Vaseline before and after

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Before and After the Vaseline - a Short Summary

18 385 views | 3 Dec. 2020

A short summary of my

A short summary of my thoughts about the vaseline

Thanks to supporters


S4S here




Victor Lamothe

I will eat at the four star restaurants let the vaseliners eat at the greasy spoons.

William Hamilton

These are experimental vaccines. They are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV2.
Spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins which are essential for the formation of the placenta.

LEE Morgan

There will be fake card quickly produced.


Vaseline or vaccine.......ether way your fucked ?

Taze Palmer

keep up the good work....and I won't be taking the vasoline

June Alaskanmal

It's been ready since 2015 that's when it was patterned.

Siouxsiesioux Wilson

Nationalism Rocks

Jeffrey O'Neill

My wife is a nurse in America. She will really have no choice.

Kevin Haan

What could possibly go wrong.


You asked for ADVERSE Side -Affects? Bell's palsy!

Danny Van den Branden

I'll take it.

Mike Moats

How dare you have an opinion different than mine?

Ivrish con-Abarth

IF this shit goes through with mandatory vaselination: I´ll be the first to create black market for "Freedom Passes", or whatever documents you´ll need to go through with this nonsense. I bet vaseline will cause: A) mikrostrokes in the brains, there´ll be Huge increase in TIA´s with young and healthy people immediately, and through the nervous system, epilepsy, alzheimers, parkinson etc. and B) Reproduction, as S4S said, infertility, impotence, miscarriages and sharp increase in birth defects in general.

Vivien Bailey

Where is Tiffany Dover ????

Mike Moats

Spot on dude get ready folks. Evil is good at repeating itself.

David Allard

I agree with you on that. The vaccine I'm sure will kill off anyone over 50 and sterile everyone under 50. I'll go down fighting before I get a vaccine.


Ask yourself whether or not China is going to to have a vaseline. I think not.

Susie Wood

As I have often stated read or watch " (The) Children of Men" by P D James. Young people need to stay well away from these vaccines.

Julio J

Just found your channel. Love you. LOL from England, The Land of the Plague :)

Malcolm Taylor

Your DNA is a divine gift, which expresses your humanity and essence. It must not be interfered with by mere men trying to be gods. Thee fury of the divine will fall on those who try to usurp the gods. This is the warning from all times.

Tim Foster

Thank goodness for photoshop! (Not sure how to get round the chips)


Reckon almighty God is doing a rope dope on the devil!


It's all Bonkers I hope I don't end up in hospital for an unrelated illness I will have to go under the knife without a anesthetic to keep my eye out so I can make sue they don't jab me.

Ruth e

love from com E canada!


OBAMA Bush and Bill all said they'd go first.

fernanda martins

Not about Vaseline!! May I suggest everyone looks at Paul Weston , A message for Commissioner Dick video on YT, I am beyond shocked


Extraordinary Stefan!

janusz chol

Without vaseline 80% people don't have symptoms , they are perfectly healthy . With the other vaselines some side effects show up after 20 years


You're onto something here, Stefan. Identity political badges for everyone, the Nazi wet dream. Pink for homosexuals, yellow for Jews, a combined sex symbol for transfolk, black for BLMs, a small ball with protrusions for the vaselined, red, white & blue for Anglo-Saxons and any combination of the above plus many more for hybrids.

Alan Jones

I read recently that the Brazilian Supreme Court had bypassed Bolsonaro and said people who don't have the vaccine will suffer sanctions, true?

bipola telly

The "star" will be circulating in your bloodstream.
It'll be like the "mark of the beast".
It'll be connected to the 5g netwerk.


you know what eventually happened with those who had the star, right? They will never let us thrive. Eventually when they are sure about who is who and the line in the sand is firmly drawn, they will send their extermination teams to finish us off. A few years ago when they stopped a tax break because we wouldn't vaseline our daughter, I drew a yellow star on a t-shirt and wrote 'Unvaselined" inside it. Great minds think alike hey. I'm From the Netherlands but in Australia now since 30 years. One of my Stepdaughters moved to Sweden about 6 years ago because she fell in love with a Swede. He lived with us for about three years but got homesick. Same as my story but in opposite directions. I have visited twice in the last 5 years. I really love Sweden So fresh and crisp and green. My stepdaughter lives in a town about 40 k's north of Upsala?
If we ever can travel again love to catch up for a beer somewhere. I like your format, Simple and honest and confident. All the best.

Derek Barwise

Your local 'speak easy' wont give a s**t about you having your vaseline. Life goes on ... government forgets that.

Sue Marshall

Just tattoo a sheep on the foreheads of the idiots taking the poison

Stephen Hyland

I think it will be mandatory to get the vaseline in order to have a bank account. Society is going increasingly cashless and soon cash will no longer exist. If you don't have a bank account you won't be able to buy any nessescities. No need to make the vaseline mandatory for entry to a restaurant or a shop as you won't be going in there anyway unless you have a bank acccount.

hermand. adams

i allready have a wallet full of vaseline cards oh by the way did you know the moon's made of cheese


Oh, while you were out...this happened. Just the U.S. Constitution running its Course.
maybe here first?

Dawn Browning

That Vaseline producer "Fizzer" doesn't have a good track record either. They have quite a large criminal record.


Lol NZ is loving the virus they just dont know. The last quarter they run a balance of payments surplus, property prices are through the roof and New Zealanders are taking back their country and enjoying their own country, Why vaccinate when isolation and quarantine is working great

Jib Teenuc

Forget the nuclear arms race. If ever the people of planet Earth needed alien intervention, it is now.

Howard Musselman

After watching Mr. Gates on "Ted Talks" explaining how the world population could be brought under control by Vaselin. I suspect the Vaselin has been developed years ago sitting on the shelf waiting for the perfect storm to use it in mandatory VASILIGNING the world population.


Took the vaseline.
Hehe! :)

Michael Arnold

The first batches will be just a saline solution so there are no side effects. The sheep will be lulled, the politicians 'vindicated'...

Pop Up

Let’s watch Bolsonaro. He has refused the vx and says the vx will NOT be mandatory for his countrymen. Moving to Brazil?


Yes we were all born Kings: just need to step up!

Morten Lund

Parler: do i have to be a member of parler to see content?
I dont want to.
At Youtube and Newtube i dont need to.

rose moore


Sarah Pengilley

Yes Reproduction is the real target for the vax.

Sebastian X

Der furer

KC Kilgannon

Is it bad that I lowkey hope it kills the people who get it immediately? It will get rid of all the covidiots quick. Unfortunately it will also kill their children who didn't consent to it, but they probably would have grown up to be warped insane people like their freak parent(s).

Nancy Crayton

I have to learn the code and write it. So when I try to share videos they won't be blocked.



Layne Araya

Good suggestion, maybe the left won't correlate it with the actual Hitler gestapo playbook they are vasilating to the people?, this is bullshit of the highest order!!..........i say funky the consequences, neither i , nor my family will take anything from these liberal a#sholes, this is ridiculous, I will not submit ever!!, and mo rational,critically thinking individual should either, we as humans have the most powerful remedy ever invented to fight the flu!!!!........its called the IMMUNE SYSTEM!!, .......NOT BILL GATES!!!

scooter dogg

yup then Australia, UK,Canada my guess

Joseph Frantz


We can call this Vaseline that was rushed through on months, the Samsung Galaxy note 7 Vaseline.


NZ PM Ardern is hell bent on being the first, she's chomping at the bit to get it done and make herself look like our savior. Well she can shove it.

Christina Goodson

So they are expecting side effects then

Paul Jones

Vaughan would have been better off in East Germany GDR he could have happily worked for the party

Gary Powell

An idea.
Perhaps this plan long since went tits up. It was a great plan with just one fatal flaw, the virus turned out to be a dud. With a 99.98% survival rate who in their right mind is going to bother taking a vaccine, properly tested or otherwise? OK, many will, especially if they are forced to do so, but can we imagine what the uptake would have been it the survival rate had been only 90% or worse? Even myself would have to give it a serious consideration if people where dropping like flies all around me. After all this is what we were told happened in both China and Italy at a time when we could not have possibly verified the claim, and as we now know NEVER HAPPENED in China, Italy or anywhere else.
No war time plans ever go perfectly according to script, and this production is no exception to the golden rule. It is perfectly possible that the powers that be have already dug a deep hole for themselves. Which is now so deep that they simply can't stop digging, even if they wanted to.


Thank you. I will not bend. My family will not bend. I spoke to a medical professional yesterday. She also will not take it.

Glen Wallis

I wonder if you’re Vaseline will be the same as mine? I think I’ll take my Vaseline and inject it into the person forcing it on others!

jimbo pops

I love this guy.
But Vaseline is a jelly that can be used for anal sex,


In America we have a saying ... If she's islamic .. she takes it in the pooper.

Sebastian X

Of the blm and antifa nz minister. Check it on s4s r anywhere on google or YouTube

Kare Josephson

Moving to africa to be free


Latest news in UK is that the vx will not be providing any immunity to being infected so what is the point?- But UK does provide immunity to any legal liability for the suppliers so the risk of damage must be very real or such immunity would not be needed.

Geoff Halsey

I wonder what will happen when the side effects come to light?

Thomas Musso

New Zealand.
They voted her and her minions into power.
Only they can vote them out.
Citizens of New Zealand .. YOU have made your Bed .. now sleep in it!

Thomas Musso

Hypocrisy is the Vaseline of Social Intercourse.

Clever chimp

?? Boris is going to take it live on air. Personally i call (BS)

The New Normal

I knew this was the end game. They've been trying to get us to use ID card in the UK for years. Look to China to see our globalist future. We'll be picked of one by one if we dont find a way to unite and in numbers. If you don't take it you'll not be allowed on public transport or places or shops.
Their ultimate goal is to reduce the human population, so I wont be taking it until I'm forced to.


Stefan please visit New Zealand and you will see why its the greatest country in the world all the problems in Sweden you will not find these In New Zealand Stefan do you believe that Sweden has fallen and is there anyone who can save your country

bipola telly

Lostralia, Neu Jacindaland, The Ununited Queendom....?
One or the other.

Gary Marsh

Déjà vu with the star ⭐️

martin Long

Yellow ? on red star be more like it


Side effects ? I thought it was safe ?

Fiona Harrison

For honest U.K. news please visit unity news network. Mahyar tousi and U.K. column news for factual covid info look up prof Dolores Cahill and Ivor Cummings x

Ross Berry

Why do we need a vaccine the so called virus has eliminated the flu in NZ and China has eliminated poor people and homeless
We should wait awhile longer as it may fix Bank acc balances if left alone my bank acc has next to nothing in it be mighty to see it cured..... Just a couple of zeros would be dandy
O wait it's all fake anyway no harm done.


Ha Ha Ha oo I Love The Reference To The Yellow Star.

Tim Foster

Vaseline= Infertility
Yellow star= Happy families

allan crotch

Sanity i love the Vasiline your subtle style is lost on the idiots


Like an Arm Band with the Star Of DAVID? Yes! Yes!

Cameron Macdonald

Every politician should be given Vaseline first! The dose should be randomly selected from the public stock.

Rosanne Shinkle

Maybe card counterfeiters will be very busy.

Rosanne Shinkle

I want to see Europe try to force this on the muslims.

Fiona Harrison

Oh well new career forgery lol


Cards are an interesting idea. Maybe those who don't believe in a climate emergency should get a "gasoline" card, and will be entitled to buy gasoline for their cars. All people who believe in a climate emergency should not be permitted to have a gasoline card. I understand the symbolism associated with the "yellow star" and history seems to be repeating itself. Actually, I'm looking forward to not having a vasoline card or wearing a yellow star because at that moment all bets are off with my government and the people that support it, and things are going to get really nasty.

Jay Turner

It tends to be the English speaking peoples they target first, but Spain is also a front runner..This is a coordinated strategy, make no mistake, Once we know the definite result from America we will know more...


Bell's Palsy...get some!

Frank Day

There's no need for a star even. Just adapt all the swipe card machines to read the chip that goes with the Vaseline.
Or buy a T-shirt that says "My arse has been officially lubricated to WHO standards"

jeremy banks

Lets see them make a vaseline for bullshit in one year


Has nobody said to you that having your own thoughts and ideas are not healthy..?

Göran k

Vaselin?? ? Vaccin! we know...

rene finch

Our wonderful NZ PM Jacinda is having an orgasm on the prospect of being the first to distribute the vaccine.

Peter Jones



"Vaseline" There couldn't be a better alternative word.. (-:

Greg Hall

NZ looks to begin the NWO oil RESET The financual reset will come if Trump loses the election

mark o'malley


De Facto

Cheers from AB, Canada.


After the vaseline its a 'slippery slope' :)

Vaseline before and after

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Adriana Jimenez

My makeup looked amazing!

Chris Twenhafel

How interesting! Would live to see more old Hollywood tips and tricks. Loved this!!

B. R M. H

Do a true classic look with the Vaseline. No highlighters.

tweetie pie

Setting powder shouldn't be applied as normal.Ms Monroe had a hairier face and the powder sat on the hairs not the skin.That reflected lightwithout interfering with the vasaline dewy illumination.

nicole stewart

excellent vid :) you look stunning as usual and loved the last part about vasaline i died laughing lol

Linda Herrera

You are such a beauty!!!! ??❣️? I enjoy watching your videos.

Amanda Hunter

I loved this! Really enjoy the "facts" at the bottom of the screen and I am also a huge Marilyn fan! Thank you and keep up the awesome videos!❤❤❤


You are the only person who could make yellow eye shadow look so good!


Omaigat you're another person with makeup

Shannon Christina

This was a great video! I’m tempted to try it out but knowing how sensitive my skin is I’m sure I’d break out lol I used to use Vaseline when I had super dry hands and feet and it worked great.

Catherine Hurley

Great idea !!!! Some vintage makeup videos will be cool !!! I use vaseline on my lips all the time :)


You can use Vaseline for a lot of things, got a shallow cut that won’t stop bleeding!? Vaseline! Have dry lips but no chap stick Vaseline! Want to do something kinky but don’t have lube?!? Vaseline! And mooooreee ? I feel like a infomercial. Edit-typos

ghjhgjdfh hjfghefhjfg

Great vid!! It would have been good to have a side by side pic of your make with and without vas on for us to compare. As you know your skin type also plays big into which make-up works the best for you.

Jack London

I Don't know if it is said to your comments cause i am bored of reading that Actually i am a monroe fan too and i can say that you look a 98% like her!


I put vaseline before i put make up..because i have a dry dry skin it feels good ..i have super dry skin so i put nivea cream as well. Im obsessed with marlin didnt even know she put vaseline..!!

ThePixie !

I use Vaseline all the time if I have really dry skin applying a lotion and Vaseline over locks that moisture in. Helps me with healing acne and I have used it in a pinch to remove makeup and lubricate dry areas. It’s good for women who are dry down stairs. Lots of good uses.

Andrea Bortolotto

Vaseline on your skin is great! It is a powerful occlusive (barrier). This makes it wonderful for dry or dehydrated skin to prevent moisture loss. At bedtime, once every few days, I apply a pretty thick layer of vanicream and avenos ezcema cream, and then pack on an extreme amount of Vaseline over this. It feels gross, but I wake up with way smaller pores and the undereye creasing gets so much better, and if I do this for a few days then my undereye creases go away.

Trisha Kate Cambal

When ai used not to know how my skin works I add Vaseline to see if it moisturize, day 1 it looks and feels great, day 2 , face beehived, tons of pimples started to pop up for 2-3 weeks after that, and yeah I have oily skin... but Now I kniw how to balance Vaseline on my skin ?

Ashley underwood

I see a new series, Old Hollywood makeup tips :) Marilyn is queen!!!


I have dry skin, and I’ve been using vaseline since forever under my makeup


the thought of putting vaseline on my face makes my skin crawl, u r brave x


I always use Vaseline for my dry lips. I've tried tons of chap sticks, but Vaseline honestly works the best for me if I have dry lips.

screenmxsname xxoxx

i think the old style also wasn’t so into making sure it didn’t look too cakey but idk!

Grace Hoffman

I love this because it mixes your passion knowledge but with makeup (since for some reason the makeup videos just get so many more views usually)

Jodi Hermosillo

I am impressed! Your face looks great! Hate it’s not cruelty free though!


I think you should do your hair and makeup like Marilyn.

Adriana Jimenez

I loved using vaseline


I’d be terrified of breaking out! My skin hates anything oily or heavy. I do use cold cream to remove my makeup, but I follow it with face wash so I feel like that washes away the oils that could break me out. Anyway super interesting video, maybe I’ll try it someday :)


I thought this was so funny when I saw it in my box because I thought I was the only one who uses this as a primer, it has been a secret in my family for many many years,my grandma actually used to do this and her face was always flawless, how cool!! I never knew Marilyn used it too..., well it smoothes out wrinkles and pores, plus it adds a natural highlight to your skin, best thing of using it for many years is that somehow it creates a barrier between your skin and makeup causing less bacteria to enter your pores which minimizes breakouts. I also use it to sleep after all of my products to seal them in place and add an extra layer of moisture..

Paula Grove

Is there a cruelty free alternative to Vaseline?

BOUNDLESS Limitless and Free !!!!

I love Vaseline around my eyes!

Lauren Mosher

Keep in mind that makeup has changed so much since her time. Foundation used to be quite thick, heavy, and drying. the vaseline as a base was used to combat that.
also a huge Marilyn fan over here!

Danny LaRamirez

Omg yessssssd

Lorena's Quilting

Honestly I love it.. I put it on every night and I’m older it help prevent wrinkles and keep skin looking health and it takes 15 25 minutes the skin soaks it in.

Katie Hall

Innovative, different, educational fun video choice. Thank you!

Maffi Does Makeup

Love your content , great video <3


This looked a lot better than i’d expected! Did it feel heavy on the skin at all?

April Showers

Hey my sweet lil lady!! ;-) was wondering IF... Vaseline had the same ingredients as it did when Marilyn used it...??? May be worth a look into?? Just with your face red-en-ing... NOT sure if thats even a word WHICH IS WHY I typed it like that....lol
Xoxo love ya lil lady!! ;-)

Nikkita Pierre

Please do more like this ?❤️


Do you remember which product did you used to highlight?

Jillian Heatley

I know your not going to buy Vaseline cause it’s not cruelty free. I’m not either. But before I knew I bought some that smells like baby powder since you said you don’t like the smell.

Lisa bartelli

Very interesting! I never knew about that. You have some good ideas! Love you ♥️

Naudia Kitty Dragon

why is Vaseline not cruelty free?


I am a blue color worker and am on my feet a lot both before, during, and after work. Every night I cover my feet I'm vaseline and put them in socks for a couple of hours. So there are many uses for vaseline. I'm white, but I know a lot of my Black friends use vaseline on their skin. My main co-worker rubs her face and body down in vaseline before she goes to bed. I tried it, but I sleep on my stomach so that doesn't work. XD! So I keep it for my feet. It keeps my very abused feet soft. So there are a lot of uses for vaseline. Also it is good for preventing diaper rashes.


You and Marilyn have very similar facial features.

Jaime Herrera

I have vaseline. It comes in scents like cocoa and cherry blossom(I think it's cherry blossom, it is a red container. The cocoa is brown.) You can put it on your front teeth to keep your lipstick from smudging onto them. Also it encourages you to smile. It's very moisturizing so if my hands are chapped it helps especially if you put it on at night, wear socks on your hands and sleep you are much better I'll n the morning. Synchronized swimmers put on their hair, 1 it holds the hairstyle in the water like gel does on land, 2 protects hair even under a swim cap from drying, bleaching, turning green. It's a lubricant, used it for diaper rash w/ baby powder. The powder absorbs the teething diaper runs as well as urine and the vaseline forms a protective barrier.

Peggy Schwetz

If you have dry cracked skin on your feet and hands loading up with Vaseline then cover with a plastic bag and then socks on your feet then go to bed. In the morning you will see improvement

Jack Cameron

Girl where’s that top from ????x

Litzy Sanchez

I recommend coconut Vaseline instead????

Roxane Bassford

I use it everywhere. It helps keep your face moist. When you get older it helps with wrinkles. I use it on my face chest neck hands and feet better then just lotion

Peggy Schwetz

When I had the allergic reactions I used a combination of Vaseline and mineral oil on my lids. I found out I am allergic to make remover wipes on my eyes. Also elf concealer and maybelline concealer. Gonna try that Ciate glitter storm palette again because I am thinking it may have been something else

Urie Dun

Omg I love Donald Duck where did you get that sweater!?

Lynn Cohen

I bet it was the fragrance that made your face red at the start. Really liked this video and the facts about Marilyn.

Cee Ar.

you kinda look like her! :0

Robin D

Great video! I think your makeup looks phenomenal with the Vasoline. Might have to try this!

North Ener

Any chance we could see another dig into the blood sugar palette, maybe play around with a few shades in there...mix & match sort of application?

Maria Xoxo

YOU are ugly with out makeup

Angel Espinoza

Omg ? makeup does miracles ???


Thats why marilyn monroe's eyebrows is not too defined because it slides while whitey is doing it

Adrianne Rivera

Love it! ?
Yes please on more old Hollywood, I'm into it too!

Kayla Von

I know a lot of people put Vaseline on their face before bed. Jwoww did it on Jersey Shore too

Sammy Jo

I use Vaseline to help heal my acne scars or scabs

Zoe Young

ive used aquaphor as a primer! its great for when my skin is extremely dry, i feel like it locks in moisture and makes my foundation look more natural

Danny LaRamirez

Mariah Carey is shaking ????

Lexie Carter

Such a creative video idea! I used to like to use Vaseline as a lip balm but it can be pore-clogging and made me break out around my lips

Brittles InRealLife

what's your skin like? Curious how this would work on people with oily skin

Erika Marie

Interesting experiment. More old Hollywood make tips/tricks would be neat to see.


I can’t believe this only got 6 k views videos like these are so cool.


Yes to more old Hollywood tricks!

Brandi Wagner

I would definitely love to see more old Hollywood looks or makeup tips. I use Vaseline for dry skin but it’s not my favorite. It’s good for puppy pads too, my boss puts a tiny bit on her dog’s paw pads once every few weeks to help keep them moisturized

Queen B

Just curious where you read that she used it under her foundation ? I read how she used Vaseline at night before she went to bed. This is when I was 16 and I’m 38 now. I am a HUGE Marilyn lover and of course did this for some time. Im thinking her routine got amped up to a “primer” from “moisturizer” since makeup is more on trend since YouTube influencers have become popular. And yes too much Vaseline will turn you red. The reason why I stopped. And it will clog your pores. Hence a good primer. Lol Love the video though

Green _ Goddess

Something about your face in general reminds me of Marilyn

Siobhan Rose

What foundation are you wearing? Looks great

Miranda wilson

? 1st time seeing this video & as you were talking I was like woooow she talks like me! Where she from?! Went digging in the description box & see NC... girl yes! I’m from pickens sc! Lol no wonder

SF 6013

Vaseline is the best or Coconut oil

Syster 3

I think your skin looks better with the Vaseline....it's kinda like when you put a tiny amount of oil in your foundation..


Wow! I put Vaseline on EVERY. DAY. I’ve used it like that since I was a child, my whole family has. Now I can’t stop bc every other lotion dries my skin out! It’s my fav thing in the world!!

Maria del Rocío Acevedo Baez

Hola! Me gusto tu vídeo!!
Que marca de maquillaje usaste? Se ve muy cubriente , yo tengo también la piel blanca y quisiera saber de uno así como el tuyo que sea cubriente de alta cobertura , un saludo!!!

B. R M. H

The Vaseline makes Ur skin look extremely healthy and dewy

Bobby Da Zlerr

Yellow eye shadow, red lips and purple hair shouldn't work BUT IT DOES!!! Amazing! X


I did not know Vaseline is not cruelty free

RealBeautiful Beauty


abigail enriquez

I use it to remove my makeup, on my lips before I go to bed so that they’re soft in the morning, and I use it to make “lipstick” ☺️

Valerie Anne

I wanna try it except I don't have Vaseline haha Marilyn Monroe is a classic beauty n she was definitely on to something with it. As always I LOVE your content, always something different n exciting and that's epic especially since u post everyday. HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER ❤❤❤❤

Natalie Guzmán

Marilyn had very dry skin apparently so I think she could have gotten away with using anything even something that occlusive

spook show

It holds in heat.


you don't know what ppl use vaseline for? well.....I don't wanna be crude on this channel, so I'll write another use, u use it on your lips when they are super dry and take it off later. also, you put a thin layer on your front teeth when wearing red lipstick that you know is gonna come off easy , and voila you can smile freely without having to worry about ipstick on teeth

Bridget Barba

I use the Vaseline to take off my mascara and eye make up


People look so diff wo makeup

The Summerland

ty for being conscientious re cruelty free

JM Dio

Cerave for sensitive skin also gives this same effect. I also have used aquaphor or vaseline

Trish Delrow

yes more old tricks please

Pieces of April Rose

My grandmother swore by this when she was alive. She used it on her skin as well before bed. She always looked young beyond her years. :)

A H Stone

I am 39. I still have oily skin. I used vaseline to remove eye makeup in the past and to help with chapped lips. In the medical field where I work, there are more uses for white petroleum. In high school, I wore Max Factor because thats what the Hollywood leading ladies would use. I used Max Factor Pan Stik and Pancake makeup.

Fantabulous Cass

Vaseline saves my feet and lips, especially in winter. I have the worst dry skin.

Missy Oothoudt

I own Vaseline and use it everyday for my lips!


Eyeshadow look tutorial pretty pleae?

North Ener

Wow ? even without wearing makeup, you're still pretty.

Stephany Duarte

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Vaseline before and after

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I Put Vaseline on My Eyelashes for a Month, Here Is What Happened!

6 409 views | 15 Oct. 2020

Hey! This was a pretty

Hey! This was a pretty cool experiment. I applied vaseline (100% petroleum jelly) to my eyelashes for 30 days to see what would happen! It is supposed to help stimulate new hair growth naturally. I've seen people try this with castor oil but never vaseline so I had no clue what to expect after one month. Hopefully this is the trick for how to grow long lashes. Watch to the end to see what happens!

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Day 28!!! My name is Kate. Thats soo adorable

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I notice that ur lashes look thicker

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You remind me of topanga from boy meets world


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Vitamin E is for hair. Used the oil and its better

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Girl it really works for many people I can tell ,, I have a short and brittle lashes but it doubled the length it will work for 4 to 5 months not in only a month your vitamin C will also help the vaseline


Love it!

leah alfaro

It works for months but be sure to take vitamin C , vitamin c deficiency will cause falling of eyelashes and brittleness same with hair

leah alfaro

Maybe it doesn't worked with because you are lacking in vitamin C... Mine are short but it doubled the length now and it won't grow just in a Month only it takes 4 to 5 months to Wait and be sure you also take vitamin C it helps your lashes to strengthen and vaseline will do the lengthening and thicking

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Oh wow! Wish it worked. I got long lashes

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Great video though. Absolutely love the dedication

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It really work for me...