How to use african shea butter

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African Shea Butter on RELAXED HAIR and COMBINATION SKIN (Product review)

4 425 views | 13 Apr. 2019

Product Review for the

Product Review for the Taha african shea butter on my black relaxed hair and combination skin.

The Taha African Shea Butter is very beneficial to your skin, hair and body. Treats dark spots, dark circles and acne. It is also a very good sunscreen. It acts as a very good sealant for the hair and helps to get rid of or decrease breakage.


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just ordered one ! it's expensive in Egypt but i'm too excited

Dennis Shaw

I’ve been using it and it dries my scalp tho. Did you experience that?

Sheldon J

Lol I use this good stuff

Victoria 12156

How much times do you use it on your face

Sasha Bridgewater

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Glad to see you arent shy anymore Sasha

How to use african shea butter

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How I Use Raw African Shea Butter to Moisturize | Skin & Hair!!

15 030 views | 29 Jun. 2017

Hey YT!! This is one of my

Hey YT!! This is one of my secrets to super moisturized curls!!! I love this stuff and it definitely gets the job done! If you LOVE raw African Shea Butter too then give this video a thumbs up!!

Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Thank you so much for being here!

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Creme Flakes

Yes pls.... can u put all the ingredients that you used in this concoction ? ❤ TIA and very great post and music is relaxing ?

Runoko Ankh

I love the music in the background and your video


Where did you buy your Shea butter ?

Kawthar Mrzook

How long do you keep it?

Rirah Smails

I loved watching this:))) thankyou! Xx

Carolyn Johnson

You need to let us know everything you are putting in the mix???


Oils/Ingredients used:
Raw African Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Grape seed Oil
Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Argan Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin E Oil

Joy Udekwe

Do you use it on your hair everyday?

How to use african shea butter

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Okay Pure Naturals White Smooth African Shea Butter REVIEW

3 229 views | 9 Mar. 2020


Wally World

Did your had a seal on it mines did not