Skin blemish removal

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Two ways of removing skin blemishes in DaVinci Resolve

12 713 views | 19 Jun. 2019

In this video you will

In this video you will learn how to do remove skin imperfections in Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve.I will show you two ways of doing this, I'm using them interchangeably, depending on which one works best in a certain case. It's very helpful, especially when you work on more commercial projects that have to be flawless:)

Footage courtesy of Fable Films in London.

The download link for DaVinci Resolve is:


There's a lot of upcoming tutorials on Color Grading Insights. I will be posting once a week. You will be able to learn how to create different film looks, like teal & orange, cross processing, horror film or retro look. We will also have a look at the Fusion tab in Resolve as well as we will touch a bit of a color theory:)

Here's also my previous video, where I'm showing how to a color isolation in DaVinci Resolve:


If you have any questions, just drop me an email:

[email protected]

I'm responding to every single message, so feel free to get in touch.

Check my instagram as well, to see some of my work: @kasia.jarco

And Color Grading Insights Facebook page, to get the updates:


Legend Pictures Ent

Great tutorial nice

Amboni askatriada

this one the only works that i've ever tried... Thank you


So the second one is just the same as the first one except with the circle tool and adjusting colors instead of the free select tool and copying other skin?

Veasna Sara

Oh my godYou are amazingLove, like and sharesLooking forward to see more of your tutorialsVisy

Gilbert Gama

3rd is Patch Replacer FX. Lovely tutorials by the way.

Summer Winter

that's so tedious work. is there an automatic way to do it?

D Rogers

Very useful, Thanks!

A Visual Reed

I've used the first technique, but never knew about the second. Thanks for sharing, it will be very useful as I continue to learn.


Thanks for the video! I don't know what I did wrong, but the dirt particle from my camera doesn't vanish completely, only for around 25%. Why could that be?

Dee Seen

Great stuff

Della Morte

I got everything up to the "track it" and then I lost it and couldn't figure out how to track it.

Aneta Volcano

This is really good! Thank you. I've checked a few videos and people either rush, open something but don't tell you how or simply use bait word 'free' to get views where in fact, the options they are using are not free at all in the editor...
I've learned so much from you :) I have a question though as I'm having problems with removing dark circles or wrinkles on faces when the subject is moving. Is there a way to apply the same effect to a moving person/face? Atm, I have to cut the clips into smaller pieces and do it one by one but it doesn't always work and the effects are uneven, I get floating spots and it is very time-consuming. I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you and good luck with your channel!

Heki Dayo

1h searching YT and finally someone who explains things simply and is easy to follow and understand. Thank you! ❤️

Alex White

You are awesome! Spent a whole day trying to do the same in fusion, spent a few minutes to do the same after your video. Thank You!

Ray Watts

Very useful thanks, always wondered what the node sizing could be used for, now I know.

Le Sport Autrement

Thanks, I learn step by step.
I'm a question : the color of the mask is it dynamic with the time or stay static ?? how can I mix this color with a planar tracker or other?? Because I want to make disappair the suction cup of my camera 360° on my future videos (shadows, ligths, you can see what I mean in my first video on kayak).

Bharat Regmi

Great tutorial

Max Camillion

Can you maybe show how to completely de age someone's face? Removing all the wrinkles?


Wooow thank you so much!!

Joseph Lauletta

Thank you SO MUCH! This was a fantastic video and you do a amazing job instructing; (clarity, voice, process). Keep making Resolve videos, you are a great instructor


awesome keep making davinci tutorials!!

A Starry Night Photography

Great tutorial! After a few tries I went to another clip. Went to Windows, Custom and once I made my circle it gray scaled my entire clip image, but left the mark visible. What happened and how can I fix this? Thanks!

Tony Carretti

Thanks again, great tips!

Skin blemish removal

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GIMP 2.10 for Photographers: Remove Blemishes and Fix Skin Complexion

57 137 views | 27 Mar. 2018

In this GIMP tutorial,

In this GIMP tutorial, I'll show you how to fix blemishes (i.e. remove acne) as well as make your subject's complexion look more even (and improved overall). This blemish removal tutorial uses the heal tool to remove acne, as well as a combination of the airbrush tool and layer masks for the complexion.

I'll demonstrate using some layer modes and a high-pass filter to soften the skin. The final result is truly great - plus doesn't look artificial - and takes just a few minutes. This tutorial is for all skill levels, and is beginner friendly.

I do not have a free image download for this tutorial as I used a premium image on Adobe Stock (I couldn't find any freebies that had acne). Feel free to download the image here:


Visit our website for more text and video tutorials:


Enroll in Our GIMP Photo Editing Course:


Download GIMP:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DaviesMediaDesign/

Twitter: @DaviesMediaDes

#PhotoRetouching #PhotoEditing #RemoveBlemishes

Allan T

I was puzzling out why you did the "invert color" step when I realized that you actually wanted a "low pass" filter to soften the sharp features like wrinkles. Since GIMP doesn't have a low pass enhancement filter, inverting the colors made the high pass filter act like a low pass filter and smooth out the image. Thanks for the tutorial!

Cool Trainer Banjo

At first I thought, "Man, I wish this had been included in the Udemy course," but then I realized, "Oh yeah, I'm watching it for free on YouTube." Absolute tops.

mystery fisher

Why does mines look different?


Do you recommend downloading 2.10.0 over 2.8.22?

Naeem Faisal Qureshi

Mr. Davie, I couldn't find a process to enhance faded face features of vintage image in gimp 2.10, I would appreciate if you can help me in this regard. Thank you.

The Everything you can imagine channel

headphone users are dead now from begging high pitch ouch!!! lol

Store Download

thank you so much i need this

agus hari Nataludin

Thank you so much for this very useful tutorial.

Jen Spongberg

When I go to do the airbrush, the color comes up gray, what am I doing wrong?

Jerado Pennant

ok am switching from PS to GIMP now...

Shova Panta

Is this free or paid version


Best skin retouch tutorial ever. 10 minutes and I'm master skin retoucher :). THX.

Kroken Stiv



This is hands down the best gimp tutorial on removing blemishes and soften skin, I never thought it would be that easy, I use linux and tried to do it in darktable but it is pretty difficult to do there. I used to only take my pictures and do some basic enhancing on darktable because I thought it would be too hard to retouch blemishes and soften skin. Thank you, really thank you.

Chevy Escobedo



i cant find vivid light mode

Mujiba Rahman Nova

you are so cute

Anabel Parra

sorry do you have the link of the plugin? i do not have "vivid light" ☹

Akis Markopoulos

This was awesome thanks


can someone please help??! im clicking the ctrl and clicking on an area to set source but when i do a whole menu pops up! what do i do?!

Luis Arevalo

Great insights and just in time for me to edit a friend's pic that needed some skin editing! I had similar issues to some of the comments made relating to issues, such a nothing happening when applying tools or Vivid usage but I noticed that it was more about me understanding and following the process and making sure I was on the correct layer with/without mask etc. Everything in this excellent video worked 100%! Thank you Michael, great job!

Pearl Once

Came for the tutorial. Stayed for the hot instructor. Thanks.


I'm looking for the literal opposite of this, but there are only tutorials for photoshop. Why are GIMP users so interested in removing freckles!?

Samuel James

What if you have a person that his very heavy blemishes, and skin discoloration, like a teen with very bad acne?


got damn photoshop is much much much easier to figure out than gimp


My airbrush makes a bright white streak when I use it like you instructed. What am I doing wrong?

Simon Sackett

07:00 Why did you need to invert the colours and change the mode to vivid light before using the high pass filter?


GIMP is great and your guides are amazing. This is the best skin retouching technique I've found yet. Thanks!


Really fantastic tutorial. The further issue is that then teeth sometimes may need to be whitened. I can find the tutorials to cover this, but the issue is layers or masks or whatever, and then having the newer functions (eg., lowered saturation or opacity on the paintbrush) to actually work on top of the work here in this tutorial. For instance (and I am not sure this is correct, but an educated guess), the layer mask and/or vivid light mode neutralises the later-needed functions. And advice?

Elizabeth Toonen

halo Davies.. is this Gimp 2.10.6?

vaibhav mistry

How to remove reflection from glass ????

Mrs Robson

Could you advise how I would go about changing the nail colour on a persons hand to match a ring the model is wearing. eg. Blue ring and matching blue nail polish?

Rudy de Groot

There is a better option than the Heal Tool to fix blemishes which even removes complete objects from your photos & images. It is called 'Resynthesizer' and it was an additional 'plugin' in earlier versions of the GIMP. Search the internet for: "GIMP 2.10 resynthesizer 64 bit" and read the GIMP forum for a newer (64 bit) version. In the forum you will find links to download this (renewed) plugin that enables you to heal a selection that you have created. After installing, you should be able to create a selection (using the rectangle, ellipse or free select tools) around an object that you wish to disappear from your photo. Then you can select: Filters / Enhance / Heal selection to get rid of the object.

João Romeiro Hermeto

Really good, thanks!

Larry Miller

Great videos I purchased your Gimp course on Udemy

Samuel Larbi

Please can you make a frequency separation tutorial. Would be thankful.


"make duplicates" in case you mess up + make comparisons , very good tip and it's why i left a comment and a like solely before watching on , good work buddy.

Patrice Laborda

0:54 You said: Not too Photoshopped , that was a nice smile ;)
Very nice tutorial.

cosmo ianiro

hi, could u show us how to remove a scare ? thanks

Partha Pratim Borthakur

It's a helpful Tutorial Davis, help me a lot to edit my photos. I also like to learn how to edit our old black and white photos , can you please make a video on them.

Evan Gertis

Awesome video! thank you!

Scott Boswell

Nothing happens when I select vivid light?! someone help!?


one question, what happens if instead of using the airbrush I use the regular brush?

Samuel Larbi

The best skin retouch tutorial ever. Expecting more great tutorials.

Simon Sackett

Is there a tool to get rid of "go ahead and..."? ;o)

Haykuhi Goroyan


Claire P

Didn’t work :(

Willie Dixon

i am having a issue after about the 8 min mark when i air brush it does nothing please help.

Sharrea Day

Fantastic! Thank you so much for this very useful tutorial.

Ubaid Shareef

How come when I apply the high pass the image turns to grey?


Did you tested Gimp 2.10 RC1?


Thanks for your tutorials, this one is really awesome. As a real beginner I wondering what is the concept beyond the choice of applying one after the other color-invert, mode-vivid light and the high pass filter. I cannot understand why those choices produce such result.

Tyra Hayes

I'm using a MAC. My Control button works but it doesn't select the spot on the picture. It's not working for me!


When I use the heal tool, it doesn't take away the blemish, and I'm following the steps... please help


Wow, this is an amazing video! You, Sir, are a God! I do have a question: what's the benefit of using the Heal tool over the Clone tool, to cover up blemishes? I've always used the Clone tool for that but clearly, your technique is far better. Thanks for posting!!!!


is there a way to fix the resolution of the photos when they are view on a phone? on my laptop the color is perfect, but viewing it on my phone, the color is changed to orange


what was the brush type? i can't see if its 25 or 50?...

Hrishi Mishra

"the dude talking" intro was really funny ??

Molika Haikal

I have a problem with my heal tool , can't use it and it says set the picture I don't get what kind of set should I do and how can I do it.
if someone know I would love to listing

The Parchake

Great Tutorial. Thank You So Much

klara b

so simple to reproduce. thanks.

Juan jotabe

If you already watched the vid some time ago but need to come back since you keep forgetting the steps involved... and then 10 minutes is a lot to watch... a quick guide

1) Heal Selection Tool (not the dedicated filter) for particular skin defects
2) Brush with low opasity to even skin
3) skin softnes with High Pass:
A) duplicate layer
B) Invert Color
C) Set layer as "Vivid Mode" (segunda claridad Fuerte)
D) Filter > High Pass... set it smooth
E) add mask to layer > black mask
F) Use brush with white color in order to make the high pass visible in the desired spots.

That's it...



Claudio Nascimento de Souza

Thanks Davies!

Shavon Kelly

Hey. I have been loving your very helpful videos, but I have an issue in trying the fix a little spot in an image. Using the healing tool, after control>click sample area, when I click the area to apply it to, nothing at all happens, and I cant figure out why. Could you help me with this?

Mike Chandler

Nice video, will try on my next set, what are your thoughts the wavelet decomposition method?

Chris 27

can sb help me i do not have the thing which copies the colour

Crown Academy of English

Thank you, this was very useful to get rid of my shaving rash! ?

Kay Bennett

hello. i was wondering where to find that vivid light mode tool?

Anita Kovács

This is what I want to learn many years ago! Thank you so mutch, great video. I try this effekt, and It work, so I'm happy. ☺️

Witless plum803

the heal tool doesnt work


What if there's 2 people in the photo but only one has spots