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Nature's Truth - Massage Oil DIY

6 452 views | 4 Aug. 2016

We're bringing you our

We're bringing you our first aromatherapy DIY - enjoy this easy to do massage oil DIY - Check back for more!


I got my nature's truth good nite essential oil at target and slept like a baby. This brand works better than other brand I tried.

Laura Johnston

the truth I do not like the almond oil smells like cooking oil has no scent?

Ashley Montano

can u use baby oil as your base oil

Crystal Lewis

Where do you grow of get your oils from??

Corrderio Roebuck

Are your essential oils 100% natural?

Teddy Botana

Good Stuff! Thanx! Can you do a video on Different Diffusing Combinations!? Thanx Again!!

Donovan Wilson

I did it!!✔

Massage oils target

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Ultra Relaxing Neck & Scalp Massage Tutorial with Oil, Tense Shoulders, Pain Relief, Sleep, How to

151 796 views | 16 Dec. 2019

Chandler Rose, LMT,

Chandler Rose, LMT, addresses tense shoulders & explains the role of the pectorals in upper back pain and how to address them with a blend of modalities.

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Fountain of Youth Massage: Face, Neck & Scalp | Look & Feel Younger, Youthful Healthy Skin


Relaxing Trigger Point Massage for Knee Pain, How to, Techniques, Chandler Rose


Music By iChill Music Factory


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J_Mic Gaming & Podcasts

what Camera do you use if you dont mind me asking? its insane

Carla habib

I love you ❤❤


Chandler - your voice is super relaxing


It's just not the same as watching neck cracking haha

Pavlo Shyshlevskyi

Good job! And in combination with hot stones even brighter ... ?


Appreciating all the Chandler content, Thanks Psychetruth

Moksha Hum

I think there is a big difference in her from a few years ago and now. In this video she looks sour and stressed. Same happened with Meera Hoffman, the other woman that used to be very sweet and professional at the same time. Both of them look at the camera and their faces transform. I think something is going on behind the scenes that is making them uncomfortable. Moreover, this model looks stressed. Is okay to give opportunities to learn and grow. I am just leaving my comment in here because I have sensed something going and now I decided to write this. The other models were so accustomed to the scenery, to the massaging dynamics. They looked centered and natural in the process.

tdog pepper

if this woman had a daughter id be down to meet her


Becca has very pretty blue eyes

Ivan Corona

Wow beautiful! Amazing!


Oh 6:54 that's for me.

Corvus Lysithea

The lack of some covering (a soft towel maybe...) is a bit disturbing. I am a massage-therapist and i would use that....


I almost fall asleep when it is halfway through........

Otis My Man

I am very hairy, back and chest and abdomin and feel anxious about asking for a massage. Anyone else feel this way?

Oliver Cromwell

I love you, Chandler Rose

tdog pepper

whys her english so good


Great massage Chandler. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress!!!!


Chandler could quite easily cure one insomniac at a time.

gheee Mhaaale

Is anyone going to ask why she's wearing this for a head massage? clickbait. Still, good video.

Colin Hanton

Only a personal preference, but I found the music to be a little too busy and overbearing. Needed something more soothing and less intrusive.


This video is amazing!


Wonderful job

Luke Teyssier

How do we get some of your oil?

Ebony Jones

Wow. This video was very informative.love it

Adrian Spychalski



Is the model Becca Lynn Williams? If so, it is really nice of PT to bring her back - she is a great yogi and drop-dead gorgeous lady...

Mark Fox

How perfect this would’ve been without the loud annoying background music. It interferes with Chandler’s most relaxing voice

Bintang Kurik

The best part of this massage: when the therapist massaged her neck and let her breathing slowly at the same time, that part is very relaxing.


She sounds like a very good apprentice of Lita, go ahead!

Dennis Nguyen

Just the sounds of the massage; no talking & no music please.

lord nearquad

this is giving me major 2006 vibes and it was posted a couple days ago i-

Ms Harmony 0913

This is exactly the type of massage I need.


im here for the model

Louis Bisignano

Love Chandler,explains and very intuitive

Kathy Turman

Wow she’s great!

tdog pepper

actually in love with this wo mans voicer meeeple

Patrick Stewart

She looks really sweet ❤️

Kerko Sayo

I think Chandler Rose’s voice is even more relaxing than the massage itself.. ❤️❤️❤️


Omg just stfu for once


beautiful Becca


How can anyone relax when she’s talking so loud?


No one names their kid Becca. That's a party favor at a frat house name

Konstantins Zagorskis



Chandler, looking lovely as ever.  Her voice melts my mind like candy.

James J Caterino

Informative, very relaxing, and so soothing. Loving Chandler's work. Becca is so beautiful. Just gorgeous.

Vv Pp

Ears massage ? women

David Tanaka

I suffer from anxiety and IBS will massage help me? No matter what I try, it doesn't seem to help. Weighted blankets did nothing for me nor crystals. I'm willing to try anything.


Love the new massage content with Chandler. Informative & relaxing


This is very well lit, I imagine for recording purposes. As a patient, I don't think I'd be able to relax in such a bright room. Are non-filmed clients generally in a darker room?

ÑEO Ñavema

I actually love the music here ... aside from the relaxation the music has a wicked atmosphere

حمزة حمزة


Bobby Soza

The ultra relaxing neck and scalp massage was the greatest definitely liked the hemp oil my favorite one thank you chandler


so where do you prefer to get some of your oils?

Matthew W

the song sounds very familiar, what is it?

tdog pepper

now i know what kind of wife im after, this sort of latino vibe

AD Media Music


tdog pepper

"I've been studying alchemy... I just got level 58..."


As a gear head could I just be slathered in Castro’s 10w-30 motor oil do I can be more in tune with my zen state?

Michael Somerville

How can we get the list of ingredients of this cream ... sounds like something I would want to try.

Ritu Sharma


Punitive Toe

this is an excellent channel. psychetruth deserves kudos for keeping up the quality over all the years.


Chandler has the most soothing voice. And the couple of times Becca opens her eyes my heart skips a couple of beats ?

DJ Deckard Cain



Very important to neck message


Great advice by the therapist regarding lavender.


Becca. The name of no faithful woman ever

Tera Mangala Meditation Music - Ambient music

Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.

Kim Thompson

Love Chandler’s videos . I think she is an ASMR artist in the making as well ! These are very relaxing .

Massage oils target

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How To Give A Back Massage Without Oil, Advanced Therapy Techniques, Bodywork Masters

149 952 views | 17 Oct. 2013

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How To Give A Back Massage Without Massage Oil, Advanced Therapy Techniques, Bodywork Masters

Massage By Gregory Gorey LMT


Model: Kat Connor

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HD Thigh & Leg Massage Full Body How To Series | Body Work Masters Austin Gregory Gorey LMT


HD Advanced Back Massage; Myofascial Release Therapy Technique; Gregory Gorey LMT


Massage Therapy Abdominal Techniques How To By Greg Gorey LMT Bodywork Masters


Music By iChill Music Factory


© Copyright 2013 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. #Psychetruth #WellnessPlus


More Jen hilman massage videos please! She's the best

{°×°} ᜀᜎᜋᜆ᜔

Greg is the man!


massage videos are always better when they are done firmly. i liked this one.

Abumix Studio

Thanks a lot


How can I volunteer to be in one of these videos??


Useful. Have a client that wants an oil free massage today - looking for ideas...

Sista M

That's not a male model

Ama Mitch

I want to give my mum a massage tonight. Why I'm here. Thank you???


Thanks a lot!!

Renegade Zed

this would be a great video if the guy wasn't regurgitating all that pseudocrap woo..


It's nice to see them finally changing things up and using a male model for once.

Herakles Zeusson

As always, great video. Well explained and it really feels like every new video shows something different. Nice work, Greg.


Greg is back!!!

Del Phillips

i feel relaxed just watching these PsycheTruth videos.


The lovely lady being massaged is Kat Connor.


Is this safe to do on someone with a S curve of the spine? I use a lot of these to message my wife. And most of them feel good to her but I want to check just in case I'm causing her more damage than I am helping.

bone less

This looked painful for the gorgeous model. the back was red all over..

Patrick M

I always hope that pervy comments like this won't deter these models from continuing to work with psychetruth.


Massage Without Oil!

Endezeichen Grimm



This massage looked kinda rough. Should a massage really make so many red marks on the body?

Michael Bennitt

Nope not Jen


Great video :D,,, Can you explain why the direction of hand movement is different between flat and curved backs? Thanks :D

Indrajit Banerjee

excellent ....will try tomorrow !!!!


Well if you in Austin Texas send us a message and we'll consider it. :)



victor ortiz

Wow when I saw Austin Texas I was like plz me! Ha how can I be in one of your videos

Mr Collector15



LOL! Crazies


You are probably not doing any harm. If you want take a more therapeutic angle look up Erik Dalton scoliosis

n.Homero yTorruella

It has been great in out of country and great here in the U.S.A. for properly caring always improving their knowledge and skills To give properly managed therapy messages knowing verious reflect a logy......

P Hightower

LOL, he said "We'll consider it" hehe ..thats nice way of saying maybe,but problably not..LOL

Zoran Cosic

Well if you hot they will take you heart beat.


Nice quality. The vid looks great even in 480p!


Great job, Greg!! Way to represent for the guys!!

B Manuel

id fly to Texas to just get a back massage by Athena!

Aqua Azul

where are the athena videos?


Great video, enjoyed it very much and learned new things I would like to experience done to my back.


That redness is a result of increased blood flow toward the skin caused by all the rubbing and stimulation. This massage is not nearly as rough as it might look.


Great massage video Greg! No oil or lotion for this massage made it look like the massage probably felt better

Reanna Villarreal

@kathyvicki it is prolly for clients who get a quick massage like this before a meeting or work. Just my assumption.


Cause no one else seem to want to leave a comment and the page felt lonely.

paul kawsek


Fox Hound

Love her hair cute

Endezeichen Grimm

First comments are stupid.


Is that Jen?


Why would someone not want oil for a massage? Allergies to the oil?

Chraibi Adam

Nice vid

Candy’s Channel

Please use a male model. Don't fall into the dreaded, "Everyone on line is Male Syndrome" The other half of the population are watching OF COURSE

Charlie Wallace

Psychetruth is always first with me!!


Looks painful


Lol she is shaking around like a rag doll. No need to rush just cause a camra is on

Miguel Mocho

It is normal to get red, you also have to consider that he did not use oils witch creates more attraction with the skin. Even with oil it can get red. The massage helps also to get muscles on the right position, if you do not use some force in certain areas it will not have much effect.