W3ll people reviews

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W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara Review | Before and After

2 359 views | 10 Dec. 2018

Links, details, and more

Links, details, and more below!...

Testing out the W3LL People Expressionist Mascara today. Check out the brush, before and after, and the final verdict!

Have you tried this mascara yet? Have a favorite mascara I need to know about?

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Featured product:

✸ W3LL People Expressionist Mascara in Black: http://bit.ly/2JxS0mt


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Please don’t speak so fast, thank you!

Whacko Vlogs

I just got the mini for $5 at target and I couldn’t pass it up, so I bought it and wanted a review! Thank you so very much :)


Hey Britt, thank you for these reviews! I need some help finding a copper or brown colored mascara. I'm a redhead and the green beauty world just hasn't gotten inclusive enough yet. I've tried and failed to find a really beautiful copper mascara. They all seem to be black or nearly black. It just won't work for my invisible lashes! Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!

Sol Carlos

That ref looks so pretty on you

W3ll people reviews

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W3ll People Bio Tint | Review, Application, Check-Ins

21 542 views | 12 Apr. 2018

Hey pandas!

Hey pandas!


VLOG Playlist: http://tinyurl.com/y9pmle5v

❤️W3ll People Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF30 - $29

•Target - http://bit.ly/2GRaWKz

•Credo - http://bit.ly/2GPfi4P

•Dermstore - http://bit.ly/2EEBkoX

•Detox Market - http://bit.ly/2EDqvDU

Whole Foods also carries it in store!

Excerpt from the official W3ll People Website:

"Achieve one-step perfection with this breakthrough vegan makeup / skincare hybrid. Active phytonutrients and pure zinc protect, brighten, hydrate and improve skin quality while diminishing imperfections. Enjoy a flawless, natural, more radiant complexion with this luxurious, organic, plant-based wonder.

SPF 30 broad spectrum protection with pure zinc

Advanced bio-peptide complex boosts collagen

Premium natural pigments correct imperfections

Organic coconut hydrates

Broccoli seed oil smooths and brightens

Organic pomegranate rejuvenates

Algae extracts combat hyper-pigmentation

Organic Ginseng anti-oxidizes and revitalizes

EWG Verified for non-toxic health and safety

Hypoallergenic, Chemical Free, Cruelty Free & Noncomedogenic

Free From: Parabens, Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Gluten, GMOs, Phthalates, Sulfates, Fragrance, Pheonoxyethanol, Dimethicone, Petrolatum, PEG, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Talc, Nanoparticles"

?Luxury Green Beauty Haul: https://youtu.be/c3qJJ0NEhvg

?Using green beauty: https://youtu.be/qeaGDh1sVJI

?Shopping at Credo Beauty: https://youtu.be/_qJbbJ6rGh0

?Facial at Credo Beauty: https://youtu.be/BuQd6Ea3QAE

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Jasmine Naomi

Ok your bottom lashes look great!!! What mascara is that ?

Bethany Forsyth

Happy Thursday yay!!! I’ve been loving the NARS soft matte concealer under my eyes and on discoloration. I have been phasing out my bare minerals complexion rescue. Now I NEED to try this lol. Dang it Dani! Every time! ???


Your shirt is the definition of spring ????

Heidi Nichole

The powder is really good :)

Alexandria S

Ps you can also order this on Amazon with prime shipping ?

Michelle Key

I would love a tutorial on the rest of your makeup look. I love this eye look and lip color!!

Darrele Dunbar

I really enjoyed this review!

Liliana Navarro

I had to stop in the middle of the video to go look up this product!!! I can't seem to find the darkest shade though it just goes from fair, light to medium.

HBomb 80

Good morning and happy coffee break! What a great way to start the day! I'm excited to pick this up for summer.

miriam schmelczer

I love the w3ll people bio corrector

Tita Legaspi

Wow this product runs really really dark. I bought Light yesteday (I'm light neutral) and it was 2-3 shades darker than me. Now I'm debating if I should exchange it for Fair (hoping its not to light or pink)

Place for Momma

I tried this brand a long time ago and the shades were just not there for my darker skin tone. I've come across quite a few green beauty brands with limited shades even when they offer darker shades.

This product definitely looks great on you though! You should try some more from this brand. I'd definitely love to see how they work for you ?


Hey I liked the video - might put it on my list, kinda judgy when it comes to products. I DO love your eye look. I don't see it noted anywhere. Is there a tutorial? Thanks!


Great review!

Sara Scott

I love your intro, it’s cute and chipper, usually makes me smile.

Christina ??

I totally wish I had a Whole Foods where I live. I would be there every week. The closest one to me is an hour away.

Janet Hill

Just ordered mine from Target $28.99! I am excited!! Thank you Dani!


Love this style video. I wonder if I can use medium deep. idk you're so tan now! We may be the same color! Rofl??

Katz Zav

Just FYI Im fair skinned with pink tones and even the lightest shade (fair) is SUPER orange. Very disappointed that yet another company doesnt know how to make a true fair color that doesnt look like it should be worn by an Oompa Loompa!


What color is that eyeshadow? It looks so good on you!

Lori Ayres

Wow I have to tell you that is flawless! And let me tell you your eyeshadow stayed on flawlessly

Shelby Hall

Well people biobrightening powder is one of the only powders I can use on my super dry skin It's that one, no.7 hydrating loose powder and Cover fx illuminating setting powder.


Danny! I like your videos before they even starts!

Maria Ortiz

Hi Dany. I need help. Can u let me know of a good concealer that won't crease? Also need a good under eye powder that won't go into my under eye fine lines. I'm over 55 but I still like to take care of myself, especially my skin. Thks. God bless.

Paulina Fernanda Contreras

Dani! Thank you so much for the in depth review on the w3ll people bio tint! I am super excited to try! I read reviews online where people say the texture of the product comes out separated or gritty, did you experience that at all? Also, because of the spf did you find that it oxidized on you at all?

Brigitte Thomas

that cooking video was inspiring and oddly, very uplifting! I made it and it was amazing! I liked cooking with you and my 13 year old son has a new favorite soup!

lynn burris

Sounds like I have a new tinted moisturizer to try. Your eyes look awesome today. What palette did you use? Have a blessed day.

crystal forand

You had me at "sold at target" lol

Michele Gartland

I bought it from Target’s website
Tried for the first time yesterday and loved it thanks for the recommendation !

Lora Olibas

Ok Pandas. Pharmaca.com has 3%cashback on Ebates plus using code (healthy20) get you 20% off on website. Free shipping in orders over 35 bucks. Your welcome. I just got this stuff, bubble bath and mouthwash for under 36 bucks. Yea me!!!

Robby lynnK

Yes, do a haul please! Love this product and the brightening powder..really would like to see if you like the concealer. Thanks for the great content ?

Boojie Panda

I love the format of this video, Dani! I think it's important in a makeup review to be able to witness the longevity of a product. I would also love to see an eyelash curler review. My eyelashes lose their curl 10 minutes after I curl them... is that due to a bad curler or just the nature of my doomed sparse lashes?

Maria Chilson

I wore this to work, in a very physical job. It held up for hours and faded gracefully. I love it.

Gisele G

Hi Dani! SPF in the foundation is not enough to protect your skin. You need about one ml on your face and you need to reapply every few hours.

Mkilill Liililll

Dani, you totally need a shirt with your famous phrases like: Coffebreak with me or welcome to my face!! ???

Melanie Vallely

I think it has four shades. I use “fair” and it’s my really tan summer tan. ?

BUT it’s sold at Target!

Ceren Turedi

This is my favorite product of all times!! Their powders are amazing and also stick foundation is AWESOME ? Stick one is so easy to use and very lightweight. Buy W3LL People from Pharmaca, it so affordable and always on sale on there!!!

Cristhiane Morineau

Hi!!! I just ran out of my Bare Minerals B.B., and on my last drops of my IT cc... I’m a sheer to medium coverage kinda girl. I’ll be 40 this summer, but don’t like too much on ma face... if you had to pick, between the three including this new tint.... which one would you choose? I love the spf and I’m a dry skin girl all year long :)

Itzel Mtz

Thank you for the review. Living in TX I can relate to your face product reviews. Would have loved to see you applying the product on video.

bribribri Nicoley

Your hair look amazing! And I hope you are feeling good and healthy Mama.

Donna Forcier

OK, I got that dress for a bridal shower because I saw it on you but man, I'm only 5'6 1/2 and its up under my butt cheeks! You are way taller. How in the world do you wear it without showing the goods? I ordered a small.

Phyrra Nyx

I want something light coverage to wear on top of my SPF 58, but it looks like the Fair shade would be way too dark for me.

Pituca Things

Loved this video. I might have to get me a sample

Hope E. Wan Kenobi

I’ve been patiently waiting for this since the haul ❤️

Yolanda S

I love the W3ll people concealer! Can't wait to try this product.

Tipsy Mologn

Coffee break intro is back ❤️


I thought my speaker was blown... But it's just Dani.. That's how you know it's a good product! ??

Just Jacky

Love the in-depth video? now, will it maybe replace your one and done? ? or too soon to tell?

Ashleigh Krzywicki

Able to purchase from Target ✅ physical spf ✅ will it make it through most of the day working with cars in Virginia summer? We will see because I just picked it up from the store pick up feature from Target. ???

Lucius Turna

I wish more beauty gurus would do close ups like this without filters. Love you dani!



mixy No

Where can I get this in Europe? Thank you?

Sherri Wnuk

I love it too and I love the concealer. Please do a video of how you apply your eyeshadow because it is beautiful.

Love, Dulce

Great review!!! Do you still love this?!

Miriam Cruz

Omg yesss I’ve been looking into natural products and I’m soooo gonna buy this!

Candice King

Would you recommend for dry, sensitive, mature skin in NY state winter time?

Kimberly K

Have you tried any of their other products?

Mim Iamsen

thank you so much for the review! Do you happen to know your MAC or estee lauder shade for reference? :) thank you again!

Elizabeth Robinson

I was so excited to try this product only to discover that the lightest shade was still too dark for my skin tone. Maybe they will expand and make shades for those who are on the extreme sides of the spectrum.


Love your videos, almost like a breath of fresh air, just makes my day so much better ? I also adore this eye makeup! Was there any tutorial that I’ve somehow missed or is it a completely new creation?? Anyways, it’s absolutely stunning and looks so amazing on you!

Jessica Evans

I have been looking for a new foundation product and this sounds perfect. I will definately be checking it out.

Michelle Coppola

Ummmm I think I need this in my life!!! ?


Dany are you Mexican?????


Why do I get the feeling someone is making you feel really special #coffeebreakwithdani.. or it could be the tan? Or maybe the coffee lol or maybe all of the above lol love you when your happy???????

Phyrra Nyx

I love your eyeshadow look in this video.

Sherri Ward

Thanks so much for the great information and recommendation! I would love to have something like this for summer. I'm in Oklahoma, so we deal with the humidity as well. Some days I just want something light just to even my skin tone, and protect my skin in the sun, but not full coverage and cakey. I appreciate this review, sister!

Rebecca Logan

I almost didn't get this product because of how it only has 4 shades and I found it unfair but I got it and I got shade light which I'm usually able to get away with light instead of fair but it was still too dark so yeah, it's not forgiving.

Lisa Stevens

I love your top! It’s adorable!

Elisha True

Well People does recommend to mix their concealer into the tint to add coverage. ;)

L Medina

I love waking up in the morning to a Dani video! ?❤️❤️❤️❤️????


Random comment alert: your description box is so organized!! I love it. I can find items that you mentioned so easily. :)

Idalisa Sierra

Well People is sold at Target online.

Griselda Ramos

Chemical sunscreen, physical sunscreen etc wtfreak im confused what’s better for you ? Do they all work the same? Do you have to apply them every so often???? Can somebody explain or better yet CoffeebreakwithDani can u make a video about it?

Jennifer Baird

I don't have a favorite W3ll people product yet, I think a few years ago in subscription box I tried their mascara which I really liked but that was it. I think I am going to try the small/travel/sample size. I am really impressed with how this looked on you after 12hrs. I appreciate so much your thorough reviews. And I loved hearing "Welcome to my face!" hahhaa oh that makes me happy! Your beautiful TAN face LOL! Love you!

Laura B

Thanks Dani!


Can you try some other cruelty free Indy brands?
This looked great on you after 12 hours. Always beautiful anyway.
Your new baby is adorable. When did this fur baby come into your life?? I must have missed something along the line.


This has been on my list of products to try. Thanks for the review!


Unrelated question but will you be reviewimg the spring editors box for fab fit fun? Or the spring box? I am dying to try it but i am still on the fence.

Iris loves life



I would try a blotting paper on the oily spots.


Seems really cool, but doubt it comes in my shade wah wah ?

Kristin B

This product seems great and looks great after all the wear... I think the color range sucks but I’m gonna look into it!! Love ya Dani ?? would love to see you do a haul

Danielle Taylor

I've been using the moisturizer, concealer and setting powder and LOVE it! I ordered some of their lips balms and their serum and can't wait to use them!

Alexandria S

I'm hella fair so I don't know if they will have my shade! I really hope it works for me I am super curious. I also hope it works on my sensitive skin!

Maura Beach

I’m on the beauty team at target and a couple months ago someone had used one of these and so I had to defect it. So I pumped a little on my hand and the smell and texture was so weird lol. I was like “PEOPLE ACTUALLY USE THIS STUFF??” Proof that a swatch doesn’t tell you anything.

Michelle Mann

I love their eyeliner!!

Gabriela Osorio

Hola Dani! I've missed you're reviews!! Gracias por hacer este video. You should do more videos in this format. TQM ?


Lol! I have that same exact cup, Soy Mujer Exitosa. Love it for my morning smoothies. Can’t wait for your smoothie video Dani :-)

Nikole Newman

Dani! I need a cup like that. Plain in that color. Where do I find it?! ?

Nataliya Chepurnova

Yes pleaseee film a W3LL People haul/review of more of their products!!!


??? That’s what happens when you grow up Mexican ??? Puerto Rican too!

Sarah Stroud

I was told you still need sunscreen even with these types of products because they don’t offer enough coverage because you don’t apply your makeup adequately to offer coverage ?I think I will stick with my it cosmetics cc cream!

Misty Parsons

Bring on the reviews, babe!! I’m super curious about this tint. If it will make my face look like yours..SIGN ME UP!!??‍♀️ As always, great review. Love you, Dani!!❤️? xoxoxoxoxo??

Rolle Reviews

Yes, a wellpeople haul please.


Dani who is the girl on you tube you follow that you look up to for clean beauty? Is it Madeleigh or something like that? Thanks

Angelique Laporte

Yesss! I was missing CBWD reviews❤️ Can you PLEASE explore more non-toxic beauty brands and do more non-toxic beauty hauls and reviews?!?!? I am trying to transition to all non-toxic products, especially makeup. Green beauty can be quite expensive and I’d love to know whether products are truly worth the money. Im trying to curate a small collection of base products that I can start with.


Loving your makeup look in this video!


Hi Dani, I'm glad to of caught your review on this product. It really looks good on you. I've been wanting to try Well's setting powder Brianna used it and gave it a good review. I don't know if you've heard of this line or not you might want to look it over. It looks pretty good there is a few beauty vloggers on YouTube who have started selling this after trying it. Here is a link to it. https://www.beautycounter.com/cosmetics/face/tint-skin-complexion-coverage.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc I love your top you have on it's so pretty. Weekend's coming up hope you have a good one.

L Score

Your videos make me so happy! I will be trying this tint if the colors will work for me...and I have to say that your eye makeup is gorgeous!


Love your eye makeup in this video. Can you do a short eye tutorial so I can follow?

W3ll people reviews

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Current Work makeup routine using W3LL PEOPLE #w3llpeople #cleanbeauty #nontoxicmakeup

158 views | 23 Dec. 2020

Hi everyone and welcome

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel: Non-Toxic Glitter. Today I filmed my current Work makeup routine using my W3LL People makeup. I hope you guys enjoy my video, and if you do, please like and subscribe!

All of my reviews are honest and opinions are my own.*

Instagram: nontoxicglitters

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If you are a business/company interested in contacting me, please email me at: [email protected]

|Products shown|

Bio tint multi-action moisturizer shade 'Medium'- https://www.w3llpeople.com/bio-tint-multi-action-moisturizer-spf-30/800001-C.html

Multi action concealer- https://www.w3llpeople.com/bio-correct-multi-action-concealer/700001-C.html

Bio brightener invisible powder- https://www.w3llpeople.com/bio-brightener-invisible-powder/200026-F.html

Bio base baked bronzer- https://www.w3llpeople.com/bio-bronzer-baked-powder/300300-F.html

Multi-use cream stick shade 'Nude Berry'- https://www.w3llpeople.com/nudist-multi-use-cream-stick/500078-C.html

Expressionist brow gel shade 'Dark brown'- https://www.w3llpeople.com/expressionist-brow-gel/150016-C.html

Expressionist Volumizing mascara shade 'Black'- https://www.w3llpeople.com/expressionist-volumizing-mascara/150015-C.html



Andrea McLeod

Where did you find that double ended face brush? I haven't seen that before. I don't see them on the Eco Tools website.