Should guys get their eyebrows done

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4 412 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Eyebrow Company can be

Eyebrow Company can be reached on Instagram





Tatto artist


Tennis shoes


Body Oil





Prada Candy


Prada Candy night


Scent trunk


YSL Libre


Oud For Glory


Mancera Amber Fever



Thank You for sharing this video.. love you video you are genuine so down to earth..

Dyann Wynn

Hi Helen you have some excellent items love them

Francesca Roquemore

Happy Birthday enjoy your month.

Marsha Anderson

Happy belated birthday and thanks for sharing

Junis Jejuan

Helen! Happy Birthday Girl. Looks like you enjoyed yourself & Im glad.

Joyce Moore

Hi Happy belated Birthday. God Bless you

shirley boffin

hi heln i was wondering if you could suggest a perfume with fruity tones and i love bergamot ,im open to some ideas if you could god bless shirley from the uk x

Tess Mackey

Heyllo birthday grown woman Business
Helen spoiling yourself Is PERFECTLY FINE
YOU gotta teach em how TOO LOVE ON YOU!!!
AND sis you are doing YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lotus

Deloris Bledsoe

I love that birthday t-shirt. So cute! Happy Birthday

Joyce Moore

Thank you so much I really enjoy you have got great gifts God Bless

Belina B

I’m not for everyone either and I’m fine with that thief loss ijs ????

Its All Love

Hey Helen GM! HAPPY belated ?

Tabatha Tee

Good morning everyone!

Christine Mays

Great ? ...Answering you’re question ..I’ve always wanted a tattoo.. At first I felt it won’t look professional ? After kids I thought, will I look like a good mom?( so silly to think that) Later, I thought what will the church people say?..Now I’m like , okay I’m ready, we’ll am I too old, and what will the grown kids say...So silly the things we let keep us from doing what we want for ourselves, others are gone on living there lives and doing what makes them happy. No, I haven’t got it yet, maybe this will be the year. Great Video...

Sabrina L.

I would love to see your smell good video. I love how you describe scents and give me ideas of what to buy lol

Stephanie Kitchen

Happy Belated Birthday, glad you got to celebrate and yeah I am not for everyone either. We celebrate our uniqueness.


Happy Birthday Helen. I pray all is well.

Dana Nelson


Janva White

Happy belated birthday Ms Helen ??

Patricia Carter

Happy Belated Birthday Helen!!

Missy Grando

The one thing I want to do that no one else wants for me is staying single. Its crazy but I love me so much, I'm good for real. But seriously, I have some really large goals for myself in the coming years. And I ain't telling no one but God.

Letrece Hall

Amen sister. Do you.

Glorious Love

Happy Birthday ?

Joyce Moore

I need a total makeover God Bless

Shayla Murray


Gina Buono

Happy Birthday, Helen!! Hope you have a year full of health & happiness!!????

Dana Crawford

Happy belated birthday ? Helen


Helen, good for you! You deserve all that you desire. Bravo ? ? Bravo ? ?
That's all ?? tfs

shirlann daniel

Good morning, thank you for sharing.

Betty Rondo

Happy belated birthday.You are a Boss.The real deal.Blessings.

Marvelous Jade

Good morning!


Helen you got some nice things i like your nike tennis shoes thanks for sharing


Happy Belated Birthday Helen! Enjoy


Start my online boutique. People say everyone is doing it


?Happy Birthday, Helen!!!?

Memphis Saver

Happy birthday! The Tshirts are nice

Simply Natural Black Life

Hello Helen and everyone. HSPPY BELATED EARTHDAY ✌??

Kasandra Butcher

Happy Belated Birthday you got yourself some Beautiful gifts! Awesomeness

JKie mT


Marvelous Marva

I don’t care what one says about me?. I’m grown legit woman. Every mile stone birthday, I’ve been saying I’m getting a small tattoo. Next year if the Lord say the same and I’m able I’ll be 65. I’m going for it! Journey continue. Have an awesome birthday month Sis

Marilyn Capehart

Thanks for sharing Helen, Enjoy your BD 2-10-2021

Sassy Sharon

Helen, That’s why I love your channel ?. You are so down to earth, so genuine, and I don’t think it’s any topic you can’t speak on?
Keep on being you ?

LaVerne Williams

Happy Birthday!Helen enjoyed the video love that t shirt on you!???.

Nancy Ivy

Happy Birthday Helen!!!!????????

Halo Angel

Yes ? hear for the haul!!!??❤️?

Tonya Miller

Great birthday gifts. Maybe this will be my year to get my first tattoo.

Nicky Eng

Happy Belated Birthday! Loved the video!

Patty Geee

How often do you have to go back to touch up the eyebrows?

It’sme _D

Happy Birthday!!! Love the birthday haul. I need to try some of those fragrances.

Sondra Edwards

Love when you do these type of videos, and I appreciate showing the black businesses... I’ve ordered to support ?

Nicole Strother

Love this video??

Jani S.

Tfs your Birthday gifts. You know I enjoy your perfume reviews! I too love love Prada Candy ? ? now I gotta try the night version & check out the others soon.

CeeCee J

LOVE that black bottle???? Very Art Deco??? Happy birthday Helen ?????

Shirley Tyus

Happy Birthday Helen !!!