Johnson and johnson face wash

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Johnsons Face care Daily essential || Johnson’s Moisturizer Toner || Johnson's skin care Review

302 views | 25 Oct. 2020

Johnsons Face Care

Johnsons Face Care Daily Essential 3 in 1 MOISTURIZER,TONER & CLEANSER.Johnson Skin Care Product for smooth & nourish Skin.

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► ►Johnson Face Care Daily Essentials ► ►

► ►Johnson Johnson’s Moisturizer Toner ► ►

► Johnsons face care daily essentials complete Review►


Johnson Face Care Daily Essentials||Johnson face care gentle exfoliating Face wash|Urdu|Hindi|Review


Best moisturizing cream for all skin Type||Johnson's 24 hour moisturizing cream||Winter Cream


Homemade Cream for dry skin|Moisturizing cream for winter|Best moisturizer cream for dull dry skin


ash travel&vlog

Best sharing
Good reviwe

S&S Organizer

great hadiya

Rimsha Kainat

Amazing ❤️


Zbardast sharing I like it

Eat Dream

Ohhh very useful
Sty cncted

Sami Gamer OP

ماشأاﷲ بہترین اللہ اپکو جزائے خیر دے آپکی تمام ویڈیو بہت زبردست ہوتی ہے

waheed Rights

ager alovera uze kia jaey is mosam main fresh alovra ka msajh to kesa rahy ga ?


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AL-Wahhab dishes

This is so amazing sharing ?

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Amazing review and use thanks for sharing

Pakistan Labaik Media

sweet good work sister

sidra khurram tips and vlog

Allah Hafiz

Life of Sania

Amazing video
Thanks for sharing



Esha Rehman

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Nyc tips lyk ? ? bhout khob

Johnson and johnson face wash

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Get clean skin! - RachReviews: Johnsons Face Care Daily Essentials range

85 669 views | 25 Jul. 2012

Thanks for watching!

Thanks for watching! ----Please expand for more info----

If you would like to see more videos about skincare, the products I like and dislike and what works for me, let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a video :)

Products mentioned:

- Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Wash 150ml

- Johnson's Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes, for Normal Skin (25 wipes)

- Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials Moisturising Day Cream 100ml

Until next time,

xo xo Rach


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Disclaimer: Some products shown were sent to me for review. I was not obligated to make this video. I am not affliated with any of the companies mentioned nor am I being compensated for this video. All opinions are 100% my own.

Bidisha chakraborty


Racheal k Deborah Deborah

Hi Rachel

Pragyan's crafts

Why are you using johnson??? Product are u still a baby...

Javed Sahib

where can we buy this from?

Batool Fatima

You look beautiful ?

Jana Saleh

I have that face care daily essentials it made me have more acne and it made my face soooo red

Mohd Rizwan


fatma omar

i have been having a dry face lately can johnson face wash help me

Kamaljeet Singh

my skin is oily so I can use this product

shabista shahid

How many times the face wash should be used a day?

Rachael Jade

Thanks! Hopefully you can find something else. I am about to try the L'Oreal Age Perfect (even though I am 23 and have acne prone skin) because I have herd good things :) xox

Fernanda 1972

I'm turning 40 and i have combination skin and I found the Johnson moisturiser really emollient,heavy and sticky on my skin. The scent is horrible. I think it is suited for people with dry skin. :)

sisi sam

i used this i swear i had clear skin as i was on it even after i stoped , but ofcourse i messed alot with my skin , but this cleared my acne all the time i swear by it , i always wash with this and it clear my skin within 3 days if its big and big amounts of improvment and if its small it goes within a day no joke , i love this, and by the way this works for acne prone skin rachel , i recommend this to anyone literally to acne prone , im prone myself and i do get acne 

Boy isla

i ♥ you

Racheal k Deborah Deborah

Thanks for teaching us dia?

Abdullah Kashif

Plz tell me

Angela Jones

Johnson & Johnson Daily Essentials Day Cream SPF15 50ml - Chemist Warehouse

Beauty Queen

Is the johnson's face wash has parabens and sls or any harmful chemicals?

Abdullah Kashif

Bcoz i have very very sensitive skin:(

Abdullah Kashif


Nazmunnahar Shilpi

Can I use the face wash daily??

Children let's study

Johnson's baby face versity ek videoplease I request you my name is why I tell you please price please aise bol dena ok I don't know price 30 ke liye ho jayega jaisa 3039 aisa price hoga nifty 50 price hone bye bye bye baba bye

Harjeet Kaur

mam i have semi sensitive and dry face..can i use it

ArshPreet Kaur

My skin is very dry..which of them I should use

Rachael Jade

Oh really that sucks. I didn't really notice the smell and I only use it at night so I tend to not notice it being sticky or heavy. I guess it just really depends on the person :) xx

Mahvis zeya

Very very worat....


This may sound weird but I love your watch :) it suits you so well!

Fernanda 1972

I bought a moisturiser from say yes to berries. Its got the right moisturisation for my combo skin and its got a beautiful smell. Not over powering though

kristen ortiz

If it gets into your eye. Does it burn it like regular soap?

Angela Jones

i have been using this moisturiser for many years and LOVE it ! love the wipes too.

Rachael Jade

Awesome! Welcome to my channel xox Rach :)

Fernanda 1972

I really wanted it to work for me but it didn't as it's cheap.. never mind. I love your videos! :) xx

Samuel C

I have only used the day cream moisturiser and i felt that it was very oily and make my skin very shiny/greasy looking

Shivam Kumar

I love you

Abdullah Kashif

Can i use this products in winter....plz tell me

freefire lover

Kya item hai yaar

Vijay Singh

I have oily skin and it causes more oil on my face


u r nice

Raymond Corpuz

You are so beautifull

Johnson and johnson face wash

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I used Johnsons Fresh Hydration for a week and this happened...(review)

4 004 views | 7 Jul. 2019

Johnsons Fresh Hydration

Johnsons Fresh Hydration Review

What a week it has been I was shocked by what happened

I have learnt my lesson for sure

Social Media

Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/ora_nakanyane/

Kay-Lynne Valentine

I started using the even complexion facewash, day cream and night cream for a week and my face is starting to peel and I am my is breaking out of pimples ?

Randall Morris

This product give me lot of dry skin on my face, now my face look bad

Adaeze ezeimo

It did the same thing to my skin even in summer

Katlego Mhlauli

I just realized after using these products that they are good during summer because they dry out quickly. During winter it’s a NO

Winnie Ramaphosa

I like the product it's making me glow it's hydrating indeed


Are you getting money Ora ?

Sindiso Matore

They dry your skin so that it can peel off your old skin

Maryam Kh

Soo pretty love your review

Lalaa Love

New subscriber here ??‍♀️! Hopefully you check out my channel and sub back?! ?


I am also getting rash I started using it on Monday today is my forth day?

Wavho Nems