances on one of these? I'm looking at getting one for my business, but I need very precise cuts.

John Almonte

Thank you for the video. What is the cutting area? Can it cut a 12”x12” circle? Can it cut 1/4” acrylic in one pass? Thanks!

Black Swan

but is it worth 5K?

ஒடியன் பக்கிரிசாமி.

Nice demo.

Bob Calgary Canada

Thanks Cool


How’s the noise level?


Can I borrow your amazing cutter.

Robin Grossman

Can I engrave on an acrylic box which is 1 5/8" thick?

Teresa Russell

What is the largest cut? Can you cut pvc material?


Very nice laser cutter. just one comment. As a surprise to you. There is no such thing as outer space. Therefore there is no such thing as astronauts. The earth is Flat and motionless. Peace.

Kick Rocks

$4,000.00 really ?


Over $6,000 for cost and it doesn't have automatic zeroing? There's plenty of $2,000 machines that have more functions, capabilities and auto zeroing. Dremel better get with the competition. The wood issue is easy, think material 1/2" and small should be stacked flat so the weight keeps the material flat, but don't lay they flat on a cold service like tile and cement. Both cold, moisture and stack method all play a role in whether think woods warp or not. I've been doing woodworking for over 40 years and know my woods. You would get a better price for wood to purchase a full sheet of 1/4" birch plywood and have the store cut the sheet down to smaller pieces.

I love pilot career



Many thanks . do try plastics,abs etc.Is it suited for Metals?.

Mr J. O

Air assist will stop burning as well

Daniel Pierce

$6,000...just wow! What MASSIVE rip off!!!

ujjawal soni

is it useful for metal cutting ? like gold silver brass material with precise cutting

Frank Helsell

Can you please tell us where to find the "box maker app" you mentioned in one of your videos?


Jesus, that’s $6000!!!!!!!


My question is how do you justify buying it for so much $


Nice and helpful thank you

sahu 1800

I want to purchase


It’s a pretty good machine for $6000

Amy H.

Just the info I’ve been needing to hear.
Great video and its was nice having the camera follow exactly what you were explaining! ?? for the camera person!


No personality

Priaa Krishnani

What's the price how to buy

M from India


Shain Andrews

I don't know how I got here. I didn't even know this was a thing. A very cool thing at that.

Bruce Brachman

What file format (or software) do you use to create the pendant? Adobe Illustrator? CorelDraw? Some other vector software? Just curious what formats the Dremel software imports.

Wade Wilson

She's very pretty

The Life of Jenelle

Have you ever used it to cut plexi glass


Australian Dremel don't sell theses... they don't even advertise them on their website. Good old land from down under... a place where we get gouged for everything, and offered nothing from any of the big names... yet, we are allis with America. I guess we cant be trusted with technology!

Buck Otte

Could you 'pressure-dip" these wood pendants in a protective media such as urethane varnish, to enhance lifespan ?

D Malott

what are the dimensions of the cutting area?

Intake Ltd.

Please send me your web address and please send me the rate quote of Dremel Laser Cutter by [email protected]gmail.com

Eric Sainte

For wood, card etc. I go to Modulor in Germany. They can send the items to the EU without problem. The best is to check a supplier for architects for card, and for ship and aircraft modellers for plywood and MDF in thin thicknesses.

Norwilyn Ault

does this run completely on wifi?

Jacob K

Excellent walk through of everything, this was very helpful

James Jordan

you are purdy!

Nightmares //// Created

Was wondering, can your laser cutter cut through .025 stainless steel??

Craig List

Fuck this!

Justin Case

Spend $6500, place it in your bedroom and make a tiny toy rocket. People are awesome!


Surely they could have worked out some kind of self levelling or focusing for the laser, for $6,000.

Christian Paje

I bet he didn't think it would be installed at the foot of the bed when it was supposed to be in the studio. Hope you don't get replaced by the robot unicorn under the sheets but it seems like the logical conclusion.

George Correa

Hi my name is George4And i would like tospeak with you about the dremel laser in comaprison with the other ones


What about the software? Is it easy to use? Does connect with WiFi

tommy cash

what kind of computer do i need for the cutter and what computer requirements do i need

Manu Mondal

Prise kitna

Anthony Edwards

Great video and explanation. The price is probably average for Dremel gear. The 3d printer they did was a bit over the top for it's ability. I was surprised to see the separate cut lines at the end. Is there not a setting where you can have just one start stop point for outer edge cutting? Nice compact hobby laser though. Good luck with future products.


6k nah screw that. I rather buy 6 Chinesium ones and hope one of them works ?

Jarko Limbo


Alex Uryuski

Good laser !!!!!!!! Flat earth ,under dome !!!!!!! Fake ? moon landings !!!!!!!!!? ??????????? ?????????????????????????


So, this is just as bad as Glowforge -- the only way I get the thing to work is through an internet connection via some cloud? No Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rather than give all my designs to some Chinese hackers; I'll do something else instead of "laser-cut" anything.

Khaled Zaitoun


s r

Very loud....


Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. I am surprised to see how nasty people can be after watching someone for 14 min. trying to be helpful. I appreciate your time.

Zubair Saifi

Price is this machine. Of

EMIT Laser

The explanation is great! Thank you!

David K

Go to Home Despot and ask for "underlayment:". There is "Luanne", and then a better quality one (forget the name). Try to avoid sending more money to Dremel as they have a huge markup. With a little effort, you could have gotten the same product directly from China (which is where yours was made anyway) for probably 1/3 the cost. Glass tube lasers are remarkably inexpensive. Epilog makes RF CO2 resonators which have very large advantages over DC glass laser tubes. Bit hard to explain here. FWIW, you can buy an epilog laser and with a bit of a hack, you could probably put that tube in this cutter. The majority of laser "engravers" and cutters of this type leave a LOT of char. That's essentially a sign of not having enough power and/or poor laser mode or alignment. Experiment with a chunk of balsa well soaked in water and see what you think. Adding your own evacuation fan to evacuate under the honeycomb, if using enough CFM, will reduce the amount of char (black) black, in your cut edges. Although adding an air pump like for a fish tank and a tube, directed onto the cutting focus will give you the same benefit. If anything from Dremel told you any of this pls let me know.

tommy aronson

She squandered $7000 on a brand name instead of a $400 of equivalent laser cutter.

Craig List

This shit is BUNK!


Ronell Cross

Thanks for sharing the video, very insightful. BTW, be careful with that camera next to that laser.


I was wondering if the injection automotive windshield repair would fix the crack in the laser tube. I know that my windshield was cracked about 13 inches and there is no leak.


all for the cost of a nice used car

Jim Nichols

I don't know I would want them helping me install the new laser cutter tube, they didn't do such a fine job at the factory.... but it was nice of them to help you.

iBest Case

Very Nice Machine
I’m looking
Price? Contact No. ???
What’s app +923088526824

Kandia Haynesworth

Soo, you’re only doing little wood ornaments? What about wood cutting boards with wood from Home Depot?

nivasyl strongman

$5000 is a lot for a Laser Cutter that only cuts wood.
it would be nice if it could do thin aluminum or metal sheet. i don't know, i am a novelist to laser cutter. Sorry lady, but lazer is very risky. It's Very easy to break and expensive to fix. A cnc router plugged to a computer does the same job for less money.

Roman Ruano

Can you do a kiss cut sticker with this lazer. I want to cut stickers and keep them as a sheet

Richard Shortt

Can i ask how much did you pay for this item ?

Also i see people commenting on Chinese ones any one have a link to some ?

David Haney

$5,999.00 ???????????.....fuck off ....


elizabeth holmes 2.0? please god, help us...

prasanta patro

Apart from wood what material we can cut?