How to get wavy hair with braids

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DIY Water Wave Using Straight Braiding Hair

5 232 views | 28 Nov. 2019

Hello Beautiful people,

Hello Beautiful people,

I made this video for anyone out there thats on a budget and trying to achieve a nice hairstyle. Hopefully this style will be helpful for someone out there.

the Flexi rods can be purchased at a beauty supply as well as the hair.

Nqobile Bridget Mhlongo

the video was unnessarsarily long could have made it shorter

Monea XoX

Said I want to do some butterfly locs and I have enough braiding hair as it is. KNEW there had to be a way to make the water wave on my own????? Thnks !


i have a question, i dont have any flexy rods is there another way get them to curl?

How to get wavy hair with braids

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DIY Deep Waves Using Straight Braiding Hair | Dilias Empire.

433 268 views | 18 Oct. 2019


#diydeepwaves #diliasempire #diliasfamily

Hello beautiful, welcome back.

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Please do let me know what you think about this video. Until next time, stay beautiful and be blessed

bolade Akinpelu Adeosun

Handsome bobo

Paula Luna cantillo

Me encantan eres una geniio felicidades quiero unas asi pero son super caras. Acomo las bendes

daughter number 5

Baby so cute❤this is Very nice method. how long do the hair stay wavy

Harmony Star TV

So beautiful

midrede jean louis

Really nice

Marine Goddess

Thank you so very much!!!!

Sally Ousley

Yes Honey you changing the Game???

Vannasgran 617

Who would mine a handsome young man making a appearance

Unique24 BestG

Am your new subscriber, nice work!!!


Wats the name of the hair

adeyemi jadesola

Please if I don't have bending roller,what can use

Harmony Star TV

Nice job, keep it up

Sama Manda

Where the hell was this wen this wig sellers almost took me out this is better use for 1month and get another

Korachi Blag

Playing what is the name of the hair brand

Fofana Nahouwa


Arleshia Goodman

Man this is one talented sister just subscribed...I'm learning a lot..I'm binge watching your videos... THANKS for sharing?❤️

Dossomou Edouarda


Ebiwarebo Purity

This is so nice, can i use expression??

agatha anwuli

Wow, dis is so lovely Darling, I'm definitely going to try dis......... Pls what can I use to maintain d deep waves? nd secondly, can I comb it with a big comb like d normal other deep wave and still hv d deep wave on it?

Will it b possible for me to do d hair bundle of it?....... Pls help me with d maintenance.

Sharon stone Kate love1 Eghosa

Nice results I am bringing out my flexi rod 2moro to do thanks for sharing nice one and happy new year

Swish Bear

love the video. the little baby is trying to start his own YouTube channel <3

Mz. Tarrand

Pretty sure I have to do some of these

Sama Manda

If you do this and get a frontal u are good to go with ur human hair those of us confused will get this one??

Charles Promise

I just subscribe

Stevencia Jones

I feel stupid for buying weaves lol

Samuel Melody

What's the name of this hair and how can i get it

immaculata oche

Sooo lovely

lzabell Ramos

I love this?I’m going to try on my hair

Asiedu sweetlove akonoba papabi


Sondji Alexis


Lovely Linda

Wow nice bb

raidi newton

Waooooooooo very nice
First one to comment

Tabota Seyon

Very great tutorial mom. I would have never thought to do something like this. Thank you for sharing your creativity. And your precious adorable child.

Pamela Johnson

My Sista you honestly need to start selling hair, you have done a beautiful job ✊?

adu ireneyonce

Its very beautiful dear. Please can you upload a video of how you install it on your hair.

Gaiya Joy

Please ma can you recommend any hair cream that will help the hair not to tangle

Osas Love Osifo

Very Beautiful and amazing

Minnie Jerry

Omg this is exactly what i do ! I did it again but I’m learning like curls are not as curly if i let it dry for a day .

Newmind isNewman. CWPD

I have been doing this for over 20years. Thanks

Neo samuel

Whats the name of the hair

Harriet Mensah

They all have the same length?
If no pls explain how you cut to get your short and long length

Erica Gidisu

please after putting it in hot water did you dry it before you removed the rollex?

pretty pumpkin


Sally Ousley

Awww Handsome

Eliane Patience Patience

Wow I love it is very nice dr

Mesole Helen

Ur baby is the cutest my god. His so handsome ❤ ?

ukah juliet

Oooh! Ur baby is so ooo cute!

Ugwu Susan

Pls MA how can i put on Wig net pls

Dayo Oriade

Like it

Betty Nicy

Please dear, I have done this before and was hair was very fine but the curls do slack as I crotchet on hair please what's the cause of it

Motolani Eko

So what can I use it for

Purple’s Exclusives

To use this, you’d loosen the knot right?


That child is cute ?

Moronfolu Zainab

Wow wow so beautiful ?

lisa martin

How do I use it after making it. Is it on crotchet?

Chez Nashi

Why to thumbs down!? ? ??

Janet Fadipe

Can I comb it??? And how long does the curls last
Waiting for your reply


Wow how much did the hair cost? And hat was the place you got the hair?


Verry nice

Yamilée esther Jean baptiste


Omotolani Kassy

Pls which product is it

Abena Ceeta

Will it stay like this after fixing it

Rykah Aghedoh

Do you unravel it while it is still wet?

Charles Promise

Nice one ??

Opeyemi Abibat

Very good ?Bt if I wt to make it as weavon how I we do the mouth ok

Tatiana global

Please how can I I install it

freshy Toufash

Me i look the baby??...he make the video more cute

Omotolani Kassy

Can I use small badingdable rolla

Imaralu Queen Otibhor

It's well nice.. love your creativities
Please can I use attachment as the hair?

Catherine Mutakwa


Seide Bernette

Pks nou pa janm renmen fè vidéo yo an creol

Adeola Ojo

Nice video...Please how long do the curls stay once fixed?

Gloria Kapend

How much do I need for one head?

Dizoh Neymar

What else do you add on that braids before you roll it

Glory Pretty, I pick destiny too

Pls where can one get d hair that u are using and d name

Aliyah Aggrey

Really love this tutorial but how do you install this hair as braids, do you unknot to braid?

Betty Nicy

Please did you just boil water and poured into the hair or you mixed something in the water while boiling it

loretta oluchukwu umeobiaeri

Learning alot already

Caren Taylor

Thank you for sharing this beautiful video,you are so nice,I like your videos, I got the same one from newigstyle..com last week

Sally Ousley

Ill never buy deep wavy again ill do this method it looks Amazing

Omimms Signature

Pl what is the name of the hair you use

Nene Blessing

This is beautiful sis , great job!

Franciaca Oduwa

Beautiful. I love it ?

Christelle Jean

Sow wawwww félicitations c est magnifique

Helen Sanchez

Como se llama esactamente ese pelo para las extenciones onduladas

Gloria Mackie

Can I use expression for this


What’s the name of the product you used,please

Tokerra Hargrove

Can you use any kind of hair, Or just this hair only.

Adriana Araujo

Cabeleleila leila

Mbali Dubs

You talented

Yasmine Somian


Tia Beanie

Can I use weaving thread? Or does it have to be wool?

Comfort Kalu

Pls What kind of attachment did u use 4 this one

Regina Mary

Wow is very beautiful! remain blessed dear for teaching us

Kofi Obeng


Opeyemi Abibat

Very good ?Bt if I wt to make it as weavon how I we do bcs of the mouth ;;;pls tell me ok

Katlego Mamabolo

Is the wave set permanently or does it fade at some point?

rhoda abimbola

Does this last

Thabi Vee


Gifty Oppong

How do I install it

How to get wavy hair with braids

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4 774 views | 2 Jun. 2020

I continuously try to

I continuously try to challenge myself to learn how to do new styles on my hair. I tried doing braids for the first time by myself at home. It wasn't perfect since I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! In the end I think it came out fairly nice and gives me a break from wigs. This method is super easy but I know that I am horrible at trying to explain. Hope it was able to help anyone who wants to learn how to style their own hair and save money.


Please watch: "MALL HAUL + CHAT (SHOES & PURSES)"



Drip Goddess

Girlll yessss! 2 days!?! I could never buttt they look so good ?

Brandi Christine

15th LIKE! OOOOOUuuuuu Dai these are so cute! im trying these as soon as im able to get to a beauty supply! love the look!! idk how you braid with those nails lol


you did so good! keep practicing queen

Niah's Channel

How many packs of hair

Azarriah Lovett

I want to do my hair too, but I have this beat on my page too ??


I love it ? you really do it all

Keelie Garrett

Did u just braid it all the way down to the ends or..?? Idk I was confused on that

Callidora Lifestyle

Damn shawty

Liam Fields

Thanks for sharing this helpful video, I purchased the best quality product from newigstyle..com last month

princess vanessa

oh sis yessssss

CJ Clarke

I like how you did thin and more natural looking compared to everybody doing them so thick and chunky?

Callidora Lifestyle

I would love to try it. But it looks hard