Perm at home

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61 645 views | 16 Jan. 2019

Lolz I thought doing my

Lolz I thought doing my perm myself would turn out to be somewhat decent. But it didn't exactly happen that way hahahahhahhaimcryinghahahah

I do not recommend trying this, especially having no one helping you lolz

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Evelyn Cooley

In beauty school you could smell the perm solution from a mile away, absolutely disgusting!!! lol I feel your pain girl

Jessica Jimenez

Hahaha!! This was super hilarious!! The way she put those things in her hair! She’s got an awesome personality, too! I don’t follow people on YouTube, but I can tell if she wanted to that she definitely has the personality and potential to become a huge YouTuber. She seems genuine (which is great)—unlike other famous YouTubers. I mean, I subscribe to YouTubers, but I don’t follow people’s lives and shit. I just watch videos every now and then.

Carly Smith

Where did you get your necklace that you were wearing with the blonde haired photos ??? LOVE it !! so cute !

Flor P Hernandez

Omg update on hair please? I’m wanting to do it but scared.haha did it look better when you styled it?

Kat Zing

At least you have a pretty face. Even if it did not come out as expected.

Ary Arce

Girl your hair needed to be wet and small strands of hair

Marlene Campbell

You should have used regular perm rods.

Willa Bean

Bead sent me here! Love your videos!

The Manx

Lol.. You are Awesome..

Boo Who

I'm laughing so much! Sorry ?

Chantel Barcomb

? I'm confused, there is like 20 steps and 4 to 5 products in an at home perm (I've done it) so what in the world did you use? And how did your video only end up being like 11 minutes long?

Jessica Rodriguez

I'm bout to perm my hair the same way Lmfao. I'm dying ??????????????

Red Echo

I like your attitude :D Better luck next time!

Hanouf M

Shes so funny

Екатерина США

Oh, I just came back from a salon yesterday. 6 hours of just sitting there. I had long hair to my hips. All ruined and cut to my shoulders and they are still ruined and the perm flattened the next day. It looks like my worst nightmare.???

Jane Casey

You’re supposed to shampoo with a cleansing shampoo before you start

Also my god this is killing me

Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22

Kind of looks like you burnt your hair

Ziggy Yooo

Should have used a cleansing shampoo and no conditioner first, also all your hair has to be equally wet and the sections you were using are far too big

TrotZ Frosty

Not bad just frizzy

ynf.lamiaa XoXo

my hair is naturally curly Nd I’ve always wanted straight hairrr I straighten it but I just want natural straight hair?

Damira Jolie

I just love your attitude!!!!!

Adra McConer


Goury Vijayakumar

U are damn funny sis?

Mariii H

Had to subscribe you are hilarious ?

Frida Lopez

Omg ??

Cassidy Breuer

Who else came here from brad

Sarah Murray

This might be the most stressful video I have ever seen

Much Love

I just love how calm she is. So refreshing she’s not another noisy youtuber. I enjoyed each minute of this ??

Natas Nico

I just came to see how it turned out. LOL


She messed up on so many ways

1.she didn’t rinse the perm solution before applying the neutralizer

2.the sections were WAY too big

3 her hair wasn’t even wet enough

4 never perm your hair at home ❗️

Ellie Zhang

you are funny i love listening to you

Rachel Fisher

I love her!! She’s funny as hell! ?? definitely subscribing ????

Moody Bratシ

it turned out ass because your
dumb asf and didn’t do anything right my mom went to cosmetology school and i showed her this and she told me to turn it off because it was so horrible.... incase you didn’t pick it from that paragraph.... your stupid

kacey owen

I used that exact perm pack and it worked out perfect for me

Lauren Saunter

use a chemical cape next time and try this again!


"I need a hair cut anyway" ?

Morgan Lynn

Brad mondo is shaking!


It looks not that bad next time ask a friend or your mother to help you, and yes perm lotion smells so badly

One Flower

My hair looks like that normally? Anyone else??

Heidi Kitty

I really love her eyeshadow!

Colette McLister

Honestly I was expecting it to be horrendous but in the grand scheme of things it actually looks ok, definitely has more volume than before she did it. I'd probably make it all one colour though.


if you stress so hard...the Perm Solutions doesn't work on your hair... i suggest you rest AND take snacks with sugar during the waving lotion process and don't worry


omg you're actually so funny and you dont even realize it

Rebecca Bullock

I think the small papers help keep your ends rolled up correctly

Makayla Monnie

You look cute with it

Marie Kinnear

Soooo funny, I laughed out loud!!! Funny gal, I enjoyed watching her :-)!!!

Ghizlene Sn

That's how my hair looks naturally I don't get it either

Peggy C

Love the music!

Jaie Jordan

Honestly hilarious?

Spoiled Rotten Great Dane

Brad Mondo brought me here!
Here's his reaction to your perm fail: https://youtu.be/b9wuoZLqv9w

Rachel Frumkin

Brad Mondo came for you and he has spoken. Well he didn't come for you, but he saw what you did and has some things to say.

Husky gamer 21

I did the same exact thing to my hair when I was 23 soooo ??we live and learn now I’m 30 and learned from my mistakes and I did it again and I love my perm! You’re so awesome I look forward to watching future videos!!!!!

imurdad. 43

Try having thick kinky hair nd doing it every hour

Hackk dalan

You are beautiful


Your makeup is stunning


Wrong perm rods and not enough of what she did use this whole vid gave me ocd


for the love of god PLEASE do not attempt a perm on your own please go to the salon it’s hard enough to do as a stylist

Terra Leanna

Part you’re hair smaller and in even sections lol shoulda used a small rod for better results

Liberty Jay

Yes, perm solution smells HORRIBLE!

Michelle Whitaker

You had me at "I can't even see what I'm doing"

Roberta M.

I am thinking about perming my own hair at home too because I'm stingy (i won't even come up with an excuse). I adored your personality, a little sarcastic, a little impatient and sounds like you have what feels like a good idea and go for it.... Not properly obviously hahahaha I love it. Sounds like me too. Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna go and sleep on the idea now.

Alexis Dominique

Brad Mondo brought me here

Haley Brooke

You’re in Brads new video?

Me`Me` Madore

Oh my god , like , so like umm, okay soo umm like! Good gracious. Bless her heart

chevy forsyth

dear god I used the same stuff and have a bad perm and I came to this for the satisfaction that I am not alone

Angelica M.

I want a blonde horror story❤️


This was actually really funny and cute. Thumbs up ??

Layla Felix

Your hair does not look the best, but your spirit girl, its amazing


You're not even supposed to be perming or relaxing hair that's been bleached. Those white ends! I'm surprised they didn't fall out.

Mya Ogle

This video is painful to watch. Her poor hair


I did it on my mom and it looks so good like professional it’s my 3 rd time doing it honestly I think I could do it and get paid

Isela Zavala

Super funny lol

Benita Steffan

At what point did you think this would work? And it’s a alkaline perm! You didn’t even listen to the directions. You totally ignore them! Spray bottle your hair? Let’s not even go there!
As a hairdresser, what were you thinking? “ You state that your hair is so damaged, soooooo let’s perm it! Your partings, your tension on the rods, your application of solution .............everything wrong! I’m cringing.

Karla Campos

I need a blonde hair horror story!❤️❤️ just found your channel already love it ?


noooooo. your hair is gonna be so damaged. nothing can save it.

Charlotte Elizabeth Mae

As soon as i saw the colours I laughed, not sorry at all


New sub here!! 9:35..... that look had me laughing so hard I literally had tears running down my face ????

St. Dymphna

This was so funny, love ya ?