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GRWM | Using New Products

4 150 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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Products links

Givenchy Teint Couture Everwear Foundation


Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder


Givenchy Teint Couture Everwear Concealer


Westman Atelier Eye Love You Volumizing Mascara


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade


Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil


NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer


Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Duo Stick


Tarte Shape Tape Concealer


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder


Laura Mercier Magic Hour Face Illuminator Palette


The wig I'm wearing in the video:


Use code: LOVE2021 for $60.00 off

Cecilia León

I like cream products so much i want to switch to all cream everything. Ps. You always make the products look so great ?

rachierock Alexander

I love that lip combo

Shelby Smith

You’re so stunning

Linda jackson

My Sephora here in Memphis, Tn. and the surrounding area doesn't have a Givenchy section in-store. Only online.


So elegant and classy


Luv you ??

Ketline's Corner

So gorgeous ? Always flawless!

Adrieana J

Sooo stunning ? ?



Ayo Joy

Chile you got me doing the eye shadow on my lips. Love that you included the outfit!!!

Yeahaboutthat Though

I looove Indie Lee products. Nice product choice there too.

Yahney Laden

Omg babe! Can you tell me what hair dye you used? That color is fab!

Tejiri Yekovie

Love your eyes

Linda jackson

I've seen the Libre Prism (?) Powder from Gucci on the Sephora app!

An Adjape

hey beautifull, which products did you use on your lips?

Marsha .M.

Sooo gorgeous ??? your skin looks flawless and the blush was a perfect touch! Hair is bomb per usual ? girl you slay everything!!

mimi lynn56

You make up looks amazing ?

Golden Hour

Loved it!

Ainat Darling

It’s the quality for me!?? what camera/lens do you use?

Linda jackson

What exactly is the name of the Givenchy foundation you used here in this video?

Stacey Garcia

Stunning as always

Tyleesa An Noor

I adore the way you style your clothes ?

The Posh Trainer

KY heyyyyy ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Lorrie LeBeaux

You look beautiful!

Tiffany V Butler

Girl! Why I thought you lived in England? I thought maybe you were an expat. Love the look

Blk Barbi


Samantha Henry

That Givenchy foundation blended so perfectly. I was down for the white Chanel surprisingly but the black was a great choice! STUNNING as always!!

Talia R

I will definitely try that Givenchy foundation! Adding the eyeshadow as a blush was definitely a nice touch.


What lashes are those??


My go to shadow is similar to yours- PM burnished honey

Mikaya Wade


Natisha Phillips

Watching you put on make up is so relaxing lol ??

Shay Hassan

Can you share the lashes you used? And what contacts do you wear ☺️

Yen & B

I luv that u don’t call it GA Venchi.! ?

Nodreen K

Firstly - this highlighted unit on you is gorgeous! Love how the makeup look came out too! xxx

Abbie Saltzman

You inspire me soooo much❤️??

Annie Jasmin

You have the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen ??

Joy Loves Beauty

You look so put together ?


It’s the blowout for me ?


what oil do you use on your face?

Boo James

Can u do a video on how u got ur hair like that? Like how u have been curling ur hair recently?? It looks so effortless

Renata Wiet

I think jou are natural beautyfuller thank whit make up on??

Barbette Reeder

Love the entire look!!

Lisa Ling

Who the heck is that in the thumbnail? You are literally two different people

deyo Layeni

I love your channel Jocelyn

Jace Face

Oh wow I’m in Louisville ??

Faces by DeeNicole


Shenell Mejia

You never disappoint ??

Shenell Mejia

It’s giving sex in the city, boujee ??


Jocelyn what's your zodiac sign?




What blush do you use?

vanessa lawshee

Hello! What brand/name is the eye shadow you put on your lips.

Rachel S

I’d just put tape over the pink ?


Willddd I'm in bowling green, love the video btw.?


Would you ever leave Kentucky (no shade I’m right next to you in Ohio) and if so where?

Cilla Morales

I adore this woman ?

Pelumi B.

your skin & your makeup ?

New skin care product

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50 143 views | 7 May. 2019

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Nourishing Night Cream http://bit.ly/2VihrkO

Hydrogel Undereye Masks http://bit.ly/2VrzEg8

Beauty Shield SPF 50 http://bit.ly/2Vkdkop

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Its not the same one I used, I think they upgraded it!



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FTC: No not sponsored, some products were sent for review consideration from ELF. Links above are affiliated


PO Box for Viewer Mail Or Product Review


28364 S. Western Ave #24

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. 90275

If you are a COMPANY/BUSINESS & wish to contact me to review a product, etc, please do not hesitate to contact me at (or PO Box up above) :

[email protected]

e.l.f. Cosmetics


Carrie Archer

One of the best most informative videos new subscribe thank you i hope that one is like belief def wouldld save me $ the toner yes. Pls vit c. And cleanser with tool. Again so informative thank you


I didnt know about the tint when i bought the spf but i kept it cuz it smelled nice. It burned my skin after a while tho so i threw it out smh. I like the vit c serum though

Lynnguini Egg noodles

if i got these products i think id be more motivated to actually take care of my skin, and i would use certian ones in the morning and others before bed

Loren Thompson

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS VID!! I freaking love elf skincare and these all look so cute!!

Rhonda Powell

Elf's hydrating water droplet balm is awesome! Love to use it at night. :-)

Marcey Allen

The nourishing night moisturizer is amazing! Also I am currently loving the YES skincare anti pollution face wash. Those are my go to nighttime skincare and it has done wonders for my skin

G T.

Have you done any reviews on the yes masks that they have at Target but yesI like to use them on occasion to their lip masks are so awesome


Thank u for the 1 brand skincare review! Most of the products were already in my cart. I have the same skincare needs and I'm all about affordable dupes. I've tried the Soothing Aloe Facial Mist, it's definitely helped with redness.

G T.

Follow up with a very very light light touch of organic coconut oil that is my go-to every night for my body and my my face. mind you you have to use it extremely sparingly so I like to usually moisturize mymybod after my shower so I'm clean and fresh and then I just take what's left of my hands and gently Pat and massage my face I massage the T-Zone area I just kind of stimulate my skin without being rough on my skinthen I make sure I hydrate myself before bed or in the middle of the night with water at my bedside if you have a reaction to the coconut oil and Justina everyday teaspoon to tablespoon a day does wonders for your your insides and outs. Our skin is the largest organ on our body it is the filtration system that filters out the toxins that try to leave our body so acne and all that other stuff has nothing to do with just the skin it's actually reflection of what's in bods skincare does help release it all

Megan S

That water essence is a holy grail for me, I’m on my third bottle. The eye cream felt good but it was a dud for me after I used it all up it didn’t really do much and I wouldn’t repurchase. You should try the elf eye masks that are in a round container and they come with like 50 in there. It also comes with tweezers to get them out. Very good deal for the price and I like them a lot.

Eleina Hinch

your skin is unreal

Heidi Aguilar

The elf scrub is so good, very fine. Similar to the Lancer and Murad ones.

Danielle D

Thank you for doing this video. I have been wondering about elf’s new skin care line since I received an email about it. I need good skin care that is affordable. I agree I have never really cared for elf’s makeup much but they seem to be rocking the skin care part.

Marie Doherty

My skin is important to me but I don't want an animal to suffer for me to have good skin. It is important that any product I use in my skin care routine is cruelty free first.

Ashley Atwell

U should def try a cleansing balm first to get all the makeup off! The new ponds balm is a good drugstore option, but the physicians formula matcha cleansing balm is the best drug store option! A double cleanse is a must for us makeup lovers!

Eileen Cahatol

Love their hydrating essence! I also like their antioxidant booster drops!

Aurelia N

The equivalent to taking contacts out ? Thank you for this video ?

Cristina Marisa

Omg I thought I was the only one who took her underwear off at home ?? I love elf so much, I’ve been eye balling this since I am obsessed with skincare!

Esme z

would you recommend for combo skin?

laureen daniels

Girlllllllllll I loveeeee the elf hydrating essence its my favorite
Side note: you can find it at TJ Maxx

Natalie Sánchez

You should use a spatula, nails and fingers have bacterias...

Marissa Burgess

Watching this video at work and wishing I was home to wash my makeup off my face. Lol

M a r i a

Thank you for reviewing this line, I've been dying to try their skincare out! ?

MariiSkin& Makeup

Luv ur videos Chica! Elf has been stepping it up on their game!?✅??


Universal for who???? I dont think that will work for my dark skin

David Kitaura

What happened a week after using these products?

Melody Ryan

missed you? I’m on a no spend challenge so I shouldn’t be watching beauty channels because I’m weak ? but must watch this anyway


I find that the water essence smells like a cigarette if u dismantle it. It works well though

Into Light

The best face cleanser hands down is Philosophy Purity Made Simple. This company also works with doctors. You don't need an eye makeup remover with this gel cleanser it removes even waterproof mascara & doesn't hurt your eyes. If anything would hurt them it would be the melted makeup that might sting, not the cleanser. I'm 56 & have been using this for years.?

Anna Aparicio

Did you try the elf jelly makeup?? If you did I’m sorry I didn’t see it.


Try Elf's Nourishing Oil. Thicker. Better.

Vesi brooker

The brush is for clay masks more

Della Hays

Ingredients and cost is what I look for in skin care products, good skin care doesn't have to break the bank.

Domitila Garcia

Yes I loved this video


I found a lot of those elf skincare items at Marshall's

Rheann Jayme

I love watching your skincare videos!!! ?

Alondra valdes

new viewer here so far love your video, but I did notice that you were a little harsh on your eyes when removing your makeup, ahhh don't! it causes premature wrinkles. Like when you scrubbed off your "concealer" with the brush and went in heavy with the towel to remove your smeared mascara. I know it is not much but repetitive pulling is what leads to premature wrinkles. I do not in ant way want this to sound rude, just a girl giving another girl a tip hopefully help :) <3

Yesenia Rivera

You literally rubbed off all the serum and mask with the toner lol. Girllllll nooooooooooo????

Heidi Hurn

I love Elf love there setting spray s x


#FineappleTribe ????


derma e has really good skin care


Can’t wait for the update on these products! (Even tho i couldn’t wait and ordered a ton?)

Yadira Rivera

Love your videos mama and love elf they really are stepping up their skin and makeup game.❤️have a channel as well hope we can support one another

Nicole P

Can we please get an update??? The new products seems to have good ingredients in them

G T.

The hydrogel under eye masks are my absolute favorite ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Anna Aparicio

Thank you for this video, I am going to go get some of those skin care products. Can’t wait to try them. Your face looks pretty without makeup!!

Nicole Silvaa

Starts: 5:00

Margaret Lopez

Dang girl lol 3am

Sophia Lee

Can't wait to try the cleanser brush!

Ashley Munn

Is the toner and stuff only available on the Elf website?? I couldn’t find it on like target or Wal-Mart or even Ulta not even online I found it on the actual Elf website but no one has it in stores anywhere that I can find lol

Ashley Palomo

I lovedd this video!! Ive been getting more into skincare lately and i have a few elf items , because of your review im going to go get more ❤❤❤

G T.

just some info and advice for me I only leave the eye masks on for 6 to 7 minutes I never leave them on for the full 10 to 15

Samantha DC

Hey Lizzy, I seen ELF had a Marshmallow Mask, it's supposed to be hydrating, looks so cool!! ?

Violeta Villanueva

Yesss I’ve been waiting for an affordable skin care video!!!!


Check the elf mattifying lotion. Use it under my makeup and helps reduce my shining t-zone

Yesenia Rivera

Oh no...... I couldn’t take my makeup off like this... it’s way to harsh! Lol. I always make sure to remove my makeup with a balm or cleansing oil then I go in with a cleanser ?????

Martha Enriquez

Excited to try it ❤️❤️❤️

Monica Roark

The hello hydration moisturizer by elf is EVERYTHING. I'm surprised it didn't make it to this video!

S Tolv

Aloha to you, too! (3:46 lol)

Cristina Popenta

Hi girl! You know about this new creams with pineapple, mark jacob's youth quake moisturizer?

Hayley Quagliano

i know this video is a year old, but it kept bothering me when you kept commenting on how your fingertips can’t cleanse the face well. that’s just incorrect. a double cleanse is always necessary when you’re wearing makeup, you can use your regular cleanser twice but typically i’d recommend an oil cleanse, or micellar water first. a brush can be very abrasive, and if you don’t cleanse it properly very dirty (especially when it’s not silicone) as they hold on to bacteria. it’s very like you didn’t get all your makeup off with the brush as well, it just looked satisfying because you have a lot of makeup on and obviously with cleanser and friction some of it will come up, but not all.

Yerlenys Gonzales

I loved your reaction to the serum ??

Lisette Garcia

Talk less in the intro plz

Meital Kabeli

Usually I just pass on Elf products, but the face wash and toner look really good to try. Thanks for listing the ingredients, and trying everything out.

Line kristiansen

You Can 110% clean your skin with your fingertips, they are just as good as a brush

Jaz Up My Style

I rave about this brand all the time on my channel. Their coconut dewy mist is EVERYTHING!

Carolina Murillo

Love elf products ???

Rachelle Spier

I want ALL OF IT NOW! ??

Emily Morrison


Juliana Alcantar

YES YES ive been waiting for this !!!!! Love you branch out to affordable brands I will definitely need to try some of these !! btw I have the same head band woop woop

Chrissy E

Neutrogena water gel line is good my face sweats if I use anything else almost like I'm allergic to regular lotions

Angela Bonilla

I use the nourishing night cream and really like it. I have oily skin and it works really nice. The eye illuminating eye cream I have a love/hate relationship with it. I have used their daily cleanser and liked it. I'm thinking of going back to elf for skin care since it's affordable.

Stephanie Wolf

Thank you for the video! Very informative. I used to always use Clinique Skincare. But last year I noticed I was breaking out more and it wasn’t working well for me anymore. So I started trying brands from Sephora that I got on recommendations from salespeople at Sephora or beauty gurus on YouTube recommended. I’ve tried several different brands and nothing works well for me. My pores are huge and I have dry spots and break outs. I actually just ordered a kit from FAB during the Sephora sale. So if that doesn’t work out, I will definitely check out ELF skincare. ?

Jessica P

where will you be posting your update after testing the products for a week? I'm very curious to see how they perform

Martha Tejeda

They’re going to have a 50% off site wide for Memorial Day on the 22-23!!! My cart is ready to go ??

Rossy Vizcarra

I feel that the squalene moisturizer (purple tub) was really good. The mask is hydrating.

Exhale the Pass Inhale the Future

I use the jelly cleanser, Essence, hydrating drops, antioxidant drops, the mask tool, aloe spray and coconut spray


I like them nice and thick too ??

Desha Esperon

I LOVE the ELF hydrating serum, it’s like a cream. Makes my face so plump and moisturized. Light green packaging and comes with a pump. I also have combo skin.

Megan Kristina

You’re making me want to try ALL the skincare! I’ve been so curious and I’ve loved their makeup prep products so thank you for this video! Very helpful! With that serum being so light, I think it’s a day time serum from what I’ve read it gives pollution defense. So maybe it will be better for daytime before makeup? If you’ve tried it that way please let me know. I’m oily and can’t do day serums usually since they’re thicker or more tacky.

Cher Silveira

Hi Lizzy! SO happy to see this review!! I use a few of these but have not used all the ones you are testing. It is so great to get to see how they go on and what they are like. I like how you are being honest and giving a detailed review on each one! I really like the eye cream and use it 2 x's a day. I am a serum girl too and so I wanted to find a good serum. One note that I was told about the water essence is that you are supposed to pat it on with your hands and not a cotton round. Just pour a little into your palm and then take some with your fingers from your palm and put it around your face and then pat it into your skin. It isn't a toner but a skin hydrater and freshener to use BEFORE your serum for extra treatment on the skin. GREAT video! Love your review!!

Cristina Carrillo

Your skin looks beautiful LIzzy ? because of you I started taking more care of skin ??????

Crystal Warren

Thanks for this video!! ????

Katelynn Lee

Woah I'm suprised the makeup isn't on the brush anymore.

Ashley Lamora

This isn't just you. I have noticed I hit the like button and if I put it full screen, then back to half screen on my mobile device, the like goes away and I have to keep hitting it. YouTube is getting BAD. That's probably why you aren't getting that many likes. I so look forward to your videos I just love you girl. I pay attention before I leave to make sure the video is liked because I know how much that impacts a channel I have my own as well.

Veronica Rod

ELF is stepping it up ! I love skincare but Im always scared to try new stuff due to my sensitive skin. Affordable skincare ..... YES PLZ !!!

Exhale the Pass Inhale the Future

I love elf skincare

Areeha Vlogs


Mrs. Ouida Johnson Beauty, Planning & Cooking

I made the pur hase but could not find all the items. Thanks for doing this video. I woul8have known about some of the products


Essence is not supposed to be used with cotton pads

stephanie sprinkle

Love elf def want to try the new skincare products their essence is great...the mask spatula is def better for thicker clay type of mask not great for cream/hydrating type of masks

Delilah Gutierrez

Awesome video .. ❤


Lizzy: I like mine thick

Me: that’s what she said ???

Ohsnap Osei

Glad to see this! I wanted to purchase when I first saw it on their website ???

Gloria Dorlich

? Goodnight Lizzy Sweetie Dreams ??


I wonder if that moisturizer gel is a dupe for MILK hydroprimer,,,,,a lot of ppl are allergic to MILK one

Gabriela Osorio

Plsss do an update on all products

Matt Hartnett

Hahah when you said “patches areee”

G T.

it's nice to see a positive review on their skin care line I honestly love it and I am a 44 year-old woman so I have mature skin it has minimal amount of harsh ingredientsI think that people seem to think that when you get to be a certain age you have to use hyaluronic acids and all this other crap. I know elf has that in some of their skin skin care line but it's very minimal. I feel like the minimalist approach and the fact that it's an inexpensive is the winning combo . I've noticed that my skin looks a little brighter since I've been using the elf products currently I'm using the T-Zone bubble mask and I use the hydrogel under eye masks. I cleanse my face with very little little cleanser I usually use the biore charcoal face wash and I hydrate myself drink plenty of water equal a lot of fruits and veggies and I use coconut oil on my body and my face it's a wonderful antimicrobial if you're suffering from any troublesome acne you don't have to use very much I literally just use what's left on my hands from moisturizing my body after my evening shower and just Pat it into my skin I usually focus on the areas where I do have fine lines give a nice massage to my face and I make sure I go to bed every night with some water at my bedside that and taking good care of myself along with this simple and inexpensive skin care line is doing wonders for me thank you for your review you're adorable btw ♥️

New skin care product

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SHOPPING NEW PRODUCTS FROM SEPHORA! (aka some retail therapy)

45 220 views | 10 Feb. 2021

We're doing some retail

We're doing some retail therapy today lol! Shopping online for some new products from Sephora!


Products mentioned:

Tom Ford Tabacco Vanilla https://bit.ly/36XaqK4

Marc Jacobs Extra Shot Caffeine Concealer Foundation https://bit.ly/3aVxryj

Sephora Best Skin Ever Foundation https://bit.ly/36Z3ThY

Saie Glowy Super Gel https://bit.ly/3cVN4Zb

Milk Makeup Color Chalk https://bit.ly/2MPRiGY

Kosas Cloud Set Baked Setting Powder https://bit.ly/3aXXQM2

Kosas Baked Bronzer https://bit.ly/3aPsY01

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Gloss https://bit.ly/3cYoGGa

SkinFix Foaming Oil Cleanser https://bit.ly/3rSw8an

Dae Prickly Pear Hair Oil https://bit.ly/3aVxN87

Mizani True Textures Curl Enhancing Lotion https://bit.ly/371EunN

FTC Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. Product links included are affiliate links, which means I can make a small commission through purchases. This helps to support my channel - If you so choose to, feel free not to use the links provided :)


Follow me!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/JamiePaigeBeauty

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/JamiePBeauty

Business Inquiries: [email protected]


Sydney Squires

me yelling when you mentioned the skinfix foaming oil cleanser bc that is my absolute FAVE

Ana Cruz

I don’t have curly hair BUT my hair stylist uses the Mizani leave-in conditioner in my hair and I love it!! They’re products are very hydrating :))


I feel this, so I'm on Sephora right now shopping too. It's almost my birthday, so I thought I'd buy something awesome and pick out the Sephora birthday gift I want.

Alexandra Alvarez

I LIVE for this video series???

Shana Miller

So fun to live vicariously through you Jaime! These shop with me vids are some of my faves but the try on video of these hauls are my actual favourites!! Can't wait to see what those Milk Makeup chalk sticks are all about?

christina chopko


Emanuela Hysenllari

Jamie, please try Westman Atelier foundation stick and the Super loaded highlighter. I'd love to see your opinion of this line.

jocelyn s

im dyiinngg because i literally just spent $500 at Sephora tooo lol

F Tagender

so happy I discovered your channel! loving your personality ???

hannah p

Your videos are always so calming and beneficial but these particular type (retail group therapy?) makes me wanna give you a big tight hug <3

Joni G

I have a Sephora order arriving today, and you have me right back to filling my shopping bag ???

Lo Co73

What is on your lips? It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Just Giulia

What lipstick is this? Would love if you listed your eyeshadow and lipstick in the description. Love this series and that you ended up getting everything in your cart!!

Ellie Rebekah

so excited to see your thoughts on every single product :)

Tiffany Uy


Amanda Moats

Kathleen Lights did a review on the JLo Glow products, you might want to check it out, she is a big fan of hers, but she was still her honest self! Also, you're making me want to go shopping, I've had some things in my basket for a while, might have to go finish it up!

Christina Ly

Yup. It's offensive to me too. That is way too expensive.

Centa C

Can someone make a gif of her on Tom Ford please so we can all riff on this...like that’s my face opening my electric bill this month ?


The normalization of anxiety, depression, and period woes is really refreshing! It’s part of the ups and downs of life that SO many of us can relate to and it’s really nice that people feel comfortable enough to talk openly about it. We’re making progress, y’all—baby steps!

Jill Parker

I’m so excited to see part two of this video! Can’t wait to hear about the Tom Ford and the Rare Beauty gloss.?


I love your shop with me videos!!! If you’re looking for a future video idea I would love if you tried out a bunch of athletic wear and you could do a shop with me with that and then a try on haul and review after!!

Stella Castilla

Yayyy I was one of the people to recommend TF tobacco vanille to you - it’s my favourite perfume ever (and I’m a hoarder) it’s A+++++ ?? The Saie brand though, don’t make my mistake of buying their Dew balm - terrible, thick sticky paste looking like glittery Vaseline! Hope you love the highlighter you got!

Alexandra Saadi

I’m so excited that Tom Ford has travel sizes in his fragrance line now!! Loved this?

Christina Merry

Can you please review Revolution Pro CC Cream Foundation?

Georgie Porter

Ooh Jamie looking forward to your thoughts on Kosas bronzer. We have similar skin tone and I went for the same shade as you but I've been finding it a little too deep for me, patchy and difficult to blend? Hoping you'll have some top tips! Xx

Dee B

I’m a Lancôme lady but I am in a bit of a squeeze right now financially, soooo, can you, would you try the Idole mascara?


I love this seriesssssss! Please do more of these ?❤️❤️

Elyse haruki

I’m doing a no buy year this year and I’m mentally shopping with you so I don’t have to spend money ?

melanie reis

Loved watching you shop. Helped my moral indirectly too? Thanks for this! Can't wait to see you try the stuff on!
For the JLo kit, Kathleen Lights just did a review a couple of days ago, if you're curious. Cheers! Xx

Megan Zuelsdorff

Emotional shopping is totally what I do too. I've also had a rough week with my mental health so I get it. My bank account says no but my head says yes ??

Catnip 4

The travel size TF fragrances last a long time because you only need a small amt they are fairly strong

Jess Goodall

Thumbs up to avoiding all your problems and shopping to distract ??✌?⭐️

YesHonesty hey

Sephora is a gross as your nose ?????????


Honestly added the same products on my cart. This is gonna be a fun haul when I get it

Jackie Lozzi

I personally am a big fan of emotional shopping ??

Amber Freitag

I have anxiety and I take CBd it helps me feel better most of the time

Javiera Hernandez

I add things but then end up deleting everything because I'm poor ? lolol

Xiaoshuang Wu

haha i just want you to know that I bought your amie collab when I was going through a really bad emotional rut

Kylie M

So excited to see your reviews on the Dae Hair Oil and Milk Chalk! I've been eyeing those 2 products!

Abby Anderson

I loveeee when you do this little shop/ try mini series! So unique

jordan dean

I’m an insomniac shopper so I feel you.

Raivan Frampton

I got the Jlo glow serum and returned it. It wasn't the worst I've tried but definitely not the best. It felt cheap and had too much glitter for my liking. On the other hand the TF Tobacco Vanille is absolutely incredible. Worth the pricetag. I know, It's insane!!! But I know you will LOOOVE it.

Briana Surber

all the satisfaction of shopping the sephora site with none of the guilt after seeing my credit card balance, lol. can't wait for the haul! <3

Flo Friis

You look GORGEOUS in this video! Can't wait to see reviews. Espeically of that milk make up product - very intrigued!

Shelby Borstmayer

Love these shop with me videos!

Angelina Borsellino

You should try the fragrances from Oakcha , they are a Canadian company. They make the most awesome dupes....check them out

Jessica Little Wolf

Saie!!! I had my eye on some of these products but I couldn't find it sold in Canada. How exciting!!! I get bad anxiety too and shopping temporarily really does help haha... Now I may need to do some retail therapy xoxo-- edit: ah dang, Jamie must be on the US site because the Canadian doesn't have the Saie tinted moisturizer. Anyone from Canada ordered from the states Sephora? Just wondering if they calculate customs in the order or you have no idea what it will be?

Paula Z

Loveeeeeee this type of video! Can’t wait for the hall!

Victoria Green

Ah man, I really love some retail therapy. ?

Sarah French

I love Sephora shopping with you! My anxiety has been up a bit as well. Thank you for doing this. ?

Belinda R

What color lipstick did you use? I can't stop staring at your lips. Mesmerizing

Melanie Sanchez

I love this “series” of online shopping with you!


i feel like you would like the fragrance “skin” from the clean reserve line (specifically reserve lol) the price is decent it’s 135CAD for 100ml i believe?

it’s described as a “floral woody musk” with a very everyday ur skin but better scent that leans on a “mature” vanilla. not like a smokey spicy vanilla but it’s very balanced and there are some musky base notes that takes away the sickly sweet notes of vanilla.

they have some smaller sample bottles for 38CAD i believe on sephora :)

Natalie Flores

Jamie your nose looks so much more defined now. So pretty!


try donating $20 / month to UNCHR, starving and war traumatized refugees each month. you can take that karma to the grave.

Lana B.

We’re definitely living two different pandemics?

Kristine S.

You should try Aether Beauty. I feel like their products are something you vibe with.

Megan Dene

Omg yes Jamie!! I am SO excited to hear your thoughts on the new Sephora foundation and the kosas products ???? also, that lip colour is DEVINE

Anastasia Menshikova

my favourite kind of a video!! ?

Angelina Borsellino

Hello there, hope you are feeling better


"I usually delete like 90% of what's in my cart when I'm done"

Proceeds to purchase everything in her cart ?

Tarren Mari

My anxiety has been thru the roof, too. I shop as well lol. Feel better!!

Jovana Kocić

If you think you like tobacco and vanilla combined (I have no clue what tom ford one smells like) you would probably enjoy Rochas Byzance. So cozy for cold weather ❄️?

Minion Me

if I buy a $ 200.00 perfume my anxiety may get worse. ???

Elisavet Balla

I have been obsessed with perfumes lately... that's the first time I got so interested in it. I would love to see a perfume vid from you. Whatever you would like <3

Rhonda Rodgers

I tend to do a lot of "window shopping" where I obsess over the product pages, add things to my cart, and they just stay there because I can't afford them ? then after 3 months when there's a sale I'll MAYBE get one or 2 of them lmao

Krisley Hilera

Ok girl but that lippie shade is everything ? love how orange looks on you!

Re Bo

The last time I was on an airport my husband and I tried some Tom Ford perfumes and they are awesome. But the price .... next time I maybe splurge ?

hafsah Tauseef

I could totally use some retail therapy ???

Ashley Cooper

Ok I’m only just starting this video so maybe you mention it but what lip are you wearing??? ? it reminds me of rare beauty lip soufflé!


I love watching these retail therapy videos, I feel like I’m buying them by proxy ? also, my kitten loves your voice—he always falls asleep when I play your videos! ?

Samantha Miller

Jamie tobacco vanile is insanely nice u will love it!!


Omg I neeeeeeed the laptop case please Jamie where did you get it? Or if someone knows where? (I couldn’t find it on Amazon ?lmao) thanks!!

Tanika Jaun

Your voice is very soothing, loved this video! ? can’t wait to see you test everything

Caro Heesakkers

Emotional shopper +1, most expensive therapy ?

Jean From BeautyShopPH

I dont know why Im sitting here like, get the mini size first! :)))

Lize Page

Loved this video!


Where is your necklace from? I love it!!!


Lovvvvveeeeeddd this!


i love you but shopping take everyone's mind off of everything we're just too poor to do that everytime we're having a mental breakdown

Molly Meehl

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the TF!!! ?

Veena George

we need more scent hauls ???

Robert Chavez

Love these kind of videos Jamie! Especially your review after ?

Ola Kotwica

get the Tobacco Vanille body spray! I own it and absolutely LOVE IT, in my opinion it smells the same

Saloni Sule

Been having a garbage week and literally just placed my amazon order this evening.

Jennifer Trump

Can’t wait for the review ☺️

Lexie .Jeuniewic

Sending you love! This vid made me happy xx


Of course we need more shop w me vids!! I love to watch others spend their money cuz I don’t have that kind of cash to spend ?

cilla xx

8:56 omg hi Sandy lin ?

Kathleen Hochstatter

I literally just bought the Kosas powder so I’m excited to see what you think and try it too


Given the fact that turkeys economy is shit rn and the things you bought costs around 2 grand in TL, i enjoyed the second hand shopping experience and felt slightly depressed lol

Kelsey Sheeran

How does the bite mascara compare to the hourglass caution extreme lash mascara?

Maha S

GIRL SAME!! You need to try ALT. Fragrances I’m pretty sure they have a dupe for the TF tobacco vanille perfume! ?

dzymzlzy B

I always shop using the Sephora app but watching you use the actual website looks a whole lot more interesting.


that honey pop up tab was giving me anxiety lol. just use rakuten!

Carla Roca

I really like this type of videos! Excited for the haul <3 <3 <3

Sharon Kelly

What are you using on your lips Jamie?

Julia Lidia

i wanna try that tom ford fragrance soo bad but i cant even justify spending $70 for a trial sized amount :( LMAO pain


My retail therapy isn't makeup or beauty products; it's running gear ?

I've got 99 problems and I’m going to run away from them for an hour.

Iris Madrid

i wish i could’ve stopped you from getting the medium shade of the kosas bronzer bc it is DARK and super pigmented ? i have the light shade and it’s such a pretty undertone and buildable! i can’t wait for your reaction to it tho ??