Types of complexions

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Complex Ions and Their Ligands | A-level Chemistry | OCR, AQA, Edexcel

36 365 views | 24 Nov. 2017

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This video will focus on: Introduction to complex ions, Common ligands, Monodentate and polydentate ligands, Octahedral complexes, Shapes of ions with four-fold coordination, Ligands and colour, Chelate effect, Summary.

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i love your explanation

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Good explain

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It's so good! Keep up the good work!

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Good you only explanation

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Does ion complexes share hydration spheres? Thanks for help

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love the accent ?

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the best on this topic, thank you

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Thanks for this video! It helped me a lot for my final revision!

Types of complexions

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Complex Ions, Ligands, & Coordination Compounds, Basic Introduction Chemistry

303 047 views | 15 Jan. 2018

This chemistry video

This chemistry video tutorial provides a basic introduction into complex ions, ligands, and coordination compounds. A complex ion typically consist of a transition metal cation bounded to ligands which can be neutral molecules or ions. The number of ligands attached to the transition metal ion is known as the coordination number. This video explains how to determine the oxidation state of the transition metal ion in a complex ion and within a coordination compound. A coordination compound consist of a complex ion and a counterion. The counterion may be a cation or an anion. This video briefly discusses werner's theory of coordination compounds and the concept of primary valence and secondary valence as it relates to the transition metal ions in complex ions.

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Pros Knight

when the coordination number is 4 why can't the structure be seesaw

Juan Rodriguez

You sir are a legend. Thank you

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big like thank you so much

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its great really thnx a lot

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Why isn’t he verified?!

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His tone is so soft while explaining..?

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Great video thank you! I have a quiz on Wednesday so I'm trying to get ahead on studying.

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TO BE REALISTIC...........................!!

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i had watched so many videos about this lesson but i had never seen a video like this.thnq so much for this. i hope you can make more videos like this.

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Learned all of this 3 hours before my midterm. Couldn't even begin to describe what all of this was before this video. THANK YOU!!!!

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you are the best!!!!

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8:30 mono and bidentate explanation

sad song covers


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Thank you very much for ur efforts so far in helping students

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plz make on video naming of anionic legent end with o

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Perfect overview for my Inorganic quiz tomorrow. Good stuff ??

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AWESOME VIDEO great for someone who is starting from zero man...

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This video is more recent, longer, and more informative than my professors at MJC... Joe Caddell. He posts a 7 minute, 4 year old video, tells us it’s all we need, then gives an exam. Trash can of an effort


explain why complex ions are coloured pls!!!

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Tq it help me lot

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Dude, this is the best.

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Sir can you say when the NO3 acts as counter ion


Awesome. Thank you

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Daniel Norris

coordination number is not the number of ligands but the number of coordinate bonds attached to the central metal ions.
Bidentate ligands bind to the central ion twice and so coordinate number will increase by two for every bidentate ligand.

Garrett Green

Bruh I'd actually be okay with paying for a subscription to an online textbook if it were like your videos

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When I hear "in this video we're gonna talk about " I feel like I will understand everything thank you i really appreciate your effort

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how did you know that the CN's each had a reacting charge of -1? what if you got the molecule [Cu(NH3)4]^2+? what is the charge of Cu?

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When I get a job at spaceX using my chem eng degree that you helped me to get, all of my salary is going straight to your patreon

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i am phd physics student who has no idea about coordination chemistry nut they asked me to pass this course and i was totally lost
Thaaaaaaaaanks man u r great.

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Can you make a more detailed tutorial about this topic please?

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0:00-0:13 I thought my screen broke down


omg bless u this was the only video that helped understand how to differentiate the ligand types

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Thank you so much for this video.

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Sir,pls tell me that, how can I identify the situation of the ligand in complex compound??? Is it cation ,anion or neutral???

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Please do a microstate video

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My analytical chemistry quiz is Tuesday and before i watch the video I know I’m gonna ace it thanks to Allah then you❤️you’ve helped me a lot, god bless you?? i wish you could make an application though like khan academy and put a simple fee for it coz u deserve it and a lot of us would gladly pay.

ahmed alhassanat

but what about the charge of the diamine silver cation at the beginning od the video
can some one explain it to me please ??


Love it, really!

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How can we get this guy the Nobel peace prize?

Always happy

thanks sir

Phy aunna

Why can't the lone pairs of the other two oxygens interact ? (in the bidentate example)

Mithi Ahmed

But zinc is not a transition metal, but why do we calculate the coordination number in this case.

Sabah munir

hey! when you talk about bidentates, you use zinc ion as an example. Zinc ion can not form a complex ion as it has a complete 3-d orbital....

extra ordinary coder

Why do you know everything
Is it possible to learn this power


Anhydrous ammonia is "NH3" and obviously not a single "ion" aka an atom as people who learned chemistry in a country with a real primary and secondary education system. There are many "ammonias" and NH3 is a nitrogen atom with 3 hydrogen atoms. Good luck getting an NH3 molecule to bond to a silver atom in a "standard atmosphere". Did you learn anything about real sub-atomic particles and the actual "charges" of atoms and the real "geometry" of molecu...I mean "ions" in whatever 3rd world dark ages "organic chemistry" class you took or is that laughable gobbledygook and psuedo-science the extent of the curriculum? You don't get that "ligands" only exist in "model molecules" used to illustrate and separate the different atoms in a molecule, do you? In the real atomic molecular world there are no "ligands" and atoms are "stuck" directly together by what is known as the "strong nuclear force". Basically its molecular "magnetism" or even "gravity" and positive and negative charges "attract" or light atoms are drawn to heavy atoms. Based upon protons, neutrons and electrons. Have you heard of "atomic numbers"? Obviously not.

Gabryel Steinmetz

Make upper division Inorganic Chemistry videos please.

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Sir, pls tell me that, how Can i determinat the number a in this complexe {Cu(NH3)a}2+ pls help me because i have a test !!!!!!


god bless you


how do i tell when to use a tetrahedral or a square planar since those are the two options for a coordination number of 4?

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Sir Nacl me cl ka c.n kitna hoga kaise nikalenge

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CN should be in the brackets 11:51 ....it's just a little confusing(although it's obvious)

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"club penguin is kil"


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What is the name of [Fe(CN)6]3– please?

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Thank you for saving my ass in our online quizzes this quarantine. I'm so happy that I can just watch your videos right away now instead of listening to lectures then look up your videos after because I didn't understand our professor. Thank you so much.


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Do u have anything on Fac-mer isomers? They are in the same chapter as this one. Thanks

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So well explained. Do you have any videos on Ligand Field Theory?

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English is not my native language so it was still pretty confusing but compeared to lecture it feels like 2+2

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Sir Nacl me cl ka c.n kitna hoga kaise nikalenge