Laser for facial redness

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Vbeam: Can this Laser Treatment Fix Skin Redness? | The SASS with @Susan Yara & @Sharzad Kiadeh

28 129 views | 30 Nov. 2020

If you've watched The SASS

If you've watched The SASS for a while, then you know @Sharzad Kiadeh is always on the hunt for a treatment to fix skin redness. That's why we reached out to Beverly Hills board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brian Dubow to try Vbeam. It's a type of pulsed dye laser that treats skin issues related to blood vessels such as rosacea, spider veins, and more. Watch this video to learn all about it!

NOTE: This episode features a laser treatment, so there will be light flashes throughout the video.


4D Lift Laser: https://youtu.be/KC3zHn-iGK8

Stretch Mark Removal Laser: https://youtu.be/nqFozUyyJus

Learn more about Dr. Brian Dubow here: https://www.drdubow.com/

Treatment cost: $350-650 depending on treatment area

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@Susan Yara: https://www.youtube.com/SusanYara

@Sharzad Kiadeh: https://www.youtube.com/SharzadKiadeh

Mixed Makeup: http://bit.ly/2iDLI8t


Susan Yara: https://instagram.com/susanyara/

Sharzad Kiadeh: https://instagram.com/sharzadkiadeh/

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Yarmin Reyes

Hey the SASS! I’m hoping you guys can speak on veins (green/blue veins) showing through the skin. Specially by the eye and temple area. ??


I got burns all over my skin from this (I’m a light skin indian). My biggest regret is using this laser, please please be careful! I got it done with a dermatologist who said it was suitable for me to improve my redness but I was left with an extremely swollen face and burns all over my face which took over a year to go away. Some parts had all pigmentation removed like vitiligo and some parts had hyperpigmentation all over. Please be careful!! I’m sure it works well for lighter skins but if you are brown or black DO NOT DO IT.

Hannah Bingham

I know this was filmed before shut down, but is anyone else now hyper aware of people who are close together in a room? ? So weird to watch people live normally without masks and social distancing

Alexus Brockington

Sooo happy y’all are back making videos ! I’ve missed them so much

Carolyne Padilla

Loved and missed seeing you too together! You two are the best duo on YouTube!

Lulu At Home

Is Vbeam safe for darker skin tones? I may have missed it. I would google but I'd rather get confirmation from this video too.

Amelia Zidek

I am huge fan of you Susan and sharzad. I am so happy that y’all’ are back making videos. ?

Melina M

I need this... I’m excited to see if anyone in my area preforms this procedure ?

Unknown User

I’m so happy the sass is back !

Melissa CurlyPrincesa

Yay!! New video... miss y’all xoxo

Gennie Venita

I was literally thinking about the Sass and here it is ❤️❤️❤️

Colleen Leonard

I have overall redness like sharzad and vbeam has been amazing for me. I’ve had it done three times and my skin is SO much less red than it was. My derm also offered to do a more “intense” session (more down time) where she actually numbed my face and turned up the intensity for better results.

Richard S

The sass : The lost Eps. Wow this was like a different world. I miss pre covid

Elizabeth Pier

The SASS is back!!!! Yessss I'm so excited!!!!!

Christian Koch

OMG THE SASS IS BACK! This is what my weeks have been missing.

Joelle Farah

At first I thought I had discovered an old video I hadn’t watched. I was super excited to see this was a new upload! Sharzad and Susan make such a great team! Love the SASS.

Christine A Lucas

My redness is between you and Sharzad's. This would be perfect for me. Thank you. Do you know if most derms have this Vbeam technology?

Anna Fryxell

This is hands down my favorite treatment! It’s made the biggest difference with skin redness. Especially around my nose!

Elizabeth Pier

The SASS is back!!!! Yessss I'm so excited!!!!!

Silvia Martin

Hi Susan! The "red freckles" you are referring to are I believe cherry angioma. They have mostly unknown causes, though some people attribute them to high estrogen, insulin resistence , b12 deficiency etc. They are also sometimes caused by pregnancy/hormones issues, exposure to bromide and other things. I am not a medical professional, just a skin care nerd. Fyi, I got them soon after stopping birth control, exactly when I got the Hashimoto diagnosis as well.

Anita Miko

The SAS is back! Hooray


Sharzad looking really good in those 'sunglasses'! 5:04

M. Reyna

I'm so happy yall are back!

Marta Canga

This episode speaks to me so deeply!! Thanks so much for this new episode!! Love the SASS x

Jamie T

Red freckle? Cherry angiomas ? Haha ?

Amna Khan

It would've been awesome to see your before and after Susan. Are your broken capillaries completely gone or still a little visible?

Sidra Bibi

I have redness and veins on my face

Haley McQueen

I love you Susan! Thank you for inspiring me to take care of myself and my skin❤️

Adam Villani

Just an FYI to anyone considering: Your local dermatologist may also market the same type of treatment as "Excel V" instead of "V Beam".... They are both practically the same laser! Both amazing treatments

Vanessa Alves

Susan your makeup is gorgeous!!! I love the sass

fatma al-ucv

I’ve done this treatment couple of times and every time I break out afterwards .
Also I’m afraid of rebound or getting worse .
Im going for the 4th session in few weeks hopefully it will calm down my redness more cause I’m not satisfied with the results yet

sheryl doyle

You know what I need..

Jaimie Blosser

I’ve missed the SASS so much!!!!

Susan Yara

Hi Everyone! Sharzad and I shot this video back in February and hoped we would eventually finish it AND get The SASS started up again. Unfortunately, the pandemic has kept us from continuing, so we decided to share this video for now. We’re unsure when we’ll be able to start shooting again, but we have loved you for following and supporting. ❤️



01:50 ? targets everything red rosacea, spider veins etc

07:10 is it permanent ?

I 4c a Happy Future

I love when Susan and Sharzad bring us the latest technologies!!

Shell Bell

I’m interested in this. Who has done this treatment before? How many sessions and cost?


I just love you two ladies together, such great energy ! Ohhhh, how much I missed you ! ?❤️??


This is my favorite segment on this channel! Just love Sharzad! ❤️

Sandra Evans

red freckles are cherry angiomas

Maria Mitova

What is thr eyeshadows you have on?

Samantha Keller

So happy to see you guys again!! Love the SASS!

Luis C.



Deked out thinking the SASS was back ??? hoping sooner rather than later but obviously glad y'all are safe.


Yay!! I hope that when The Sass starts up again, you guys can do a cool revitalized intro. I miss the original one, it was so perfect and funny!

Amy Proctor

I went to a dermotologist who gave me two treatments of IPL for my broken capillaries. They did nothing. I hate to waste $$ becasue I work so hard but I hope to go to a more informed, better derm or estotician for the Vbeam. I'm assuming they'll know what that means. I also have cheek redness. Between 19 years of hot flashes and 25 years of enjoying wine, my cheeks are sometimes flushed. :(

Jenn Gio

THE SASS IS BACK!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


FINALLY a vbeam one

Lalo MacKenzie

I LOVE THE SASS ?!!! and i hope you two and your families are healthy and happy!! ???

Marta Corado

I tried this once (actually I think it was IPL - pulsed light). I never cried so much in my life. This was so painful. It felt like my brain was being zapped ?

Nala Satti


gilad shabtai

Welcome backkkkk

Allyson Cameron

Omg I got an ad for naturium at target while watching this! Nice to see her brand becoming more accessible congrats Susan!


I missed Sharzard!!

Larissa Vinent

Susan please show us laser treatments or any treatments for hyperpigmentation!

Chelsea Carter

Yes! I finally found the treatment for me! I have little red broken capillary on my cheeks, looks like Ike permanent blush. I always thought I would just deal with it ??‍♀️


is the "after" photo from Sharzod's nose a few days/weeks after the treatment, or was it immediately after the VBeam?

I'm looking to get the same treatment for my red little nostrils and I have been looking up before/afters online all week, I'm so glad this video came out right when I was looking for good info!

Jacquie Saba

From argentina? love u!!!


Omg I clicked this video so fast! I can’t wait for more of these. :(

jessica diaz

I miss the sass so much!!

Felix Aripa

I was literally thinking about the Sass and here it is ❤️❤️❤️


Would this work for little spider veins that look purple?

Avery Rose

Hello! I am making my gramma a skincare routine for Christmas and I’m worried that it’s not good enough, she has very dry skin and milia bumps. I got her squalene, Rose hip oil and hyaluronic acid all from the ordinary, will these products help?

Shaina Ann

I love the freak out part. It's so funny but we all get that way lol. I had my dermatologist remove a red freckle on my forehead months ago. And she used a form of a laser treatment. Not sure if it's the same but it worked really well and it's gone. I love these videos!

Denise Munoz

About dang time you guys hooked back up! I've missed the dynamic duo!!! ?

Laser for facial redness

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Pulse Dye Laser Treatment: Facial Redness Removal

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Laser for facial redness

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