Petroleum based products

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Best way to get rid of petroleum based products from your hair| Styling my mom's hair

3 341 views | 21 Jul. 2018

Hey everyone,


Hey everyone,

Its been a while today's video will be about how to care for 4c natural hair that has had petroleum based products in it. My son make a small appearance in this video, with his chubby self. Please grab a snack and sit back and enjoy the video. As always if you have question please feel free to ask them. Stay amazing guys.

Products used:

Mane n Tail shampoo

Creme of nature argan oil line

Kinky curl knot today

Jane carter heat protectant


It's so heart-warming to see how you care for your Mom and her hair. I do my mother's hair as well. It's such an honor for me to care for her while she gets older, in the same way she did for me as a baby. ❤️❤️

Ashanti Bonkoh

Absolutely adorable he's so smart...

Faith Lumnwi

Your son is so adorable and cute


What a wonderful Daughter and Mom relationship.

Veronique 05

Ahhhhh those cheeks ?? such a cutie


He is SO adorable!! What does his name mean?

A Day In the Light

Try organic unsulfered black strap molasses for the anemia and iron.


Awesome video?? what does your name and Nosayaba's name mean please? I love how unique they are. ✊?

T Evans

Such a sweet video.


Awwwww Aunty is so beautiful and sweet! Way to go Osa on her hair!!!


I ❤️your mums hair.

Diana Patterson

I wish my daughter would do my hair

Esther Adusei-Poku


Dafina Mosley

How cute is grandma and baby!

Rae Talks

What a cutie! I love chubby babies :D

T Sims

Great idea about the twist in the back of your moms hair. I’ll have to use that. Such a sweet mother And of course a beautiful baby boy??


I enjoyed this vid Osa. Thanks for sharing...baby is so cute! looking forward to your mom's anemia update. I take iron daily.


Good video, I just wish you closed the tap when you weren't using water. I'm not saying it to be picky it's just that I live in a draught ridden country and water is very precious to us.

Wake up people

Beautiful family!

Tammy Kelly

Thanks for the video. By the way you have a beautiful mom. God bless you and your family.


Sooooooo your mother is breath taking ????

Mary's Channel

3 generations in one video. That is such a blessing! Nosa is absolutely adorable and Mom is pretty (runs in the family, I see)! And, I use Sulfur 8 on my daughter...it works wonders.


Mom is an ABSOLUTE and undeniable QUEEN!!! HI chubby baby Nosayaba (excuse my spelling)!!!

Lydia Brown

Your Mama and your son are absolutely gorgeous! Great video! You and your Mama are twins!

Tan Mack

Your mother is beautiful ?? She is so relaxed with you taking care of her hair. Your son is precious.

Patrice H

Soon we will accept taking a both in the kitchen sink

Ms Girly

Your son is beautiful?

Uwa Last Name

Hi Aunty!!! Hi nosayaba!!!

Neesha Shakeera

Such a lovely video. Your baby is adorbs and your momma is a queen!


Awwww Osa another nice video. You mom is a Queen and your son is sooo cute


Your mum and baby are so cute!

outherewildin' b

Aw, daughter pampering mama - beautiful. And yes, those cheeks are just stunning!

Ifeoma Onwu

Your family is beautiful!

Britnee Murray

How often do you use sulfur 8 on your scalp, ? amazingly beautifully mother and son , I see where you get you beautiful looks from keep up the great work

Natashya Mitchell-Hendrix

I use sulfur 8 in the light blue jar. Its a must. I love how you take care of Mom's hair. What works surprisingly well to really clean my scalp and hair is Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir Scalp and Hair Health 7-n-1 Complete shampoo and conditioner. It's suppose to be sulfate free but works really well. I stock up when it's on sale. Im not afraid of sulfates. This just happens to work for me. God bless you and your family. Your son is adorable.

Nancy Samson

Hiiii Nosa. Now that’s a breast fed baby. I want to bite those cheeks! Yesssss to moms hair. #LongHairDon’tCare... Great job Osa.


What does the rice water do?

B Martin

So sweet Sis! I do my Mom's hair sometimes too.

Tee G.

Your son is adorable It is great that you provide care for your Mom.

Faithful2 MyFreedom

Those cheeks!! And those big, beautiful eyes! ?? him so cute!... I forgot all about Knot Today will definitely have to incorporate that back into my regimen. Great video!


Your Mother is lovely.

Sandra Porter

I love how you love your mom

kalena Glory

Smile Mommy.


Your son is super cute. I love his name and your mother is beautiful. ❤️?

Amanda Holmes

Your son is so handsome and cute!!! ???? swoons And your mom is beautiful. Loved the video, thank you for sharing them with us!

Veronica Andrews

I like this!


Sis...I am so glad that you are honoring you mom by washing her hair....but would you please save water by turning the pipe off when you are not using the water. Running water is so precious! Thanks.
Great job anyway.


Bless you for being such a great and loving daughter by taking care of your mom. That’s sweet of you to do her hair.

Mary Rivera

omg Sis this reminds me so much when I use to do my mom hair.

Kesica Brewster

Lovely video Osa! Nosayaba is a gem. I also thank you further on your mom's behalf. A job well done! Does she wear her hair out like this or does she use a wig over it during the week?


Hey everyone, bc I moved to a different location in the house my camera was not focused well and didn't realize it until after the video. It's not the whole video thank goodness, but bc of the moving back and forth from sink to chair messed me up :(. Nevertheless I thank you for watching.

Petroleum based products

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Packaging Equipment for Filling Liquid Petroleum Products

1 668 views | 20 Mar. 2014

At E-PAK, we are proud to

At E-PAK, we are proud to offer packaging machines ideal for safely filling petroleum-based products. http://www.epakmachinery.com/petroleum-automotive/

Products like oil and other automotive compounds that are petroleum based need to be used with the right machines in order to be packaged most efficiently. Whether the product is viscous or non-viscous, acidic or basic, there’s a machine that’s perfect for your product in our inventory. We offer liquid filling machines, conveyers, capping machines and more.

Find out more about our liquid filling machine systems for petroleum products at http://www.epakmachinery.com/products/

E-PAK Machinery, Inc.

Petroleum based products

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Everyday Petroleum-based Products

20 942 views | 3 Oct. 2013

Did you know that last

Did you know that last year 36% of our energy consumption came from petroleum? What petroleum-based items do we use on a daily basis? Sneakers, bubblegum, bath soap and sweaters? These are only a few things made from petroleum. Watch this video and find out more!

Randall T

Climate change Protesters need to watch this video to learn not to own also turn thier heat off

Lori Woodward

don't forget credit cards are petroleum based, and the only asset that really backs the currency is petroleum. Take Care slave in your Free Country

Parshin Naidoo

Nice video its educational, looking at some comments here, there are some who talk to much without realizing how plastic and petroleum has contributed to human civilization.

Emily Waters

this is great

Cameron Matthews

#you suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Brandie Toups

Thanks for the informative video. We used in a session for our leadership program.  www.louisianawoman.org 

Cameron Matthews


Don Meyers

Without petroleum where would be? Think about it. Almost everything we have has a connection in one way or another to petroleum. Where did your groceries come from? How did you get to work today. What were the component parts of your computer made of. How many books have you read that were made of paper, and just how was that paper made. So on and so on.


Our dependence on oil is ridiculous!

Anthony Desmottes

#lack of subs

Cameron Matthews


M. M. M.

We need to immediately ban all these products in order to save planet plastic..
Mad Libs

Cameron Matthews

# #

Cameron Matthews


Cameron Matthews


-Sir Coffee

What's the song at 4:00 or so

Betsy Borchardt

And every single one of these products could be made out of plant based materials which are renewable on a yearly basis and biodegradable.... The only reason so much of our world's products are made of plastic, is because the big oil companies have monopolized the industries.

Anthony Desmottes



The History Channel had a great episode of how oil is used to make almost everything around us, not just fuel. Keep this in mind when you hear politicians talking about BANNING all oil and gas production. You just can't do it.

Derek Bao

Good choice of music and pictures. Would ofprefered a list of stuff that isnt easily replaced or already has alternatives but still good

Solveig Sokcanic

Thankyou great video but SO SCARY11111

Ada Lopez

I would use this video and share it with many educators if it were accessible for students with visual impairments.