Olive oil and coconut oil mix for hair

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Castor Oil , Coconut Oil and Olive Oil Combo for Smooth and Silky Hair

6 874 views | 12 Nov. 2019


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Hi Guys,

Today i have done Hair Spa at home with an oil Combo and A heating cap which i ordered from Amazon and the result is Amazing.

Products I have Used :-

Thermal Treatment Spa Electric Heat Cap Hair Steamer Hair Spa Cap Hair Steamer :- https://amzn.to/2Q7hNqQ

Figaro Olive Oil : https://amzn.to/2NCuQyM

Max Virgin Coconut Oil : https://amzn.to/2Q6Oip5

Wow Skin Science Castor Oil :- https://amzn.to/35qIHPj

Elansa Hair Nourish Olive Oil Shampoo - No Parabens, Color, Sulphates and Silicones, 300 ml

Benefits :-

Helps revive your dry hair with this shampoo. The product enriched with Olive oil to keep your scalp hydrated. Regular use helps to improve hair texture and scalp condition

Helps to banish dryness - This olive oil and argon oil infused shampoo keeps your scalp moisturised

Helps to improve quality of hair - keeps your hair soft and smooth and makes it lustrous

Is made without harsh additives - contains no parabens, sulphates, colour or silicones and helps to deliver maximum benefit.

Buy it Here : https://amzn.to/36QFrxE


Elansa Hair Nourish Olive Oil Conditioner - No Parabens, Color, Mineral Oil and Silicones, 300 ml

Helps revive your dry strands with this conditioner. The product enriched with Olive oil to keep your hair hydrated and protected from damage

Helps to protect brittle strands - This olive oil and almond oil infused conditioner keeps your dry strands moisturized

Helps to improve quality of hair - keeps your hair soft and smooth; makes it lush and lustrous

Is made without harsh additives - contains no parabens, mineral oil, colour or silicones and helps to deliver maximum benefit

Buy it Here :- https://amzn.to/2p6FOD9

Gears I Used :

Camera :- Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85 16.00 MP Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with 14-42mm Lens

Buy it here :- https://amzn.to/2tCUBHC

modern girl

can i use this to daily in a days?

Nutree Cosmetics

We recommend to try Amazonliss Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Contioner. It is perfect choice to make your hair silky & frizz-free


how about olive, coconut, castor and almond oils mixed all together. is it recommended to use twice a week also? im trying to fix my hairline...

Indian YouTuber Alpana

Hi new friend hope to back sapport join me with the bell icon

Shabaz Khan

Mam plzz btaiye ise hair line wapis aa skti

piano with jiya

Very effective

Laxmi Prajapati

I have hairfall since from September.....plz tell me how to apply these hair oils please mam.....I'm getting so fed up...????

kalyani honey

Sis plzz let me know keratin treatment is good or bad plzz tell me any one

Hema Latha

Mam Can i use homemade herbal oil plz reply me

Rakesh Singh

Mera Hair fall vhut ho rha aise 3 month se

MyWay YourKitchen

This is amazing.. Thank you for the information..and the oil recipe.. last time when I came to India I did straighten my hair .. this will help me a lot to retain the hair .. hope you had a great journey ?

Suryansh Pratap

What is the name of coconut castor and olive oil that you used

viney KUMAR

Is oil se kab tak benefit milega hairfall mai

NGO Ullas

Mam can we mix mustard oil also

Khizar Sulaiman


Suryansh Pratap

You should tell name of oils also

dami gsm

100% Result i apply this and Your Drain Hair again Alive? Thanks for this i Recomended all friends use this oil and Share others for help??☑️

Lucien Boggs

? Nice channel, Looking forward to more uploads! Have you heard of smzeus[.]com?? I would recommend using it to promote your videos!!

Olive oil and coconut oil mix for hair

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Do it yourself moisturizer for natural hair

85 122 views | 2 Nov. 2015

DIY moisturizer for

DIY moisturizer for natural hair: In this video, I discuss do it yourself or homemade moisturizers for natural hair, and a few tips for moisturizing natural hair daily.



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I am a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor, a Certified Trichologist, and a Certified Hair Loss Specialist. I am the owner/operator of Amelia Salon in Montgomery, AL.

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.ameliasalon.com

Facebook: http://goo.gl/rYUs0R


What about box braids? What if you want something that doesn't have 30 ingredients in it? Sometimes all those ingredients are an irritant to the scalp.

Monique Hardy

Water dries out your hair.

Simran Kaur

In winter coconut oil get hard how can you spray

Gerrys Gold

Thank you. Yes you do need a product you mix yourself. Help us to find the the emolsifyer that will bond oil and water together. Shop bought products are good but they also have a lot of chemicals in to keep iits shelf life, which are harmful and damage the hair. So yes your products have binders and smell sweet but often there is a price to pay with your hair.
Distilled water and boiled water are great in any home made product to stop bacteria. Also the product can be kept in the fridge.
To help oil and water to bind you can use a natural emulsyphyer which is Guar Gum. This is a natural green plant. Used in food and ice cream. Or you can use a synthetic emulsphyer found in all lotions creams and cosmetics avalable on Amazon. So these may be more helpful than the products off the shelf. God Bless?☝?

Floridian Sweet

Olive oil and water mix, works for me..


I appreciate the video. I was spraying my hair daily. I can't explain how dry my hair was. Sahara Desert levels of dry....that was my hair. I couldn't understand. So, this video made sense to me because I experienced consistent water and oil application. I used a few different oils. I thought my hair didn't like certain oils because my hair was constantly dry. For me, I definitely must use a moisturizing cream or a quality leave in and then seal it with an oil. I think of it as lotion for my hair.


Thank you. Really needed this!!

Janine Austin

Great info. Thanks for sharing.

question: My granddaughter's family insist on braiding my her hair extremely tight to the point of hair loss. Can you explain how this is damaging to her hair health. BTW she is only 1.5 yrs old

All Dolled Up Salon and Stores

Good vid and awesome peeps! -

Oh thats Lauren

You’re the second person that said that mizani moisture milk is good hmmm I gotta get some

Miosioto O

Argan oil and water works great in my hair. It defines my curls without gels or creams.

Portia Johnson

I use coconut water instead of regular water , it works alot better


great video

Janice wooden

Great information

Joy E

So I use vitamin e and olive oil and water... Bottled water at that. Are you trying to tell that chemical based moisturizer is better than more natural moisturizer? Wow

Joy cute&fluffy01

I been a natural for yrs.I always had thick hair with length.I came across so many videos talking about water and oil.I never tried it.Im thankful I came across your video.I never flat iron, blowout or etc.I basically rocked my fro with oil.Im in my 30s but I'm old school with it.What would u recommend for the start of thinning hair due to medicine?I hope you put up more videos.


love the info given here. out of curiousity, what is your opinion on using aloe vera juice (instead of water)? i know there are some naturals who opt for this instead of water in their spray bottles so i was just wondering. thx.

How to Hair



Girl bye. You failed to mention it depends on the TYPE of oil used! Of course oils like coconut or olive oil are not going to moisturize your scalp because they are PROTEIN oils. But oils just jojoba or soybean or teatree mixed with water are incredibly moisturizing and healthy for the hair and scalp due to vitamin e and d in properties giving the hair essential nutrients and antibacterial functions it needs.


How about Aloe Vera juice & oils?


Uhh.... water = moisture....

Ameera Sameer

What about aloevera and water mixtures?

Janine Austin

Great info.

question: My granddaughter's family insist on braiding my her hair extremely tight to the


Any at home or natural emulsifiers I can use to mix the oil and water besides dish soap


I searched for natural remedies & the chemical promotion popped up....??‍♂️

Даяна Сабадіна

Oil and water work for me... I use the mixture to detangle my hair in the morning and to define my curls if my definer is out. The oil actually gets to the hair because i can smell it and my hair is sleeker.

JazzMaine Veland

i use water & oils mixed i would suggest you add more oils than water that's why ppl tend to need to spray 2 often cuz they have more water than they do oil in the damn bottle ive always had more oils than water in my bottle

joanne azria

well said

Naturally Blessed by THE BEST

I love this info...I like everyone else thought you should spray you for hair with oil & water to moisturize ...but now that you mention it my hair is still constantly dry...so what can we use to moisturize my locs..but I am confused b/c I have been spritzing my hair every day with oil & water and putting a plastic cap to keep in the heat to no avail... thanks for the new info very enlightening..I look forward to more videos.. thanks & blessings

Marquita Freeman

That was my experience as well. Oil n water made my hair extra dry until I started using hot water to actually open up the cuticle.


+Amelia Salon I have a question, so the products that you want us to by from the store, don't they consist of water?

Arabian Lady

Veeeeerrryyy verrryyy interesting gr from europe

Leslie C

If I mix my leave in conditioner, water, and castor oil together what is that doing? is the conditioner binding the water and oil?

Nolitha Nkobole

can you use an emulsifier to bind oil and water?

zama tt

oil and water works for me

Alternative Thoughts

I think she's a marketer or something.

Priscilla Sarpong

so, dont spray your hair with water?


This video make sense


Yes it dries out hair to be honest inuse is gels with oils it eco stlyer with coconut oil or the argan oil one its good im just using what I have dont wnna become product junkie

Martha Balaile

That makes a lot of sense


Thank you for your video. I came here looking for a homemade solution to my using store brought products in my bottle mister to curve expense. I can agree with what you said about having the chemical balance in place with purchased products. I used my bottled product in my mister for the 1st time and my hair feels great, not dried up.


Dope video! Can't wait to see more!!

Unique Flowers

do water and castor oil moisturize the hair

Loveth Willock

Move this video. Water dries out our hair. You don't know anything about black hair. Invest in a good moisturizer. Stop being ghetto.

Yudah El

Why would you say you don't want to use oil and water when they are the only two natural products but you suggest product with lots of other stuff in them. Oil and water has been working perfect for me.
Your hair doesn't look to good from what I'm seeing

Olive oil and coconut oil mix for hair

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How to make a DIY hair mask from olive oil, coconut oil, honey and egg.

132 070 views | 30 Jan. 2015

A quick, cheap and easy

A quick, cheap and easy DIY hair mask. Contains all natural, and household ingredients to help replenish your hair over winter.

Justin Rennie

I tried this but I didn’t add egg

Sandi Hester

great tips! can't wait to try this today!

baby doll

I did a olive oil coconut oil & 1 egg hair mask and left it on in a head wrap over night gonna wash it out soon??


that's a teaspoon?

Nikolina Trajković

How often should one apply this hair mask ?

Ziya Mehar

Mam mre pas parachute coconut oil h....kya mai os ko use kr sak ti ho....plz mam reply me as soon as possible.....

Leo Hemphill


shuhaib k

How many times I should apply this in a week

Jamal McGrath

Is it okay to double or quadruple that amount of each item ?

dreams girlz

Mam i have only olive oil and Eggs hai kya usko use kr sakti hu plz reply me


can i leave this overnight?

Cute Hedgehog

Love this