Skin lighting

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All about MSM and Skin Lightening | Taking MSM after 7 months

1 294 views | 31 Dec. 2020

Kala Health MSMPure Coarse

Kala Health MSMPure Coarse Powder Flakes, Organic Sulfur Crystals, 99.9% Pure Distilled MSM Supplement, Made in The USA, 1lb https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000NPKFCA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_i_feA7Fb6BWBZWH

Kala Health MSMPure Fruit Punch Flavored, 1 lb, Coarse Powder Flakes, Organic Sulfur Crystals, 99.9% Pure Distilled MSM Supplement, Made in The USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081QDW5R6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_i_ReA7Fb5NFDRRB

Bethsy E

If you're planning to change the tone of your skin through experimentation, you may be losing out on something much faster. For instance, by simply Googlng Kandy Lumizore you could find out all about a technique that requires just a short time to get the job done.


I used the powder??
Now I ve discovered the joys and ease of taking the cspsules- the ones I have are 99.9% organic msm you take 3 capsules(3g) twice a day. I don t get close to that??? i take 1 or 2 capsules a day??‍♀️??‍♀️. I also open the capsule and put the powder in my hair spritz. Msm encourages hair growth both internally and topically.


Am just like drink it my friend?When am so scared for you babe. I have goosebumps for you, spoiling my mouth as if am the one that took it

Shonna Kapoor

I have a question, as i am an Indian n uh knw in India there are so many difficult situation for girls, like before taking any kind of medicine or any thing we have to pask our parents, n indian parents be like oh now u don't take that, u have to marry one day n what if happen if u'll not getting pregnant n blah blah blah?? just clear one thing is it safe for girl's ,i hope u get my point ?? anyways love from india????❤❤❤ reply plzzzz


I use stro for drink msm its fast ????

Chidimma Cindy

Hey sis , please sorry for the question but I naturally do not have body hairs nobody in my family does expect on the necessary parts, if I start msm do you think I will start growing hairs too . Meanwhile I love your skin tone, please can you tell me what you use


I don’t mind it because it makes my hair grow lol


must take 24,000 every day for lighting skin 1 tea spoon =4000 + 3 spoon in morning and same in night + put lemon with msm for taste ?? + after 3 month take msm 24.000 the skin change it to phyomelanen and pink


You look like mickey mouse??

Audrey’s Cornerstone

I’ll try taking mine with ginger-lemonade

Kids Naydie

Pour a tea spoon on the back of your tongue then drink water to wash it down...


Happy new year in advance Darling ?? Thank you for a you do and I need your help with the Caro white correction recipe you gave. Am going to list the recipe please help me correct it. Thanks
Caro white 3 tbsp
Caro white tube 1tube
Caro white serum 1 bottle
Almond oil 2tbsp
Bio oil 2tbsp
Carrot oil 1 tbsp
Jojoba oil 2 table spoon

Nachi Jay

Hello May. I’m a keen follower
How is it going with the msm ?

Jandi Gray

Very informative, nice one.

D Moiten

Everyone says it's so bitter, I ordered one on amazon and I take it in a vitamin c dissolve and I tase nothing so now I'm beginning to wonder ...

Skin lighting

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39 915 views | 4 May. 2020

Hey dolls!

So I am

Hey dolls!

So I am back with another video and today I am discussing my 5 year glutathione update.

I have been taking glutathione for years and I have reap many benefits besides skin lightening.

The journey was a slow process but so worth it.

Thank you ladies for your continued support.

Purchase Jarrow glutathione here


Purchase Emily Bright Glutathione here


Join my Facebook skincare group here


Follow me on Instagram and Dm me your questions


This video is NOT sponsored. All products mentioned I've purchased myself.

All opinions are my own.

Affiliate links have been used.

sara M.J

So you only took pills or pills and and Iv injections??


After taking glutathione makes my stool white is that normal

laurence hanzegnon

Hi mimi I had a question: instead of that are you still using a lightening, bleaching cream or the glutathione is enough, at the time you’re using you don’t need anything else.

John Freeman

When you stop gluta pills did they make you darker than before?

Em Jay

Trinidad n Tobago?

Ariana Blondie

We want your routine. You look the best, and healthy.

Scott Wiseman

so how did you apply it? did you put it on your skin? Has anyone heard of Vitabetter and their Glutathione? They have a 50% off coupon and I want to try it.


I remember skincare talk omg. Wish you would share your skincare routine on youtube.


Hi , I just started my Glutathione journey and I have severe headache and fever. I’m scared

Phumi Buthelezi

You’re absolutely gorgeous ?

Ney Rose

I do not have Facebook, can you make a video in your skin Care routine.
Also how long did it take you to get to this skin tone? 5 years or sooner?
Thank you! I just subbed

Fatima camara

I remmber back during skincaretalk and you are an OG I appreciate the knowledge you have shared over the years. I plan on using 6 Glutathione pills ( 700mg each ) and. 2 Vitamin C( 1600mg each ) for 6months- 1 year than cut down for maintenance. My Question is how many do I have to take for maintenance? after 6 months can I just maintain with 1 Glutathione pill or that is not enough? I just cant see myself talking 6 Gulthatinone pills forever please help

love yourself it all about beauty

Sorry to said that I don't know where you got that from. I took IV n a work wonderful. With the pill when I started a took me 2yr to even start noticing anything. But IV just after 6week. And for medical records anything injectable is faster affective, because is going straight with in. But has for pill your body only taking I think 30% of it. Smh

Soukaina sousou

Do you take it before or after food?

Black is my happy color

Is this permanent ?

Ann Akin

What's the name of ur group?

Smooth Complex

I think it depends on the strength and quality of the sourced gluthathione for the IV's. I can personally say I only got 3 IV's and my under buttcuff (lol) started lightening. Also, the dark circles under my eyes practically disappeared. I have been saving because money I am buying a house now but once I close on my home. I will start back on high glutha and high vitamin c dosage IV"s because they do work.

Sheena Shanik

Great video! I’m definitely going to give glutathione another shot!

Yours Truly

Why do you all hate your skin tone?

Sol C.

How long did you use Gluta? And how long does it take to get that skin tone? Does Gluta have any side effects? Thank you, you won another writing. ?

John Freeman

Let's say I do glutathione injection etc and then stop will I be darker than my original color? Any one?


How come people look horrible and you look great not sick .not pale ???

Chris Contreras

5 years???????

Ali Muche

Honest glutathione review ! I am using a different brand which sells gastric resistant glutathione capsules i am seeing results . glutathione works you just need a HUGE dose of patience.

Maria Valentina

you’re so beautiful!!!

Sara Smith

How much glutathione did you take daily?

Archana Gowrisankaram

Does it give permanent results??

Mashunda Lynch

Did ur skin skin darken through your process

Jacqueline Thomas

Do you think I can get your result using glutathione only if I am the color you were in the before picture?

Princess K

Over 40? You look 30 at best, well done hun!

Shakera Kathleen, FNP-C.

What was your route of administration: oral, sublingual or rectal? Thank you

Bunny Brh

YOU are over 40? Is this a joke ... I am 21 and I though you where 29 not more


But why, God why make your skin light you are dark black orinal african sisterrrr, llove BLACK, stop saying you use for other reasons


how often do you think you had drinks while on this journey? do you smoke?


Just brought this. Not trying to lighten my shade but i hope it will help with my dark spots

Sanya Lenan

I feel like the skin lightening creams that you used are the reason why you're lightskin now...

Bella Acedera

you so cute, you have before and after pic ? :D

Atoszone Rec

I start to eat L-glutathione 500mg.

LaLa None

Eyes and lips ???❤

Dorica Shu

Over 40 ? :0 no way , I definitely need to learn from you

kizzie kente

The pics???

Sweet Simone

The immune boost sounds great

Secret Detective MSD

does it affect periods?

Victoria Widjaja

Over 40, dang. good job

Redwoman 9

Does penny-wise sell any latic acid? and if so which one to buy

Queen Zamaria

I would have never guessed u were over 40, u look like ur in ur mid-late 20s

yağmur dicle

wich kind of glutathione mark do you use please.ubre already beautifull


Is alpha arbutin safe to use with Glutathione . Thanks ?

Baelee C.

WHAT.... you look 20 years old!

Valerian Steele

I’ve been using for a couple weeks now on your recommendation to heal acne, and my skin is glowing. I’m also taking zinc, potassium, and biotin. I think my skin is detoxing, I’m getting little tiny bumps that are healing super fast and going away. I will keep updating. Thank you!


How long does it take to see results


Is it permenant or do you need to keep taking it for mentainance pls lmk asap

ann jean

Great video! Thank you for sharing.

Black is my happy color

How do I use the Glutathione whitening pills ?

Sanya Lenan

I have the same skintone as you have now since I'm naturally " lightskin" but lately I experienced a lot of sun damage and my skin is really not even ...I'd like to use Glutathione but I'm afraid it can mess my natural lightskin tone....If I use Glutathione, and then stop it would my skin revert back to my natural skin tone or will it go darker ?
Please answer....

Stella Cathy

Wats ur facebook name?

majnu 666

U r really pretty. Love from India ?



Destiny Adam

Can’t wait for the videos you are going to post. Please talk more about your skin lightening regime and the best products you would recommend.
Thank you dear

Marchiaa 3

How many shades you got lighten with Emily bright


I have original glutathion injection two kits of thirty doses each
Very affordable prices ?

Karenmarie Pomba Gira

I got 8 glutathione IV and I did not get results. It takes 20 IV at $180.00 to see results. Vitamin C helps grow collagen

Jesula Muller

You look young and beautiful sis for someone over 40
Thank you for sharing your information with us


Hi girl.

I am based in the U.K. how do I i these pills ?

I clicked on the link you provided and it took me to the Amazon America.

As I have said I live in the U.K. and I can’t infer from that link

Where can I order the tablets please.

You look very gorgeous!!!


Hello, I am a new follower for now! Therefore, I am curious about taking the "Emily Bright Glutathione" for faster results then take the "S-Acetyl L- Glutathione, vitamin C, and Collagen Power as well, as I begin this journey! I am only starting this process because my body needs it for health reasons and my skin needs an awakening. If you see this message Mimi Von Snatch please respond would love to know if it's worth taking the "Emily Bright Glutathione" brand or just begin with "S-Acetyl L- Glutathione, vitamin C" for the results I am looking for.

Thanks for your time!

Secret Detective MSD

Heyy Im an Indian girl... My original color is light brown but due to hormonal imbalance My back of the body are totally dark ..... ... i ordered the reduced glutathione 500mg and vitamin c 1000mg .. How many capsules to take a day?


5 years is to long only going take for 3 months

Love Always

Is the group still available??

Morena Muñeca

I'm interested but I wonder if it affect your fertility... I'm trying to have a baby

melia baby

Just sent my request for the Facebook group

Danielle Nagy

Definitely will order this, there are so many benefits! Thank you!!!

Badd Asf

She bleaches her skin and looks an extremely hot mess without makeup with all of that white cocaine powder on her face , she swallows a bunch of pills and toxic supplements just to look a mess. How sad

Secret Detective MSD

will taking glutathione affect period cycles?

Jessica Holland

Yay boo you look great ! I need to see if I can order here in the United states

aisha ali

Hi I've been using a cream n would like to switch to glutathione is it true that ill first get dark before I lighten up please reply me thanks


I thought you were around 29.. you look great ??


I take 1500mg oral glutathione + Vitamin C every morning on empty stomach. Some say it’s better to take at night time, but taking supplements at night time is bad for kidneys.

John Freeman

When u stop gluthatione could u get darker than before?

Khrys-Ann Josephs

Thanks for sharing you look amazing!!!

Maruska Moore

Wow. I would have never guessed anything over 27

Jessica Holland

Yay boo you look great !


If people choose to tone they need to look at your results and methods. You don't look sick, or washed out or "bleached". Well done.

Gift Mubazi

Am in Turkey Istanbul how can I get your products please and you do delivery

Valerian Steele

Do you take any other supplements?

Audi Audi Audi


sara ali

I used the IV I ordered from Some where from China i used it five month I didn’t walk

Sun Flower

You look gorgeous and so youthful. You look like you’re in your 20s.


Theres no problem if u have tattoos al over your body and take glutathione? it doesn´t affect them?
Thanks for the information!


Hi, great vid! I've got a question... you stated your hands go darker when you run out of glutathione but I thought this process is a permanent lightening procedure?

Valerian Steele

Do you take any other supplements?

Cashmi Groome

I love this Trini accent ?

Vic Bañares

Wow for someone over 40 you're looking like 25 to 28 dayuuum gotta drink glutathione now

Eve Ariyah She Trucking

False information ?????? glutathione Injections are the most effective glutathione pills are not effective at all.. u just trying to sale pills ? to make money

Indra Butler

40??????????? Where?????????

Faith Chep

So Mimi what exactly can you say worked out for you?

Slimkat 2018

You are so pretty! So you don’t use any sunscreen and your skin doesn’t re darken? How many pills do you take each day? Can you upload your before pictures?

Sanya Lenan

Also have you notice that your skin is more sensitive to the sun ?

Koustov Mondal

how can I maintain results after achieve desire skin tone?


Hi I been taking glutathione injections at the beginning of the year for three months every week with my glutathione pills two in the morning with one vitamin c 500 I took that three times a day the same dosage but it only made my skin softer and have a nice glow I have Caramell skin tone want to go two shades lighter so I switched up and started talking the jawrrow pills with 1000 vitamin c my I also use lemon soap plant-based Which also keeps my skin glowing and I exfoliate with that I drink a lot of water and I am also a pescatarian no land animals I
pee a lot at night I have not gotten any lighter eight months later is there another way I can go about my journal