Unibrow woman

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I Grew Out My Eyebrows // female facial hair + unibrow potential babyyy :)

585 views | 16 Feb. 2020

Hi pals! I'm so glad my

Hi pals! I'm so glad my brows finally popped off enough for me to film this! Inspired by a conversation I had after my body hair q&a video, I decided to explore my relationship with my unruly brows and stop waxing them for 2 months. I'm so glad I did! In this video I discuss the experience and my blossoming unibrow in the context of some cheeky body hair discourse.

I hope you like it! Thank you for watching and I hope you have a wonderful week, Tallulah xxx

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Full natural eyebrows look so beautiful ! Actually all the natural female face is pretty
Your brows look great and are filling in nicely

Abi Snail

Them metal straws seriously scare me... i saw this thing online where a woman was at a party, drinking using a metal straw, she fell over and if went through her eye...i ? you not! ... i like my eyes, so literally just drink from the glass....take care of them eyeballs tallulah ✌

Khadija Fayyaz

I have a lot of facial hair unfortunately, getting rid of it through laser, and as you mentioned anything below the neck, I'm almost totally fine with that, but OMG that beard, I can't, but I will In sha Allah get rid of that soon ❤ (after quarantine)

Thank you for sharing a great perspective

John Price

Great work on the video! BTW, have you ever heard of followsm[.]com!? I’ve heard that a lot of YouTubers are using it to promote their videos!!

Unibrow woman

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a day in the life of a woman with a unibrow.

381 views | 27 Sep. 2009

this is zoë. she has a

this is zoë. she has a unibrow. but more importantly, she's PROUD.

lulu briggs


Josh Harms


Unibrow woman

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Historically Accurate: Ancient Greece Makeup Tutorial

208 764 views | 10 Apr. 2017

A historically accurate

A historically accurate makeup tutorial from Ancient Greece times! In this dedicated video, I'll show you how ancient Greeks applied their makeup, what kind of cosmetic ingredients they used to make them, and also include some interesting facts about Greece along the way ;) If you have young children, you might want to keep the pop up facts away from little eyes, as Greeks were not the most conservative group of people - ha!

See more HISTORICALLY ACCURATE videos here:





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Kat Von D Liquid Eyeliner http://go.magik.ly/ml/4j6v/

MUG Corrupt

Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in "Flambe' http://tinyurl.com/md6k2e2

Jack Black lip balm http://go.magik.ly/ml/4j6x/

Remington Hair Wand http://go.magik.ly/ml/1y3e/

Headband http://go.magik.ly/ml/4fnp/

*links included are affiliate links :)

What Am I Wearing?

Dress: VINCE

Lips: Milani 'Devotion'

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥










235 Apollo Beach Blvd., #214

Apollo Beach, FL 33572

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank YOU for watching!



Stepha Wilson

Mid 2000's emo or scene!

The Ninja called Basilisk

Amazing video! And you make that style look good on you! XD What was the name music you used in it?

Amanda Wang

Can you do a Greek goddess series?

Jessica English

Would love an ancient Persian look! Like Ottoman Empire. Just found this series and I’m a fan, Great work!

Sofea Orfaelia

First time seeing a makeup video about history! Subscribed ❤️


Can you do an Elizabeth Taylor look?


I'd love to see some of the sources you use to guide your hand about trends and everything :)

Sarah P

I think it would be cool to see an ancient Chinese makeup tutorial.

Michael Ann Fitzgerald

I love these vidoes! I also really like the history facts. Thank you!


Wow...what an awesome little series you have going here! I was watching tutorials for the too faced semi sweet palette, when yours popped up on my feed. I'm so glad I checked your channel out further. Thanks for bringing your uniqueness to the table. The history of makeup really is an interesting subject. You've got a new subscriber! :)


Omg that "gymnasium" fact....x) I have a Scandinavian gymnasium diploma.
....no naked fun for us though :(


Do you have Victorian Era makeup? Love your videos btw, very interesting ❤️❤️❤️

Saify Uddin

I have unibrows and they look extremely beautiful

Karolina loves Dan and Phil

Love that look. I feel like I was born in the wrong era (idk which exactly i would love to live in, but nevermind). Maybe something like "slavic" makeup?
Regards :)

Kys Mista

id love to see past japanese looks, from what i know, they valued INSANELY pale porcelain skin and bright red makeup.


I'm Greek and this video made me really proud?

Amber Hodgson

2000 emo look!!

Linda Anderson

The brows look like horns ! Great history .?

Scott Ryker

That bit of trivia at 3:19....

Antique Doll

I love ur hair color
What brown is this ?

Monica Pretak

Love these vids!

Danielle Cowell

This unibrow look is oddly lovely... weird.

Hippie Whovian

I actually love mono brows! I think they look gorgeous.

Miss S

What a fun series! I love this!

Jacob Smith

I’m glad to know that my natural unibrow would have been “beautiful” in ancient Greece. Lmao

LaTavia Washington

It’s crazy to know that make up goes this far back.

greyleva1 YT

Well now my unibrow can place itself in some sense of fashion statement lol

Francesca Sofia Ferroni

I study classics and I love make up. This video's amazing! <3

Crazy Dobe Lady

I'm on my 2nd video in this series! I enjoy learning how they did their makeup! I will be following you from now on!! Not sure if you have anything on ancient Germany. Thanks!

Athena S

I actually really like all of these “historically accurate makeup tutorials” a lot. ?


Golden age Hollywood? Specifically make up for black and white films

Svetlana Beilschmit

What if there was a accurate look of a aztec or inca makeup these tutorials are so good i tried your 1940s look its amazing!! Love it so much

Angelica Torres

I'd love to see a middle ages make up tutorial, I'm so curious since they were poor

Frances Van Siclen

If the ancient Greeks valued purity- they would have a real shock today !


What a trooper you are! That eyebrow, singular. I say that as a person who nearly had a unibrow when I was younger. I'd be interested in seeing historical and current trends in Russia and China. I love that you talk about cultural factors associated with history and make up. So interesting.

schnauzer mom

This series is incredible and you are such a chameleon!  Keep them coming because we love them!


I really hope that you're a history teacher and you change your makeup based on the history you're teaching lol

antonio Marcucci

Greek people created the mascara. It was made of coal and egg white.

Kaitlyn Coulter

any other classicists here?


I love this look because I wouldn't have to pluck my unabrow, I wouldn't even have to fill it in. LOL Also I would love to see an ancient Scots, Celts, or Viking Makeup Tutorial.

P Brown

how about makeup from the Mesopotamians

Alnair Yorim

The Greeks were on fleek!


That meaning of the middle finger hasn't really changed...I mean. F.U is what I knew it for. Lol


not much has changed , hahahah

Alison Vincent

A Victorian style makeup look

Carol Driehorst

Maybe you can do some research on the first people to wear makeup.


Omg! Thank you!! YOU ARE A GENIUS!!❤❤❤ All your videos are amazing and I Love this Ancient Make Up Tutorials and other ones☺


You make the unibrow look beautiful!! The historical facts in your bubbles were entertaining, too.I bet if we with held sex from men until peace was reached, we'd have world peace in a week!

Miss M

I know this one may be more boring since makeup was frowned upon in this era, but would you consider doing an Edwardian/WWI makeup video?

Alex Mason

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a "wild wild west" saloon girl look!!! thumbs up if you agree so zabrena can see it!

Amy Marie

Wish there were more of these <3


Vikings please!

Izabella Rose

Has she already done a burlesque makeup look?

Evan L

It's so interesting to see how beauty standards change over time

Amber Cromer

Awesome. I wish I knew how to make safer versions of their makeup... like no lead obviously. I'm totally cool with slathering most of the rest of the stuff you said on me, though.


You are doing valuable work, preserving the history of women. I love these videos!

History Kitchen

Somehow I would LOVE to make a collab with you but not sure how to mix makeup and food xD haha


unibrows are actually making a comeback


You should do Ancient Chinese makeup

Yeet Muffin

That fact about apple throwing as a marriage proposal reminds me of that video of that girl who threw an apple at the guy for proposing to her

Eva Makri


Alice Farren

I actually really like this excluding the eyebrows.

Julia Rae

Could you do a Ukrainian beauty video?

McKenna Wallis

I love this series sm

SD Bolen

Red iron oxide would have been a more terracotta or russett shade but very cool none the less


The Greeks and the Romans were both fanatics with excessive hair on the body. They visited the bath houses which were the spas and beauty stores of their time to have the hair removed by professionals. Thus the unibrow is a myth.

Davita Kate Mustaine

Actually because Greeks were usually blond and gingers, their eyebrows were almost invisible and not that scary but the rest of the makeup is really awesome!!

Dying InSolitude

Actually in ancient Greece the word "idiot" was used for those who didnt participate in the political scene (either as electors or politicians). Because back then(mainly in Athens) every free man originating from Athens participated in the assembly

Sierra Llor

Wow, a surprisingly stunning look!

Karina Jakobsen

In Denmark, Gymnasium is basicaly the same as a high school

Tana Vaughn

Civil war era!!!

Khayrah Steward

Did no one else read the last fact

Spud Girl

Being Greek this was very interesting and intriguing

die go

I love that fact about throwing an apple as a declaration of love because now I can throw apples to my crush for giving attention to that bitch and he'd be clueless what it's all about, it will just look childish

Bored reader

The side fun facts were so cool

Alta Foreback

i'd love to see a Frida Kahlo makeup tutorial.

Shellie Mac

I love this series. Would love to see an 80's New Romantic tutorial xx

d Farren

You are so cute as an ancient Greek lady! If I would have to guess your age I'd say you're 15.

Hannah Koffsky

Wow I really would have fit in in Greece with my unibrow ?


Historic education and beauty? Super cool!


Wow, unibrows were seen as attractive then? Interesting.

sara kate

These would be better if you used the actual products they used.. Obviously the poisones ingredients you could substitute but using berries and even the odder ingredients you can still find.. It would just be way more interesting


Haha that was not enhancing :-P

Barb H

what lip color are you wearing in the intro? I love it so much. love you too!

Lisa Nutini

Oh my. That unibrow!

Juveria Khan

dear zebarena . your looking so fat since 2017

chamomile tea

Greeks naturally have dark skin so its kind of sad to think they went out of there way to look white

Bored reader



4:43 ?


So they had glass skin effect


just goes to show that you are beautiful enough to pull off any look. I love these videos

Katerina Vikings

Excuse me... where you saw that 1 brow in ancient Greek make up? Have you seen something like this somewhere? And the facts you wrote is wrong...

Dumpling Dipper

Id throw an apple at you guuuurl ;)


Han dynasty china make up.

Hail Satan

20s flapper look pls.

Cece Burton

Honestly, I've always found unibrows pretty on women. Like, kind of elegant?

gianna pappa

I am from Greece....i live in Greece and i loved this video!!! Thank you for all this!!! By the way i love all your videos!!!!

Tiffany Mueller

Could you do a historically accurate Victorian era make up totorial? Pretty please!

Rose W

It's 3am I work tomorrow why am I still watching omg love your makeup tutorials

I am no one

I don't know how you'd pull this off but can you do Tang Dynasty China?