Resting cheek on hand

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How to Draw Hands, 3 Ways [REUPLOAD for audio]

624 419 views | 23 Jan. 2012

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Khalid Mehmood

Damn dude you're a good teacher.

manga _4_daiz

My hands always look pointy and alieniesh

Hans Adriel Gabriel

This is the hardest part of the body to draw. Hands down.

Stephen Fisher

Me and my sister read Miki falls along time ago. Didn't know it was by u. Read the whole series

C h l o e

Him- magical me- trash

Peach and passion smoothie

Lmao, all these bishes are raging over how stupid the hands are, but they used their hands to click this and comment something

Savanna Ramos

So i draw comics and thank god its about animals and not humans but when ever i need to draw humans: ×_×


Anybody else watching in 2020?

Kayci Jett

lol 3:56 is about all I can do with hands ?


I normally just put the hands behind the body.........

People will not stop asking why.....

Ruko Sandiawan



Why does this guy remind me of Bob Ross? Like a manga version

Diana romero

Me here in 2020

Asra Khan

I'll stick to the cloud hands I've been drawing since i was in kindergarten...


This didn't help me




cartoon Tizz

OMG you helped me sooooo much


When those damn angle of the lines are more important than you


Nice!!! ?

eve den

what I do is I draw with my right hand and do the pose with the other ✋

Gabriel Arcanjo

Que lápis é Esse?

Xavier The Thing

the pinky is not the shortest.....the thumb is..

Ma’Kayla Paton


Alicia Richardson

When he said you can hear a train.. I heard a train in real life..

liddy casillas

Omg thanks!

My Account

Oh my gosh i saw this video 2 years ago and i drew it really nicely i loved it thank you for the tutorial again

KittenPlayz N‘Edits

Can you do a vid making 2 hands at the last paint cuz I’m so not good at the second hand :(


How do I draw the head resting on both hands


When i draw hands they look soooo bad ! Why ? ?

chris's life

love the train passing its like when your about to sleep and hear the train knowing the night is still alive while your sleeping

Alex parkinson

wow... I have NEVER gotten anywhere close to drawing a decent looking hand until following this tutorial THANK YOU!

Yellow Banana


* ThePumkinSmasher *

This really helped!

Ciel Phantomhive

you make it look so easy ??

lily pad えぢts

Why does it look like you're drawing with a pen?

Zenji Zukito

stupid hands


Reasons why im terrible at drawing hands

1. Its hard to draw in my opinion

2. the thumb

3. it aint easy cuz my pencil dont luv me no mo

Viki Z

Hands. I rage. They are the worse thing to draw. I RAGE AND SCREAM WHEN I DRAW THEM. AND CRY. REALLY HARD.

Akxne Chxn

Who came here just to draw yanderes

Annelie Tang

I am amazed of how mamy people in the comments cant draw hands but for me its clothing detail.

kamile -

Hello there! I have a question!

1. What type of Pencil did you use? (e.g charcoal pencil, normal school pencil and etc?)

2. what type of paper did you use?


I can't draw none of them

me + drawing hands = TRIGGERED?

Cringe Lorne

Wow! This looks so easy!
oh nvm I think I just made a octopus tentacle...


Holy ( beep ) I finally found the right video. THX YOU A <LATTE>


i get my brother to do the hands i like so that i get a basic idea on the shape trust me it works

AK toontopic

Ur doing really great man .....
Salute you !!!
I m sure one day we would meet //
I read in class 10th from india

M Akram

I want to make artist but... ?

thereal ryebread


Karen Wafer

I did it yayyeeee


I can't draw hands or legs... So I draw half body and hid their hands on their back... ._.

The Little Floofs

I feel like it didn't change anything about the crippled looking hands that I still draw

dank potato

At 3:50, I thought she was a scared penguin-Human hybrid! ??

Grace Southrider

omg this helped SOOOO much i can't thank you enough

Diamond gacha

Youre finger nails kinda scare me but I love youre art

Erwins lost arm

I did the first one because it's the easiest



Lod Oyum

I didn't liked to draw hands. It's terrible

Zenji Zukito

very very very unhelpful dislike


This help me alot


That’s was great! I think I have it down! I’m definitely gonna watch your series now, and keep watching tutorials. Thanks!!!

maria mirasol layson

Srsly i think i dont get the info and I SUCK AT DRAWING HANDS ._.

apple sauc

I kept thinking of the name miku until you said the name bgjsksk

Josef Stalin

Helped! İ am subscribing and liking :D

❤︎ kamugiri ❤︎

tysm I just drew a amazing anime pic tysm

Michael Brown

Oh so important for us beginning artists.

pearl's nose can stab me

kskdieidid why cant i do ittt

Tree joseph


the undertale guy

Hly god you helped me save a drawing SO much frustration THANK YOU!!!


i cant draw hands at all T^T but thanks to u make this video ?

Ryan Temberly

the pinky looks weird o-o



Doge Gaming.


Enormous Claire

I ....
I just draw an animals legs not mangas hands....


I live near a railroad so I'm used to those noises, sometimes it's a comforting sound somehow.

mukhriz iman

I only can draw doraemon hand


I can not draw hands at all until I watched this video☺☺

Bluey X3

All I can draw are non-realistic wolves and blobs as the hands.. ;-; these skills...


I usually have my people with their hands behind their back or in their pockets so that I don't have to I draw them lmao

kitchen toaster

Am i the only one who starts with the fingertips then goes from there?

Celeste Theory

My excuse
Friend: cool pictures but why are all their hands hiding behind their back
Me: their fiddling with a fidget spinner

Zenji Zukito


study time NOUSAYBA .A

i was so bad at drawing a hand or even a finger


do boobs smell like a vegina

Nøt Devil



Oh my gosh thaaank yoouuu! I spent two hours trying to draw hands and this helped me sooo much!!

Yaretzi hernandez unic


Carmen Carmen

@PinkBunnyHeads i agree


ill admit, i know how to draw the whole thing BUT the hands. i always try to hide them like in their pockets so i dont have to draw their hands

Yee Yee Partner

I just draw them behind the character or in pockets or long ass sleeves


is it just me or every time i look at a video tutorial then at what i did it makes me cri

Beigeh RBLX

Aleays drew hands behind my characters. I'm getting the hand of it though. I still can't draw bodies lol

Josey Powers

I hated the way I drew my hands... I would always draw them so unrealistically fat and huge so I would either draw them behind their back or I would draw little nubs that you would see on a chibi! So thank you so much this really helped.

[Itz Rosey_123]

Omg so impressed

Da Queen

I can draw hands but never know how to ball a fist or make a peace sign with them Me: sadness

Nicole Marie

I tried ,

It didn't work

Nobody Special

I can draw the face, I can draw the head, I can draw the body, I can draw the feet/shoes, I can draw the hair, I can draw the dresses, but I can't draw the freaki'n hands!! I MEAN LIKE WHAT THEHECK!!

Kiran Kumar Kailasam

Try drawing the Star Wars characters,..... their hands are buried in something or the other.... say a lightsaber. The glow of a lightsaber does not require to draw the details of the hands,.... :p

Erin Hulse

This video wasnt helpful at all i still suck at hands so yeh

If u get 1 second into the video Immediately stop

TheAnime-tors Yt


Resting cheek on hand

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Qigong Massage Face And Head

74 571 views | 17 Oct. 2020

This is the Qigong Massage

This is the Qigong Massage Face And Head.

Practicing this Qigong will help you to Relax Face and Head, Release Tension and Stress from Face and Head, Heal A lot of Disease, Make Qi and Blood Flowing Good, and Refresh youself.

You can Practice 5-10 minutes during Break Time, or when You wake up. It is wonderful to take a break from internet, computer, and devices to enjoy this exercise

Following Qigong Meditation Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/QigongMeditation

***You can Support the Channel here: https://www.bluecliffmonastery.org/support-the-monastery

Enjoy Your Daily Qigong Meditation with Joy and Peace at Home.

#QigongMassageFaceAndHead #MassageQigong #QigongMeditation #ThichManTue

Juan Carlos Wagner

Muchas gracias!!

Judy Russoniello

Very good


Many thanks for your humility and generosity in sharing this with us!

Sonja Zawadzka

This is a wonderfull feeling every early morning again, I have been using this massages for years, thank you so much!!!!

Leslie K

This is amazing. Thank you ☺️

Heather Rose

Thank you. I am guided to this practice. I am grateful for you generosity. ?

Elizabeth Plane

Wonderful. I’m turning a corner in life!

Syukee Kalita

Thank you for this

Patricia Fuentealba

Por favor Pongalos en español

Cinzia Tozzi

Thank you very much ?

Hansa Patel

Thank you for sharing this massage with me.

Kira Af

I am grateful to you! ?

Nettie Rogerson

Wonderful winter.so good for health.thank you

Elizabeth Plane

Wonderful healing time.

shamim sheikh


Maria Fulgência Lendo em rede

Muito bom!
Agradecida! ?

Arts and Wild Woods

Thank you??

Premilla Maharaj

Beautiful thank you so much.

Rosa Gomez

Thank you, very relaxing.

Annie McMaster

Amazing thank you so much ?

Aurora Delia Saravia


Mona Al Gaia Music & Tapdance Groove

Thank you so much ??

donna curran

Thank you for this wonderful peaceful teaching bringing people to their senses, and your sweet smile Donna USA

Sylvie R.


Marlene Lobato

This year I read a Toltec book called "the sorcerer's crossing" when one of the ladies used to do this technique I thought it was Tao and it's Qi Gong
Again Thank you thank you thank you my dear being ❤️

sonia Filipe

Top.? realy powerfull massagem.

Francesca Cox

Thank you ???

Pricop Stefania

Thank you again ! I make these exercises every day !! Namaste !?

Elizabeth Barnes

Thank you ?.

Jean-Pierre Forgeneuf


NgocYen Pham

thanks THAY

Horace Bush

Thank you so much for sharing your love and wisdom through these practices. I have incorporated them into my daily practice, and I particularly enjoy this video and doing the face and head massages daily.

Elizabeth Plane

Feeling better !




Thanks friend feeling refreshed ??‍♂️

S. M.

thank you for sharing

ramzi daou

thank you for helping us

Kumari Silva

Thanks ?

diane driscoll

Thank you Brother for this lovely routine and for your calming voice and beautuful scenery.will this help with tinnutis and insomnia? Or do you have other massage and qi gong for this please? I suffer with both.thank you.Blessings

doan jessica

Br. Insight thank you very much.I do face massage every morning.

Gina Lai


Flavio de Queiroz

Thank you, my friend, for sharing such a marvelous practice! Very good!

Helen Win

I really liked all the different exercises or massages for the face. I just subscribed and look forward to viewing your other videos. TAKE CARE during this time!

Joan Winter

Love it
Beautiful feeling, thank you


Very relaxing. Thank you?

Neelam Malik

Just like our Indian culture.thanks a lot saint

Valentin Rigaud

thank you

Juan Rivas

Thank you very much for sharing brother!

Ildikó Vidra

Thank you brother! It was a wonderful experience, I am all ready for the day now!??❤️?

Per ci


Jyoti Satish

Brother please suggest few meditation techniques for lower back pain


Quality meditation

Ruth Fowler

I am so very pleased I came across this wonderful video.. Thank you very much.

Dinesh Lama


Ana Marcello

This massage is so relaxing. I always do! The skin be perfect. I am greateful for your teaching!

Alejandro GONZÁLEZ

muy util para largas horas de trabajo frente al PC!!! Tambien para largas horas de manejo en el auto. Gracias Maestro.

wd 40

Another great video. Thank you ?☯️

Alicja Wiącek


cuongthanh tran

Qigong nice

pius subil

Thanks sifu

Marilyn Villanueva

I Love the way how he teach and explain . Your voice clear and soft . Thank you

Melanie Gibson

I live in an apartment in an area that was built on swampland and it tends to be very humid inside, so I am constantly battling indoor allergies and sinus trouble. It seems to have turned into a war recently between me and that - I am trying hard not to get sick and let western medicine suck me into its machine - so this will become a part of my arsenal now. I can feel how beneficial it is just from doing these massage techniques just once.

Susan Arsoniadou


Hanna Siregar

It is very very helpful for me, thank you so much for having share the wonderful thing


Very relaxing! Thank you. ?

yogin yoga

Very rejuvenating.Thanks ji

Gilberto Camargo Camargo

Tô acompanhando tudo e prestando atenção pra aprender tenho 58 anos

shamim sheikh


ajit thomas

Thanks for sharing! An excellent way to start the day.

Ruba Love

Nice thanks




Japanese Skincare Revolution can't touch this monk.

Shreelekha Adsule

That felt so good. Very relaxing thank you

Qigong Meditation

Dear Friends, Thank you for watching and joining us !
Practicing this Qigong will help you to Relax Face and Head, Release Tension and Stress from Face and Head, Heal A lot of Disease, Make Qi and Blood Flowing Good, and Refresh youself.
You can Practice 5-10 minutes during Break Time, or when You wake up. It is wonderful to take a break from internet, computer, and devices to enjoy this exercise !
Wish you a wonderful healing and Peace!

Wayan Darmada

Can we tell someone to do this massage for us..?

Judy Russoniello

Very good

Viviano Milan

I love it !!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us your whisdom

Dana Fawadleh

We use our eyes alot thank you for this much better. ☺️

Maria Kollar

Thank you so much that was amazing my face my eyes my head my neck feel so relaxed.

Geeta Oak

Thank you ? Aatma Namaste ??

Alja Peterka


Angelina Ryan

Thank you very much that you have time to teach us to this wonderful practice! Be well and happy!

jennifer pershouse

Namaste Br Insight. Doing this after hours of online study woke me up. Eyes were alive not sleepy. The nose pressing on the outer corners opened the sinus and allowed oxygen to enter freely, the brushing or raking of the head really relaxed the scalp and helped me focus. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Please do you have something to help poor circulation in legs and feet? Namaste Jenni P South Africa

Isabel Güntinger

Thank you!

Polinab B

Thank you so much master! Amazing massage and i just found your channel and want to say it's so great! Thank you so much for your precious knowledge that you are sharing here????????

Gustavo Rivadulla

Thank you very very much

Margaret Mohan

Thank you so much for this Br Insight! So healing!✌??

Rose Jafer

I started the day with butterfly & frog move with a face massage..??

Nayariht Barray

thanks !!

Jalaja Menon

Thank you???

Stefanie K.

Thank you so much, it feels very good.


Thank you very much

David Morgan

Thank you!!!


quiero aprender pero elcontenido está en inglés=(

Chris Walker

Really nice, Brother Insight! I loved this. Great that you can do it sitting down. I sit at a computer all day, so I did this right at me desk and felt so much tension melt away. You are an absolute treasure!

Munerah Mohamed

Grateful to you sifu.?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️...thank you and many blessings..all tension lifted..felt like a brand new person☺

Kings solutions015

Stretch out your legs and relax as the machine gently massages your legs and eases all soreness, pain, and discomfort. They control the massage chair in Australia with the means of the computerized screen that’s standard in every massage chair. Most of them also include a remote, and some of them have an app that can be synced with the chair. Massage chairs use different massage techniques. They can either use the roller-based massage technique or the air-based massage technique (where there’s no use of rollers). They usually find the latter in premium massage chair Australia. Massage chairs are big and heavy. Without wheels, they are almost impossible to move around. That is why massage chairs come with wheels, to facilitate easy transportation. Do not buy any massage chair that doesn’t come with wheels. This L-track massage chair in Australia olny comes from the premium company Elex. Massage chair Australia by Elex and are not very ultra-expensive, thanks to the features they come with. This is a zero gravity massage chair, which is one of the most popular features among premium massage chair. This means you have to position your massage chair in such a way that your legs are higher than your heart. This position is supposed to be very therapeutic for the body and has several benefits. Because this is an L-track chair you can achieve three zero-gravity positions on this one. The chair also comes for the body scanner that scans the shape and positioning of your body to provide the optimal massage chair experience. The air cell technology of the chair covers your whole body and lets the benefits of the massage chair in Australia reach every part of your anatomy. There is also a yoga stretch option that allows you to stretch your body completely. For further details please visit our site:


Lilith Jesus

Thank you very much ☺️. I appreciated the different Qi Gong than I had practiced before.

Ginette Sawaya


Horace Bush

Thank you so very much. This simple yet profoundly healing exercise is so incredibly refreshing! It will become a regular part of my practice.

Resting cheek on hand

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Day 3 Home Yoga Challenge // YIN YOGA to Revitalize + Recharge your ENERGY (30 Minutes)

81 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Welcome to Day 3 of our 7

Welcome to Day 3 of our 7 Day YouTube Home Yoga Challenge!

Today we will be balancing out our strong + fierce yoga classes with a gentle, calming and grounded yin yoga session. Yin Yoga is meant to take you deep into stillness while allowing your body to receive the benefits from long durations in deep stretches. Yin Yoga is the perfect for beginners and is meant to nurture and relax your body and recalibrate your nervous system.

Todays Yin Yoga class is focusing on our Solar Plexus Chakra which correlates to our energetic system and allows us tap into this sense of recharging our energy and vibration.

Happy Stillness!

If you like class make sure to SUBSCRIBE!

JOIN MY INNER CIRCLE: https://www.patreon.com/kierstiepaygeyoga

Follow me on IG: @kierstie_payge

Upcoming Retreats: www.yogakp.com