Hydraulic acid formula

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How to write the formula for Hydrochloric acid (HCl)

23 867 views | 6 Jun. 2018

In this video we'll write

In this video we'll write the correct formula for Hydrochloric acid.

To write the formula for Hydrochloric acid we’ll use the Periodic Table, a and follow some simple rules.

For a complete tutorial on naming and formula writing visit:


For a Common Ion Table:


Drawing/writing done in InkScape. Screen capture done with Camtasia Studio 4.0. Done on a Dell Dimension laptop computer with a Wacom digital tablet (Bamboo).

Spyro The pirate

Wait is that an L or an a, I legit can’t tell you say it’s an L but it looks like an a


Thanks so much sir

Wadah Tabassum

Plz make a video for hydrogen chloride

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Blaise Joo

what is the empirical formula of hydrochloric acid?

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Nicholas Brooks

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Hydraulic acid formula

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Make Hydrochloric Acid

724 664 views | 2 Oct. 2010

We show how to make

We show how to make hydrochloric acid from sodium bisulfate and table salt.

The synthesis is rather simple, we generate hydrogen chloride gas by mixing together 140g of sodium bisulfate and 60g of sodium chloride salt and then heating. 20mL of water can be added to lower the temperature required but this is optional. Hydrogen chloride gas will be produced. This gas is lead into distilled water to produce hydrochloric acid. Be careful though, hydrogen chloride is so soluble that the water will pull itself into the tube trying to absorb it. In the video i use an elaborate back-flow prevention system to prevent loss of the product.

Sodium bisulfate is available as a pH lowering chemical. 30mL of sulfuric acid may be used as a replacement if you have it. Although if you had that, you probably don't need hydrochloric acid.

Wasp Stomper

Would you also be able to generate clorine gas by mixing sodium chloride with sulfuric acid?
NaCl + H2SO4 -----> NaHSO4 + Cl?

Alex S

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Hex xed

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Would this work with sodium bisulfite, instead of bisulfate?

Ruben O'Connor

I tried this but with sulphuric acid instead of sodium bisulphate - https://youtu.be/LuDr5RfnZbU

Ato phuswuo

Can i use sulphuric acid used in car batteries?

Ray Hoodoo

wow this was awesome man


Do you have to use the whole water bubbler or can you set it up like a distillation rigging?

Rowan smith

Cool, I didn't think about this to produce hcl, I should try and find some sodium bisulfite ? I know about an organic reaction that uses it to convert an alcohol to Amine

Jastagar Brar

This guy surely Puts Liters of Sulpher Hexafluoride before making the video ???... Anyway.. love ur videos Sir


Hey, man, what if I didn't have a round bottom jar like in the video
Sorry if I wrong grammar

samiul gamer

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Does it work with vinegar and enough heat?! Vinegar + NaCl -> NaAc + HCl ?!

Ajay Record

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Awesome...... all the comments I have read... everyone just gives up so easily... in my opinion you could go with out middle flask as seen in this video and just bubble the gas straight into the water and have a solution of muriatic acid...

Colin Claessen

What's on the bottem of the glas filled with ice?


Is ot also possible to make hcl by electrolysis of Nacl because cl and h2 are produced by that an we make hcl by combining both gases in same water container ??

Nicholas Brooks

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Is that really hydrochloric acid? I thought it needed to be contained in Teflon. However, I may have mixed it up-

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King Lords

Pretty dang cool, now i just need a reason to have hydrocloric acid. I mean other than just having it because you're cool and all.

مَتجر صابونة تيوب

What is the concentration of this hcl ?

Muhammad Asif

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Magne Elvemo

What kind of tube are you using?


sodium bisulphate and salt, great or electrolyse salt water then put the H and Cl gas mixture under a UV light

Chris Busenkell

another awesome video, thank you much. i love the backhanded commentary, you think like i do, unfortunately this, more often than not requires us to explain things to some people, if we've come to the opinion that something complex can be understood by someone else and it's worthwhile, of course demonstrations are always a much better way of conveying knowledge and demonstrations without any kind of soundtrack really suck...so we do our best...our minds are usually way ahead of our hands and our mouths...make sure the tv audience hasn't lost faith via honesty, being blunt, sometimes funny, always dry...

Mac Kizzer

U know it’s legal as long as ur not making bombs or doing something illegal lol, might actually get a good job

Paul Ohara

Excellent channel good video thanks for posting even if I'm a few years late what concentration did you end up with

Eetu T

Does sodium hydrogen sulfate ( NaHSO4) work?

Heck Heckingson

Lol can’t wait to prank my brother in his shower!

Craig Craigson

Is the heat pad to the left turned on?

Jilan Kroa1255

How can we mix one gram of platinum with 12 grams of mercury? Does the density rise without any mercury kneading?

WhoDiedHere ?

I need to fill a giant plastic tub with this, any way I could make this faster? The stuff I’m putting in it is going to rot and the smell will draw attention if I don’t find a way to make a large about soon, anybody can help me?

sekay Jr

What ingredients are needed


Nice , maybe next idea is showing how to turn C13H20N2O2 in to liquid

Mithun Roy mitu

sir,how to made of gold reagent (gr)?

Jap Just Jap

can I substitute sodium sulphate for sodium bicarbonate? or is it kind of like the fact that you can't make a stronger acid with a weaker one?

maherغ maher

What is the temperature in the experiment

Neha Khemka

U called u nerds in 0:13


Great. Now I know how to get rid of that body I have in my basement without arousing suspicion about buying too much Hydrochloric Acid.

Sharifah Md Daud

Can use sodium metabisulfate for substitute of sodium bisulfate??

Memer boiii

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cyrus variawa

I want to know how to make Methanesulfonic acid. please help me

Shark Attack

How much sulphurhexaflouride did you have to inhale before making this video then?

Akhil the Chemist

You should use an inverted funnel to dissolve the gas.
It would prevent back suction
And give the gas a large surface area to dissolve

Majid abdullah

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Shannon Blalock

for us nerd wanna be's whats that apparatus called when you say , " gas can flow around the outer tube into the round bottom flask and back out the inner tube"


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meh I just start with salt....

Collin Watt the minecrafter and music sorter

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Jacob Hannan

Is sodium bisulfate monohydrate used? The compound seems to melt fairly quickly

Meth Girl

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Schalk Breytenbach

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The Crude Lab

what concentration is it??


Or you could just use one funnel to make a suck back trap instead of dirtying up another flask..

Paul Frankenstein

Nice video. Did you heat the beaker with ice or just stir?

None Ofyourbusiness

The vioce makes me feel that I should be collecting ransom cash. Good video though.

Bala Krishnan

Can I use calcium sulfate instead of sodium bisulfate

Mr Tan

mua axit hcl 32% tai day https://goo.gl/uBwtMw

Brooke Woodyard

if the compound is exposed to galvanize (zinc) and it begins corroding the zinc it will bubble up and if a spark hits it will explode. saw zinc being dipped and a welder up on the roof dropped a spark and the explosion lifted a 10ton crane load 40 feet

Ryan Chua Bowen

Wants to try making MgCl,have a stripe of MgO,search 4 how to make HCl and now I have to find how to make Na(SO4)2

Mal Montross

Were both of your hot plates on, or did you only use one of them?

Random Fandom

If your backflow tube went to the bottom of the flask, it would just push it back out after the reaction builds pressure again


I've made acid with a microwave and the Oreo's creme in the middle

Smirking Smirkku

How to make fluoroantimonic acid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLycplZWv70


Hey, whered you get the glass adapter from

Dynamic Entertainment Game Studios

can some one tell me the attachment added to the round bottom flask name

Giacomo Marchioro

"hydrogen chloride is so soluble that the water will pull itself into the tube trying to absorb it." mmm I don't think is correct... What is probably happening is that while the gas is dissolving in water the volume in the apparatus is the same so the pressure is lowering probably also the temperature will drop at a certain point and this will cause that the pressure of the atmosphere to be higher compared to the pressure inside the apparatus causing the back-flow.

NEY Industries

According to pH meter – NurdRage just made a whooping 2% HCl. :)

Modern Hacker

Can we use condenser instead of bubbling in water


How to make sodium bisulfate anyhydrous?

Atlas Perry

What is the 3 port 1 way attachment thing called?

Nicky Dana

May I ask, which process would be faster to reaching concentrated hcl levels? bubbling hcl gas or chlorine gas through water...anyone experienced with both? i know both Hcl and Hypochlorous are produced by the Cl reactionwith water, however I also understand that once the solution reaches a low enough ph this decomposes the Hypochlorous intointo HCl and Chlorine? ive been able to create an impure HCl with just exposing H2o to Cl in a closed Container with only 2 days to react...I also understand that with a couple weeks time hcl gas can create pure and/ or concentrated. hcl(aq)...just wondering which process yields a concentrated hcl faster? better absorption? Id love to hear from someone more experienced with this!?

Jhourlad Estrella

Can I use Sodium Metabisulfite instead? Thank you.

Yup you itz me

Estoy asombrada, creo que la curiosidad es útil, se aprenden cosas nuevas.

Khalil Boukattassa


Prachi Jain

Thank you, its informative

Matt Rose

What are your thoughts on this method of producing HCL and sodium hydroxide with salt and electrolysis?

hydrogen chloride gas seems to be wasted, Ice will help right?
Check it out

Mitul Singh 0032

Can I use sodium bicarbonate

Luis Navarro

First of how do you get these chemicals EXCATLY SO ITS JUST BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH


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does anybody know where to get the attachment for the round bottom flask

Faheem Jamaloodeen

Why is it that Hydrogen Chloride and Hydrochloric Acid have the same formula despite Hydrochloric Acid being an aqueous solution?

For Ammonia (a gas at room temperature), when an aqueous solution is produced, the resulting product is Ammonium Hydroxide.

Why is there a difference?


Can you also find out the concentration if you weigh the acid?

israel's voice

fuck i dont have any of this help me


I searched this up because I used this at school during chemistry but I forgot how this would look in my search history now I think about it

Biprajit Goswami

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Ryan Brady

can this be used to make chlorine gas with pool chlorine


I thought Hydrochlroic acid was made up of H and Cl hydrogen and chlorine... My life was a lie

Small Snip

Helped me get rid of the neighbor


Woaah, when did you stop smoking weed? In this video I understood everything you said, today you talk so fast I gotta rewind for every ingredient ?

Longboard TxCo

How can i make Hydrochloric Acetone?


Instead of Sodium Bisulfate can I use baking soda?

Leslie Jones

my doctor gives me HCL pills and i'm going bald because of this, do you recommend i consume urea or meta bisulphate or bicarbonate soda in small amounts via hokeypokey or banana cake , the acid makes me bloat and sometimes get mind powers, what is safest? is it true that alchali when strong can disolve my inside lining of my heart? or arteries? diabetic meds are called metformin and said to be french lanolin flower but really its Hydrochloric acid

Avada kedavra

dosen't the lab prep require sodium chloride and concentrated sulfuric acid only?

Hydraulic acid formula

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Rate of Reaction of Sodium Thiosulfate and Hydrochloric Acid

330 732 views | 20 Dec. 2012

Vary the concentrations of

Vary the concentrations of reactants and measure the time it takes for product to appear.

This video is part of the Flinn Scientific Best Practices for Teaching Chemistry Video Series, a collection of over 125 hours of free professional development training for chemistry teachers - http://elearning.flinnsci.com

ATTENTION: This demonstration is intended for and should only be performed by certified science instructors in a safe laboratory/classroom setting.

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Website: https://www.flinnsci.com/

caroline r

What type of reaction is this?

Gustavo Gamer


Hafiz Izzudin

May i know what is the aim or objective for this experiment? Because i need to do a lab report for my studies

Sana Amiri

does anyone know if this reaction is endothermic or exothermic?


2 mol

Alexander Bontempo

The graphs are wrong. In this case the time is the dependant variable should be placed on y axis.

brecon prior

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Keena Shirin

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Abdo Ali

Thanks a lot from egypt

Ritu Dhar

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This should say that you use 5mL of 2M HCl ...


doesnt sodium thiosulphate + hydrochloric acid make sulphur+sodium chloride = water

sung te

I love your lab coat ???

Robinson Tong


Elle Tun

Is sulfur the product that makes the mixture go cloudy?

Ádám Kákóczki


John Abraham

Thank you so much this was very helpful

Akash Sharma

she has an avogadro's number on her shoulder ???

Kriven Pharma

can you tell me , which solution you are adding in to the beaker?


She has a mole on her shoulder (chemistry genius)

Dan Reid

I mixed 4.3 g of sodium thoisulfate in 200 mL of water and then used 1.2 M HCl.  I reacted 30 mL of the thiosulfate with 20 mL of acid in a small beaker and the reaction took about 1 minute for the "x" to disappear.  Then I doubled the mass of thoisulfate (8.6 grams in 200 mL) and ran the reaction again.  This time it took about 30 seconds for the 'x' to disappear.  It worked really well for me.

Ms. Valcin

Thank you so much
This is gonna help me

Chloe Gerhardt

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Leonard Delasee Avaworyi

What was the concentration of the hydrochloric acid?

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Whatever is in her shoulder is a mole.. Not the animal but the measurement of the number of atoms, the mass of atoms and also the volume of atoms....

Wepa Jumageldiyew


Amazing video

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ganesh atte111

In this what is the color of sulphur

Praveen Reddy

pls do the experiment regarding changes occured mixing hypo & sulphuric acid

saturnina abbarani

Action sound in first scene hahahaha

সেউজ অসম

Mem, how can u find 0.15 moles/L

Alex Lee


Huy Hùng Lê

thanks ,it is good video.

Clares Corner



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natalie goh

Who can tell me how to calculate the concentration?? (4th column)


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Darshan Naidoo

very helpful for my practical tomorrow! Thanks A Million!


what the hell is on your shoulder? a moll? Telling you what to do?

Nicole Biddle

At 1:56 it says mole?


I love her lab coat! And her pet mole. That was brilliant!

sameer hijjawi

what is the aim of this experiment

Thomas Wood


Luis David Sierra López

I have a question. How does final concentration is measured?. Thank you :D


ty :)


In the Table, instead of H2O, isn't it supposed to be HCl?

Mostafa Mohamad

Sodium thiosulfate +hydrochloride acid produce sodium chloride + sulfur dioxide+ sulfur+water


How were the concentrations calculated kindly?

jake dawson

Mate, there's something on your shoulder

Teejay Gaming

What color is the cloud formed?

Juan Arvianto

anyone can tell me the rate law?

Adera Chengere

Good demonstration

Jason Krane

I have chemistry moderation tomorrow so I'm cramming this


I always wanted to tiedye my coat. she is awesome!

Hriday Lilani


Busta Gina


L Lawliet

Is the hypothesis the higher the concentration the faster the reaction rate correct?


It's so cool that science is so Universal!

Leo Freeman

Take a chemical experiment that looks like magic, make it as boring and tedious as possible, and Voila! - you've put kids off science for life. Good work.

Yuan Ng

1/time wat is it??

DC Miner1234

I don't understand how you made those graphs. How do you possibly know what the concentration at a given time is? I tried this experiment in my chemistry course, but the experiment doesn't show how you got the data you did.

Grace Filmer

Thank you! This has helped me for my science coursework! :)

Leonardo Villar

Thank you very much!!! Your video was very useful for me...

Zara Milian

I have a question about this class. What is on her shoulder?

Megan Eide

That reaction is totally wrong. It should be Na2S2O3(aq) + 2HCl(aq) → S(s) + SO2(g) + 2NaCl(aq) .


wow, this was very helpful! thanks!

HomeSlice 8

anyone else not notice the mole until you read the comments?


hey its kyanada

Alice Andersson

Hi. What kind of errors can occur here, when doing different kind of reactions.

Wijke Ellis

Omg it's a Mole xD that so punny

Ádám Kákóczki

Mi a szar az a vállán?! ????

Big Tree

How was the concentration of Na2S2O3 measured each time??
Can someone explain please?

Tomi Animations

sub to me pls

Darshan Naidoo

concentration vs time and concentration vs 1/time *make sure correct amounts are used

Navjot Singh

I have a quotion
What on her shoulder?

Sam Bolton

whats on her sholder

Jessica Edwards

thanks, for this video very useful.


What is the theoretical value of k in this reaction???

Soko Tee

is it possible to look at both concentration and temperature at the same time.

johnneythunder 748

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Marco Kostadinov

Very nice demonstration. And a smelly one, usually. However, how come the dependence [thiosulphate] vs 1/time is linear?! If the reaction is considered to be first order, then linear is ln[thiosulphate] vs time. [thiosulphate] vs 1/time is not even close to linear. Am I missing something?

Vaida Šmitienė

I wish to have so nice coat, thees colors, love it :)

Bob Marley

Why did she change the amount of sodiumthiosulfate as opposed to changing the amount of hydrochloric acid? If the amount of sodiumthiosulfate is varied, won't you end up with two variables? Adding more sodiumthiosulfate will result in more sulfur formed (so a thicker cloud) and will simultaneously result in a faster reaction.



The RealParnthaa

bro lemme know real quick if you can do my research investigation. scientific question is does temperature and concentration have an effect of the rate of reaction (sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid)

Sohail Jaswar

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Luke huang

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Samie Said

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