Olive oil hair conditioner

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354 500 views | 10 Nov. 2012

Homemade hair conditioner.

Homemade hair conditioner. AVOCADO AND OLIVE OIL HAIR MASK RECIPE.

How to make Avocado and Olive oil moisturizing conditioner. Avocado and Olive oil hair mask. Avocado hair treatment, Avocado and Olive oil deep conditioner, Avocado deep conditioner.

First, I finger detangled my hair. to remove any knots and tangled hair.

Mash together olive oil and avocado.

Apply to hair, wrap in a plastic bag and let sit for at least 30 minutes.

Rinse and shampoo as normal.

One benefit avocados offer is preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. They can also be used to improve the condition of your hair by acting as a moisturizer for dry or damaged hair.

Using an avocado conditioner promotes hair that feels soft and is more elastic. The high-fat content of avocados makes hair less dry and prone to breakage.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil provides a nourishing base for hair oil treatments. Like avocados, olive oil also provides significant amounts of vitamin E and healthy fats. This oil is an especially good source of monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid and polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. Omega-6 is essential for hair growth.


Lola Rew

How often can you do this?

rina m


Christina Laucella

Hi, i just saw your video about deep conditioner. never done this before but when i shower and put shampoo after that i get out of the shower and my hair wet. do i have to dry my hair and then put the avocado and oil on my hair when its wet or dry. sorry all new to this so I need help very. My hair is very damage with the store products i have at home. I like to try natural hair products or natural products in general. I hope you can help me thank you!

nathaila nieves

ya know african american people are just so amazing and like how do they got big and juicy lips and i just have nothing of lips and how do they keep their skin so smooth? btw this hack works amazing i love it my hair grew alottttttt bye

emmanuella mensah

U can blend them together


I purchased a pack of 4 ripe avocados for $1.99 I have a lot of hair and think Id need to use 2 lol

Renee M.

I just did this.. and my hair felt so much stronger my new growth was sooooo much softer and easier to comb through. I loved it!

Alberta Reid

Your hair look like it was blow dryer

Mrs. Lametria Snyders

Do you have to wash your hair before applying the condititioner

Emilee G

hi after using it an more is left back, how long can the remain be store it for?

Dagi Hailye

Thank you! I love your video. I love your personality, your grace. your cute!

Joshua Ramdhan

Can you just make it and then shower and wash it out

Lulaaa Xxx

can I use extra virgin olive oil? ?

Judith Shnider

I'm excited to try this. Thank you for sharing.  You're adorable.

Fatoumata Diaby

Its amazing thx


I strongly agreed with you!
I made it an avacato masked for my hair, my hair felt so soft....I was like ??????

Faye Marie Rush

Heck yeah (: I forgot to get bananas on my shopping trick, so I needed a substitute recipe and I couldnt find ine anywhere! Thx a bunches.


99 cents; I wish. >0<
There's only one place near me that sells avocados, and they sell them at 2 for 4$. I'm gonna have to try and find a place that sells them cheaper. :/

Jordan Blank

This is awesome my hair grew back

143 Kitty

Use a blender for smoother mixture

Dee Dee

I tried this it worked really well!

Mutsy Muu

I have really short hair , so how do I use it to grow my hair ?

jack loves

your hair is beautiful :D I use eggs also in my hair mask. My hair is so soft i love it.

Mardocha Dolce

Do u co wash your hair . If yes, do you co wash it just as you'd regular wash your hair

Paula Duncan

Loves my avocado and some olive oil for deep conditioning!!! It really softens my hair.

Miss Collins

I used that as a perm it works well

Sara Wasa


C BouAbbas

Can i use an old avocado

Mary Jackson

I love avocado hair mask. I use it weekly.. Plus i have this Pro Natural’s hair care line i found online. Anything of theirs helps since argan oil is really really good for damaged hair. Oh and get regular trims, you want the new, healthy hair to grow out and replace the old damaged hair as quickly as possible

Mlk Ta7bash

مهي زي الشيتا

مدحت عاطف

Please , I leave it how hours ..... Please reply to me :-)

Judith Shnider

Today, my hair is smoother, softer and shinier with less frizz. My only suggestion, and it's just a suggestion, is to add more olive oil for a better, more-even application and distribution...less of a mask....because once it is applied it kinda fused that area of hair together and became difficult to separate to make sure all strands get application...and it will stretch out that one avocado, which by the way is way less expensive, even at $1.68 then the purchase of some of those fancy schmancy products on the market. Thanks again.

deshantay Xx

could u leave it over night ??


It worked very soft

hamzapro artiste


Sanna Kruger

Where did she go this dear sis

Cassandra Wollf

Beautiful video.  https://youtu.be/-t5VH06O-bw

Kay Mac

Just an FYI- if you scoop the avocado out with a spoon it comes out quickly and cleanly!

Sanna Kruger

Are you natural or texlaxed

Stefan Nathan

Thanks for giving my Asian wife a good and natural ideas to fix our daughter's hair ....she is so eager to try asap

Veronica Richmond

Thanks for sharing. I use the same mix but I add one egg yolk as well.

tammy gifford

hello aqua , how are you i just love your tutorial  i will try your avocado and olive oil conditioner. my question is are you the same aquanetta i went to school with at francisco middle school  in sanfrancisco back in 1978 -1979 ? please let me know . thanks tammy gifford

Bree Beal

Beautiful results!!


How did your hair got long ?

Liam Babington

Hi...will this work on men's beard Hair....my hair is 4C  plus...looking to make a conditioner and with bread wax!! Desperately looking for answers!!  THANKS ahead of time!!

Yolanda Lowe

Hi?I watch your video,and I must say that it does work, the avocado works​ well, with my hair. It is so soft after ......?

Areli Adi Campos

I get free avocados :D
From our trees

Claire Fevulien

Works better if you put eggs in it .....i did and it work soon great

Mardocha Dolce

Do u co wash your hair . If yes, do you co wash it just as you'd regular wash your hair

Gloria Lewis

Your hair looks absolutely lovely???

Adaora Nweafuna

Wow u have very healthy relaxed hair

can can

is this for all hair types?

can can

Avocado at nofrils is 0.99$

Key Brown

Your hair looks wet in the beginning. So did u shampoo & rinse first, insert abrocato/olive oil mix, then 20minz later... shampoo the mix out? What are the steps.

Divine Livity



Wonderful video

tadjique dyer

i am a man and i am going to do this

Paula Duncan

I mix my avocado and olive oil in my ninja and it makes it so smooth and creamy. I mixes my shea butter mixture in there now as well instead of my blender. Very smooth and creamy. It makes both products so much easier to apply to my hair and scalp.

queen saunders

Hi can you use this on a weekly basis instead of a conditioner


Awesome!! Thank you for sharing! Can I add egg and honey too? The one avocado, Olive oil, One Egg Yolk, and some honey?  I've seen other youtubers adding honey, I wonder if will make my hair sticky? Thanks in advance Aqua!

Ann Crane

This really works it grows your hair out,I do it once a week on wash day seen a big difference it made my hair soft and I can comb through my hair and it feels so good.


@aquariouschic Hello! I did this hair DIY but my hair is really naturally oily and I'm kind of worried seeing that it's still very greasy although I washed it a lot. I'm also wondering if the key factor in it being greasy is because of me just using water and not shampoo or conditioner after having rinsed my hair. Does it mean that I just got rid of the natural oils coming through my hair? I also used the exact ingredients you had in the video, the extra virgin olive oil and all. Yet my hair is still very, very greasy and I want to know if I should wash it more after having done this conditioner.

Glory Francise

can u use the avocado n olive oil but defferent shampoo?

Ana Hoffer

I like that nature avocado condition is very simple.

Joanna Diaz

Sadly Avocado is $1.39 each

Radiah Fort

your hair looks super healthy.  thanks for the video!


Good info. I will try it with my daughter. It's also very good for your skin too. Did it myself today , better than lotion by far.

mikspoonks h

Im just jumping on the bandwagon with this treatment l have heard ppl talking about it for a few years now. The good thing for me is l have a avocado tree in my backyard (thanks to my mom bringing one from Jamaica and planting it). I'm mixing it now to put in my hair. Tfs.

Mlk Ta7bash


Nerly Saint-Fleur

I'm legit crying right now because i just tried the DIY and i have small brown pieces of avocado everywhere in my hair and it's going to take me forever to pull them out of my afro :((((((((


Instead of olive oil could I use jbco?

Germawit Temnewo

can you use veggie oil

Shantel Kerr

Do you rinse wit warm or cold water

Ezra Spencer



it sound like she said "DICK" conditioner XD

Miss Collins

How long will that last


What kind of oil do you use?

Busayo Akinsulire

Can I put in box braids in my hair after this treatment


instead of olive oil what about coconut oil would you recommend that??

Vanessa Rodriguez

Does it make ur hair grow long or no?

Lacy G

thank u sister, I did this and I enjoyed your video as well as the experience?


Can you put mango on your hair lmao


Home made is really good love Avocados but I have never tried it in my natural hair maybe one day I can do this, I hope thank you so much for sharing.

Magloire Maganga


Shantia Tyler-Ali


Chetenne Santiago

Can you like make a vidoe to starighen your hair with no heat


This is the second video of yours that i've seen and i subbed! Love your videos and your personality looks so fun?

Paula Duncan

Love this!!! No more store bought deep conditioners for me!!! Will be trying this! Do you have a recipe for a homemade leave in conditioner? New subbie!

almisha jontué

QUICK TIP: I know this video is old but i clicked on today dec 23, 2019 and so anyways Walmart have this same specific raw virgin coconut oil & avacado oil mix in one container ALREADY MADE in the food cooking oil section! I just found it about two weeks ago while i was there its a oil base product everything has been extracted into liquid form AND IT RAW virgin? i been loving it leave your hair so soft and healthy! Just trtyin to help one to another.

Trishanna Rattansingh

A small avacado in my country is $8.00 and a big one is about $20.00, too expensive :( i buy the avacado oil instead


you know you can make the avocado oil very very easily by smushing it such as you did but in a frying pan with a little grape seed oil and it is thee best for you...waay better than store bought, avocado oil should be neon green and when its done homemade it is NEON GREEN..Its soo beautiful omg..i always have a bottle

Yalda Rahmani

your so cute. your energy is good energy

Mariam Jabbie

how often do you do it

Laura Jones

does it help with split ends

The Quintessential

you look native american with the long hair and high cheeckbones and skintone. do you have native american ancestry?

Marcus Jimenez

@MyDearRonke do you have an instagram your so beautiful

Starr 64

Beautiful Hair, sent your video to my daughter.

Sanna Kruger

Sad that you cut off this beautiful hair

Mariah Gbaluo

did u blow dry after wash?

baby Bernard

that good for hair permanent tell me please

Olive oil hair conditioner

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Blue Magic Hair Grease Shea Butter Hair Conditioner and Olive Oil Hair Conditioner

3 334 views | 3 May. 2019

Blue Magic has two New

Blue Magic has two New products The Shea Butter and the Olive Oil Hair Conditioner Grease.

Click on links below to order.

Blue Magic Shea Butter hair conditioner with coconut fruit extract


Blue Magic Olive oil hair conditioner


For Business Inquiries only.

Email: [email protected]

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No lie, I seen the BM shea butter ine yesterday for the first time at tthe beauty supply store yesterday. I was also shock to see and know BM now have their own gel product too. BM just doing it up!? i would love to get the olive oil one but i haven't seen that one. I'm going check around other beauty supply stores. Your hair look soo soft.?

Have a bless day.

Nutree Cosmetics

Amazonliss Anti Frizz is the best shampoo. Make your hair healthy, shiny and frizz-free. Details on my channel

Delecia Staffe

I got the shea butter it smells soooooo goood

Francesca Lunar

I appreciate you sooooooooo Much for sharing this product...I tried the first two you introduce and it helped my hair so much....I will be buying this also...thank you Magdaline you are so great.

Lamont Agyekum

Dang I cut off my dreads and got traction alopetia. No matter what I do I cant get my edges to come back, and my hair to hydrate. Got anything for that? Would blue magic help at all?

wanda Richmond

thank you!
Excellent and very helpful
without a lot of unnecessary chatter.
Thanks again! Keep your INFORMATIVE videos coming!?

SandraLynette 54

Your hair has a healthy glow. I used to use Blue Magic will check it out again. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the updates. Hope you have a Blessed day❣

Brenda Williams

Love the videos. Wow Blue Magic has been around a long time and it's wonderful. Your hair looks so soft. Great video.

Cavarious Avery

You should also try Dax Indian Hemp


Your hair has recovered nicely. I stopped using that other product too, because it also damaged my hair. I'll definitely be looking out for these two new Blue Magic products. I'm also a "plait girl" too. ????? xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Sally Davidston

When i tell people to go back to blue magic i am not playing. My hair is mid back because of it. I am 2 yrs natural. My hair grew lke a weed. I love the super sure grow, thats my favoriate.

patrice moore

I'm going to give these a try. Blue magic has come a long way. They have improved. I've always liked blue magic products. They consist of great ingredients. Your hair is beautiful!!!!

Trivena Chisholm

I love it im going to try it


Great video, your hair looks so soft and healthy. I picked up both last week, not all beauty supplies has these two, I didn't even know BM had these in their product line. BM has always been my ride or die since like forever. I LOVE the Shea butter, smells divine and my hair feels like a dream. I haven't tried my Olive Oil yet, maybe today. The price is always right with BM, less than $4.00 a jar and my hair loves me more for picking up these two :)

Cup Cake

I have yet to find the Blue Magic Shea Butter but I did find (and purchased) the Olive Oil one. They also have a Blue Magic Petroleum Jelly with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E that's wonderful on the skin after a bath.

Gbemisola Oluwagbemi

So you promised to another review on the two products i just check it not on your page yet


Great review!

Norma Lumpford

Love this review my grandmother used Blue Magic for years.

J'ello Pie

You are beautiful

Daveeda Jane Brown

Thank You For Sharing!!

Shante Hodges

Which product damaged your hair how can I watch the review on that

Verona James

When I start use it BMSB I see my hair start to feel really soft I love ⚡❤⚡?⚡?it

Lynetta Livingstone


Thanks for the video. I use grease out of desperation my hair never really got longer than a little bit past by shoulder as a child. I think it's because I did not deep condition. however as a natural I have been able to at least achieve armpit length hair. I just recently started using Blue Magic out of desperation for my daughter's hair and her hair is flourishing.

Princess Aluchi

Heyy I love your videos, but you showed only the ingredients of the Shea butter not the olive oil plus Aloe, I love how detailed your videos are and how you show ingredients so we know what we’re buying. I’ve looked online for the ingredients and I never showed. Can you please list the full ingredients of the BM hair grease Olive oil plus Aloe. Thank you!! ❤️?

Something Special

You are super gorgeous,will give this a try tfs?


Nice review Maddie. I love how much your hair has grown and it looks so healthy. Can't wait for another update. Happy growing! :)

Mariah Francois

I remember my grandma use to use this in my hair then I stop my hair won't get back will this help my hair grow back

Olive oil hair conditioner

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DIY: Mayonnaise and Olive Oil Hair Conditioning Treatment

192 622 views | 23 Dec. 2011

In this video I

In this video I demonstrate how to make the Mayonnaise and Olive Oil hair conditioning treatment

Best Foods Mayonnaise on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2Kv6gAc

GEM Olive Oil on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2X6r56K

I mentioned in my "How to Grow Hair Longer and Faster | My Secret" video http://youtu.be/d8dNEyVLpX4

Also check out DIY/how to videos from SMLX0, Andreaschoice, and Taneshasadvice.

Please comment, rate, and subscribe to my channel if you like what I'm doing. Thanks for watching!

Visit my channel at http://www.youtube.com/CassyMonique

Intro Music is Believe Bridge

Composer: Bob Richardson

Publisher: Loopsound.com

Hola Como estas

How often do u do that to yur hair

Chevy Williams

First I didnt know you could leave in protein that long............I thought it was like 30 min max.....................also you forgot to show us the After .......................lol


Bed Bath and Beyond.


JESUS LOVES you and wants you to love on him back and he will give you the LOVE and PEACE you DESIRE

Chyna Rogers

what kind of mayo do i use


Bed Bath and Beyond.


Oh wow.. I love you (:


Ok at first i was like gross! But i did try it and my hair looks really good. I had really bad split ends and this stuff works. I left it in my hair for an hour and washed my hair twice. Im going to do it again in 4 days since my ends were really bad. Yall should really try this! :) thanks for the video


You look a tiny bit like alicia keys

Kassandra Martinez

I love your videos !

Madisyn Eckhardt

I love you, your so pretty and nice! Also, I have that pink towel you put on your head, and for extra deep conditioning, just wet it A LITTLE BIT and stick it in the microwave for about 10-20 seconds (keep an eye on it. Try heating it for 5 seconds, than another 5, etc) until its pretty warm to the touch (like the towels people in the nail salon use for pedicures). That should help settle the ingredients into your hair and really give it a nice, clean shine.

Treonna Richardson

How often to do this ? Every time you wash your hair ?

Maryam Bukhari

You could probably do it! I've done it with Coconut oil and it worked great!


Is miracle whip a good substitute, or does it have to be real mayonnaise?




That should be fine.

Queen Stephanie

How often do you personally use this treatment

Emily Butler

I hate mayo so much I'd be so scared to do that. :(

Angie Hardy

Can you use miracle whip instead

Febelous life

If there is no mostard in the mayo, it's not real mayo..


do u wash it out after

Lilly Romero

Thax I have vary vary dry hair and I'm going 2 do I tomorrow! Can I do it twice a week?


Awww Thanks to you and your friend for checking out my channel. It means so much to me to hear that. Really : )


I bought mayonnaise with olive oil in it , is that okay?

Bailee.pearl 29

What do you do after a few hours? Is there something different that I could use besides olive oil?

Jesse Haddicks


TTV_ meganoob

ive done this and it dried my hair out completely ! I DOOO NOT RECOMMEND i actually used mayo that has olive oil already in it egg and honey . il never do this aqain . although it may work for her i suggest try it on a peice of ur hair first and see if it makes it dry . :)

Cynthia Littlejohn

Most all of these women have hair


Do you wash it out or just rinse

Charmaine Washington

are you supposed to rinse it out after?

April W-D

I tried this yesterday on my hair and my daughters' hair. It worked fabulously & we all have different textures of hair. I also added 1 egg in and mixed it. It worked as if we had our hair blown straight. Dynamite shine & agn each of us have very different hair textures. Thank you! This will be done on a regular now!

Sheree Hardin

I think I'm gonna use mayo and fish oils;)

Sheree Hardin

so we HAVE to use a cap?


You're welcome! By the way, she is a 6th grader who wants to be a cosmetologist. You are a valuable resource for her!


Are you applying it to chemically straightened hair?

daniel lena

But my hair shrinks when I put anything with water and water, in it what should I do?

Angie L.

I did this once but the next day I washed it and it went back to the way it was, if I do this often will it stay like I want it for good?

paulina aguilar

I love this video thanks :D!!!

Farah Al Mutairi

You are gorgeous!

Elyas .A

ill this relax the hair?


I wouldn't recommend miracle whip.


Doesn't matter. Whatever you want to do.

Violet Blue

How should you take the treatment out of ur hair? first rinse a little then like just was it? I have shampoo and conditioner in 1, will that still work? 


for damaged hair do you put it all over your hair or just the places that are super dry? lol cuz my hair is really damaged. after do you just rinse it out with conditioner? 

jess jellybean

how long do you leave it for ?

TheSissters HouseHold

can u only use olive oil


Would you recommend homemade conditioners over ones that you buy in the store?

Gabby LuvLife

can i use coconut oil instead of olive oil?


You and I have the same long white mirror in the background! :D


Yes I wash it before I put the treatment in. You can do this treatment on dry hair also. Afterwards I wash it out with a moisturizing conditioner. If not it will be greasy. That's ok too, if you dont mind a lil grease : )

Brittney Hermann

Loved this video! Definitely going to try it out tonight!

patricia mukingi

i must do that everyday?

avian rhodes

someone else said use an egg does that work?

Precy J

do i wash my hair before i apply this

David Balthazar

Yes, indeed it was. Hair was very soft after I washed it out. My aunt braided it the day after and I loosed it out later that week. I've noticed two things. 1) My cornrows were easier to loose out. 2) Less hair came out on the comb. I'm doing another treatment REALLY soon Thanks, Cassy!


Yes, with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

natalie chan

you sound so irritated

heylizz Tuico

can I do this before going to bed,then wash it by morning?

Glamour By B

WOW this is a throw back for me! LOL

Makeup by Jay

I massage my hair with extra virgin olive oil everyday before shampooing it so that it acts like a conditioner. Helps moisturise without being heavy.

Celeste Nicole

do you rise out with a different conditioner after my only concern is the smell
. when you rinse it do you use another conditioner?

Veronicaa floress

do you wash it out with shampoo and conditioner or just rinse it out with water?

Chrissy Chris

Thanks for sharing this! Does Miracle Whip work the same as the Mayo?

sarah babie

How long do you leave it in for ? xx

lucas kim

do you do this everynight or just like once a week or once a month?

Naturally FAN-Tastic

This is not new!!  Maybe to some ppl however...this was and still is that "back n the day" Grandma' Kitchen remedy. This was a natural relaxer for virgin hair, leaving it soft, manageable and shiny!!   work on any type hair...especially young children boys/ girls. The ingredients in Mayo R Marveluuuuus. I still do it as a BONUS to my hair from time to time  and/or when Im out of stuff.  Its good to go. Try it with castor oil  #THE BEST  Please don't PERM your baby hair. A Mayo treatment every week will get the job done     TRUST!

Sophia Bear

It smells SOO bad omg lol. 

فروته السعدون


Zulema Cura

I would advise not to put so much on the roots but more on the ends since the roots get direct natural oils unlike the ends which are so far away.


love this girl :) My hair is sooo dead so i will be trying this out :)

Madisyn Eckhardt

I have one, its soooo convientent

Jamr Taylor

when I wash my hair do I do the conditioner rinse and then do the treatment or just wash and do treatment


I did this and fell asleep and washed it off in the morning

B Rad

MAYONNAISE!!!!! Slather it all over!! Yeaaaahhhhhhhh mmmmmmhhhhh.... CRACK!!!

Jessie B

ok so, I'm a little confused... the olive oil you're using, is it olive oil you use for cooking or..? xo

Sharyn Allen

do you wash it out with just water? nice tutorial great idea

David Balthazar

I've always heard that mayonnaise is great for the hair. I'll definitely do this over the weekend. I'll substitute the virgin olive oil for argan oil, though, cus that's all I've got.


I am curious to know when you first started doing sew-ins how long was your hair? I am considering doing sew-ins but so many black women dont have bra strap length hair like me and they wear dew-ins all the time so I am apprehensive

PinkRosalette Dyce

can you just use mayonnaise

rachel renee

Will it make your hair smell like mayonnaise?

Karla Sheabon

you are just beautiful.

clara gutierrez

how long do u leave your hair sitting? ?


Can you use regular olive oil

Cristina Rodriguez

Where did you get that towel i love it (:




I don't see why not.


OMG That is a wonderful idea. I am soooo gonna try that.


Thanks for watching. You should check out my newest video. It's a DIY hot oil treatment.

Mari Chrystina

My hair is thick, do i use two spoonfuls? Or maybe 3?

Ashley Randall

Can you use miracle whip instead of mayonnaise?


could you just use the mayo that is made with olive oil?


As long as you want to.


You are so sweet. Thank you!!

Rachel Colombo

do you put it on your hair when its damp wet or dry ?

Raiesa Usmani

GOD BLESS YOU MY HAIR WAS DEAD i mean dead like the ends crumbled off my hair was short underneath and long from the front it was a disaster then i decided to grow some woman balls and trim it a bit and then right after i tried this my hair is glowing!!! it feels so much better and it looks amazing! thank you so much!!


I wish I had viewed your video b4 I bought all these other products. I am transitioning & I now have a TWA. Among my other products, I just bought some Bertolli EVOO, which I now realize that I could've bought GV like I did the 1st time. Can you use Miracle whip or does it have to be Hellmans? I have Organic Root stimulator olive oil & Africas Best Hair Mayo & I also bought the Hair Turban from Biglots for $2 & plastic caps in various colors from the hair supplies store


so do you shampoo and condition your hair prior to putting the treatment in your hair, also how do you wash it out? just with water or you also need shampoo?


Thanks for getting to the point and not being pretentious! Very informative! A student told me about your website which she follows religiously!

The Top 20

can i use miracle whip???

Uyvonne Scott

thank you foe this. but how long do i leave in and i wash hair after