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What is Rx Retinol and Why Do We Use It?

37 views | 5 Feb. 2021

This week I dive into

This week I dive into Rx-strength retinol and why we use it. Prescription retinol is mainly prescribed by dermatologists for a variety of acne and anti-aging purposes in patients.

Q: What is Rx retinol and why do we use it?

A: Retinol comes from the word retinoids. Retinoids are a vitamin-a based molecule. Tretinoin is the all-magical ? retinoid doctors and professionals recommend we use on our skin. So really...what I’m putting on in this video is tretinoin. ?

Retinoids are proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade dark spots, elevate skin tone/ color and heal acne. They also work to repair the blood vessels in your (very thin and vulnerable) facial skin. Part of the work of retinoids is to break down and “beat up” your skin so that it’s forced to recover. By forcing it to recover so consistently your skin is producing collagen regularly and building elasticity.

Q: What is collagen?

A: Collagen is the main protein our body uses to connect tissue. If we have a lot of stimulated collagen — they stick together strong and firm...instead of breaking apart and causing wrinkles. ?

Who watches Real Housewives of Dallas? The episode with the chicken feet. Chicken feet are FULL of collagen. Cultures in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Korea eat the chicken feet because it “keeps them looking youthful”. ???

You have to get this stuff at the doctor's - but here's a link to shop my favorite over-the-counter retinoid serum: http://liketk.it/366s2.



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Retinol rx

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Combination Skin Care Routine | URBAN SKIN Rx Product Review | Cleansing Bar Serum Retinol Treatment

317 views | 26 Apr. 2020

This video is Part 1 -

This video is Part 1 - I’ve been using products by #UrbanSkinRx and I am satisfied. This video is my #UrbanSkinRxReview for the products I have used. I use the Urban Skin RX Cleansing Bar for Combination Skin. I also use the Even Tone Super Glow Serum, and the Retinol Treatment Dark Spot Corrector. This vlog includes my full skin care routine showing you all of the products that I use to help prevent acne / breakouts on my combination skin type. If you guys like the video I will be sure to do an update, and show before and after pics. Let me know in the comments how this skin care line works for you, or if you are going to try it.

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This was really informative! Love that you were very specific about where each product goes on your skin! Also we love our skin care and kinda wanna add urban skin to our line up now ???

Retinol rx

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Dermalogics Bioactive Retinol RX Serum 2.5%

5 107 views | 8 Aug. 2017

A truly advanced serum

A truly advanced serum with. Bioactive Retinol RX Serum 2.5% is a potent serum for acne and anti-aging. This serum laser-targets specific skin cells to ramp up DNA repair, and increase production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It also targets oil glands to regulate oil production in acne-prone skin, and enhances clearance of skin discolorations.