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What 1000 hours of Radiant RAZE plays look like on Valorant

1 771 304 views | 1 Dec. 2020

New video showing what

New video showing what 1000 hours of Radiant RAZE plays look like on Valorant!

Getting insane clips at Radiant is a lot harder so making consistent videos has became more difficult because I worry a lot about whether they're good enough to post but I'm going to try stop worrying about it as much so I can post more for you guys!

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/flights1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlightsSoaR

Discord: https://discord.gg/tba8uUY

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flights1_

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@flights1_

#flights #valorant #montage


Holy shit... Is that my UK duo partner? You are absolutely CRACKED!


I love the blast packs in this chill music :D

Freich sebastian Cerro

0:18 bicycle seat

Max Geilen

Admim, he’s doing it sideways


Wow nice aim :0

Abhinand N

Those 360 degree finish??

Ardit Dafku

That snap aim at 1:13. Ill never have enough time to be good at that lol

Ethan Zhang

Rip he cheating guys XD


mans playing agaisnt bots tho haha


0:23 how your Jett’s E can fly?

markus cartier


Chiller Clan

1000 hour radiant raze shows jet clip

Josi Täuber

What is your goal in life?


Different title: what downloading hacks looks like


His aim is really mediocre ngl

Mucki TV

nice game an god player, like css in Future

gabriel mine mangrobang

hi my friend flights hes cracked at valorant my guy

Andy Levada - Film Director

I'm getting old school Pamaj vibes from this

SR 《Dante Logan

cracked <3

Efe Pasaoglu

After hours

Enan Leme

man, que sense dura


One question. What the fuck?

Rey Nino Diongzon

Some nice bhops :)



Rayandra Harun

Cool now get a gf




"raze why u cheating?" ??


2:49 look at the chat lmao. The other team thinks if raze is cheating LOL

Verdadeiramente o Vasco

he's the zhun of valorant lmao

Dessie Uknow

Over seen

Apache Ekko


Artık işim yok

öam the enemys are cryng


Alright what gamer chair is this guy using

Franz Rivera

Logic is no longer applicable to this!! DEEEEYNNNGIT!!!


Right as the first clip ended raze was just putting her finger up lol

Popa Matei

This is soooooo goooooooodddddd..........

Retro xk K

If i Was Playing against You i Would think you were cheating...


I love your song choice ❤️❤️❤️

Poorvi Vachhani

dayum brioooo

Dem-û Devran

are you pro?

Henzor 22

its easy to do that when you have no brain enemyes


the video: 1000 hours of Radiant RAZE
the second clip: jett
me: ._.

Nicky Whitt

ur sick asf bro!!!!!


şu adamların pc si gibi pcm olsa bende oynardım


every time Flights is clutching
Opponent Phoenix:Jokes over your dead!!

Esel Gaming

I see this montage 100 times its so good

Bartosz 76

oh wow

alper_ karabulut


OcT0pud 07

What is the song

Gabriel Crouch

when you watch a video in a 1000 hz



Maximiliano Flores Guerra


Lis Nikoliqi

Good god 90% the skins in this game are ugly. It's like a 10 year old designed them.

João Toldo

Salve pessoal, estou passando para deixar o canal de um amigo meu que joga diversos jogos, quem quiser e puder colar ai dar uma força pra ele o canal dele é: https://www.twitch.tv/kaduudle


He may be Radiant but those enemies look god awful

Kaito kudo edogawa Tenedero

What was that I like it

Boel G

im part of the 77%


Just better


FLIGHTS what is your favorite map if you are using raze


nice video bro like zuhn really nice video love>3

Symuin Symuin

these are all bots lol

Phuc Bon Tu

i like how you aim, a little slower than others high level, but high accuracy



Waffle Style

You've taught me how to play raze just now

Ban Dan a

So like valorant is like overwatch but on a budget ?


what a good gaming chair does to you


Jett : raze why u cheating?


yo get a life


I wouldn't like to encounter this beast on unrated matches

Haydn Payne

Cracked I think is the technical term

Greenberry -.-

is that guy named justin or why is he so cracked?



Sairasu Musa

What's the title of background music?

Tim Engle

The kaput gauge extraorally scratch because tuba peroperativly compare out a fluffy peen. ill-fated, romantic wasp

Mussolini Pasakdal

need to practice also aiming for this coz it'll be useless to satchel if ur aim is bad.

S4NT0S _


legitboss edits

how much are the lessons... ju- just take the money

Geezer Corporations


Turhan Kamal

Song name?

musa toprak taşbaşı

aimbot on :D?


Music name


Why are my enemies better than his lol


1:44 LMAO


can i be like u

matthew coronado

hey bro can i have your crosshair?

Rudolf PR17

ur a god, new sub

Official Brexx

he good but that enemyss are ki´s


I never played or watched anyone play this game but im very impressed


whats your vid settings


Me: Thinks I’m good

Also Me When I watch the first clip: “I should take notes”

Diego Ortiz

"raze why u cheating?" ??

Quaver EDM


screamingclown 25

wait is this bots?? lol

Matteo Kißner

good vid

Manan Anand



666 dislike wtf

Dantoss 97


Chococopter Patt

godly shots

Look radiant

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5 Minute Glowing Makeup Tutorial (NO FOUNDATION)

231 272 views | 18 Jan. 2017

Here's my quick 5 minute

Here's my quick 5 minute glowing makeup tutorial requiring NO FOUNDATION. With the help of a few key skincare products (prep), an awesome CC cream, and concealer you can totally achieve the "no makeup" makeup look. Enjoy!


Serum: Philosophy's Time in a Bottle here http://www.philosophy.com/time-in-a-bottle-serum.html?ecid=z:you:prod:su:lam:country:sazanmentionvideona:na

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Mattifying Gel (Oil-free)

Primer: Givenchy Mister Matte

CC Cream: Seacret

Eyebrows: It Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil

Concealer: NARS Creamy Radiant in 'Honey'

Bronzer: NYX Cosmetics in 'Medium'

Cream blush: Ashley Tisdale ILLUMINATE in 'Cabana'

Lips: Illuminate in 'Cabana' and 'Korres' rosy lip butter

Mascara: Maybelline Big Shot Mascara


Follow along:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/sazanhendrix

Facebook: http://facebook.com/sazanblog

Blog: www.sazan.me


She's so cute and her YouTube is growing so fast and I'm here with my 623 subscribers ?

Cat Heart


rose pedal

Why is she only using one hand for this entire makeup look? Is it just me or did it bother anyone else

Sara BunnY M.D.

What part of it was it exactly natural? I don't get it. I was expecting minimal makeup product to be used in this tutorial not too many. This is by far no clown show I hope.

Amber Natalie

Stunning babe! I love your video ❤❤

sanjeev kat

most of are wrong tips

Sharin Anjum

favourite tutorials from u ❤

olivia mefi

Wow so stunning but so many products in 5min plus vlog. Until next time mwha mwhaa x

Marissa Molina

You are so sweet and i love how inspiring and positive you are!

Smart Sara

You'r like old ugly woman

Kalei Lagunero

These are my favorite types of looks moving forward! Fresh and minimal! Or, try to be! Lol! I use the Nars Skin tint that feels awesome and it's very light with a lot of coverage! I wish I didn't have to set my face though. I'm so oily even with primer! Skincare obsessed too! I need to try the serum!


Hi from Dubai

Aqsa Gull

You're so GORGEOUS ❤ xo


Something just seems off in this video... hope all is well Sazan


How do I use highlighter and glow powders without getting the shiny oily look??? I use highlighter on my cheeks , the bridge of my nose and I tap my chin and forehead but sometimes it ends up looking like my skin is oily not highlighted or glowing...I dont use liquid only powders. Any tips or instructions????

Devasena. Abburi

Takes atleast half an hour

Shefali Taktewale

beautiful makeup


Please, learn how to pronounce Givenchy correctly!


Powder, then cream blush and then concealing the face? No... just no...

shruti Kabeer Thakur

you are soooo pretty...

Sasha Aslanyan

First hydrate then matify with mat primer then cc cream.... A bit strange product combination

prnv p

No words foe you natural beauty? Love the simple looks that you do? -priya

Monika Marciniak

Bronze smokey eye tutorial please!!


Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a BB Cream and a CC cream?

Diana Guevara

Saz, when will the Bless Box be released for February?

The Online Collective

I love everything Saz does! My fave beauty blogger! ❤

Danielle Liotta

You're beautiful! What camera do you use??

Lola Gasabova

4 layers but it's "no makeup makeup". Syrums act as primers and CC Cream is literally the same thing as a moisturizer but with a tint.Otherwise great video!

Jillian Lansky

You are so hilarious and sweet.. love how refreshing your videos are. A good no makeup makeup routine is so important!

xx Jill

Christie Veneti

Sazan please don't rub your face so much it can make super red and cause wrinkles on the long run. Instead, pat products in to really make them one with your skin and increase blood flow to your face and add plumpness?

Rana Zoa'bi

this was useful ??
i wish to see " sazan hendrix daily vlogs" that would be amazing
who agrees ?

Sabrina C.

were you feeling good that day you filmed this? ?

Mariangela Barone

you look amazing

Rachel Lynne Jones

LOVING this and all of your videos/what you stand for! Sending you magic! xo Rachel Lynne Jones


“Givanshey” ... really -_-

Mm Hm

I love your channel. I love how easy to follow the tutorials are and that you use your fingers as your main tool. Also, you avoid those vain posing intros most makeup gurus have (so annoying!). You are very natural on camera and I can definitely see myself trying out your looks and wearing them outside. You are an example for normal girls with basic makeup experience that need some instructions they can follow. Thank you and keep making your videos.


what camera did you use for this video?

Illy Junus

I love using serum now and bb creams, great natural look

Alessia 91

Hello by Italy ! you're beautifoul

Daniela Machado

Hey Sazan I would love to see a room tour video

Zahid Iqbal

Thanks sazan

Abeer Yosri

How you reduced your dark circles ?

Abeer Yosri


Erika Lily Castro

Love it! Please follow my channel. Would mean the world!

Best of Beccaaa

I love a nice natural look. Very pretty. I strive for that in a lot of my makeup videos! :)

dalia khalil

It felt like you were not enjoying making this video at all. Its like you are doing it because it's sponsored only. Imiss your non sponsored bubbly Sazan videos. And you shouldn't apply cream after powder. Love u Sazan hope you are well

Angie Ramirez

Is Sazan ok? She seemed kind of out of it. Or is it just me?

This Season's Gold

You're naturally glowing. ❤️

Yof Salman

I love your videos ? from ??

Paris Rodriguez

Beautiful look Satan!! Love it!! Natural, glowy, dewy, bronzy looks are my fave!! ????

Зухра Арзыкулова

you r amazing!???????

Sheri Vance

Perfect!! Thank u

Sacha DV

It's "Givenchee" not "Givenchay"

Jackie Lopez

I love feeling like I did my makeup even thought I might only wear concealer and do my brow! Love the tutorial!

charlene marilyn

Any small youtubers want to support each other?? I'll sub back :))

Alex M.

Lookin so fresh!


ur so beautiful


Very very pretty.

Lina Usman

If you're reading this...

I hope you're having a great day/night and that all of your dreams come true this year! :)

Sincerely, YouTuber whose dream is to hit 6k subscribers ♡<3

Tracy C

Does Sazan only post sponsored videos now?? I hope for non sponsor videos as well. Just a different feel. Love you Sazan!

Shaina Banh

Saz you are so beautiful!


I love you but you gave horrible tips for makeup application and layering the million products that do not combine with each other. You applied a powder contour or bronzer and then a cream blush? And you do not apply concealer after everything is done. Concealer should be applied after the cc cream! And you know that the 10’000 products you applied and the amount it takes to apply those products will be over 5 minutes. It took you over 5 minutes to create the look even if you weren’t speaking it would have taken you over 5 minutes. Why are you lying to your audience, I know you are an honest person but this video was dishonest and overall horrible. I hope you take my criticism as constructive and improve in your next videos.


Nice video !
Uploaded my first video, do check out ! ❤️

sushmitha gowda

first like?❤



Oum la

u already posted that vidro yesterday but something was wrong with it right.

Nafie Rahman

Could you please make a video featuring cruelty-free products? Thank you!!

Avine x

Reading some of these comments here makes me laugh lol! Sazan applies her makeup the way it suits her, if you don't like it, you can always change the technique to suit you. I don't see anything wrong with applying concealer after all the products or applying cream blush with powder bronzer, thats how she wants it to be, if you don't then do you boo and stop judging lol x

La Casavloga

I don't know about anyone else but a CC cream is basically like a foundation to me..

Danielle Millar

Could you do something on style/fashion? I'm looking for some winter inspiration during these cold days in England!

Sanjusha Kolli

Why did you use concealer after all the other products? It seems like it would ruin/cover the blush and other powders

Lolita ʚɞ

so how can find all products u use???

Lindsey Lloyd

How's the baby growing in your tummy?

Daniela S.

Sazan your skin looks harsh, its because your facial? You sounded liked you had to this video because philosophy was paying you, not because you wanted too.Hope you are doing okay, you looked very off... I do love your videos but this one has been the worst.

Liza Prideaux

This is gorgeous that blush transformed the look, glowing! I need this after zero sleep last night. I was up all night with a poorly teething baby ? x

Vanina Peytcheva

I love this, it is my kind of daily make up. Instead of CC cream I am using a foundation, I should give a try to CC cream! Kisses ;)

Eury Molina

I love this make up alot. And she looks like Nelly Furtado. ?❤

Angela Maglovska

I love it!! Amazing.

Muneera Rasheed

nice but u look like teenager

Look radiant

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How to Achieve the Perfect Glowing Skin Look With Nam Vo | Byrdie

233 279 views | 10 May. 2018

Celebrity makeup artist

Celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo shows us how to achieve the ultimate glowing skin look.

Follow Byrdie:











VISIT http://Byrdie.com for more product reviews and for all things beauty.

SUBSCRIBE to Byrdie's YouTube channel to be the first to know when new videos are posted: http://YouTube.com/Byrdie

COMMENT below and let us know if you have any requests or recommendations for future Byrdie videos!

Produced by CMG


Beach Goddess Status n like 9 mins ❤?
#goals #glow #dewy #life #stunning

Skylar Spino

love her skin right after the wonder glow !!!! dewy icon

Hayley Edwards

LOVED this tutorial! Wish she shared the shade names though since we have very similar coloring.

Eva Quilty

Loved this video! Been looking for a good tutorial like this for so long. BUT being dark skin, I'm also afraid of highlighting because it looks "oily" on my skintone. Any advice?

Daniela Koppendorfer

I want to see more tutorials with models who haven't perfect skin.

Melany Camacho

I love a glowy look, but I have combination oily skin so I end up looking greasy very quickly. How can I achieve a lasting glow with out looking sweaty? ? help

Jacqueline Coppola

Gorgeous skin

Trish F

Putting too much makeup on gorgeous skin...

Kaoutar Msbh

This is expensive

Aileen Aiko

her hair is PURE LOVE

It's Orange!

came for the glow, left with hair envy.


I cringed a bit when she mispronounces her own surname ?


Love the overall look!

Leann Hill

Love love love, this look is def my cup of tea. I’m Korean and I have a hooded eye, can you do a hooded eye tutorial for eye shadow??

Jennifer Falvey

Gorgeous—and fun to watch!

Jenn Q

Wow can’t have one video without someone having to criticize lol. YouTube is something else ?


These products must cost a fortune.

Monica Herrera

Which blush brush did namvo used for this video ? @namvo

Evie Jynx

Amazing skin wow

kassadee jarrett

I need a video on her style!!! I love the top that she has on !

Shazil Khan

can we have a drugstore version of this


It helps when your skin is already flawless. I need her secrets for that amazing skin

Margo malik

like her, less is best, not caked on ...

Gilang Foster

Chanel placed too low i think. Make ur cheek weird. Sorry just my opinion.

Veronica Fontes

besides great skin....i"m loving the nail art...trying to zoom in and pause.

P Johnson

Sooooo many products!

Sally Newman

Everyone in the comments: clicks on makeup tutorial Why is she putting on makeup?! Ahhh!


I summed up about how much it would cost in total for this look and it ends up being 647$ WITHOUT BRUSHES. Maybe do a drugstore version?

Donna Klauser

Speechless. One of the best videos ever. Thank you. Looking for your Nam Vo channel ?


As soon as she Tom ford foundation I was like nope not for me next

Цецилия Самойловна

That blush is kinda all over her face.

Binda R

This would not last on my oily skin at all! The end result was lovely though ??

Denise Katsabanis

Chanel bronzer is discontinued. And so is it’s dupe Sonia Kashuk cream bronzer. What are you using now?


Love Nam Vo. Her makeup style is natural and beautiful!

Raheel Alsulmi

God i hate these comments "but she got beautiful skin to begin with" ok and??? That doesn't mean she cant put on makeup or ehat? Or you only satisfied when her skin is full of acne and pigmentation? now watch the damn tutorial and shut up

Kara McCroskey

Do you live there? your bathroom is amazing! (the view!)

Chelsea Lewis

She uses WAY too many products


Love her hair colour.

Jai G

What shade was your foundation?

jay k

Do the samething on a matured skin, and we will know...also it seems every step needs to be repeated...Her skin is amazing! I hope the gurus show the same steps on different skin types

Tess Zolly

her skin is unreal

Lavinia Negru

Nice make-up but you could totally get the same effect with less expensive products. Not all of us can buy or receive Chanel, YSL, Armani...etc.

Джули Фокс

You are soooooooooooooooooo pretty

Julie Manington

There is a knack to looking this good and she has it...if I put that much on I would look hideous..beautiful girl..

Peaashee Peaashe

'bUrNT ToAsT' girl I am a burnt toast I don't need to be authenticated as one

Reena Prasad

Nice are you able to list your products in the description box

lorelei sarabia

Does anyone know what Chanel brush she used? Was it the regular powder or the precision powder brush?

Magda Vallarino

Love it

Narg Ali

Great video, her skin is amazing even before any make up! X

Jess Brown

Lmfao I LOVE her personality

Yodyiam Sudjaitham

But like after 3 hours of all that products? It’s gonna look soooooo greasy


Some of y’all humblebraggers need to chill out.

lucky sharms

step 1: have flawless skin


Ugh man I just instantly lose confidence in makeup artists that use exclusively high end product. Mass and prestige formulations are often identical and come from the same factories..using prestige only speaks to ignorance or a totally unnecessary flex.

Karen Tan

I’m gonna say it... it’s a cakey mess at the end. Glowing skin should be translucent, plump, healthy and like skin. Her skin was more beautiful in the beginning than at the end. Her skin looks tired, tight, and caked up compared to before. The glow is from the highlighter powder, not well-moisturised and effortless skin. Look at gothamista’s videos, she looks absolutely glowing every episode. I think the title is misleading, it would be better to call this a well-contoured make up look. It’s fine for people to want to look defined, but calling this glowing is an absolute disgrace to truly healthy, glowing skin.

Kristin MdashO

Hello Byrdie, i wonder if you could help curate a dry skin friendly selection of makeup brushes for me? I'm sensitive to both natural and synth brushes - but maybe there's one that's soft enough for my peculiar skin? Thanks! Love your content...


Very beautiful look, all high end make-up. I am so addicted to skin care that I haven't fully invested in all of this make-up. I am interested in the primer she used.

I would love a make-up artist to do this same look, without all the products.

FU Mama

Fek all high end products I couldn’t afford ???‍♀️ I thought this was going to be like two three products max ? Oh well each to their own..

Joe Heller

It’s pretty and all, but I need to know how to get my skin so smooth?

Charlie Smith

As a real makeup artist I couldn’t watch this YouTube/instagram garbage.please nobody listen to her she can’t even properly describe what she is doing

Beryl Brown

holy shit thats alot of product!


Gorgeous wow

steph soppanish

Her skin looks great but wow this is a lot of product. Two blushes???? You could honestly half this and still have a comparable look. So much highlight here I would look like a disco ball. Seems excessive...Honestly unless you’re Jlo herself, mixing a drop of illuminator into a foundation (the drug store has sooo many great cheap alternatives, Revlon and L’Oréal make great ones) and then using a little bit of powder highlighter on the cheekbones etc should suffice. And once again the drug store has so many great options nowadays. You do not need all these big bucks products.


That’s too much coverage layers for that kind of skin. This is excessive. You can really get glowing skin with literally two products. Every layer she puts on has some kind of sheen, shimmer to it. Trust me this make up wouldn’t look like you’re glowing but you would have that cakey unnatural glow.


$1000 on her face

Jonathan W

is it glowy or actually oily....

Ruby Banaga

I loved it! First time watching and you just brought so much light to this look! I can't wait to try this


I love how her makeup looks but I CANNOT do this on my face because all it would do is emphasize texture

Samten Tenzin

shes sooo bad in makeup. just another hyped MUA

Make you Up by Ahi

So nice!! ?

Omas M

Great skin. But repeat of extra makeup for no reason, absolutely not needed... The idea of make up isn't to apply a whole bunch of stuff but to look great with minimal work. Great job though... !

shan Stuart

You dont need to spend a fortune on products to look amazing great tip my luvs ?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The glow queen! Loved this xx

hanane_ hmd_

this is the best makeup video i have seen in a long time if i wasnt a broke ass college student i would've sure boughth each and every product that she used without even questioning it


Too much product.

Katie Kade

The dew drops are amazing; I prefer the rose gold, though. So beautiful and glowy on darker skin tones.

Chef Leen


Crystal Wynn

too many steps for me....

lauren burger

wow, 3 layers of foundation, 3 layers of highlighter, 2 different types of blush and honestly i don't see the difference


I have to say this bathroom is #bathroomgoals ?❤️❤️

Vero Khan

I love this girl's videos. She's so calm and descriptive. Her skin is already glowing before she applied anything tho lol but it was still nice to watch

Risa Laughter

In my opinion....make up should enhance and look like it’s not there. I love Nam vo’s simple but so informative approach. She truly is a passionate and gifted make up artist. To me...she’s the best

Jen DeAngelis

Cardio blending ???

Tippawan T.

Without make up, you look so beauuuutiful

Studio T

So...you only need 50 products to start the day - beautiful look though

Mystic Lasagna

Das esspensive


she does have nice skin but y'all there is a smoothing filter on that face which i dont get cuz her skin is amazing anyways

Ella Jackson

the elf small tapered brush is a surprisingly good dupe for that chanel highlighter brush


Why add so many layers on your face, when you are so beautiful anyway??

Lindsey White

"Here's how to achieve glowing skin!..." starts vid with no makeup and already glowing skin


انتي فنانه ??


So grateful for this helpful tutorial! Gorgeous! She’s so cool & down to earth. First learned of her thru Aimee Song?


"I am going to scoop a little bit" - thats like when chefs say: "I am going to add just a little bit of olive oil" - but always add a half of a bottle.

Fedra Ruiz-Aleman

So many products ?


i apply everything to the mirror


A true no makeup make up??

Zoe May

That's real talent right there. WOW


Just sweat, you'll glow.

You Tube

I adore her!

Elcid Abiera