Normal acne

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Acne is Normal

1 201 views | 8 Jul. 2020

Let's all help in

Let's all help in normalising acne across mainstream media and allow people to feel comfortable and empowered no matter what their skin conditions or skin type. Acne can have a huge impact on not only our skin but our mental health also and it's about time we change the perception that people with acne are dirty and ugly.

Absolutely we strive towards great skin health and that is why the skincare industry makes astronomical amounts of money but the point of this video is to help people feel confident in their own skin and understand that acne is normal.

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist nor an aesthetician, I am however incredibly passionate about skincare. I love to try out new products, brands, research ingredients and give you an honest opinion on the very best affordable and effective skincare you can get your hands on. With skincare, there is a lot of research out there that can be misleading or incorrect when published. Science and technology continue to thrive and with that, comes new and updated scientific backing and research to our most beloved skincare ingredients. So please take this into consideration as I try my very best to source accurate information at the time of filming.

Adam :) x


Thank you so much for this video ❤️❤️ I've struggling with a wicked acne breakout for the past month or so and really needed to hear this!

Hyeri -ssi

I was always ashamed because of acne on my forehead. I really wish someone told me this earlier. Thank you!

Klaudia Szelag

Thank you for this video and ending the stigma! Currently struggling with hormonal spots after period but I'm learning that it is fine and I'm trying to embrace them. Obviously, still mildly treating them ? xx

James DeCarlo

You are beautiful acne or not. You should do a video of how to take care of our chest and back. Don't forget to take your shirt off so we can better learn?

Jeorielle Capangpangan

Yes to normalising acne!! I really don’t like how films/tv shows only pick attractive people who have ‘perfect skin’ and are ‘ideal’...it makes people think those are the expectations!!

Andrea C

I love this! I'm looking forward to your videos , specially reviewing products found in Europe as most skincare YouTubers are based in the US. This message though, made a fan and not only a subscriber!

julie brailsford

Fab video adam, ive had acne since my teens, im un 50’s now, and still have sore tender spots. I was on roaccutane yrs bk, im sat here watching this, admiring wat ur saying, any tips fr helping with ths? Ty adam ❤️❤️xxxx

Samuel Polland

Hiii I really like you channel and hope you answer my question! Can you use a salicylic acid cleanser and still use a salicylic acid treatment? For example: if I use the cerave SA cleanser can I still use my Paulas choice skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid or would that be over exfoliating ? Love you channel :)

Sid Lowe

Thank you so, so much for this. I have always struggled with severe depression and anxiety, and lately it's been so much worse. I'm one of those "essential" workers as well, and while I'm thankful that I've had a consistent paycheck through all this, work has made my life a million times more stressful. Maybe it's that, maybe it's the mask, maybe I screwed with my routine too much, who knows, but I've developed the worst acne I've had in my entire life. Which has just added to the depression and anxiety and body dysmorphia. It's so easy to get lost in my own head and forget that I'm normal and my issues are normal (or if not normal, very common!) and I'm not the disgusting monster my brain keeps telling me I am.

Gina Colvin

I'm NHS staff & the face masks that are so necessary are causing acne for people that never had it before ?


I wish I had someone like you when I was having severe acne all over my face... it started when I was 14 and kept on having a paaaarty until 30. I tried everything... skincare, so many doctors, Chinese herbs and supplements. Nothing worked. Even my dad asked me if I wash my face everyday. That’s something which still hurts me even now?

Linovi Chishi

Thank you for spreading such an amazing message ❤️

Gavin Gerard

Adam, Differin 0.1% gel worth checking out. Available on an NHS prescription.
You are probably already aware of this.

julia Morrell

i absolutely LOVE his intro

Celine Abainza

Thank you for this one! I love your video ❤️? I have always been ashamed and get bullied because of my acne. I really felt I am not belong to others because I was the only one who had the severe acne. And it made me really depressed but as time goes by I've learned how to take care of my skin and accept it. Yes acne is normal! ❤️ Thank you again so much! ??

Tash Berry TV

so perfectly said, actually made me a bit emotional!! thank you so much for this adam ♥️

Janine Colon

This is such a beautiful message. Especially since I've been dealing with a flare-up and have been struggling with acceptance. Appreciate this video so much!

Alys Rose

I wish I had people like you to watch when I was 16 years old going ham on my acne with a Stanley knife. Oh, lord ?

Emily Hearn

Love ur vids so much! This is a brilliant message


This is the message I wish I was able to hear years ago!! Thank you for being so open, the connection between skin and mental health is real. Brighter days are ahead!!

Stefani Jankovik

You're such an amazing person, thank you for speaking up about this topic

Giau Hanh

I came across this video while looking for an acne oily skin face wash, ive spent so much money and stress because of this problem, thank u xx

Stella Signoroni

“Acne partaaaayyy”. Love it. ?

Axel Serratos

I truly needed this, I was on a course of Accutane too but when I was 16. I’m 20 now and my acne came back and, honestly, I was soooo frustrated bc of that. Thank you for this.?

Amy Leigh

I have been down for so long and I always loved being outdoors and be active but I have acne on my forehead and it’s literally ruined My self confidence I have a holiday coming up and I don’t even want to go as the sun will make it worse and I won’t be able to cover it up. Thank you for this vid !

Anika Tabassum Meem

just when i was about to cry bc of my acne and spots! thank you so much. needed some kind words to cheer me up. love your channel so much!

Shaina Parveen

I feel like this video has raised my confidence in a way!! ❤


I love your channel thank you so much

Katelynn Rosson

I’ve always wondered if product reviewers ever experienced acne from all of the products that they test. Maybe this flare-up was from a new product that you tested recently? (I break out all of the time, mine are usually hormone related and SO uncomfortable.)


thank you for this video i needed this❤❤ recently i brought cerave hydrating cleanser and i am really worried for my skin because it cause me a breakout. Is it normal?

Shaina Parveen

I'm struggling with acne and dark spots and this video is everything!


DEFINITELY! there will be days where you may have finally beat acne, but then it comes back..flawless “photoshopped” skin isn’t natural!!