Oil gel for hair

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1 083 views | 11 Jun. 2020

Can you believe how

Can you believe how powerful seamoss is?? I have been using it on my hair for some time now and just wanted to share with you just how beneficial it is to incorporate in our diet and use on our hair and skin. A superfood that doubles as a hair gel?? Sign me up!!!! Hope you guys enjoyed this video!

I got my seamoss in Dominica (perks of living on an island ). Check in the link below to purchase from St Lucia if you reside out of Dominica

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Glass bowl




Garvin Bruno Vlogs

I knew Seamoss was good but after watching this I confirmed that and more Empress! Man I am going to need some Seamoss as soon as I am home to make from scratch ... Not even going buy no bottle ones! Nice video tutorial.. It was really easy to understand and very informative! ????

Michelle Jno.baptiste

Definitely gonna try this

Ela George

That seamoss look healthy

GlenPrince Tech

This video was was very informative! I'm impressed. Thanks for that

Aweet Cadette

Oh wow Jodz, you know there are a lot of things we take for granted. I really had no idea that seamoss had all these minerals and benefits. Definitely inspired me to go buy some seamoss ? Thanks for sharing the knowledge

Ayak Music

I am here for all of this!!!! I just find the taste takes little getting used to. Also does it loose nutrients if it's boiled? New subbie x


Thanks Girl! I didn’t realize Seamoss had soooo many nutrients!

Karen Thomas

Very informative and nice presentation! Where exactly do you buy seamoss from? If I was in NYC I could just go to the store down stairs - but I am in California and haven't seen it in any stores.


Wow never realized seamoss had so many minerals !! Def going to start drinking more of it too?. This was so informative! Loved itt

Asha Martin

New product alert ? I'm here for it ?

Kings Table

Can you elaborate more on hair gel?

La-Nisa L. King

Excellent video! Thank you.

Sharron C

Girl,? Dr. Sebi says to ALWAYS boil seamoss.....I've tried both & boiling is BEST to me?

It's a natural COLLAGEN. We lose collagen VERY EARLY 20's which is why so man men & women skin SAGS in their later years. Great skin care is KEY & a good seamless facial once a week wont HURT! It clears eczema & rashes up fast when u use it topically as well. I've never used it in my HAIR! I'm always adding a Tb spoon full to my smoothies, gravy, sauces, & homemade salad dressing. I've done a few facials too & its left my skin vibrant & firm!

I'm a New York State Licensed Cosmetologist & I APPROVE "Seamoss"?????

Thanks for Sharing?


Dammm I learn more about this.. finally how to make ..yassss.

GlenPrince Tech

Me: Rinsing my seamoss for 10 minutes under running water.

DOWASCO: Hello, can I speak to Glen please...

Oil gel for hair

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Sea Moss Styler Hair Gel | Hair Growth | Natural Hair

125 330 views | 11 Jul. 2019

I was excited to discover

I was excited to discover a healthier collagen in Sea Moss and to have the opportunity to share it with you! In this video we're going explore Sea Moss and how we can turn into hair gel. I was beyond impressed with the results and loved that I knew exactly what I was putting in my hair. If you're looking for an organic, all natural hair gel with amazing slip and hold this is the recipe for you! Let me know if you have ever tried Sea Moss and what your experience was. Would love to hear from you! ENJOY! Stay inspired! xox MD

Sea Moss Video - https://youtu.be/ohEFBLL24EQ

Sea Moss - https://amzn.to/3qzZCZA

Avocado Oil - https://amzn.to/2LO7BkX

Grapeseed Oil - https://amzn.to/2YLsf8L

Coconut Oil - https://amzn.to/2Jste8H

Blender - https://amzn.to/2DPOtOz

Pyrex Bowls with Lid - https://amzn.to/2VLx5og


3 teaspoons of Sea Moss Gel

2 Teaspoons of each oil

Video I based recipe off of:


Fav Beet Smoothie Recipe - https://youtu.be/PuHL6G07j7U

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Kerett Williams

Thank you so much for sharing this video. I ended up rinsing the sea moss about 4 to 5 times in cold water. On my final rinse before adding the lime I rinsed it with hot water. The sea moss began to gel almost immediately. I tasted it there's no sea taste to it. After it sits in the lime juice for about 5 hours I am planning to blend. I hope it turns out ok.

Alisha Polanco

Wow doing this ASAP!!!


Wow, very nice! I will have to give this a try.

B Ross

Love it

Lisa Scott

Love the video but I thought heating it it loses it natural properties. Can I make it using raw sea moss gel?

best talk

Hello everyone, we have high quality and modest quantities of Seamoss from Morocco. Currently, we are looking for partners interested in the production and marketing of this product, for more information please contact us via our Facebook page or via email, links below:

Email Address: [email protected]gmail.com

our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/%D9%85%D8%AD%D8%A8%D9%8A-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B7%D8%AD%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A8-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A8%D8%AD%D8%B1%D9%8A%D8%A9-108419637785679/

Michelle McDonald

Im going to try this recipe to see how it works for me. Thanks for the video??

Summer Bell

I really love sea moss I make smoothies, face mask and use it in my deep conditioner the way Melissa did it on her video. Let me tell you it is a big difference. Thank you Melissa

Cynthia Woodall

Wow, I love seamoss I’m going to make this, I make hair pomade I think I will put some in my hair pomade, I will try don’t want it to mess up so I’ll it first just for

Romayra Lopez

I actually make my own homemade deep conditioner. This looks great!!

Amoy Durrant

If you are consuming sea moss do not boil it. You are destroying a lot of the nutrients

NBB Ruth

oh gosh, it looks so yummy

Bay Tay

Tracy Jarrett

Can you still use in food with this methods (before added the oils) to save on making two different jars of seamoss?

Dacia's D.I.Y's

I’m gonna make some with gelatin

Rebeca Davila

I am excited to try this!!!


Boiling seamoss would defs kill some goodness

Natasha Irizarry

I have made flaxseed gel with marshmallow root for slip. I wonder if I combine the two how it would turn out?

Chanel Bell

Any similarity 2 flax seed gel? The 2nd day there was no more hold on my wash & go. I dumped the rest of it...

Moon M

How long do this gel last and do I keep in the refrigerator

Crystal Nyla

Why didn’t you just do the oil process in the beginning after blending it?!!! Too many extra steps your way

7mile rook

Does it make your/my beard grow?

Cashaey Serenity

how often do you use this in your hair?

Beautiful Soul

Where do you get cmos from


does this have any flake?

Rachelle R

I am going to try this with some mustard seed oil and alma oil.

Tobias Ester

Do you restore it back in the refrigerator or can I leave it on my bathroom counter?

Odette Songwriter

Thanks, Melissa. Excellent video ??

Kenya Spencer

I make a flaxseed that i love because its does wonders for defining my curl however it makes the hair crunchy and id much prefer a softer hold. Does this do the same?

Byron Blue

Coconut oil isn’t good for black peoples hair

Just K

I've made homemade flaxseed gel many times before. It is messier than this, because you wind up squeezing the gel out through a knee-high. But it definitely did work. I found out the hard way that making flaxseed gel is simple in terms of just flax seeds and water... But if you want to add something like hibiscus for it's conditioning and moisturizing properties, you definitely don't want to add that until after the flaxseed gel is off of the stove. If you added during the boiling process, then the flaxseed gel never forms, it stays liquid. But, adding hibiscus after I took the pot off the stove turned the gel a purple color and actually made it moisturizing for my hair even without adding a little extra oil... Which of course I did. Definitely looking forward to trying this recipe; I already ordered my sea moss! Really enjoy your content, MD. Your hair looks great!

Katherine Veras

Not sure if someone asked already and I don't think it was mentioned in the video, do you keep the sea moss hair gel refrigerated until its completely used up?

joy adams

Get your premium Sea Moss gel AND Raw Harvested Sea Moss at www.jbGch.com. We import our moss from the island of St. Lucia. Raw Sea Moss shipped next day and Sea Moss gel made to order. Our prices can’t be beat!!


Can you try oatmeal gel

Divine Cosmia

Unbelievable. Thank you.

Yvonne Escobar

3LORGANIC.COM for plant based skin and hair products ✨

Trina Robinson

Going to try for my braidout and see if it will reduce frizz and define my curls.

Hilda Perry

This is the best product that I natural hair product that I used on my hair in a very long time

Debora Russell

Is this similar to an oil moisturizer??


Using heat kills all the nutrients

Kafui Abalo

Wow ???

Traci Brown

Thanks for this video. I found Sea Moss in my International Supermarket for just $4.00 and it is excellent. I am using it in my smoothies and will now use as this new hair gel. We love you & thx.

Nurse Lin

100% WILDCRAFTED IRISH SEA MOSS GEL✨AVAILABLE NOW✨ Only $25 Dry sea moss and wholesale available!
Boost your immune system!

Dacia's D.I.Y's

It looks more like a edge control

Nye Groover

Where can I get some “REAL” SeaMoss y’all!? Please send links right here!!

Odelia Stagram

There's a permanent for hsv1&2 which takes 14 days to cure you completely without no side effects, all you have to do is to order the medicine @dr_bobizua_herbal_home
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Does all of that oil make fine short hair to oily? I'm trying to get my hair in shape after years of extensions and my hairdresser doesn't put oil in my hair and it doesn't appear dry at all. I do use a curling glaze.

Harvey Jonzz

Thank you


Very interesting! I would love to see you try it out on a wash and go! Your slicked back bun looked so hydrated and shiny ? I might consider trying out..and I’m guessing you’d have to make a bigger batch for a wash and go ?

Make Me Prettie

Hello from Los Angeles! Your videos are always so informative! Thank-you for your positive vibes!

K.o. Reacts

Has your hair grown any?

Linda Venable

I LOVE THIS! ❤????????

anointed one

Melissa Denise How long does the gel last after completed the oil mixing? Does it have to be refrigerated? Thank you.

stina lynn

Just found you!!! Subscribed and thank you

Lisa Milner

Curious as to why every time I made mine, using the exact same recipe, the gel flakes in my hair after about a day, I see all these flakes that look like dandruff? I've tried putting it on dry and wet hair and still I get flakes, what did I do wrong?

S Lynn

Ive attempted this 3 times and it doesn't come out right, i wish there were exact measurements.

YBlessed Blessing

Beautiful beautiful

Damira Hey

What was the green stuff? Was it ada veda oil?

Steffi Reyes-Thomas

This is brilliant! I can't wait to boil my next batch of sea moss!

Ayden Sumerall

Can we see you actually putting it on your hair plz?


To cut of the sea smell just soak in and citrus fruits

Trisha Smith

Thank you so much for this recipe I'm going to try it on my locs


I like this idea but honestly making your own Flaxseed gel takes a fraction of the time (you can use it just minutes after making it if you want), it leaves your hair shiny, moisturized with good hold and no flakes if you apply it properly, you can add other herbs, oils, botanicals while you prepare it, and you can make it in bulk. If you haven't tried it before, you should.

azieb woldemichael

Could you please suggest where to buy the sea moss?

Goal Getter Jan Jan

So im new to making my own seamoss so can I use to boiling technique ? to before blending cause I want my seamoss to look like this but i plan on making smoothies out of it

May Mat

How long does the hair gel last? Is it best to store it in the fridge for longer shelf life?

Lala Surlez


Gabriel Mohan

Does this work on south Asian hair?

Kinky G

When does it expire???


Very informative

Lisa Chambers

Where is the best place to order Sea Miss?

norma hancock

how much sea moss did you add?

Carletta Collins

Is there a follow-up video to this 1? I have wht I believe is Psoriasis & think this would be GOOD 4 my scalp & hair.

Sequoia’s Spiritual Spa

I was wondering if you rinse the gel out. Have you tried to sit under the dryer with it and then rinse it out? I had planned on using it as a conditioner but I think I like the way you used it as a gel to hold and condition your hair. I have your hair texture and I have issues finding the correct products the never really give me the results I’m looking for. Thank you for sharing this video.


Your channel came up and I saw this video...it's nice and will be trying this recipe. Thank you.?

Edna Evans

Where can I purchas sea moss?

William Kamroon

I live in Maryland ‘n get my Sea Moss from this sista outta Atlanta
Follow her on IG @ SooMossy


How long does the sea moss gel last without the oil added to it

Avrell Francis

Hi Melissa how long did you keep it in your hair for before wash it.

Akhere John

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Joanie Williams

Glad you made this video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tann Smith

Hi! Any reason why I can't use the sea moss I eat directly on my hair without the added oils or can I take the sea moss and blend the oils without adding water? Your hair looks great!

Annie PD

Thank you for sharing this.. Will have to try it..

Elva Liburd

It looks beautiful!!!

Cherry Darwel

Hi sis, I'm Jamaican and we have been using Irish moss since I was young. I still use it actually, it's a staple for Jamaicans. If you see the way I look at the age of 65 you wouldn't believe it. I look 40ish. Part of that is because I drink it often. Apart from using this awesome herb, God keeps me in a peaceful place.

Flora lillian

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Whos Lord

How long dose it keep? Like how long can you store it?

Tasha Tasha

Ummm ? I need to see someone with 4c hair try it and see if it holds

Yanni Yanni

I want to try this on my Sisterlocks with less oil though because they are still locking and I don't want it to lead to build up or slippage. Beautiful!

Crystal Graham

You are awesome!


I was sad when u threw that water out. If no one have already told you. you threw away half of that gel. next time you boil use very little water on low heat. Leaving the water in overnight thickens up, and you will have double the amount or more of what you started with.

Fritznerda Laporte

I wonder how this would work on 4c hair

Veronica Greene

Is the sea moss good for hair growth?

g k

How long you have it in you for

Lisa Chambers

Where is the best place to order Sea Moss


Thank you!

Virginia Remedi

You can use the boiled water for your hair as well.

Dacia's D.I.Y's

I thought they said , not to heat the seamoss bc it will kill the nutritional properties ?

Kings Table

Did anybody finish product seperate in fridge. Like coconut oil sat on top with chunks?

Oil gel for hair

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Review + Demo Olive Oil Edge Control Gel (On Natural Hair)

84 852 views | 6 Aug. 2014

Hey Divas & Gents here

Hey Divas & Gents here with a Review for Olive Oil Edge Control I love this stuff it works really well with my hair ..this product has mix reviews so I would say test a small amount out first to see how it works for you...XOXO

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♥Tip The Cookie Jar♥


♥Credit for Intro & Outro Music♥


Mindy Sa

Thank you :)


This is what I use on my edges sis and I like it. Yea your right it could just depend on your hair texture. Nice video and review! xoxo

alisha alisha

How bout theolive o il silky smooth edges

E&J FUNventures

I have extremely curly, soft texture type of hair and it works great for me. It lasts for hours, but not morning until night. I sweat a lot and the moisture of my sweat on my face diminishes the hold. What I do to make it last all day is use this product and shortly after, I slightly use hairspray over my edges and it works wonders. Although this product may not be for everyone, I strongly suggest it. I even use Olive Oil ORS Smooth n Hold Pudding. It's amazing.

Synia Walter

It gives you them kinda waves on the front that’s what I love about it

Ms Killer Smile

The New and Improved one is a lot better than previous versions.  The one demonstrated here is the New and Improved one.  It says it on the packaging!  :)

Shewquet taylor

Great video tfs

brandy simonz

It leaves white residues in my hair Wat can I do ???

lily lasu

When I use ors edge control and it NEVER puts down my hair ?

niyaa pooh

I still use this ??

Isabella Martinez

I use ORS products all the time, they never disappoint me to be hella honest, and I love the edge control product, it works great for me.

Katrina Williams

Love this product a lot. !

Osanna Kaiser

Can the edge control grow your edges?

Sincerely Shunta

I liked it and I been natural for 4 yrs but i did get a little of the white residue. I just figured that i cant use water with this product. Have you tried the Hicks edge control?

Esther Jones

ffs mine isnt sticking

Caroline Drummond

I love the music you used in the video!

karmela green

do you think this will work on curly hair texture?


Great review n demo! Tfs

Braxton Quintanilla Summer Houston Carey Clarkson

It smells really nice. :)

Dinatu Ovayioza

I don't understand the one I bought shaaa, once I applied it turned out to be too oily on my hair which always made it not to last long on my edge.

Crystal Brown

yes it does work...and I have some nappy hair. because of my hair texture I like to put pro style brown get over mines and that was the first time my edges layed down all day. I dont like it so shiney so the pro style really helped with that!?

IN Keke's Kitchen by Shyfacediva

I moved on to Murray's Edgewax BEST EVER FOR ME been using it for yeeears♥


i really like that gel but when doing my edges its hard to style i end up putting water on my edges but it holds well