How to use a no no

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No No Micro - How to use it!

6 665 views | 15 Nov. 2016

A simple, quick yet

A simple, quick yet informative video to show you how to use the No No Micro. More details here: https://melaniesfabfinds.co.uk/beauty/nono-micro-review/

A S,Edinburgh

Thanks so much for reviewing this! I've seen these around and I've been wondering about them, it's great to see a demonstration. I like the look of it as well as the functionality; it's a very smart, neat little gadget.

Sean Eccles

it's on my Christmas list!!!


I really like the look of this, thanks for sharing

Jules Eley

These look good!

Johannah Carroll

Expertly demonstrated. I've often thought about getting a No No and you have swung the vote heavily towards the 'yes' camp :)

Sophie MiIllar


Shelley Jessup

Oooh I've been wanting to get one of these & I am now even more determent I will get one!

Samantha O'D

looks like a great little gadget

kayleigh watkins

They look fantastic and I would love one, but would never spend that much on myself I begrudge buying myself anything unless I absolutely need to xxx

amy simpson

What a useful item,thanks for sharing x

Jane Gorton

Looks good x

Rich Tyler


Carly Belsey

I really want to try one of these so am going to ask for one for Christmas :-)

yah rabbah song Plz subscribe

cool product

Leah Turland

But it doesn't remove the hair, it burns the tips of the hair and when you buff it, the burnt bit disappears and the hair is still intact. It takes a good hour or so to do just 1 part of the leg!! I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or what. But it's annoying.

Jenn Marie

This looks great, love your videos, so helpful!

Loretta Mcdonald

Awesome giveaway

Peter Watson

Very useful thing.I will have to get one.

Annabel Greaves

Very useful x


I really want one of these!

Sean Eccles

looks fab how much are they

Deborah Mackenzie

have seen so many adverts with NO NO and thought about getting one. Your demo is great and I am thinking I should maybe invest in one.

How to use a no no

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EPI-NO How To Use (for childbirth)

133 405 views | 28 Aug. 2013

Learn how to use the

Learn how to use the EPI-NO to train your pelvic floor for childbirth to reduce the chance of tearing, have a faster labor and reduce the likelihood of lingering pelvic floor challenges like incontinence.

If you want a faster birth and labor with less tearing, you've got to check out the EPI-NO childbirth trainer! This product helps you learn to contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles in preparation for birth. It also helps you with perineal massage and preparing the pelvic floor for sensations of stretch and pressure and discomfort. The device is also used restoratively to help regenerate tone and strength with the biofeedback aspect.

This device is no longer available in Canada or the USA and is not able to be shipped to North America. Please visit www.epi-no.com for a list of International locations where you can purchase one.


Connect with me…

On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PelvienneWellness/

On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/vaginacoach/

On Twitter https://twitter.com/VaginaCoach

On The Blog https://www.vaginacoach.com/blogs/vaginacoach


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Think INSIDE The Box!

sunny lion

Hi there! Thank-you for this video! I am 36 weeks 4 days and I started stretching with my epi-no yesterday. How much of an increase should I see daily? My vagina feels incredible tight and my score was 4cm yesterday and 4cm again today. Is this normal?

Michelle Mitchell

i'm 34 weeks, i'm worried baby wll come at 36weeks can i start using it now?

Evelio Ruiz

Thank you very much!

Ramya Subramanian

Hi Kim, what is the maximum time we can use this? Am wondering if we are allowed to use it 10 min morning and evening ( twice a day ) and if it will be useful getting to the goal sooner. Please advise. Thank you.

Porsche Indrisie

Hi Kim, I bought the Epi-No for my first pregnancy but never got around to using it. I had 2nd degree tearing (which could have been for many reasons). Would you recommend using it for my second time around? Or like my midwife says, "the muscles have memory so you will be fine second time around no need to use it"


Hello :-) When you use the Epi-No to prepare for stretching, will you then ever get normal down there, when the birth is over, or will you just stay "stretched" for ever? :-P

baby sri

How to buy epi no trainer if I’m in USA or Canada ?

Grace Williams

Is it still beneficial to use for just stretching if you don't expel the balloon inflated? I have done it a couple of times and I cannot stand the feeling. I know a baby will be much worse but still can't bring myself to do it again. Also if the balloon doesn't fall out can this mean it's in too far and is this bad? Thanks.

Ana Paula Pinheiro

Hi, Kim!
Do you know where I can buy Epi-no in the US?

An account

Thanks for the vid, great tool and great info!


But this is a video for epi no plus, not epi no

Johannah West

Thanks for the video! I definitely am thankful for my EPI-NO Delphine. I used it with my second pregnancy and had no tearing. Things are going well this time too : ) 


Hi Kim again. I was just wondering, how about when expelling the balloon hurts? It just seems I can't go past 5.5 cm

Vanessa Adell

I want to buy that Epi-no, I live in Calgary, Canada!


Hi Kim, my physiotherapist believes that once you start using it for stretching, you should stop doing any strengthening exercises. What's your opinion on that?


When I try to contract my pelvic floor muscles, I actually push the balloon out rather than draw it upwards. I don't have the epi-no plus version to be able to check the dial. Wondering if it might mean I don't have the balloon inserted enough.

Kim Vopni - The Vagina Coach

you can purchase online at www.pelviennewellness.com

Bianca Quiles

Thank you very much for the video.

Melanie Sojan

Great video! When you say “contract” and “relax” the pelvic floor, does that apply to the same contraction and relaxation of muscles during kegel exercises?

Angel M

Im disapointed this isnt available in the US. Im pregnant with my first and really scared of tearing i was researching ways to prepare and stumbled upon this. It looks like a great product.

Jessica Lagola

Wow excellent and very informative video! Thanks for taking the time to post!

Michelle Mitchell

the device will not stay in, I'm 39 weeks now and have only managed to get to 5cm then it just slides out and will not stay in, ive even got my husband helping but its too tight to stay in, what do I do?


What’s the best position to sit or lay in to keep the epi-no from slipping out?

Jessica Johan

Hi, Its my 3rd day using it and I’ve been at about 4.5 to 5cm. I find that When the balloon is still inside I can pump till about 22 but after 10mins as I pull it out, the balloon deflates slightly and meter goes down to about 16. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

HandMade P

Could you tell us how to clean or sterilize the EPI NO, if I kept it for a while without using it?

Noren Bhulji

Hi - if I am near the end of 37 weeks. Can I go straight to the stretching or do I need to start with the basic pelvic floor training? Thanks


you talked too much.. cant really get to the point easily... it will be great if you can use a fake virgina to show how to use this.


can I start at 20 weeks ??? thank you


Very clear and well made video

Grace C

thank you for this video u found it very helpful. I was hoping you might be able to answer my question. I am 30 weeks pregnant (2nd pregnancy). I have a lot of scar tissue from my first delivery and my perineal is very tough like rubber (extremely painful to stretch). would you suggest I start stretching now due to the tough scar tissue I have? hope to hear back!


This may be TMI...but wondering if you tore after using this? Someone I know from he gym said she used this and did not tear. Wondering if everyone who uses this has a 100% tearfree birth? or whatever the percentage is for the outcome?

Ian Bloggs

Wife says thanks for the informative video and sharing. ??

Brenda Romaniello

I'm 36 weeks pregnant, have my epino and I'll start the training. Question: would the use of the birth training at 37 weeks make you go into labour earlier? Can it help you go into labour before due date naturally?


Can this help with vaginismus?

Reem Ash

I'm 34 week pregnant and I just bought the epi no i user for pelvic floor training I was wondering is it supposed to hurt and is a burning sensation after using it normal ?



Thanks for the kong toy heads up, I'll now be sure to keep it well away from my pup lol Thank you for this excellent tutorial. I'm about to buy one since finding out about them, as I'm a first time mum to be and feel it will be very beneficial for my body, birthing fears and helping the actual birth go as well as can be. Oh and for afters:)


At what week this training should start? Im in 19 weeks now. Thank you!

How to use a no no

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Aditya Kadam

Thanks bro by using your strategy I am scorning 3 stars on 1st attempt.

xmaster 327

nice vdeo CC CNG

Ak Hil

Nice bro its 100work thanks ❤️



Clashing N Games

5 Spell Swag Attack - https://youtu.be/-pUwCE7t4k4
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https://youtu.be/P2Oh8bsoK-E HERE'S the SWAG SPELL ATTACK. :) ENJOY
4 spell Swag Attack - https://youtu.be/SEGn2cRO-pY (Edited) There you go.

Bikash pandey

I got 3 star in my own style

Amit Kumar

Nice thnx


This one is much better than another

Akshay Akshay

Bro i do this attack nice bro i take 3 ? ?????

Istiak Ahammed

Please give me gold pass????

Navtej Aulakh


ljino tarin

Tnx so easy

R B ki vines

Lakshmi you can pay deposit and company send me

Dhruv Rajput


Swapnanil Saha

This is the best attack on hog mountain hands down!

Himaloy Porbot

Asome. I love this attack.

Muhammad Khaled Ghbeis (2023)

this helped me three stars and for those who are saying this doesnt work just watch carefully


You are so good. This is a best attack

Ragranjan T M

All credits to sumit007


Op attack

Ijharul Khan

Topa ho ka troops use nahi krna


It really helped me???? otherwise I cannot beat this challenge.......thanks for the vid❤️?

[ bLacK AnGel ]

Nice content bro ?

arjun sinha

Great work bro well played?

Abhishek Yadav

King use nhi krna ??‍♂️

Naman Shekhawat


Dobre Petkovski

How many accaunts do you have

B Ëï ŃöD LäMä

Wow amazing

luis estrada

Thank u so muck the other vids were really hard and this one was first try I can now speed up my builds so I can upgrade my Tesla’s then one extra then I can go to th 10 after I max my troops and walls thank you so much it really helped I subscribed now

Hussain Mehrab

This is the best..I tried and did it..,?

New at This

CNG : Swag RC and Spell
Supercell be like : Oh Bhai maro mujhe maro?

Jibin Ninan


Guddi Jain


Sagar Parmar


Hemanga Gogoi

Need Gold pass free

Tiku Sahu

Nice attack

Swapnanil Saha

This attack helped me 3 starring....thank you so so much bro!!

Tamil Bro

Succeeded on 2 try by fluke ?

Vansh Arora

Haha op man

Rathod Pritesh

I tried all YouTubes video but its didn't work but after watching your video I clear in 1 attack really awesome

Uday Shaw


the joker

Omg in a day four videos


Brij sir OP!!

Ashish Lodhi

I come here after did 3 star on hog mountain in 5 id , but this is nice attack

Mine Gaming

Bro I use only 2 heros check out mine only warden and queen ?

R B ki vines

Baju ma betha 6 ke nay kaha se ho gaya

clash with ironblade

U and sumit007 are always my favourite

Krishna Sahu

Op Skil u have bro

Sumit 007

Hi ♥️ welcome to clash of clans videos and good luck COC all most player and love you so much ❤️❤️??♥️

Abhishek Yadav

Challenge incomplete h


One and only legendary clasher ❤️❤️?
I m noob ?


can you add song names in desciption plz

e4 Kronoz

When you copy clash bashing


nice one

Ramachandran pillai P

some glitch happened i didn't receive the notification for this video though i got for the video before and after this video idk why?

Soul Danger YT

Check video I haven't used healer and goblins I have taken with heroes Plz see ????

Sanu the cuber

Thank go bro i got 3 star
Very strategy..

Stan Dream

Hey man someone took this video and posted as their own


Super bro.... [email protected]gmail.com


I've been trting Judo's for like 10 times, and finally this one took me like 3-4 tries

Asad Ahmad


Sach much Kamaal shah

Big fan bro

Sumon Marick

Wow amazing bro ??

Meme Mela

op bro,you are a legend

[ bLacK AnGel ]

This challenge is easy comparing to others. But everyone is posting video about this..??

Om Singh

Nice attack

Ishant Kapoor

Sumit only use 2 heroes.challenge still incomplete

mingamer richer

You copy clash bashing that is his plan you copy him

aman Vishwakarma

Watch this video i get 3 star in how mountains without using full troops

Clasher Roshan07

Are bhai kya baat kya baat .......mast attack tha

Golden Wordz785

Wat a swag man great ✋ ✋


Spectacular attack man! ???
Keep bringing such awesome content! ❤

Varun Bandekar

Th11 lalo variations please

kamal sandhu

Nice attack sir, you are doing to good, good skills

Mohamed Ragheb

Nice attack

Atharva Maladhare


Muhammed HT

Nice attack

manjunath gowda

This is crazy thing bro but super

Aditya 160

Bro see sumit007 new challenge on instagram..with only queen warden healers and spells

RaZiN MuNtAsIr

It means CLASS....

Amar Madagundi

Maine 3 star nikala lekin mujhe koi bhi chije nahi mili

Sohit Kumar

Nice attack bro and best of luck for your channel

Sakshi kumari

Very nice attack sir

Rajeev Nayan Pal

Thank you

Abhishek Das

? woww

Dhamodharan A

You are coc legend

Kim Jong - Bean

Ma chod diye bhaiya ji ??


What's the song?

Ashish Lodhi

??? pro

JL loren Creation

You said that " You get gold pass " but we don't get anything like that.