Punch excision

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Punch excision of a neck cyst. For medical education- NSFE.

514 589 views | 22 Apr. 2015

For medical education-

For medical education- NSFE. So I removed this cyst from that back of this man's neck today. I numbed the area up with lidocaine before doing this procedure. I also used a marker to mark the outside border of the cyst, because when the numbing medication can distort/swell the area, making it more difficult to determine where the cyst is. This cyst was difficult to remove with it's sac intact. If a cyst has been squeezed multiple times, especially if it has been inflamed/infected or partially removed in the past, there is fibrous tissue/scarring present, and it's hard to cut through this tissue to get to the cyst. When you hear the snipping of my tissue scissors, you know that the tissue is thick and fibrous and difficult to dissect.

However, I think I got it all and put a couple stitches in that will come out in 10 or so days. Enjoy!

Roxanne Ramos

Noooo!!! I wanted to see more!!!! ??

celestine cooley

UGH! Sandra how could you THAT WAS NIT SATISFYING AT ALL hahahaha


Dr Lee, I absolutely adore your videos and you as a medical professional. I also work in the medical field and I love your patient-doctor persona. I admit I've been working on talking to and interacting with my patients the way you do and I've noticed a pleasant change in how much more they relax and understand what's going on from a layperson's point of view. So thank you for that inspiration, and thank you for the blackhead/cyst videos! Keep doing what you're doing :)


what is the difference between a boil and a cyst?

Jenevy Karma

She is TOO ROUGH, that looked so painful even tough it was numbed.


Love the punch part, The pulling out of the cyst beyond that---not so much. .Yes, I'm a wuss. But I hung in there. I pretended the opening was a little mouth saying, "Oooh Noooo Dr. Lee. Nooooo Doooon't Take Me!!!!"

Jake Diddy

She amazes me how tenacious she is in not giving up and getting any branch root cyst deep deep down. Amazing surgeon.???????????????

True Love

Scissors were horrible.....sound effects from the dullness was too much lol....don't you have assistants that can go in the next room or something and get a good pair of sharp scissors?

Professor Teacrumpet von Fuckington

Would you discourage patients attempting to remedy cysts at home via squeezing them? I have a cyst on my back and have tried to squeeze it a few times in the past but the pain was intense and I worried about causing infection. Are there added risks?

videofan77 -Lj423-N.B

@DrSandraLee i love your videos! They're cool, calm and informative :)

Deca Parallel

is the punch tool a circular blade?
it looks super cool lol

Newtonia Fitzherbert

i have they say its a calcification have you ever heard of that or is it a cyst


Dr. Lee you are the best!???????????????????????

Carolyn Aldridge

I thought we accidentally got his spine for a minute there. Like we were headed for the other sideLOL..I wanted more too

Susan Plunkett

It's so amazing how deep these cysts go. I love the punch excision. It's so much more civilized. I'm always impressed by how you can work in such a small incision. I look for your videos every day they are just that cool.

lu V.

I could just sit & watch this all day :p  Anyone else tend to fall asleep watching these procedure's?

Janet Swankoski

The new

Pamela Schramke

That was definitely a let down. Why would he mess with that so close to seeing you? Makes it harder for you to know where everything actually is under the skin. They probably just kept pushing it further down into the deeper tissues every time they started squeezing the daylights out of it. I think I must just be strange... When I have a cyst or something appear, I don't touch it and have a doctor remove it within a WEEK or two.

Elizabeth Tumminelli

Boooooooo lol

jerry millett

Did she just misalign that punch! Is that why it was so difficult? It looked off to the left


Juicy!  Nothing can hide from Doc Lee's grabbers and scissors!


Kitty Mervine

so this is why when one squeezes something, it comes back.  Don't get the sack part.  There is a lot more in there than the stuff squeezed out!

Coletta Tech

What does NSFE stand for?

Ginger Blanks

Wow ? that was a deep cyst! I had no idea they went so deep, very interesting!

manfre Van

Fetiche de muchos, gozan

Amanda Pittar

Dear Dr Lee, I am a serious pimple popper from way back. I treat it as a serious business and adore it as much as you do - lots of hygiene and care. Although my skills are only practised on family and on those I manage to subdue with chocolate or by grappling to the ground. Hardly the poetry in motion with the gentle repartee that you display. I would, however, recommend Nads Nose Hair Removal Kit for the gentleman in this video. My husband is as hairy as a hobbit and now he is beautifully groomed. I believe it is momentarily painful - but I am on the non waxed end of the stick, so I can't really judge.I usually remove little whiteheads with a sterile needle and a bit of pressure but what I now need ( want, read want, crave) is that double headed looped stainless steel blackhead "Persuader". The tiny spoon thing is okay, but for the big jobs, you need the Silver Persuader. How do I go about purchasing one? Surely they are for sale? Yours are probably made in Japan by the same people who make the fiendishly beautiful & expensive hairdressing scissors. The spot poppers  actually look like Hamster forceps - a horrid thought. Please keep your wonderful videos coming, they are delightful, realistic and a standard for students to aspire to in doctor-patient communication. I am especially impressed by your continual emphasis on the procedures being painfree - throughout. None of the " hold on we're nearly done" nonsense - good on you. You are also an example to other young women - you can work, be married and have children -although if you work full time, you must collapse by Friday OR have a very good network of help! Oh you have a fan in me!


"He's the funniest when he's sleeping" lol Dr Lee

Debbie Goble

The punch should of been a cut open

Sham Bhala

I felt very anxious to see how deep was the fucking cyst! Hahahahaa??????????

David Reece

That was a bit of a fight to get that little bit out.

Pamela Laub

As he told about a woman plucking a hair from the top of his nose I could hear my husband's voice. When I did that to my husband he acted like I'd performed surgery with no anaesthesia. I get my eyebrows waxed and tweezed. Women can handle pain better!

Josie Doodle-Doo

Yaaaayy!! Get it!! ?

Adrienne Eaglin

1: These videos are awesome. Keep doing what you do and being an amazing doctor. I wish they were all like you.
2: You totally sound like Ming-Na Wen. If you don't know who she is, trust me, it's a compliment! Haha

Rosy Rosy

Cómo dejó el cabello encima de la curación?? con lo anti higienico que es???

Panamara 5

Aww not as satisfying as your other ones. He took all the joy out of it

Denise Holsapple

Wow, this one was a tough one


AUCH!  That scar tissue is NASTY!  Almost sounds like you could've benefitted by using a tiiiiiiny little jackhammer!  MAN!

Bianca Nauls

She has all the new stuff man. Nice

Paola Silva

Anticlimactic lol

Jacek Kapelańczyk

Why I love to watch that? I really don't know

Shirley Post

New type for me to see

mona voa


Teresa Cuevas

tijeras no cortan...

francoise robin

J’adore le travail minutieux du Docteur Lee et également l’approche qu’elle a avec ses patients. C’est une grande professionnelle..... Bravo Docteur !!!!


I cringe at these kinda videos, I'm a soft popper, but I'm hanging in there - I like how Dr. Lee was disappointed about not getting to pop it!!

Janoy Cresva

LOL Dr Sandra is all bummed that there is not enough fun stuff in there. Lol

Cecilie M

Dr. Lee, is such a Pro; that she can dig for Gold! He was not a pain in the neck! ? Good procedure!


If I have a cyst, I'm coming to you!

Miss C

Fan in Syracuse New York

Dutchess Graham

I enjoy the punch

Light Bulb

His hair is driving me crazy!!!!

Victoria Person

I had a cyst when I was younger and they had to put me under anesthesia because when my parents squeezed it I would scream and squirm


Punch excision is cool. It's like a nice little cookie cutter.
What's the main reason you'd decide to remove a cyst this way? Size? ...just that the cyst would fit within it?

K Arro

Why are done punched and some cut?

Punch excision

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The One-Two Punch: Blackhead & Cyst

1 115 535 views | 5 Dec. 2019

Thanksgiving spoiled us

Thanksgiving spoiled us with ALL the Second Helpings we could want! So why not have a Second Helping of POPS?? Fill your plate with a little Blackhead, Cyst, Punch Biopsy, and Curette!

Blackheads are something we are all familiar with, but did you know they are also called open comedones? Blackheads are usually caused by a pore that gets clogged with keratin (skin protein) and sebum (oil). Given the black color many believe these spots are clogged with dirt, but really it’s the exposure to air that oxidizes the clogged pore and turns it black. Don’t worry though, most blackheads can be extracted with a trusty comedone extractor!

An epidermoid cyst is a non-cancerous growth commonly found on the skin of the face or neck, but can occur anywhere on the body. Just as its name suggests, these cysts occur as a result of epidermal cells, cells from the top layer of your skin a.k.a the epidermis, overgrow in a confined space. The buildup of these cells under the skin results in a “cheesy” consistency and often a pungent odor! Epidermoid cysts are typically harmless and have no symptoms, but people often seek removal due to the appearance of the bump or because the cyst has become inflamed or ruptured. If you have a ruptured cyst you may notice, sudden redness, pain, swelling, and heat around the area, all of which can lead to an abscess forming. Surgically removing the cyst can cure the area, but the entire cyst sac and all of its contents need to be removed to ensure the cyst won’t grow back!

My BOOK, Put Your Best Face Forward, is on sale NOW at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Audible, and Kindle. Or go to hc.com/drpimplepopper.com

Go to http://www.SLMDskincare.com to learn more and purchase from my skin care line.

I have a TV SHOW NOW! Watch Dr Pimple Popper on TLC, Thursdays at 9/8c in the USA but we are in many other countries that have TLC!!

To buy your own Official Dr. Pimple Popper Comedone Extractor and/or Tweezers click here:


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For more content, exclusive content, and of course to get more Dr. Pimple Popper schwag, visit us at www.drpimplepopper.com!


@DrPimplePopper for 24/7 pops

@DrSandraLee for my work, my life, my pops

Facebook: facebook.com/DrPimplePopper

Twitter: @SandraLeeMD

Snapchat: drpimplepopper

Periscope: Dr. Sandra Lee

You can watch my TV appearances here:


This video may contain dermatologic surgical and/or procedural content. The content seen in this video is provided only for medical education purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


Cookie Dealer

God this is disgusting

Saraly Miranda

Jajaj no dolor

Richard Howard

I appreciate your videos

Полина Василькова

Как называется инструмент для отверстия зелёной ручкой?

Cheryl Stevens

Those 4 were awesome!!!!


When she uses her fingers to hold onto the skin while putting the suture needle through ?.... use your pick ups to hold the side that your putting the needle through. I’m scared your gonna get a dirty stick ?

Carly Beddoes

Wow. Let's just make a scar for no reason except for subscribers.. I thought you were a caring doctor.


Videos are getting kinda boring now, no hate but I kinda miss the old Dr Lee videos

Rachel Johnson

On a positive note, this video didn’t have the distracting sound they always add in on the ones they make for the show.

Rebecca Bourque

That was pretty boring.

The Glowstick

Am I the only one who whenever I try to watch a blackhead extraction video that's not Dr. Lee I feel very dirty and nervous because I feel like they aren't doing it right ???

Bettina Cecilia Silveira

This was sooo boring. Nothing to see. Don't bother uploading this kind of videos, you are annoying your subcribers. Your channel is dying...


Congratulations to the new hole.

Gabrie landra

your vídeos are pure shit now

Brad Olsen

Nope there’s nothing wrong with this video

Anita G


Karwan Hawler

Bravo ? Dr. Sandra

Kate Dewhurst

Why is it that you used a punch? How do you decide what method to use when treating usually?

Do you have a favourite method?


Whisper whisper whisper

ERIC Droddy

Maybe if everyone stops watching she will understand shes losing alot of fans


Just casually watching these videos while eating a salad.
Edit : didn't realize this video wasn't going to be exciting.

McKayla Barrett

I’m confused. Did I miss something?

riley m

zero fucking point in posting this video

Kat Songs

Sad to say that I agree with the others. This was the biggest slap in the face to her fans. It's as if well you can't pay then you get leftover scraps. I'm leaving as well and posting on my social media for everyone else to drop her as well.


Cyst videos: kindness, happy
Blackhead videos: Anger, lack of appreciation.
Why are blackhead watchers so mad? Lee could've abandoned the platform altogether. Be glad that she's good enough to us to continue with her busy schedule.

Marleen G.

I would love to see more content on this channel again as well. I am subbed to TLC on YT but they don't show that much either. And I am in Belgium, I do get the shows on TV, but I just prefer to watch on YT. :)

Elsie W

who else is watching these because they’re going into a medical field and they’re trying to get used to gross things and blood ?

Claudio Beck

What are people talking about paid content? Where? How much?

holly gray


Reitanna Seishin

you know what i think? i think there was nothing in there and she did the punch thinking there was, so to hide her mistake, she said she got it. but lo and behold, there was nothing there.

Suzanne Walker

That curette tool always reminds me of a melon scoop ?

dineral thomas

Second time I saw Dr Lee do a punch and got the sack

Kathy Meyer

This was an absolute crap video that showed nothing. I have watched you you for a couple of years now but between this and the old videos you post on instagram I'm done.

Isaiah Crook-Sims

I haven’t watch you in like 3 or 4 years.


Well, just sad the tv show doesn't have good pops, & new epi's. theres a few, but everytime my dvr records the show anymore, it seem to be the same 1st episode. I've been excited for a new episode a bunch of times & went to watch it and its the same epi w/ the former homeless guy w/ the huge bump on his back. (More than i can count). I know thats not dr. Lees fault but that just gets old. Quit watching cause of that. And my lady & I were faithful viewers.
About the web channel, everyone's unfortunately right. No "good" pops anymore. Can't speak for everyone but wheres the big blackhead worms and puss?

Asuman Kıral

Boring as always since TLC shows !

Tru DeSoto

You guys should try to enjoy whatever Dr. Lee offers and seek out other Poppers who are in their early channel stages. Dr. Khaled Sadek is a great one and he accepts suggestions because he's where Dr. Lee once was.....in the building stages.
But don't begrudge Dr. Lee for having ambitions. Not after YEARS of her providing great content.

Margie B


Cheri Beatty

I’m unsubscribing. I’m so done. I used to love these videos. This was not interesting. I miss the days of Mr WIlson and Pops. Not this blah type stuff

Betsy Bean

Dr, Lee,,,my cat Helen (a Scottih Fold) says hello to your cats!

marites hilton

Did I miss it????

Megan Nicole

You might as well have not uploaded anything.....

Jessica S

Genuinely don’t know why you’re even making YouTube videos anymore. At this point just stop. I guess I’ll finally and reluctantly unsubscribe. Your channel is absolute shit now.

Ria’s Mane Event

Sad to unsubscribe today...

Ritz Bitz

I used to watch this channel every single day.

Now I have to wait a long time just for ... this.

BL Olson

Good job! Love your videos!

Louis Cabrera

That will be 2500 dollars if you please.

Mike Paz

Build The Wall

collins paulk jr.

Did I miss something here?

Karen Michaels

That was boring

Arryn Rain

Guys don’t be so negative! She’s moving up! We should be proud! I’m proud !!

Ana St. Asia

i wonder why that wouldnt be left to heal by second intention


There are waaaaaay better channels on here for us that will actually show us content. You have your viewers to thank for making you soooo much money. Viewers, which you have in turn, crapped all over. You’re nothing more than a sell-out.

Casey BC

Is anyone here on her channel you have to pay for? Is it worth it? What is the content over there? Old good videos plus really good new ones? Just trying to figure out if it’s worth it. Fortunately, a lot of new poppers are emerging now that she’s made pimple popping mainstream.

Queen_Akasha Blissful

I mean come on DOES THE ZOOM BUTTON WORK OR NOT , ?? . This is what happens when you go Hollywood & the replace you with a clone & not your content is TRASH !!!!!!!

Brendas Anderson

If you cant speak American English get out of the USA freeloading rats

Megan Nicole

Wtf was that? These videos from Dr. pimple popper are not anything like they used to be. There is nothing about this video that is satisfying to your demographic dr. Lee....


Done! That's it, I am unsubscribing. You used to be great but now its just a joke. Now all you care about is making money and you've forgotten about all your fans who helped make you who you are. Bye, hope you have a good life.

John D. Kelley

I’m really peeved about having to pay for better videos. I won’t do that.

Bryan Pedersen

Didn't realize Dr. Lee's fanbase was so spoiled

Queen_Akasha Blissful

&& also I really find the " 1 ? symbolism " at the END OF HER VIDEOS to be odd !! HMMM ?? SHE wasn't doing that before she went All Hollywood, yep sad to say but THEY got her , she sold out ! That's why her shit is shit now #illuminatisellout

Russell Grant

A big nuthin


I swear, this comments trigger me hard. What is she supposed to do? Abandon TLC, her brand, the REAL money makers, just because people on YouTube??

chris jones

Sandra Lee! You exist to treat people of their minor and not so minor medical conditions. Your YouTube content should always be secondary however entertaining the person or engaging the medical condition. That includes the TLC output. Just be the best you can missy!

Preston Roundtree

Yea just what i want to see Victoria secret and some wierd nasty ass hairs...... anyone else see that



Farah Saifo

Damn that's kinda sad..

blue eyebrows

Fuck you, sellout

Paula Kasebe

I was missing the dr Sandra’s old videos and I just found this channel: https://youtu.be/_wSdoIiSu00

Neecee Malan

Thank you Hope for putting into words, what I could not.

Tamara Shanhols

Not up to your standards. Maybe it’s too much tv and video not enough doctoring

Alex Plabman

Don’t forget who made you famous.


Dr Lee, you need to change your name. You are no longer a pimple popper. In fact, I can’t remember when last I saw you pop a pimple. It’s all about needles and blades and sutures. You’d be nowhere without the continuing support of your loyal fans, who are dropping like flies now.
However, I do thank you for the last few years. It was great whilst it lasted. ?


It's videos like this and the commercialization of this channel that has introduced me to Urban Extractions. She may not get to the deep things, but it is satisfying to see her work done.

But this? This video is just...a reminder that Dr Lee has just abandoned her fan base.

ryan olson

I see Victoria brought her secret to the party.

Claire Wilkes


Brady Murray

Dr Lee, what’s going on? I’ve been following you for quite some time now. I’m noticing that you are repeating your videos and the new ones are short and quite boring. I think the high life you post on Instagram is taking up the time you use to put into your practice. Enough already!! This girl is wants the old you back.

Pascal Minette

God is nasty.
He puts bumps in your back so you can't see Him.

Karl Rabe

Keep in mind folks that Youtube doesn’t allow these videos to be monetized because they deem the content unseemly. You watched the free videos because you liked them, not out of the goodness of your heart. Rather than feeling entitled, you should feel grateful for the content you enjoyed. You may feel sad if those days are over but to feel entitled to free content because you are a “fan” is not just.

Bitsy Boo

I used to enjoy this channel.... But the quality has gone to the dogs... I can't believe you have resorted to recycling videos.... such a waste of my time and others time that helped you get to where you are ...

Anna KrACkEr jAXxX

TV happened

Siobhan Clement

Where are all the big ones? Lipomas and what not. I’m used to love it when you posted videos like old times before you had the TV show. ??


I hope Dr Lee is getting a share for product placement......


Look at you ungrateful people in the comments section, Dr Lee has given you thousands of amazing pops and squeezes FOR FREE and you complain about this ONE video. Tsk. You are not real popaholics. Ungrateful.

Jada Leonard

This is probably the worst video I have ever seen. This video is not content. All you did did was poke a hole and sewed it up. If you won't post good videos then don't post at all. ?

Tracy Hall



This was wack, just a piece of meat she pulled out and stitched up.??

Levi Ackerman


Sherry Rutledge

This one was a dud!☹️

The LR Project

See you all in two years for the blackhead vid.


Time to unsubscribe

Jenn C.

What a joke she's become. I'm unsubscribing. Guess rich isn't rich enough.


So many better channels out there now. She only cares about her tv show and has flushed youtube down the toilet


Absolute garbage non event byeeeeeee ???


My friend told me to watch this ?

Nicole Pistachio

I was so excited to watch this and then quickly jumped to the comments for obvious reasons. I gotta say, i have to agree with the majority of the criticism but everyone has to realize that 1. Being a doctor in general can keep you busy 24/7 with patients (depending on what field you specialize in) and now she’s balancing a tv show along with her channel as well as her career/personal life in general: give Dr. Lee and her team a break while they broaden their horizons. I don’t think any of us would get it right the first time either. They’ve never ignored us before so give them some time to make their plans. And 2. She can only work with who comes to her clinic: if she doesn’t get anything juicy, then you’re stuck with boring videos like this. No one is perfect, not even our Dr. Lee. But i do have to say, missing out on pops because it’s “pay per view” now won’t keep me as a subscriber. It’s a shame, I’ve been subscribed for a few years now

Brad Olsen

Sandra you are adorable


There’s the hole puncher!!!


Unsubscribed. Do it. Dr. David Myers (aka Dr. Derm) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFjOdVQvxng2USow0nY2fKQ

Diego Medina

i used to be a fan, but her videos keep getting worse and worse for so long.

Punch excision

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Repairing Acne Scars in Phoenix, Arizona | Punch Excision

812 views | 15 Oct. 2020

How to repair acne scars

How to repair acne scars in Phoenix Arizona | Surprise, Arizona.

Subscribe: https://bit.ly/3kE3PbQ

The thing is, these pesky acne scars (ice pick scars) have been interfering with my confidence for YEARS! And across many years and the many states, we have lived in, I have tried to find a real solution or repair for my scars. I mean, it’s 2020 for heaven's sake, we should be able to easily repair a couple of holes I have in my skin! ? But no one has had a solution for me! Not in California. Not in Texas. Not in Medspas. Not a Dermatologist. Until one day, I went in for a skin check at Regency Dermatology, in Surprise, Arizona.

Best Place to Repair Acne Scars in Phoenix, Arizona

Regency Dermatology Surprise:

14869 W Bell Rd Ste 103, Surprise, AZ 85374

(623) 243-9077

Regency Dermatology Phoenix:

10240 W Indian School Rd STE 115, Phoenix, AZ 85037

(623) 243-9077

The Rose Quartz Roller I Use: https://amzn.to/3dGOJ3j

Mederma Scar Cream: https://amzn.to/3k3dvge

Connect with me on IG: https://bit.ly/2XdAL2A

0:00 Intro

1:02 My Acne Scars

2:51 Pricing for Acne Scar Repair

3:34 The Processed used to repair scars (Punch Incision)

4:15 What my skin looks like now

5:08 What my scars looked like before

6:02 Post-Procedure Care

Subscribe: https://bit.ly/3kE3PbQ

#surprisedermatology #acnescarrepairphoenix #azbusinessreviews

Supriya Jalan

Damn I have the exact same thing!!! On my cheek an I hate it. I really hope this can work for me when I get the time and money for it.


Going to the derm on Monday actually so this is great! I'll talk to her about this!

Magdalena MN Warsaw

I am looking for this treatment in Poland or close to Poland and nobody doing it here, maybe somebody heard about a doctor in Europe?

paul john

So there still scar after punch excision?

Monse Hood

Yes is great.