Lines on face

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Peter Frampton - Lines on my face

173 002 views | 18 Jun. 2015

Peter Frampton - Lines on

Peter Frampton - Lines on my face

Live in Detroit 1999

Line up:

Vocals, Bass – John Regan

Vocals, Drums – Chad Cromwell

Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar – Bob Mayo

Vocals, Lead Guitar – Peter Frampton

E Starling

Peter is such a natural, fine musician.

Todd Martin

Beautiful music the best of the rest love peace and Happiness

peter villalobos

"He plays well. Nicht wahr,Hugo!"- Franz. We dare to be different!


I know I could never live in a world where there's NO music. This much I do know.

Raechelyn Dawn

I would rather be sitting here alone in my room listening to that guitar sing then do anything else on this Saturday night!!! That solo at 3;45 is beyond beautiful......Oh MG...that guitar.... LOVE!!!

john blood

Why did I have to live 66 years without ever hearing this song. Though not Peter's most popular I like this one the best. So much feeling. Sending out peace and love and prayers for Peter. Keep rocking brother.

Soila Cantu

I've always loved this song, i have the original album..great ?performance Peter ????????❣?⚘?????????

Vinicio Micheletti

Bellissima??ciao peter

Sha Kimono

This song is part of the soundtrack of my life



Dexter Haven

His best song, I think.

Richard Lawson

while everybody concentrates on framptons guitar...often his vocals are overlooked...but...his vocals can stand alone...and his vocals are still world class!!

Herman Helmich

Only know the Frampton comes alive version
So glad that i found this
I really hits home

It’s an old cliché but so true
Real musicians are like fine wine: the youth and tannines are gone, what’s left is silken maturity,, pure bliss


Saw Peter August 1978, fabulous concert. Missed his farewell tour and I’m still lamenting about it. Enjoy his music.

Janet Wilhelm

Peter? Thank you for being...

Gary Culp

One of my faves!!!

Yudith Smith

Beautiful!!....so so beautiful...I will never forget you Peter...never will...

Geo L

Humble Pie with Steve Marriott. Incredible interplay.


Someone put on one of my comments about how he was going to retire and so forth I can see him right now and yes he should get a pat on the back and a whole lot more the older ones should???❤️???

z zed

One of my fave live solos of all time...just way too good...

Mary Lee-Anderson

So talented ! THANK YOU FOR SHARING !!!!

Mind Bender

Wow just wow ...and I was there back when Frampton came alive.

Michael Avila

I think that he was better HERE than he was in the 70s.

Carlo ORRU'

Big. The great.. ????

edoardo zampetti

i love it...great Peter....


Ive been an amateur guitarist for many more years than I care to remember , when I listen to this genius i realise I will always be an Amateur .
God bless you Pete a hero to all musicians.

Máximo Alejandro Miranda Picardi

Imposible no rememorar una de las mejores grabaciones en vivo de la historia, el Frampton Comes Alive.

Thierry Payen

Since the cover of FCA, I'm addicted to the Les Paul 3 Pick Ups ! I own 4, the same signature PF model, 1 Greco 1980 replica of the Gibby, and 2 Epiphone: 1 Black Beauty, and the very recent Epiphone PF signature model... My wife said that I should double my pills.... I played this song again and again on electric but I switched now on accoustic to cover this tune ... and it's great too.

william arbogast

Frampton is an improv player, he never plays the exact same solo twice. Sometimes he slightly misses, other times he hits a four run homer in the bottom of the ninth. This one is greatness

Alfonso E. Hormaza.

He doesn’t get older got better, what a great artist.


Some shows better than others...but a good one here.

Juanita Shaffer

So glad that I had the blessing of seeing him in concert in 99. A master musician and very over looked....why is he not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Collin Zaffke

The best version


✌?❤ ?? ?

vania nascimento


Guy Pie

Peter always great music God Bless You

Phil Braithwaite

Love the sound of his Les Paul.

Edgardo Bier

Applause sounds very eerily much like what was on the live album.


peter deserves every bit of love thrown his way!

Benjamin Cox

My favorite thing about Frampton is just how happy he is when he’s playing. He’s always smiling and just enjoying himself

f chaplin

I'm 53 years old been listening to frampton since the 70s he was always an underrated guitar player but he was an always will be 1 of the greats in my opinion.


One of, if not THE best performances of this song...ever.

Joe McAdam

One of the most beautiful pieces ever written. And he never plays it the same way twice.

Fred Jones

come on who gives a thumbs down

syg moore

His voice still sounds like that curly haired kid ?

Barbara Nicholas

He will always be an awesome artist, and forever ADORABLE.

B. Frantz

What a fantastic song.

z zed

Possibly one of the best into solos ever...yep


The Tasty Riff Master.

George Crossley

Song of the age......1970s

Scott Clute

"SPEED CITY"!!! Detroit,Michigan!!!!

Fred De Rea

A VERY underrated song! Always one of my faves...

Hal Bev

I had the pleasure of seeing Frampton's Camel quite by chance back in 1973/1974 at Michigan Place, went to see REO Speedwagon and who was the opening at act but Frampton's Camel, thought the building was going fall down whole floor bouncing up and down what a memory


Great performance :)

Flemming Rickfors

World class then, world class now.

Ron Hagenstein

Maestro virtuoso

Carol C Gilsenan

This song transports me right back to a place in time I miss

Johan Staelens

With my eyes closed I'm thinking of the days I was only fourteen, a young teenager, my first love, the beginning of my life. This song is pure nostalgic to me and gives me shill's and It also makes me realise how fast my life went on...

f chaplin

Peter frampton Jeff beck and david gilmour are the best guitarists in the world.

erik dennard

Two guitar solos that paints a picture and speaks to you along with sublime blues and jazz chord harmonization.. that creates a tranquility that feels good to the soul. Music ?

Dickie Clearman

He shreds his guitar

marcelo avellar alexandrino

muito boa música, grande guitarrista o Peter.

Matt Daggett

HOT Snare

Omar Liuzzi

Hola por favor que alguien traduzca esta canción en español se lo ruego y que la suba a YouTube por que no está traducida GRACIAS desde ARGENTINA ???

Maurice Hansen

Saw him opening for Keith Urban New Years eve in Nashville. What an amazing show he puts on after all these years. His music ages like a fine wine. I honestly believe he has some of the best and most timeless songs of any band of his generation or even today. Just one of the greats.

Geo L

When Frampton waved goodbye for his Finale Tour show last month, I waved while crying. Frampton was misty eyed after his encore. It was a deeply touching scene I'll never forget. I'm so glad I was on the rail that night.

Cheryl Ponder

He was the first concert I had ever been to.. I was in the 10th grade. I just saw him in Atlanta this summer with my daughter. Although so much time has passed, this song always takes me back to a special time. I was reminded why I fell in love with his music in the first place. He is and will always be awesome! Thanks Peter for being a part of my life’s soundtrack ?

Alice Castro

Sir Peter Frampton. Back my 20th years!

Sean O Sullivan

What a musician...beautiful guitar playing style ..true genius

Houston Strong

A living Legend. He's still very handsom❤and i still have a big crush on him???

Arriving Arriving

I'm not a musician, but to me he's a hugely underrated guitarist and songwriter. Always appears modest too - clearly there's no need for flashiness when you're that good... This is one of the songs that can take me right back to those happy times I'd have again in a heartbeat.

Peter Smith

yep the wild hair and Bob Mayo and John Siomis have gone but still great

Thierry Payen

This Tune ! This Peter Performance !! in this present scilly time !!

Graham McLeod

Sooo much emotion in the lyrics and the guitar. You can feel his pain and pull for him to get through it. Obviously he did and became a better man having gone through it.

John Hamrick

Cant wait to see him August 5th...?


My 71 nova ss my beautiful long blond haired girlfriend in como park with all my friends.... this 8 track blasting, it just couldnt be a better time to be young and alive!! just graduated, life was so simple

Lehr Werner


Carl Pop

This song does not get old for me. Over 40 years? It still sounds fresh and it moves me to my soul.

Ron Henderson

Frampton Comes Alive was new and I was going through a bad divorce, moved to a town where I hardly knew anyone. This song and album became my best friend, helped me get through a tough time. So sad to see him have to retire.

Coletta Hughes

I'm so grateful he found recovery and we still have him <3

Chris Kellison

A master at his craft, frampton is still live and awesome. ????❤️

Saundra Worst



Great way to start off a Monday.

Peter Smith

where the years go I bought this double album on vinyl when it was released and still listen to it..

Renata de Vilhena Lombardi Nigro

The best???????????

Don Gomez

"... and on the keyboards, Bob Mayo... (applause)... Bob Mayo!"

Trent Baugher

Probably during this tour that I saw him in VA Beach. Such a fantastic singer/guitarist/performer. Definitely one of my favorites! Thanks for posting!

Aldo Loleo


Kim Price

Genius!!! Gorgeous... So underrated! One of the Best of all time!!

Paul Becker

JuSt Wow!

David Miller

RIP Bob Mayo, Peter Frampton "Comes Alive" and Foreigner "4"


Can't get ENOUGH... since I was 12...

Renata de Vilhena Lombardi Nigro



The original version of Lines on my Face from FCA will never be surpassed. However, this performance from Detroit is indeed the second best Peter has ever played. The solos here are simply epic. The whole band blends perfectly. This is truly a great performance.

Jeff LaFollette

Haunting song, takes me back to 1976 when I heard it for the first time.

G Ja


Scott Remokitis

Fucking Incredible!!

Ronald Boonstra

The best....only performing for the elderly sitting?

Tom Drommond

This has always been a favorite because of the great guitar lines, but I've never understood the lyrics.

Thiago Folly


Lines on face

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Fantastic job as always !

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