Oil conditioner

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DIY Olive Oil Deep Conditioner | NaturallyCurly.com

105 060 views | 24 Jul. 2013

Adding olive oil can make

Adding olive oil can make your fav conditioner 100x better and turn a "meh" conditioner into a holy grail! http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/home/diy-olive-oil-deep-conditioner-video

Watch our previous Olive Oil DIY video -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ztCYqZs2ew

Visit us online!

WEB: http://www.naturallycurly.com


TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/14X80B9

music used: "Something Elated" by Broke For Free http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_For_Free/Something_EP/Broke_For_Free_-_Something_EP_-_05_Something_Elated

Naturally Dunn

I use 1 tablespoon of evoo, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of honey with any of the Shea Moisture masques. Put on a plastic cap, get under the dryer for 30 minutes and my hair is soft and easy to detangle. ?


Do you apply this on wet or dry hair? Do you just shampoo your hair then use this deep conditioner like normal or what??


People tend to do it before if they shampoo their hair. If you don't shampoo your hair then you can deep condition afterwards,

Maia Colon

Actually cringed when I saw the conditioner she used ? SILICONE!!!!!

Bernadette Blair

I do something similar. Works like a charm.


Will be trying!!!!:)


What's the girls in the video hair type?

Maddie Bishop

after rinsing do you leave this in?????

LMarie Marie

Hi Nikki! I have a question... should I do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair after a co Wash? I would appreciate your reply...thank you and have a good day! ☺


Of u like aloe vera u can add that and sunflower oil and vinegar to it. That makes my hair so soft.


Trying this.

Alf And Ivy

Can this be used for straight hair as well?

Taylor Danae'

Hey im new on youtube and i have a fashion, beauty, and natural hair channel and im asking can you go check out my videos

Ms. Riley

Does the mixture have to be stored in the refrigerator?

Charee Mason

Thanks for the tip. Started to use it lately and has been wonderful for my hair. Amazing!!!! I love it!


whats evoo?

Kiriana Uluiviti

what's the name of the instrumental being used?!?! Anyone?


Thanks for getting directly into the point

Aya Masrieh

Does it make the hair curly or straight??

Nehemiah Mcneill

what is evvo please explain


will you have better results if you leave in longer?


Should all. Naturally curly haired girls make a deep conditioner for their hair ?
Or does it depend on the hair type
MY HAIR TYPE IS BETWEEN 3A - 3B should i deep condition it ?


I mean can you mix a deep conditioner with another oil such as grape seed oil or even EVCO instead of using EVOO?


I use this method except i have low porosity hair and find that olive oil is way too heavy, but I use grapeseed oil which is much lighter but gets the job done!


haaay it's the song from the myths and legends podcast

zevah doe

Can you do this same tx on relaxed hair?

Aida F.

I absolutely LOVE both Aussie Moist Conditioner and evoo so this is a perfect combo!! I started using this combo last Winter because the Winter winds destroy my hair and this makes my curls shiny, soft and really moisturized!! My Winter hair deep conditioning holy grail along with other oils!!?


Is Aussie moist any good?


Does it work the same if you use another oil such as EVCO or grape seed oil in the place of EVOO?

Kai Loki

:D can't wait to try with the Creme of Nature Intensive Care Treatment. That deep condish is the truth!

suppo_rtsam Blackwell

I use coconut and strawberry conditioner mix with coconut oil and olive oil as my deep conditioner my hair be so soft and moisturize. I deep condition weekly

Oil conditioner

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5 Leather Conditioners & Cleaners - (COMPARISON) - Saddle Soap, Chamberlain's Leather Milk, Mink Oil

94 598 views | 18 Oct. 2019

Saddle Soap vs

Saddle Soap vs Chamberlain's Leather Milk vs Mink Oil vs Leather Balm vs Aussie Leather Conditioner in a comparison to find what leather conditioner is the best.


Chamberlains Leather milk #1 - https://amzn.to/2Bluqpw

Aussie Conditioner - https://amzn.to/2OZzNCY

Chamberlains Balm - https://amzn.to/2Mw7cUd

Mink Oil - https://amzn.to/2J2twm9

Saddle Soap - https://amzn.to/2Ms9vYb




Have a question about this video or the process? Post in comments section of this video!





Muhammad Ashraf Shahab

Great comparison. Good information...


are they good for luxury bags?

mchamdal _47

The concorde abro premium leather conditioner is it good?


I have a quick question. If I want to waterproof my boots, but also condition them, what should I do? Put on both? Or choose one?

Matthew Barnhart

One thing I hate about leather show is that the often cut stuff out of leather kindo out of the center and wasting the leather. Leather is too nice a product to waste. It's cool that you make coasters to use waste.

Donna Heppner

Good Afternoon! It seems you are doing very well since you originally released this video! That's great! I am also experiencing a slow start up as I am in the beginning stages of starting a business and juggling family! As I was watching your video it occurred to me that our products may work well together. Since it can't hurt to ask, I am wondering if you would have any interest in exploring the idea of using me bear oil on your leather products? I am currently working on perfecting a leather feed.
Thanks for your consideration,
Donna, Bear Basics


I would have preferred if you used well worn out pieces of leather pieces. It's very hard to see the effects of the conditioners on your pieces. The oil is not dried up. I used a couple of conditioners on a few 'vintage' jackets. Instantly, l noticed changes!

Stelios Lainas

Hello, i have a pair of sandals with natural vegetable insole and i would like to know which conditioner/cleaner do you recommend (in order not to be slippery) ?

Debra Reeder

Do you condition all of your leather?

Robert Siwik

Great job on the comparison. I have been using Sno seal for years , it works great .

Gaetan Pilon

Thanks for that nice video.


How are you doing a liking enjoy your videos was wondering if you could send me some coasters or a bracelet really be great hope to hear from you

Chris c

what would you recommend for a leather jacket ? Lamb Leather preferably

Deion Ford

Can I use these on Polyurethane Leather?

Gerardo Hernandez

Mmm leather

Carolanne LeVesque

Very helpful & informative...

Mike Bart

Goin with mink oil, always have. Nice to see the comparison.
Hook up some coasters bud!

when in doubt

is vaseline a good conditioner?

Damian Davies

I have a pair of Taylor Stitch boots and they're beautiful, but unbearable to wear. Thanks for your videos! The problem I'm having is getting some of these US products shipped to me via APO to Germany. Thanks again and keep the videos coming.


What should I use for the leather on my Boxing gloves and kickboxing shin guards?


Those are some really cool coasters! Thanks for posting this video. I'm going to try some of these products on my motorcycle saddlebags.

f1 k1

I thought the sadlle soap was only for cleaning leather

bradley younger

Saddle soap should be used with water and a brush to work up a lather like shave soap and brushed into the leather then buffed off

Jeremy Piggott

Deeper grooves at level 7?

Chris McIlroy

What about Neetsfoot oil?

Jack Ellis

Have you tried Obenauf’s Leather Oil?

Carl Brow

Good info to share. Liked the comparisons between produts.

Chris Szymczyk

Very detailed video , That is why I like it ! Thank you so much !



Piotr Wydmuch

Fantastic video, as always. Thank you:)

Pankaj O Ahuja



Hi! Which shoe cream or polish would you recommend that has no synthetic ingredients?


I would be curious to hear your opinion on Dr. Martens boot care products. I use their wonder bsalm, and have heard good things about their dubbin protectant, but I admittedly am just now learning how to care for my leather boots. I have some really old Dr. Martens that I want to properly take care of.

Mark McBride

Prior to investing in better quality shoes, I still have several constructed with "genuine leather" uppers, which I've been told is the lowest quality of leather sold.

How would your test products work on this lower grade leather?

Nixon Anthony

noob question. Is it okay to use vaseline to clean scratches on leather?

Figrin D'an

I was curious about the differences in mink oils on the market. Most of them seem to be a blend of wax, silicone, or ash. I was wondering if you could tell me how these blends compare against pure mink oil like Saphir mink oil or Trapper's mink oil tallow. This information seems impossible to find online. I'm also planning on using it for a kangaroo leather hat, which makes my search even more difficult. Thank you for any help or just spending the time to read this.


Can you use the aussie on leather sofas?

Linus Herrmann

Thanks! Haven't found a better video so far ??

Pandamonga Ailupandorum

The only channel i trust with leather infos. Please make videos about handbags and their leather.

Adam Ismail

How about just pure coconut oil? I've heard my mom said coconut oil can be used to condition leather.

Mike Brewster

Love it!!!

J.G. Thomas

I use fiebings aussie, you are supposed to wipe after it soaks into the leather

Francisco Herrera


Tommy T

Nice work on the video. Inspires me to go out and make something.

Mike Brewster

I think the best would be a combined approach. Condition with one product and protect with a second product. Additionally the Saddle Soap is mostly a cleaner.


I need to condition an older vintage leather suede shirt brown coat, any tips..it's clean...but keeps ripping in places outta nowhere...I can fix that...but what can I feed it with?

Alejandro Garcia-Salas Deras



Does it work s with leather jackets?

Duane Swaby

Nice vid! What would you recommend for kangaroo leather football boots? I'm mostly concerned with keeping the leather soft and supple, not so much with water resistance.

Marta Z

It's clear you haven't seen The Bourne Identity from 1988 with Richard Chamberlain. Perhaps you're too young ?


Have you ever used kiwi conditioning oil on any of your leathers? Does it darken it?


OMG. Wilt Chamberlain and Neville Chamberlain are both rolling in their graves at a man born in an English speaking country who never saw thus never knew how to pronounce Chamberlain.

brion gamboa

Boo there's techniques to each of these. You deal with leather and you don't even know! And people look to you as knowing stuff

Andrew Hoffman

I'm fairly certain that you are supposed to buff most of these conditioners in order for them to work properly.


Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your videos!! Your honest opinion is priceless & I truly appreciate your vast knowledge of leathers. Your videos are AWESOME!! Than you so much!!! ????????????

Juan l sanchez

Good video..?.. a question What product can I use on leather watch straps?

Elizabeth Maxwell

Thank you for video. How does neatsfoot oil compare?


I thought Saddle soap was used and mixed with water, brush on, wipe off, let dry. then apply cream and wax after the cream "Never Before" and you now have a clean, Conditioned and Wax boot if wax is added?

It's not a fair comparison when using saddle soap, something that is made to clean boots, wash away dirt and waxes. That was not a good choice my friend, not when trying to compare it to products that are made to protect and not remove protectants. Ohh well, you live and learn.

Stil you have a great channel. Thanks for sharing.

Joshua Eleazer

Saddle soap is for cleaning. Supposed to be used with water then wiped off. That’s why you got residue

Gloria Mauricio

Really liked video but wish you would have tested saddle soap bar

H3lt3r Sk3lt3r

Saphir’s stuff’s the way to go dude. By far the best waxes, polishes and renovateur’s I’ve ever used on boots and shoes.

Lawrence Bufalino

Good video, your one of my go to sources for leather consumer products, cheers.

The Style Handbook

Hi, I have a watch that has a croc leather strap. Over time the strap has lost its shine so I purchased a new one. Do you have any recommendations on which conditioner I should use on croc leather to maintain its shine?


Just discovered your channel. Have tons of leather gear. What's your thoughts on Obenauf? Have been using their wax and conditioner for decades with pretty decent results. Used to use saddlesoap for cleaning, but Obenaufs cleaner does the same job too, so now I'll swap for whatever is available when I need it.

Red Ram

Never met someone who speaks English as a first language and didn’t know the ch in chamberlain is like the ch in cheetah

Wendy Chevalier

Very informative!! Going to try the Chamberlain on a treasured bag! Thak you so much!

King Of Leone

Great video do you know which would be better for condition sheepskin B3 bomber jackets?


how about some homemade products

Hilo Smith

Thanks for the good leather conditioning info. A bracelet would be awesome. How do I get one? thnx

Trackman 92

Toasters got coasters

Nima Samadi

I want to win!!!!


Your “Aussie” pronunciation is a nightmare

Jake B

Well I liked and commented but I think I’m a year late ?

Ahmed Alabady

Smith's Please

Sabeida Arias

Awesome thank ?


Wow your channel actually blew up after the cutting the leather half series ? Common Projects, shattered backboards and more! So happy for you ??

Nicholas Geoffrey James Davies

"Most videos get like 15 likes".... 2500 likes later.


Very helpful and informative. We have always used Saddle Soap for our horse tack but I want to look into a couple of your suggestions. Thanks

Jonathan Hill

Saddle soap should always be followed with a conditioner!!! Please don’t ruin your leathers

D Teun

Think am on time?

Platforms Giant

Very interesting. It will be good if you add something like pure coconut oil, bee wax, neatfoot oil, silicon, even cooking oil and see how they perform side by side.
After the video, now I wonder is do those so called oil/conditioner really do anything..... will the plain old stuff actually works better than those so called protectors.


Saddle soap is not for preserving as much as it is "Soap"... it's made for cleaning! Not only can you not pronounce words very well, you don't read labels either. What kind of comparison is this?! According to your test(s)... none of them did exceptional.

Gaear Adan

Is anyone familiar with Palc? I have their leather balm which works fine on my hiking boots but I am hesitating to use it on smooth leather dress boots. Ingredients say natural wax, lanolin and jojoba oil.

Dmac K

Bickman's Bick 4 ftw. An excellent moisturizer that doesn't affect the color or finish of the leather.

Kevin Voeks

Saddle soap will change the color of the leather

Elena Callegari

companies never add the full list of ingredients on their leather products. is there some way to know which of those in the video are 100% natural (mineral oils free, lead free, petroleum free etc, chemicals free etc)?


Thanks a lot. you helped me to decide what to buy: will go with the Chamberlain leather milk!

FaLc0n S

Good content. It's have me lots of information.

Eric Brown

Great video thanks a lot :-)



Wail Faridi

Saddle soap is for cleaning, not moisturising. You take a brush, wet it, put saddle soap on it, and clean your shoe with it, then wipe it clean. After that you put a leather conditioner/lotion, then a leather cream, then wax.

Whiskey Ditka

Love everything you post

Steve Collins

Compare paste wax, neatsfoot oil, and dubbing.
Being a soap, I have always used saddle soap with water to wash the object.

c h

Mink oil for the win In my honest opinion

Mary Brien

COOL,thank you for sharing this, I order the same one from replicaclubs..ru three weeks ago, delivery by DHL,good quality !!!

Peter Rittenhouse

I like the video, I was looking for a conditioner for my saddle leather

Michael Freitas

Good stuff here man


What should I use to condition an old baseball glove?

Hawk Tools

A Hawk Tools review would be interesting.


what is the best conditioning for WATERPROOFING?

Oil conditioner

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How To: Hot Oil & Deep Conditioning Routine

108 338 views | 27 Apr. 2017

Hey Lovelies! Sorry for

Hey Lovelies! Sorry for the late video this week. To make it up to you, I'm posting my lippie info along with all the product info below :)

P R O D U C T I N F O:

LiPPies (Applied In This Order):

NYX Slim Lip Pencil Natural: http://go.magik.ly/ml/4svt/

ColourPop Sting Raye (No longer available on their site)

ColourPop Beeper: http://go.magik.ly/ml/4svo/

ColourPop Finder's Keepers: http://go.magik.ly/ml/4svq/

Avocado Oil: http://go.magik.ly/ml/4svd/

As I Am Cleansing Pudding: http://go.magik.ly/ml/4svf/

Miche Lush Deep Conditioner: www.MicheBeauty.com

As I Am Leave-In Conditioner: http://go.magik.ly/ml/1a2s/

Mielle Organics Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Cream: http://go.magik.ly/ml/4svh/

Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Styling Gel: http://go.magik.ly/ml/4svi/

Red Pro Steamer 2-In-1 Hair & Facial Steamer: http://go.magik.ly/ml/4svm/

Previous Video: How To: Kenra Professional Curly Hair Product Review: https://youtu.be/TD7QCRNoFXU

Natural Hair Journey:


Natural Hair Q&A:


Get To Know Me Part Two (Hair Edition):


Filming Equipment:

Sony a5100 Camera:


Ring Light:


Ring Light Stand:




Follow Me On Social Media:

IG: @EbsCurlyTV

Snap: EbsCurlyTV

Twitter: @EbsCurlyTV

FB: Eb's Curly TV

Camera: Sony A5100

Microphone: Blue Mic-Snowball

Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Music by: YouTube Royalty Free Music

Alison Allen

Omg I wish I watched this before I did my hot oil treatment. I used microwaved water. Is it ok to do hot oil treatment with every cowash?

salma hassan

I use avocado oil for my prepoo for about an hour and my hair becomes so soft. Am glad you tried it


I just use one oil too its not that serious

Queen O!

But what if u don’t have a steamer


Okay so I’m genuinely confused with the sealant statement because the main oils used for penetrating are also used for sealing in moisture. Soooo what about that? Half way through this I forgot my question lol but I’m still going to post it just Incase someone sees what I’m asking

Catherine Joseph

How long did it take for your hair to reach this length? Also, did you ever experience issues with puffy roots & curly ends?

Pink Cashmere

What kind of steamer do you have? I had two that broke already. ?


Hi Ebony. my hair is similar to yours so maybe this will help. Natural saflower oil is also really moisturizing if you run out of avocado. Maybe the dryness is due to overuse of Mielle which I think is geeat for protein. I alternate Mielle with TGIN deep conditioners for moisture and so far so good. Thanks for the video.


One or 2 oils is enough I think that too much is well too much I like Jamaican black castor oil on its own and coconut and olive oil together

His heart

Sounds like you have low porosity hair...

Dieynaba Nduwayo

After this you can use your conditioner ?

It’s Adrienne

Olive oil and Shea butter will be your best friend use Grade A Shea butter

Sun Sleon

I Think the rule is only the rule until a break through has been made. No one person has a monopoly on right or wrong Even if they do claim to be as long as there can be unknown factors. The constant known is 3 types hair follicle , The 3 stages of hair growth. and of course everything underlying in those groups. of course someone pops up that can only grow hair if they dont wash there hair until they hv to. I think everything else is determined by so much more genetic,environmental,health condition, hormones ,age. ect ect . Very good Video......

__Snazzyqauckson __

Your hair is goals ??


I had to subscribe! This is the best natural hair care channel on YouTube. Thank you for sharing your techniques and giving us hope.


Gorgeous hair lady!

Suzette Lawes

Your hair is absolutely beautiful. Big up yourself African Queen!!!

Blah Se Splee

Do a new deep conditioning routine w new products ‼️

Christian Parker

Also I love this method. Never thought to put my deep conditioner over a hot oil treatment but I'll be trying that next wash day!


How often do you do the hot oil treatments?


We literally have the same exact curl pattern. I can't wait til mine grows out but yours will suffice for now ???

Shelly Reynolds

You should NEVER place your oil in plastic which immediately compromises it, just like the microwave. Glass is best to avoid all that mess.

Naasir Void

im obsessed with your hair like WGGSGWFWFWTWTWT

Diane Walcott

So I use four different oils in my hot oil treatment n it works really good for my cuz I have very thick kinky natural hair before I use to use two oils only but my hair gets dry very fast so i now use four different oils

Janice Lambert

Hi sister your doing a great job with your hair just a little FYI for you that plastic water bottle has toxins in it you heating it up releases the toxin hopes this helps

shawnette marie

I've been getting great results from using grapeseed oil, applying a plastic cap & sitting with a heat cap on for 20 mins. ☺


I know this is an older video but first off your beautiful. Any way you can tell me the lipstick you are wearing? I LOVE it !!

Cynthia Alan

Olive oil and raw honey has been my best friends for a hot oil treatment for my scalp not so much my hair cause it's super messy but works wonders for dry scalp!


Ebony, I love your channel. Your sweet, kind, disposition makes for easy viewing as well.
Thanks for this hot oil treatment regimen. Its more beneficial than any other I have seen. I have SUPER FINE , 4a hair, but a dense amount of it. It took me a whole year to figure out that not just relaxers and heat destroy my fine strands, but most over-the-counter hair products, especially with alcohol àlso destroys my hair. Didn't even know my hair was 4a, as these products hàd me thinking my hair was 4c. My WHOLE hair texture changed to silky and curly-kinky, after I stopped using hair products. DIY natural hair products saved my hair. Only now have I started using a few hair products that appear to agree with my hair. My hair is still changing as I add more moisturizing treatments to it like henna, etc.
Even though your hair is in the 3 category, what you do to and for your hair seems great for my hair also.
Thank you Ebony, I think you have a new, loyal follower.????

Miah Rose

You washed your hair again on your second day hair to do this process ?

Lorelei Perez

Hi ?? Ebony! Love your tutorials! Question???...is your hair high porosity?? You said your started feeling dry a day or two after styling, that's the reason for asking??


No you didn’t just use a water bottle to heat up you oil??!!! ‘Lol lol that’s so funny!!!! ?????


I love to use steam with my hot oil treatment. I have definitely seen a huge difference in the quality of my hair since I made that a part of my hair care routine.

Aleah Joseph

Did u use any product for your hair after you rinsed it out then air dried ?? If yes what product.i love your hairr???


I love your hair! Question have you ever had any problems with excessive shedding...if so, how did you nix the problem and bounce back from it?


How many times you put mask in you hair ? Do you always use this deep conditioner?

Alana's Natural Hair

#Hair ?

Afrotastical R

Can you also just do the hot oil treatment without a deep conditioner?

ebony isis

I love avocado oil

Issa Conner

Hey Ebony! Thank you for all your great videos, I love watching them and learning how to better care for my hair. I do have a question tho. I am wanting to straighten my hair but because I am terrified of heat damage to my curls, I want to make sure I protect and care for my locks properly. I want to do a deep conditioning hot oil treatment, but, should I do this before or after I use heat on my hair? Like should I do it before to nourish my hair for the heat, or after I straighten my hair to replenish my nutrients? Any advice will help. Thank you!

TJ Sews

Cute lip color ?on you!

Bri With The Big Hair

I've heard many ppl say that the Mielle organics styling gel was very drying to their hair. That may be the case for you.


When you sleep do you pinapple your hair up? Jow do you keep ot curly all week? Do you just re wet everday let it dry and go?

Im going natural never neen since i was a kid

La keiaaa

I’m always confused! Should I shampoo my hair every time I deep condition it? Or is just wetting it enough then applying the hot oil?! Help! Newly natural!

Dykejiah Jones

This is perfect I just about look for a video to do this.

Nicole Williams

I am late to this video but was looking for something to help give my hair a boost & I think this will help. Thanks!

C Ali

After the shenanigans with Shea Moisture I think it's time for people to start supporting small businesses. Definitely gotta check out that YouTuber's products. ?


Beautiful hair. I like your make-up but you look better without it.


People do way to much talking in these videos lol it’s like get to the point lol


Can you do some bun/ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Emilotte Phionah

How do you get those beautiful curls.I love so much


Do you rinse with hot or cold water?

Cindy Ghonnang

So you don’t use a conditioner when you wash your hair at the beginning?

Lovely Latoya

Your hair is so pretty!

Diruik B.B

God! you are beautifuly GorgeOUSSS...


Avocado Oil is a complete oil, that's why it works so well. It penetrates, moisturizes & conditions. No other oil does all 3 I believe. I looked this up on some natural hairs blog where she tested every oil.

Rita Caulley

Plz how long should it take before washing off


Yes, I used avocado oil weekly as well as conditioner and deep conditioner. ???

Hot Fries

beautiful ???

Keisha Michelle

Do you have a current or previous vid on your favorite dc's?

Wild Katt

Is that your real hair ?

Tiffany Hauer-Mosby

I tried your technique and it has done WONDERS for my hair! Thanks for sharing the information!

Minimal Assembly

Avocado was my favorite until recently. It's a humectant oil so it draws moisture to the core of the hair follicles (medulla) while olive oil draws moisture to the cortex (outside the medulla). I love using them together. My current #1 is Baobab oil (sheamoisture brand) which penetrates low porous hair with balanced omega fatty acids. I put it on the night before a wash and it makes my 4a/b low porosity hair dark, silky, smooth and springy. As a leave-in, it imparts more curl formation, elasticity and shine. I'm guilty of mixing 3+ oils in the past, but I realize now that less is more ;-)

In Out

am crazy about your hair

Ahrayalah Yasharahla

Great tips Sis. But it is Best to utilize a non plastic bottle when using heat because heating up plastic releases toxins. Blessings.

blushing beauties

That's how my hair is it stay dry I can use a whole jar of greese & in two weeks my hair will be super dry Al over again & then I tried coconut oil & that. Made my hair. Even dryer. It even made my scalp burn so I can't use coconut oil I learned that I don't no what oils to use

Brittany Edwards

your hair is so beautiful i almost want to shed a tear. wow. 1000/10.

Stacy Robinson

Hi. I tried this routine and it worked fabulous for me. Thanks for sharing

Chantel Daniel

My concern was... If oil is supposed to seal the moisture in ur hair why would u put a deep conditioner after u put oil. Its like a LOL method (Liquid Oil Liquid) but then I think ur explanation would be that the type of oil used is a penetrating oil. Tell me your thoughts

Desi Will

Can you pleeeease start doing makeup tutorials?

Christian Parker

I always skip the hot oil treatment pins on Pinterest that give you a list of oils to use. Omg I thought I was the only one who didn't want to go through the trouble and expense of buying a bunch of oils lol. I just heat up some olive oil and sometimes coconut oil together and it does great in my hair as a hot oil treatment.


Wow I needed this video. That's what's happening to me now. My hair is so dry right now

S Perwana

Nice hair
I think u are more beautiful without the makeup


Hi. your hair is GORGEOUS. what hair type would you say you have for the most part? i know hair can be differect in certain areas, but for the most part, 3c?? thank you

Alex Hall

I just want to say the lord has BLESSED you with some amazing hair!!

lee sanchez

Thank you for the vid !! I usually do a hot oil treatment first and than deep condition it n now that seems like a good idea !! Be done in 30 min!! ?

Foxy Cheetah

Your is absolutely beautiful! But do realize how much more beautiful & pretty you are with NO makeup!!!!!
You also look a lot younger! Girl, take look at your video when you were applying the oil to your hair.

Agnes Sztojka

Do you wash your hair first and dry it ?

Ludnie Auguste

Hiiii beautiful?Do you ever have heat damage?


damnit! I´m interracial and my hair doesn´t even look this good. gurl bye. you´ve ruined my day. where´s my damn hot oit. lol

L Combs

Tip I use a coffee cup warmer with my oil. I will place it on that warmer 15 minutes before I’m ready to do my treatment that way I don’t have to deal with the hot water losing temperature. The warmer will have a consistent temperature.

Brandi Jones

love this!

ally cora

Olive oil is also moisturizing