How to hide being high

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8 signs your kid is a stoner!

123 406 views | 6 Nov. 2017

A "Mockumentary" made by

A "Mockumentary" made by students of International College, Beirut for the IC Film Festival in 2016.


I’m high asf watching this and I’m 15




Whoever has made this video haven't seen a stoner ever


I don't like you. U be getting me in trouble ??

Dark hart





The likes are from the pearants and dislike from the 13 year old stoners.

Black Dad

Quit hating on weed bich

unstable gingy

i think he actually made it for teenage stoner to continue

Dr S.F Usmani



I’m only watching this so I can tell whether or not kids at my school are stoners

Jason Miller

1:25 A grown man watching peppa pig


snitches ?


Stop spilling the beans bro?


Dude why make this video? It’s the parents fault if they don’t find it

Nati Lopez

After 3 u lose me it’s not hard if your responsible and smart! 2.Cologne to smell nice is a must for growing up 3. It’s not hard to hide if you like something or a fad as long as they don’t go through your phone 4. Just don’t talk about that stuff around parents 5. More u do it more u control how u act and look 6. Be social or with sport if u have a job do it then as long as u can function and get work done 7. If u have a job u don’t need your parents money!

earth was cool xD

Hey mom


Eyedrops excuse: dry eyes/allergies
Incense: You want the place to smell nice
Culture: Don't associate with stoner culture if you don't wanna be found out as a stoner
Code talking: Don't talk about weed in front of your parents obviously, even in code.
Looks high: that's what the eyedrops are for. Allergies. Try not to get too baked before seeing your guardian.
Leaving the house: Teenagers do this all the time, just don't come back smelling like weed.
Munchies: Just say you're hungry. You're growing and need food.
Cash: Make your own cause weed can be an expensive habit and you should be funding it yourself.

Source: secret stoner in a religious household lmao


Who snitched

Nandi Moozle

Is the son talking in a different language??


I think they need to talk

Dr Disrespect My wife and kids

This video is so fucking funny man. Watching high af rn. Speaking in different languages was funny af


Lol Its not Illegal here ??

chicken balls tv

Ur like the kid who asked for homework

jack barry

So stereotypical asf us stoners aren’t all like that

Hayley Freel

Im probly gonna be a mild stoner... Bit not to the point to where I get TOO high


If ur 16 ain’t smoking u doing something wrong?

jarre yy

Litteraly his fathr
like son we need to talk


As if none of the parents of these so called “stoner kids” have ever smoked pot with their friends as a teen.


They snitchin hard af

Asda smartprice Memes

Me: can’t see so uses eyedrops
My mum: druggie

Matthew Gleavey

okay there’s probably a lotta kids here trying too avoid getting caught here’s some pro tips don’t smoke if you’re gonna be around your parents because that little voice in the back of your head freaking out saying they know ITS RIGHT they totally fuckin know always act like you have no idea what people are talking about when they talk about drug stuff on tv have an outfit you only wear when you’re smoking don’t even listen too songs about weed you want ZERO suspicion and for the love of god don’t even stash it in your house i’ve had so many friends lose whole ounces because their axe body spray and ziplock bags weren’t good enough and guess what yours aren’t any better even with tape these stupid steps helped me from age 12 too 18 they know now i’m completely open about it and i even smoke in the house you just gotta be careful for a couple years then just come out and tell em “i’ve been doing it for x amount of years and you had no idea i’m an adult now i can decide if i keep doing it or not you had no idea before so you can’t say that it’s effected me in any way over the years” this has been my ted talk i hope you little bastards take the advice oh dryer sheets in a gatorade bottle isn’t a sploof it’s a waste of dryer sheets and time does absolutely NOTHING

PRodBy. SD Beats

I love the comment section more than anything in the world rn

Liberty Heights

What have I stumbled upon?

Youlick Atumor


Cruz Herrera channel / cube monkey

Bruh if I find out my kids smoking weed we smoking together and getting our fatasses some pizza hut or chick fil a.

Bar Bitch

Ur so lucky this video is under 1m views, or the community would COME for you


I mean, idk why it's so funny but we need to talk son haha.

Kris cotton



Who just had a joint

Samuel Padgett

Me watching this to know what not to do


you are a fudging nark

Alex O

Who ever made this fuck you

Henry Videos

There just stereotypes


fuckin snitch

Jett Usrey

I haven’t used eye drops one single time over the 4 years of smoking

It's herbal morons



You and me need to have a talk

Allen miller

I dont do any of these

Alex Carson

Fucking grass

MJ 17

why are there so many dislikes wtf lmao




too bad i don’t think any parents watched this bullshit

anahii castillo

hopefully my mom doesn’t find this

Fuck off

!. you find them doing cocaine and see weed

gambino gambino

snitching on all of us tf????


U a snitch

Tommy Hook


Wess Valle

whole ass opp??‍♂️

Mystic ICY


Daniela Gama

sAn wEh nEeTh tO TahK


we need to report this video

Luna Alb

Me:son of i ever everrrrrr see any weed on youre room...im smoking itt????

Gryffin Townsend

Snitches get stitches


Those weed leaves were shit

Malek Seddiki

U a f*cking snitch

Get clapped Hahahahah

I never used eye drops I just went to sleep

Faith Grace

Meanwhile im drinking with my parents ?

Seth Dehoyos

Thats a nice house bro


Dad, he's lying. Don't listen to him. Please.

yes ma'am

im a proud stoner. im 15 lmaooooo i smoke every day


so this young dude makes videos for boomers? AND TELLS THEM OUR TRICKS? hell nah

Boris Pernichev

At least I worked for my money! Had an allowance but my dad always forgot it so...

Jhania Smith

Millennials finna be the coolest general. All our kids finna be stoners. At least I know mine will be. Since my parents never smoked weed with me, I owe it to my future children to pass the joint.


Why is this beeing hated so mutch? Its so fucking funny hahahha

Ma Ishan

I don't even have a child

Rockn Artist

Dad: Bae? We need to talk

JIM Mellings


Catnip Hunter

Yeah I definitely show all these signs but I think my dad just doesn’t want to believe I still do it



Kores FN

Why tf would you make this snitch ass


little big planet music

kraks Lofi

Yeah I’m high asf rn

mark risinger

Shit the smell should be noticeable

Ark0ny Gaming

Lmaooo hashis??


fucking nark


? great video, some even expose me but some I also think who even bothers, like the eye drops


You a bitch fa tryin and snitchin

Mikey 45


Kyle Modig

Why y’all people think this shit is so bad most kids use it to their advantage and do school work cuz it opens up your mind and you think deeper and smoking and then doing work is much better cuz your brain is like a whole dictionary, and who do you that has died from weed, really no one it’s a plant it’s fucking part of the earth

Josh Williamson

i have ADHD and smoke to help with it and has changed my life and honestly idk why my parents are still trying to stop me because they have seen how beneficial it has been to me

Jay Bowler

Why do you gotta do a fool like this bruh


This video is ironic. Why do you dislike so much?

Donald D

Dude stop snitching ima already on a tight leash

Khai Bakrania

Y this man baiting us out


This must be how cops feel watching rap videos

Angus Nock

"up in the sky", it's not meth it's weed lmao

Dominik Monteiro



why would you do this to us

Jayz Colin

Fuckim snitch

How to hide being high

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Weed Code How To Not Look High When You Smoke Weed

367 392 views | 28 Feb. 2017

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Rose Bird

Am I the only 12yr that's high watching this??


1) Take eye drops

2) Don't act stupid

Jason Goetz

You know Damn Straghit when you pull out a damn string cheese, rolling up in Health Class, You got the damn Muchines ??

thapa parvin

imagine the people who are high watching this


Was hight at our "prom" and didn't want to dance so I set down with the nerds as they were playing poker. Wasn't even able to speak normally but was funny tho

Benjamin Pew

This vid helped so much

Juan Giles

You needa stop getting high and stretch out your shoulders first bro ?‍♂️

Bad Boy

Do eye drops really work?


When I smoke a shit tone I don't have red eyes I just laugh a shit tone

Joshua Siulua

Thanks bro


Just use eye drops and don’t act stupid


drops is a for sure

Brownie Nuñez

2:42 i got a cologne smell ?? im too blown!

mero_mero_c 19

7:05 ?????


Make sure you wear something different when you getting high and after you done switch back to your normal clothes. (Only if your living with somebody that doesn't want you to get high)

OnlineComrade 57

The hardest fucking thing is doing a day of school stoned. Back when I went to high school me and some friends got completely baked and went to class. Hardest day of my life. Still never got caught

Brandy Y

My 35 yr old ass is here to not look high when I pick my kids up at school and see all these comments from teens trying to not look high in front of their parents

young E

Lol first I got caught was like I walk in the house and I went straight up to the bathroom to check my eyes when I saw myself in the mirror I just couldn't believe it my eyes looked like devilish eyes the mint I came out the washroom I was called to come get food my high ass couldn't resist it and I went to get the food and when I was coming back my mother called me and when she saw my eyes she was like let me smell ur hands lol and I'm stupid enough I gave her my right hand Nd she knows I'm lefty she's like no the other one and she was like damn son that's some loud shit u smoked u think ur slick ur father and uncle used to smoke that shit I know it very well how it smells like it couple weeks later my stash was found again haha long story short I got my own plants today peace and love y'all

Johnny Sins

I have long curly hair so usually I just look down a little and it covers the front of me when people walk by ? the only issue I ever have is looking someone in the eye and trying to talk not too fast or do weird shit with my hands

Ray Rivera

1:14 ong?

Oscor Nelly

I'm high


Randy and frechieebaby r my favorite

Claire Elliot

I smoke a cigar or something to get me buzzing so I dont look sleepy.

Loaded Up

Follow Loaded Up On IG @Loadedup_ent

nicholas borden

Just stay high constantly so u just always be high so they used to it?‍♂️


You know you’re high when you stop talking about what the videos about and just start talkin about their bongs and shit lol

Lo real

I just try to look energized

Ash my Blunt

Luckily my mom doesn’t really care that I smoke. I openly clean my bong around her lmao

Isaiah Solorio

Im always hearin about Marty in G-Eazy songs

Ethan Blickenstaff

For real act like you're pissed about something, and nobody will say shit. Used to pull that at work.

Itz Moe

I was watching this high af wondering if i was tripping cuz the fucking table curved bruj

1. 2

I can't have my parents finding out I'm high


18+ up:

Me: No I don’t think so

Mtv Madness

2:25 those explosions effect look pretty good.

Emebet Alemayehu

i'm high watching this i'm going on a date


4:48 that’s fax I wore glasses is the house everyday sober and when I had them on when I was high they didn’t say nun

Emilly Manyheads

Anyone watching this high?

Spencer Steffensen

My eyes get hella red ?

Justin G

bro i was high af one time and i was hungry af but my parents were wide awake so i wasnt sure if i should risk getting food but i did anyway to look normal i went up to my mom to give her a hug first thing she said was lemme see your eyes i was like ohhhhhh fuck in my head she asked why they were so red i told her i got hit in the face with a ball at my friends pool she was like ohhh do you need any medicine i said no im good in my head i was thinking i already go the best medicine i could have ????

gabriel peralta

Fat black people have the funniest body movements when laughing??

Mythical Scrub

I look high all the time so it's all chill ?

Jomari Delos Santos

HAHA yooo my parents had the fattest go at me mf damnnn they could tell I was high the way I was eating pasta ??

Jesse Haetta

Best ganja ytbrs

Connie Marie

Imagine getting red eyes every time you smoke, and your parents asking you why your eyes are red EVERY SINGLE TIME you smoke. Like goddamn, you should know by now! Geez.

Mason Fuck cancer

I smoked to much at college usally I just get buzzed at lunch when I got college but today I got so high I got the pressure on my brain and my eyes all heavy and shit ended up just going home so I didn’t get fought out only smoked like 0.6 g tho

Chance ruland

Shi my ass is always high so people cant tell when I'm not ig I always look high

sad life

bro i’m so high rn and there little edits in the vid makes me think i’m tripping...


There has never been a time where I could act normal cause I b laughin up a mother fucker. It's so weird I can hear me tell myself to stop laughing but I physically can not.

Ryan Collett

I can’t not look high my mama always know when I’m high and it sucks

King Finesse Vlogs

1:27 om thats me bro

Tony Stark

Drink like a bottle of water and ur chilln ?

B Benson

I always stash some snacks in my room before and keep a candle burning all the time

Thatcher Sehrbrock

My eyes get so fucked up no matter my tolerance and when I'm around people I'm nervous asf usually if I'm at home I just try to keep those eyed wider than usual and talk to them quick


14yr stoners trying not to get cought by there parents may enter the chat

el 2can

Lol I look like a stoner and my hair kinda covers my eyes and my eyes are kinda squinty like I'm white and Mexican but people think I'm Asian but I still use eye drops, also I act high when I'm not so I kinda act the same I'm just slower

stoned kat

What's the bong from 1:50 called so I could get that


Headphones even when I don’t have music is the most relatable shit I’ve heard ???‍♂️ but one time my dumbass had the cord just hanging, bopping my head.

Bipan K-popping ⟭⟬

i look high 24/7 and i dont take any drugs

Paul Mildner

I always freak the fuck out but then people tell me I was completely normal

Juan Perez

Usually i just skate and just follow my parents so they don’t get suspicious of me in my room doing weird shit when I’m high??

michael repass

I just dont look at anyone and I always have a change of clothes

ZFuture MP

yem sayin

Zephaniah 1v3

This my favorite loaded up video


i keep my eyes low on purpose so i won’t look eye it’s even in my school id


Visine Red eyes
Drink or candy to keep you from getting cottonmouth, don't drink water it dries your mouth out more
Use perfume or cologne, preferrably Febreze
Limit talking cause you gonna fuck up if you're a lightweight
Carry mints or listerine strips to keep the weed smell off your breath
Take a shower when you get home if that's normally your sober routine
Splash cold water on your face
Br aware of how low your eyes get
Go straight to room
Change clothes into pj's if it's at night
Do everything and say everything (if you can remember) that you do sober.

Joshua Siulua

Can u overdose on weed

The Witetaildkiller

I just stay away from people. Just ride around or chill watching a movie or sum

Aidan S

Trying to act normal makes you look high. Stand up straight and keep your eyes open and try to make sure you don’t zone out too often

Queso MC

Am I too high or is the guy with the Batman hoodie eyes red as fucj

Electric shock Is awesome

How many eye drops should you do in each eye


Just don't think about it .

investigate 3/11

sometimes when i did it coming back home, I'd just do chores and ACTUALLY be nice to my parents, because the only way they'd give me the benifit of the doubt is if I'd have the dishes washed, lawn mowed and bed fixed (added benifit) before seshing w friends

Phila Mtolo

Why tf Is everything so funny when I'm high like I giggle a lot


Yo randy talkin straight facts


You guys lucky soon i walk in my dad looking into my soul snd shit and they hsve like 50 drug test kit

Salty Survivor Main

If you don’t wanna look high just balance the weed out with or weed trust me

Asian Arrea

I carry a kit with me in a lil bag. Sanitizer, lotion, baby wipes to wipe my nose to get the smell out, perfume, Cotton swabs, eye drops dove hand soap, and chapstick and gum/mouthwash. The ultimate high kit

Patrick Malloy

2:10 future after the perks , money and hoes are gone ..

johnathanonfire_ 23

I keep chechking my eyes to see if they are opened all the way every ten minutes

Dylan Baron

You don’t know you’re high , of your high all the time !

Edwige Hache

Am I the only one who hears the slow mo


I feel like my right side of me body is heavier so I be walking while leaning to the right like a damn crack head

Pancake Gaming

I try to not look high by chillin and acting normal


Do eyedrops work on edibles

VVS Spirituality

wow , came back to this years later. aaahahahah , the string cheese stillll has me

Nicole Ortiz

HAHAHAHA i fucken love them

T-Rex DaBeast

My parents are super strict on weed to the point that if they ever found out I smoke they will disown me super bad. I come home everyday at night hella lit without suspicion lol. I take no chances on getting caught, so this is what I do. First thing first when i smoke i always have layers of clothes like a jacket or sweats over shorts so when its time to come home i just take off my jacket and my sweats. Second are the eyedrops for sure ( Visine Original Redness Relief ) Make sure yall get the one that says " Visine Original Redness Relief " works the best and fast. Make sure to put some eyedrops right when your done smoking AND when you are almost home (enough time so you dont walk in with watery eyes.) Third make sure you put SOME cologne before you start heading home to make sure the smell of cologne is not too strong for it wont raise suspicion (some advise, every-time you leave the house make sure you also put on cologne so it can seem normal ) The whole not getting caught is based on mimicking your normal day to day life. Lastly walk in and do the exact same thing you always do when you get home for example when i get home my parents are always in the living room waiting for me and i say the same thing every time "im home " and walk to the kitchen where i just act like im looking for something by checking the fridge and then the pantry room but never get anything then i walk straight to my room. its something simple that is normal in my everyday life.

z dub

Don't touch your eyes and they won't turn red. The thc crystals on your fingertips slice up your eyeballs. Check for resin on your lips and wash your hands. Putting on cologne mid-day is a dead give away. Always go to interviews lit. Then you can show up high every day.

Brandon Parker

Y'all are tripping me out right now ??fuzzy fuzzy


How to not look high when your not high but high to look high

Daniel Anderson

The real way to not look high is to only ever smoke in compete private or with friends until you learn to hold your high, then its easy. If you’re a beginner smoker going out in public or back home is difficult as fuck. Get comfortable before you try the advanced shit

jonathan connors

Yo this channel is fope

z dub

I'm over here burning one with my old man. When I get to work I'll probably smoke my boss up before I clock in. If my mom comments on my smell I just tell her my medicine is pretty strong this week. Just gotta be professional and upfront. Living a lie is only gonna hurt YOU in the long run. The best time to start living an honest life with healthy relationships is now.

Justin Knight

HE IS IN 2050! Time: 4:20

Merlin Diaz Mischkalla

drink a looot of sugar and take a bath in deodorants

Love Enxo

That one guy says he doesn’t get red eyes because he doesn’t even inhale

Carl0s Tellez-Doering

I walk straight to my room and stay in there?

Daniel Del Norte

Mmm ice your face literally. With an ice pack around your eyes. So they don’t look puffy. Well that’s to go out

Heide Williams

'Your wcw sprays febreze on her leggings" Yo I'm crying ??


How not to look high number one dont ask if you look high

How to hide being high

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How To Not Look High When Smoking Weed

15 820 views | 4 Oct. 2018

I thought I’d show give

I thought I’d show give you all a few weed tips on How To Not Look High When Smoking Weed. Everyone has been stoned in public before and wanted to just blend in. Hopefully these stoner tips help you not look like a stoner.


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Brody Farnsworth

This guy's eyes are fucked not even half way through the joint

Jorge Hernandez

The makeup was bothering me but good vid lol

Katherine Zacheis

You’re so cute ?

genuis god

Will damn im black they goin see????

La La

Great tips! Those clear eyes drops are my best friend. My eyes get so red ?

Face Mcshooty

You can't just use contact solution, right?



Ganesh deshmukh

High af

Nana Moon

Smoke before showering, brush teeth and eye drops. I love to use essential oils. ??

Niña Lucifer

Love these video


fav youtuber

Just a Space

Plz Help!!
So Whenever I smoke if i do not but my attention on something like my reality what I percive through my eyes i would I feel like iam gone as if i went unconscious or someshit, and also when i smoke if i closed my eyes they tend to squeeze so hard and that sometimes scare the shit out of me I would feel as my eyes were gonna to explode, Can the pressure on the eyes cause them to explode

Calistro Rosalez

What about when your eye are low

shrek the best

the ring light reflecting in your glasses looks like eyes lol


I️ love this

Cynfulkidd CarelessWorld

I use lumify eye drops take the redness away fast its the best also make ur eyes not low . And ur sooo awesome:♡

Giselle Martinez

id die to smoke with u

Weed Guy

I fucking love this guy. Great tips

Armin Hosseini

So what we smoke weed
We're just having fun
We don't care who sees
So what we go out
That's how it's supposed to be
Living young and wild and free

Atomic Wolf

I really enjoy your content, your personality it one of your best characteristics & you have really positive vibes, keep up the good work man!?