Natural eye makeup

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1 024 768 views | 18 Jun. 2020


I’ll be donating 100% of my June YouTube revenue to support the Black Lives Matter movement. That means If you watch my video fully and share my videos with your friends, it will be a good way to make a change for better and equal world. Thank you for watching!

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* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haley0N

* Email: [email protected]

- Used Products

Benefit The Professional Hydrate Primer


NYX Color Correcting Concealer


Glossier Skin Tint - g7


NUDESTIX Nudies Matt Blush & Bronze - Bondi bae


em cosmetics serum blush - pink nectar (sold out)

https://bit.ly/3hB6Xop ( alternative shade)

Glossier Pro Tip Liquid Eyeliner- black


HINCE True Dimension Radiance Balm - light


Benefit Brow Styler - 4.5


Etude House Dr.mascara Fixer - for perfect lash


Maybelliner Lash Sensational Mascara


Emcosmetics True Gloss - magic hour


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MY LASH ROUTINE (how I keep my straight lashes to be curled ALL DAY)


Drugstore Youthful Makeup


Brown Smokey Eye Makeup


Filmed & Edited by Haley Kim

FTC: This video is sponsored by Hince. All content ideas and words are my own.


your videos are so satisfying and therapeutic ☺️❤️❤️

croissant 77


niki nafisa

Luv your eyeliner

Fatma Shaheen

Obsessed with all your videos ?? Thank you

Dalin Tol

May I know the brand of highlighter please?

Shimmer XOXO

I'm sorry I was looking at the eyebrows...

ashra nizam

Eye liner wing is perfect n I like so much

All about Creativity

I want all productsss?


Love this Haley!


why is this in my recommendation? i'm a guy ? but sure, lets enjoy this

ai niii

With out without makeup you r pretty❣️

Sanketa Lokhande

Hooded eyed girls only dream about this ?

Joy Soliven

Beautiful with make up but not without it



Kaitlynn Emily

When you don't have any makeup but you watch tutorials for fun ??




i really want to practice my eyelining skills, but my skin is inflamed and irritated right now

Evanie Torres

Do you speak Spanish?

Sara 369

You are cuuuuuuuuuuute ?????????

Ariana Fernández

Muy lindoo!!

Miss Stariray

My struggle is always how to make both ends winged always look the same

Maher Nusrat

Do you mind making a drugstore dupes for all your favorite products?


wish i could copy and paste ?

Seanna Glatzel

I love the natural look with using few products!! You are gorgeous


I want simple this ad is not good

mujibur rahman

Girl I love ur skin and ur confidence. Plz keep it up

Kween Tingz

my eyes are round, the wing looks weird af lmaoo

Seally Davis

How is your skin so clear.


I like the way you put your eyeliner...

Joshua Lawrence

How many birds do u have I love them

janaya paras

You so beutiful.. Sana all

Amiyah C

Most natural makeup look I love it


I have a very very good tip for the eyeliner:

Take a small, flat brush and add eye liquid/pencil to the end and blend it in a bit. Problem solved, soooo easy

Devy Gusmiyanti

The real "make up no make up"


We kinda have the similar eye shape

Adrianne Isabel

i love how she is so comfortable with her skin

Arianne & Jacky

wow ? love this tutorial

raisha madrin

Bagus banget.. perfect


I wish my eyeliner looks exactly like that, love your videos Haley x

Nouf Nona

I like it thank you ?


3:42 for actual eyeliner demo
Rest is face makeup


you look like a model uwu


i just wanna look pretty in pictures ?

Saratthanit Mueansiri

I am sooooo in love with you! You are so gorgeoussss <3

A. N. Y. O. N. E

You are so beautiful ☺️??❤️

Muskan Gurung

If I had that skin i would not even bother wearing any makeup.

Imma the chopsticks that Jin always carry

If someone calls you UGLY ,bish I'll throw hands

Blake Danielle

I'm too ugly for this lmfao

Sophia Mendoza

what contact lenses

neomu lonely

finally a tutorial from same as my eye shape?

Cleveris Villapando

3:42 is where she started the eyeliner, too many things she did before the eyeliner.

Bianca Piccirilli

i love your makeups

Mashed Potato

Glad I found ur channel!

Kei Gadores

i like the shape of your lips ,not so big but not small either.

Just Me

Oh wow. Iv never liked adding a wing, but this I really like, it's not too much. Will try it out, thank you.

Jenny Pontillas

Hi Gorgeous! Can you recommend me a good eyelash curler that isn't expensive?

raisha madrin

I love your natural makeup and i'll try to makeup like this ??

Maryam Marry

wowwww ?????

Yasemin Gedikoğlu

Kanal çok güzel ama malzemeleri sürekli eline sürmesi aşırı rahatsız ediyor beni. Yapma çekik gözlerine gurban olduğum yapma.


You look like Jin from BTS?

Every Haircolor

love this simple aesthetics

Cristine Bellen

Youre so pretty?


Girl! You are so beautiful

Zubaida Begum

I thought u were bae Suzy for a second

Fact Flora

Why her skin is just so satisfying ?


Wow ❤ I love this, i dont know how to do make up, specially failed in putting eye liner, but i love this make up look, heavy make up doesnt suits me and this make look is very good for everyday, for college , office. Where u want to look natural but with make up


I love how you keep your skin natural for these tutorials! Makes me feel better about my own skin :)

cigarettes and lollipops

your nose is so cute


So many

Marie A.

This is exactly how I like to do my eyeliner. I love that it is simple and elegant and it just gives you that classy look. This is the first video I found where they don't make those huge, bold wings. Nothing wrong with that, just not my style and I have a small face so it doesn't suit me at all. Great job! ??

Thơ hoài

Ước gì có phụ đề việt nam

Faith Bastistiana

It looks like jennie's eye?


were you born with aegyo sals?x

Helin Güneş

I love how you keep it real, you leave your breakout and dont use any crazy lights to cover up your pores. The makeup is so pretty too!

Konika 03

This is beautiful?❤

Copper Crush

I wish I had your skills? love your videos ?

Chuchi Chingkay

I wish my breakouts are these manageable.?

big bank


sisa licious

why so pretty?

Hello Sunshine

She has the cutest accent ever ?

John Rey Imperial

Love youuuuuuuu crush ?

natasya aini

A natural beauty?

Ha Ha

Guys she does it at 3:48

Kirti Sharma

Their is something attractive in her face that i loves a lot.. ??

Glor Pang

What I think about your video is: please apply the make up gentle to your skin...... poor....skin.....


Beautiful makeup ????
Your skin and skin colour is so good????

Kaylee Li

I love this video! I am getting into makeup


you’re so gorgeous wow

snaliya's archive

please make video for eyeliner natural look for everyday makeup and products you recommend, how to make eyeliner shape look natural

Emma Ramlakhan

Best natural make up tutorial in a long time! Refreshing to watch.

Mo3659 B̆̈K̆̈K̆̈

You are beautiful ????

Mhay Oh Mhay


Manatee J

I can never do this

Miss Understood

You are gorgeous! No need to change a thing?

Elly ell

3:53 for the eyeliner makeup part :333

Mayte Cabrera

I really wish I can do that! I've tried so many times

Rana Hossam

Why I can't draw the eyeliner

red gurl

Her background music is birds tweeting. ?

Natural eye makeup

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3 Minute Makeup for Hooded Eyes - Work Appropriate | Stephanie Lange

428 311 views | 3 Sep. 2015

Here’s a super quick and

Here’s a super quick and easy NATURAL looking 3 minute eye makeup tutorial for hooded eyes. This is work appropriate. Of course, if you don’t have hooded eyes you can wear this look too. Hope you enjoy it!





- CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation


- IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Pores Micro Powder http://bit.ly/1IpGT9e


- KAT VON D Shade + Light Eye Contour http://bit.ly/1JpLZCF

- EYE OF HORUS Eyeliner http://bit.ly/1TrYvsu

- SIGMA ‘Monumental Lash’ Mascara (use code: STEPHANIE10 for 10% off any Sigma purchases!) http://bit.ly/1N3vUpR


- EYLURE Brow Pencil ‘Blonde’ http://bit.ly/1HHNeZ0



- BDELLIUM TOOLS 787 Blending Brush http://bit.ly/1DhlITx

- SIGMA E45 Tapered Blending (use code: STEPHANIE10 for 10% off any Sigma purchases!) http://bit.ly/1zNxN4O



INSTAGRAM: @stephanielangemakeup

TWITTWE: https://twitter.com/stephilangeMUA

SNAPCHAT: stephilalalange

MY BLOG: http://stephanielangemakeup.com

PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/stephilangeMUA/



- Here’s where I buy all my high end makeup at discount prices: GlamBot: http://bit.ly/1bMhlGe

- My FAVOURITE Fake Tan (the BEST fake tan in the WORLD!) http://bit.ly/1ANmFVS – (Use Code: ‘stephanie’ to receive a FREE Exfoliating Mit or Back Applicator!)

- MY TEETH WHITENER: (Use Discount Code: SLM25 for 25% off!) http://bit.ly/1v30HeR

- MY BELLAMI HAIR CURLER: BELLAMI ‘6 in 1’ (Use Discount Code: LANGE160 for $160 off!) http://bit.ly/1JKbXmJ

- MY BELLAMI HAIR EXTENSIONS (Use Discount Code: LANGE for $$$ off!) http://bit.ly/1JKbXmJ

- MY MUST HAVE FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH (Use Discount Code: S4Spin for a 70% discount - which makes the brush only $30 instead of $99!) http://bit.ly/1xG3aKm


- For 10% off ALL SIGMA products, use the Discount Code: STEPHANIE10 http://bit.ly/1d2EYuT

- For 25% off GERARD COSMETICS and WHITENING LIGHTENING products, use the code: SLM25 at checkout: http://www.gerardcosmetics.com


I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Thank you for watching! XO


Can you recommend a mascara that absolutely does NOT lengthen lashes? My lashes are very long and the right eyelashes hit the lens of my glasses so much that I actually had to cut them shorter. (I don't think they make trifocal contact lenses.) I'd like to darken and thicken the lashes but making them longer is awful.


I love this - so quick and easy and it looks great!

wee sah

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have very hooded eyes and never really knew what to do with them when it came to makeup. Very beautiful eye makeup :)

Adriana Moura


Blair Bardot

Stephanie thanks for making videos on Hooded eyes ! Your the only youtubber I know that do this. There's more people with hooded lids thank perfect lids.

Alisha Rodio

I have super hooded eyes and your videos are very very helpful.
I was completely off in my makeup skills but now I am mastering the dome.
The only problem I have is that if I have a light lid and graduate darker up the hood all the colour on my hood transfers to my lid every time.
It always starts off well but after half an hour my whole eye look is one colour ?

Suzanne W.

Oh! Can you please do more 3 minute looks?!!!

Chelsea Mohren

I'm so thankful for your hooded eye tutorials not many ppl do videos for us hooded eye girls so thank you and love you!!! your awesome

Gidget Montgomery

love your tutorials for mature women with your Mom! Also, I especially like the ones for hooded eyes. Learning lots of new ideas for this 60 yr old that's been using makeup for more than 45 yrs. KEEP them coming! Especially for we mature ladies!

Layiba Masroor

this is the first makeup tutorial i have seen which i can practically do myself

Justine Kayla

Do you ever use primer for your eyes? I know you don't prefer to prime your face before foundation, I'm just curious if you make an exception for the eyes

Darya Olikhova

Oh My God , I'm so happy that I found your channel,I have hooded eyes and it was big problem for me,because on russian youtube very little video about makeup for hooded eyes,but I'm so
excited that you make video about this problem)^^

Stacy Lott

love your videos!!!! awesome tips....as i get older my eyelids are getting droopy. this will help?

Shari H

Girl you’ve changed my makeup life! I tell everyone who’ll listen to check out your hooded eye tutorials. Thanks so much!

Allison R.

So simple...yet so beautiful! So I've never been drawn to the KVD eye palette bc the colors don't really speak to me, but seeing all the beautiful looks you have done with it, plus the fact that I am similar in skin tone and hair color to you, is making me feel like I really need it!

Natasa Peic

And yes... You make up is great, I love watching your videos, but you just don't have hooded eyes. I'm sure you get that.

Paula Rea

You are amazing TY ! I have a very prominent brow bone so I need all the help I can get lol


Thanks for this! I never have any time in the mornings!!!

Blaire Auger

stephanie, I love your videos. you're my favourite youtuber :3 can you do a full face makeup look for graduation, that goes with any color dress? my grad is in 2 weeks & I'm stumped for makeup :/ I'd rather have your opinion because you know a lot! I love you, I hope you see this xo


what can you do for mascara that gets all over your lids no matter what kind you use?

Nancy White

Hey my pretty girl go job!! Like always

Lickety split

I would like to add my thanks along with the others. I too have no intention of getting up earlier in the morning to do my makeup. I want something quick and simple rather than complicated. I take more time on the weekends when heading out but during the week I want it simple.

Ella Hunt

I love these videos x


You have a new subscriber!!!!? I love how you get straight to the point...any tips for when you makeup starts wearing off or get oily,when you sweat?

Fearless Girl

Totally LOVE this! So perfect for mornings before work, and just a quick look for errands. Thank you for another great tutorial! x

Michell S Ramirez

Love how you do videos on hooded eyes! Not a lot of beauty gurus do

Rola Ghazi

The best make up artist for hooded eyes ,, OMG love this girl ,, keep up the good work sweetie <3 <3 <3

Stacy Lott

love your videos!!!! awesome tips....as i get older my eyelids are getting droopy. this will help?

Ashley Wiseman-Clevenger

3 minute look in a 2:05 minute video.?? Love it anyway.

Yasmine F

Her eye colour is so pretty

tallis all

your eye color is so pretty


Love this


What are hooded eyes?


Watching this instead of getting ready for work... ???

Donna B

Thank you for the advice. I have extremely hooded and small almond shaped eyes. Any tips for making then look not only more open, but larger?

Amanda Vittie

Have you tried 3d lashes?

Faith Is my life

dear stephanie, im from morocco and I love you ??


awesome look enjoy watching all your hooded eye looks

Theresa Chea

this is perfect!!


Love it, so beautiful!! I need that brow pencil on my life!!!

RayAnna Wilson

It never occurred to me my eyelids were different than anyone else's until my friend was doing my make-up for fun and she globbed on some paste eyeliner that was very wet. I blinked when she was done and my eyelid stamped the line she had drawn just below my eyebrow and the only thing she could think to say was "I've never seen anyone do that before. My eyes don't do that!" It's not very funny, but it makes me laugh everytime I think about it. Now I know the term for my eyelids. Thank you.

Manda Paige

I was wondering if you can do a dramatic, glamorous eye look for hooded eyes

Katie Trinh

I enjoy your tutorials but I was wondering why you cut out the part where you applied the false lashes? I've noticed that you never show putting on fake lashes either? Am i missing something here?

Jantine vhj

??? love this!!!!

Yasmin Qanas


please check out my blog!

Lisa x

These aren't hooded eyes?

Diane Johnson

Love your videos....but you talk so fast it's distracting...are you speeding it up?


wow super daytime look!! absolutly love it!

Rebecca Evans

What pallet or brand would you recommend with matte Browns and purples? And a good tightline black pencil.
So glad I found your videos, love all your makeup tips, they have helped me so much! I had always wondered why eyeshadow never looked right on me. <3

Gricel Polit

thank thank you for always focusing on "US"woman with hooded eyes. amazing!

Mel Parkin

finally, someone who understands that not everyone wants to get up 2 hours earlier to do their makeup. Well done Stephanie x


Could you do a three minute look for a night out (restaurant, drinks)?

YaYa Says


Alissa Hollar

So put the neutral color on your eyelids, then using a lighter color highlight the corner of your eye and right below your brow?

Cake Shop

That was really quick ?

DesiRaw Nash

i love how you say "Mascara"


Yeah, I want to see more of these super easy eyes. Lovely.

susan reid

I would love the KVD palette . Any 1 know where I can get it in the UK plzzzzzzz xxx


love this look and love this video... thank you so much...

Lisa Connelly

Wow that was quick i thought i spoke fast but so good to know i am not the only one. Such a simple routine great quick demo. Xx

Natasa Peic

Girl, you don't have hooded eyes at all... I don't know why do you name your videos like that.

Mollie May

Your hooded eye tutorials taught me how to do makeup!

Comedic Sociopathy

You are so cute and you helped me so much with my hooded eyes. I was beginning to hate them so much but you showed me what I can do with them so thank you very much. :)
Love from Germany <3

RayAnna Wilson

God I love how quickly she blasted through while still explaining everything really well.

Roan C

A lot of your tutorials for hooded eyes involve putting eyeliner on the waterline but I wear contacts so I can't do that what should I do


Short and simple and so good that you can use it to go out too. Thank you for another amazing video. =^-^=

Jantine vhj

ps hello from the hooded side ??

Puglove 89


Kira & us

thanks so much i have hooded eyes!

Ava Brothers

new subscriber!


Would you consider doing another one of these please? So helpful!

Makeup for the terrified !

Wow ?

Samantha Gray

Excellent and do-able! Also appropriate for those who work professionally in uniforms. Thank you!


Love this tutorial! so effortless but ao pretty once again Steph! ;) NYX single eye shadow in taupe is a good ashy grey brow dupe for the taupe color Stephanie used in the video btw!

Coral Victoria

This is the only hooded eye tutorial I can actually follow!


even the tutorial is less than 3 minutes.. wow.. i feel breathless juz listening to the way u talk.. so fast.. lol..

Audrey Bee

Love how diverse you are on your channel. I can never put mascara on my bottom lashes without it going on my skin too. It has always drove me nuts. My eyesite isn’t the best but I need it as my lashes are very blonde. Can I ask why you connect us to USA site for products you’ve used, when you live in Ireland. So many youtubers forget about us here in the uk and Ireland as it is xxx

Rin Snow

I need to go back to doing this. It takes me an hour to do my makeup before work. I am literally a sloth. This is my favorite series that you’ve ever done. I wish there were more techniques for hooded eyes especially without wings.

Tonya Groothoff

Do you put the eye liner on the bottom eye lashes too, or just the top?

Christine Bristow

Wow so simple. Tried it this morning, Thank you brilliant quick look


I always wondered why eye shadows looked horrible on me and since finding your channel realised I have hooded eyes! Omg amazing, so much easier now I know how to do it. Xx thank you :)


Naked 2 and Venus from the first Naked Basics palette are similar to these colors if anybody is looking for a dupe. I love to wear it with some Buck to create a light faux-crease.


You could do a bit more and use a smudge brush to smoke a little bit of black eyeshadow from the side of the eye and across a quater of the bottom of the eye, just a little little bit going with the very natural look. I'm going to see if i can handle putting line on the top of the eye like you did, i couldn't on the waterline though... my eyes are fragile and watching other people poke their waterline with a pencil starts to make my eyes want to water lol but i know i'm good with putting it on the bottom of the eye so i'll see what i'm like putting it acros the top, i hope my eyes don't start watering especially when i get to the middle like when i pluck my eyebrows when i get to the middle it makes my eyes water quite a bit, but i really like this quick, natural and easy look and i have curlers :P, so it's worth a shot.

The Pout House

Yaaassss girl! I am part of the hooded eye club!!

Kiera Valikie

Hi Stephanie, ur vids are awesomeee!! I love it! I also have hooded eyes :( what would you suggest me to buy: an urban decay naked 2 basics or revealed 2 coastal scent? Which one do you think is more useful for hooded eyes? I plan to choose a reavealed 2 palette cause it has more color but i remember your words "no shimmer eyeshadow for hooded eyes..". Plz answer, i really need your advice :) professional artist

Im from Venus

Her channel is going to be huge. I can feel it.

Diana F

What do you do if you have hooded eyes but also low lying eyebrows? That's my issue. Every tutorial I see for hooded eyes has women with higher eyebrows than me so it doesnt work, there's no brow bone area barely at all. ?

Ashley Vickers

I swear I saw most of this in the day to night work appropriate video!! anyone else?

Rebecca Levy

You're a freaking genius!

Nayla Harris

u do NOT have hooded eye

Dawn P

Nice and simple. Love it

Elise Massey

You are so sweet!

Inna Valentina

The natural make up it's fine, I like but your nails no ??? why are so bleach ?? ??

Adriana Moura

Obg pela força de Deus r e Júlia e Júlia e Júlia e a friend e Júlia parte do seus sonhos em sua vida e esposo e Júlia as vezes tem um dia de um simples estudante em casa já te falo um dia de um sonho e em tem que não gosta isso é bom né meu amor e Júlia parte do filme ases e esposo meu eterno ?❤️??????????

Angeline Lin

this save my morning time!!


you saved my life!...i have hooded eyes and its kinda difficult for me to get that perfect smokey eyes but then i found your channel and now my problem is solved..i too can rock a hooded eye, but not as good as you..love you lots Stephanie.


This is what I do when I HAVE time :-p

Katee Elisee

Yus!!! ❤️

Samanta Rizzi

I freaking LOVE your videos!!! So happy that I found your channel, seriously... :) Keep up the good work girl! xoxo

Natural eye makeup

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917 770 views | 29 Aug. 2018


SUBSCRIBE to my channel!



Instagram @angelabright

Twitter @angelabright


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Morphe micro brow pencil - java

Morphe highlighting stick - illuminance

Morphe brow setting gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam eyeshadow palette


Morphe X Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette (mentioned)


Dominique Cosmetics latte eyeshadow palette (mentioned)


ColourPop X Kathleen Lights dream st eyeshadow palette (mentioned)


Hourglass caution mascara


House of Lashes demure lite lashes


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E35 (fluffy blending brush)


E30 (pencil brush)


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How to get Beautiful Natural Lashes


BEST eye makeup brushes for hooded eyes


Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes


Brow routine


How I apply fake lashes




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Are those your natural lashes? How do they look so good?

Check out this video 


What camera and lens do you record with?

I use a Nikon D5500 with a 40mm macro lens. I use 2 soft boxes and a ring light for lighting.

What eye primer do you use?

I always use a concealer set with a translucent powder.

Where is the rest of your face?

It’s there. Don’t worry ;)

Zoey Murphy

God this is GORGEOUS I’m dying because of how much I LOVE this I’m super self conscious about how I look but without mascara or fake lashes this looks a bomb ? can’t wait to wear it to school (if I can get to school without my parents seeing it lol)


I Liked the Tutorial but i Wish people would Unserstand that beginners dont have a Lot of Makeup stuft especially Not expensive stuff


she said: ?

Angel Sandy xo

This is so pretty!

Angie Lpstv

The whole time I was watching this I was thinking about how gorgeous her eyes are

jenn li

So clean and soft. Beautiful!

Ashton Smallwood

I’ve literally never done makeup on myself a day in my life but I’m gonna try this?

Ines Iness

You girls go to school like that !!!!

Cloudyheavens x

Tyyy this helped a lot

Sonal Pradhan

Her eyes are gorgeous, regardless of the makeup. That almond shape is so beautiful.. ?

zee matt


Siling Zhou

The angled brush is so funnnn!!! Lining the eyes is so easy

Natalie Slade

sorry I know its your preference to have long bushy brows, my ocd just wants to kick in and fix that one little strand out of place

Rabia Anjum

This is totally not easy for me ..:(

Toty Vale

Faux eye lashes to go to school, okay ?

Personette S

I'm totally new to makeup and being able to do this gave me a huge confidence boost. Thank you for making this video! Much love <3

Marie 7

her eyes are so beautiful

Freya Lux

Me earlier this year: I’m gonna be a master of makeup by my birthday
Me now: I can’t do eyeshadow to save my life.

nmk Fama'

asmr sleep


I know this might be a weird comment but you have pretty brow hairs. ☺

You have pretty eyelashes. ☺

Jess K

i know this is an old video but thank you for the close up. and it is easy indeed! unlike some other videos that come up when you search for easy eyeshadow tutorial. you can hardly see what theyre doing plus nothing easy about their eyeshadow. thank you!

Lori Prihoda

Artist very pretty, like t h e music too.

Iram Jahangir

I’m in love with your eye lens

Animal Owner2.0

I look like I got punched in the eye ?

Nicole Langford

3:45 and im looking like a smeared clown while shes looking like an angel

Salma Belcourt

Hourglass caution extreme lash mascara is my fav and I’m surprised that no one is obsessing over it




Your eyebrows are naturally gorgeous!

ashido mina

Omg imagine having eyebrows

Nele Sakkos

Yes, i'm right, i am gonna have the hugest glowup

shivansh Jha

One min
Eyeshadow tutorial for school

Rosetta Simpson

gravity falls

Shaley Renteria

Do you I could use the James Charles palette for this look?

Marli Fermor

This is the only makeup tutorial that I can actually follow ?

Lily Grace

Thank you for this! It looks super good and I’m so excited to wear it to school.

Verde Fenicottero

Hi, thank you for the tutorial. I have tried with the Just Peach of Too Faced. This look Is not bad for the summer period :)

Lexi White

clicked on this video hoping I had the right colors because I only have one palette... shes using the exact one!!!

Laura Renschler

Why did it turn out so bold and not soft at all? xD my colours are looking so much brighter than yours, does anyone know if Abh changed the colours or anything?

Myrde e

Imagine having inner corners that are not covered with flap of skin.

liliana zelada


Sabrina Torre

Love this! Please make more tutorials using the ABH soft glam palette! ?

Grace Knaphus

Your eyes are gorgeous!!!

Isabelle Lonergan

I’ve always wanted to be able to do makeup as perfectly as my friends and this tutorial showed me how! Thank you so much ??

Angela C.

I just came across your channel and immediately subscribed after watching this video! Beautiful and relatively simple eye look! Loving it and how you zoom in and explain in detail. Can't wait to see more...but right after you upload, not a year later♥️♥️, xoxo Ang.

Bts Lover

I tried this look out and i really liked how it turned out. We also have a similar eyeshape so it was easier for me to follow and i'll definitely wear that to school or just as a natural eye look. Thanks for that beautiful eye makeup tutorial Angela ly❤❤


I can't do this,I tried and it just looks dirty,lol

Georgina Chapa



Me trying to learn how to do makeup cuz I havent worn it since I was like 8:
Me after: I loOk lIkE a rAcoOn


Ugh I wish I had blue eyes

Mary Claudia

omg your lashes are so gorgeous, please can we have more info?

Simmi Makeover

Wou nice look


This is nice but why were you blinking so much hah ?

Back Pain

I don’t have fake eyelashes....?

Fahim saleem

Lense colour plz

Lisa P

Gorgeous! And as I am finding out, you make it look so easy. Do you do your makeup artistry anywhere? I wish I could have you do my makeup for my wedding.

Josh George

I’ve got the exact same mascara and it’s AMAZING

Sarah Valeska Miranda Enriquez

My eyes: Well, that looks pretty easy.
My hands: Haha no

Aivy Liu

Every you tubers “natural” look is usually my glam look

Hannah Nisly

I finally got good enough at makeup and brave enough to wear makeup out of the house. I chose this look. But because I wanted it to be subtle, only with the first two eyeshadows. It looked good and was pretty simple to do. Definitely recommend trying.


Me: Oh! That looks easy!
My hands : forget about it


But what if I’m blonde my eyebrows aren’t light

Rezaul Karim

i like it .

flybaby laurie

piano man

Maddie Hall

it’s funny cause i have had this pallet since it first came out and as soon as i genuinely know how to use makeup and found thus video, ive used all the shades she used until nothing was left.

Danielle Donell

Thank you so much I got so many compliments at school❤️

Kamdyn Huff

I used the Florence by Mills palette and Impressed You by Beauty Glazed?‍♀️

Country Stud88



it workkkkkkk <3 loving it

Salma Belcourt

Your eye shape ?

Katherine Funes

Thank you for the other option

Poly'famaliy vlog


Kylen Lubensky

You need to make more videos


I'm in quarantine, I'm a guy, no one's allowed to wear makeup at my school, why tf am I here

Alexis Burnett

I did this and my eyes look amazing thanks for the tutorial

imane B

I love it so much
Thank you

Letizia mit Z

Her:it's good for school ...
Me:Don't wear any makeup in school

Sumaiya Khatun

bruh were not allowed to wear makeup at school

someone speci

this is a lot of makeup


My natural eye makeup: mascara

People when I wear only mascara: why are you wearing so much makeup?!

When I wear actual eyeshadow:

People when I wear natural eyeshadow: omg why are you so underdressed (on the face)

Beep beep

My natural look is no makeup


Considering I’m still not even a teen aged and I go to school this is really helpful! Thanks

Ahmed Khan

Your eyes distracts me god dam it’s gorgeous

Jasmin Cintron

This is very helpful thankyou so much ♥️?

Hallie Michaella

I’m going to go to school with makeup and make everyone think I had a ‘glow up’ then next day look like I’m homeless

Farukh Jamel

Pretty eyes

Chiara Maugeri

Can You please do the tutorial mascara?

Naitik Raj

Too good ??

Shoni shah

How do you carry lashes whole day in school? Don't they loose their glue or you find itchy eyes? I can't even carry them for few hours... Any hecks????
Please reply.....

tina rey

Great eyessss????

siracha sauce is spicy

I just go with a light orange get a darker orange blend it and use my mascara. Then I conceal my imperfections

Ms Yuna Salazar

Nice content!

Lily S.

I like it to do my eyeliner with eyeshadow since it looks softer and not at harsh and hard as if I would have done it with an eyeliner (and I don't have to buy new eyeshadow that often as I have to do for eyeliner lol)

Karen Rea

This look is a amazing, simple daily look, Angela! This helped me heaps and is getting my eyeshadow skills up. Love it! Keep doing these looks

Norlela Ishak

Beautiful eyes

xoxo you know who

You have to have
1: amazingly shaped eyes
2: mascara
3: good eyeshadow
4: and good eyebrows
I have none of the above

Life Change Advice with Tiffany

What a beautiful simple routine.


I look like a zombie

Lisa tyler

How old are u ?

Susan Bradley

la vie en rose


Your brows are really nice without needing any filling tbh