Vaseline definition

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How to Pronounce vaseline with Meaning, Phonetic, Synonyms and Sentence Examples

107 views | 6 Dec. 2017

This video shows

This video shows pronunciation of vaseline in a sentence, vaseline meaning, vaseline definition, vaseline phonetic, vaseline synonym and vaseline example

vaseline Definition/Meaning : a trademarked brand of petroleum jelly

vaseline Phonetic : 'væsili:n

vaseline Examples :

Every winter in Pune, my skin would go dry and I would have to apply vaseline or some cold cream to my lips and face.

I apply vaseline each morning and use nappy-rash cream each evening.

She got some vaseline and polished Meadow's hooves.

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Vaseline definition

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How To Say Vaseline

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Learn how to say Vaseline

Learn how to say Vaseline with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials.

Definition and meaning can be found here:


Dzanga The Great

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Vaseline definition

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Annih Stacey

I’ve been wanting to try this Vaseline on my hair, but with this heat I’m afraid of the out come ?

Connie Chiga

I can never get enough of your hair???

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Annih Stacey

Beautiful before and after??, Michael did a great job ! Wow! Your hair actually looks so soft , I’ll give it a try?

T.J Covers

I’ll try Vaseline on my hair too !??

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This is beautiful and it’s amazing how we worked so well together ?
Glad you loved the makeup too ❤️

Connie Chiga

Michael did a great job!!!!!!

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