Red nose treatment

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Laser Facial Spider Vein Treatment with Demonstrated by Dr. Joe Niamtu, III

74 543 views | 17 Oct. 2012

Dr. Joe Niamtu, III DMD,

Dr. Joe Niamtu, III DMD, cosmetic facial surgeon in Richmond, Virginia (http://www.lovethatface.com) demonstrates the Iridex 940 laser for the treatment of facial and nose spider veins (also called broken capillaries). This is a lunchtime procedure that is very effective for treating spider veins and vascular lesions of the face and neck.

Joe Niamtu

If the vessels blanch when you push on them (temporarily disappear) then there is a good chance that the laser can be effective. Usually it is, but sometimes not. Dr. J


hello Dr. Niamtu

what exactly is the laser doing to make the vein disappear almost instantly? what's the best way to maintain your skin so the ways do not come back?

High Ten!

I have a few of these on my nose and am wearing more and more make up. Would love to get this treatment in my country.


They do blanch for a second..but re appears...is there a solution with any other laser...my derm says its steroid induced telengisectasis..IPL has helped difuse redness but the blood vessels give a big red cheek patchplease help

Bird of Paradise

Doctor, do you still use this type of laser to treat broken capillaries on the nose or did you switch to V-Beam laser?

Sophia Yates

lol at 1:51 he says "Hurt" lol the doctor had said he was sedated hahaha

Joe Niamtu

Ranges from $125-$500 depending on severity. Dr. Joe


Hello Dr.Joe...I have small red vessels which look like a red patch on my otherwise pale skin on my cheeks and nose. Can it be treated and by what laser? P.S. I have undergone more than 20 IPL sittings but the blood vessels are very much visible. Please help.

Joe Niamtu

Not sure, time will tell. Dr. Joe

Joe Niamtu

No such thing as a silly medical question. Spider veins can be treated anywhere on the body. I only do head and neck surgery but many dermatologists or other physicians treat full body.

Joe Niamtu

Yes, same laser.

Denver Chance

Hi Joe, do they need to be large to be treated (that's what I heard). I have a few that a very fine and small but added together they do make my nose look a little red. Thank you.

Joe Niamtu

Iridex 940 laser

In Glock We Trust

the patient is under anesthesia and still says it hurts. no thanks

argishti group

what are the side effects of this treatment? is it recommended for an 18 year old? Thank you!


Does this thing spread on your face if you don't treat it?
I have a small one on my nose and also is there any natural ways to cure? Like without lasers and stuff?


Hi doctor, I had laser vein removal last month but it didn't go away. So when I went back for microneedling, they redo the laser again and microneedling. It has been a week I can still see the veins and some noticable scar on my face. Is this okay? How long should I wait to see the doctor. Actually I haven't met the actual doctor yet...am meeting him on the 20th.

Joe Niamtu

I only do face and neck, but there are lasers to treat the legs. Best to find a vein center locally. Dr. Joe

Joe Niamtu

Usually the do not cause pain. If you have areas of spider veins that are painful, you should have it looked at. Dr. Joe :)

Monica Pangilinan

doctor i desperately like to ask if , after the treatment will the veins reappear or gone permanently?, if so,how can i make it disappear forever/Permanently? thank you and your response will help me a lot :)


Awesome!!!! Just what I was looking for my son. He has one under his eye and looks like is growing. Where can I find help here in Az please help me! I'll waiting for your advice.

Genesis Avalos

Does it hurt?


I've had a blue vein visible since I was a kid on my leg, can they remove that.

Carlos Cruz

At 1:48 I think he said rah rah rah rah.

Veronica Delarosa

is it really expensive ?

Yaqut tahir Farah

Pls where is this place


Good Job ?


Kind of a silly question but could this be done on the Penis? I mean the fore skin.. Sorry but just had to ask lol

Mayssam Chrayteh

hey looks funny i want to try it can i ? but i have no spider veins

Mike L

At 1:08 the guy was about to elbow the doctor lol

Arshith Reddy

good gob

Joe Niamtu

THey can be

Joe Niamtu

Thanks John, No one can guarantee that they will be gone permanently. Sometimes they do not return and some people need yearly treatments. Dr. Joe :)

Erlend Tregde

Hey Joe! Just had a laser treatmant for spider veins on my cheeks. It has been 2 weeks and i am still red. What can i do about it. And any other tips. Some of the veins are still there. Need another treatment. Thanks:)

julian luzadas

How much would it cost to take this treatment

Disent Design

20 years worth of these things on my nostrils is worth a bit of pain to get rid of them instantly

Joe Niamtu

Sometimes only a single treatment and some people come in once or twice a year. It is variable, sometimes permanent and sometimes not. Nature is unpredictable :) Dr. Joe

Dale McGuinness

Looks like John MaCafee

Ava S

What laser is it?


Why do these vains come back?  I had my nose done and about a month later the broken capillaries on the side on my nose were back with very little difference. So much $ spent to have them come back.  :/

Joe Niamtu

If you can see the actual vein, it can usually be removed. If it is just pink patches where you can't actually see individual veins, it is less predictable. Dr. Joe :)

ANG kat

Ok, am I the only one that can hear the patient said it hurts after the Dr, mentioned he was sedated...:D

Joe Niamtu

Yes, it can be removed, but I only do head and neck surgery. Dr. J :)

Teresa McAlpine

are there other effective treatments for this nuisance? I have one of these under ,y eye that 3 different derms have lasered, 4 separate occasions as it returns. after the past attempt it began to form a raised scar and since I develop keloids I've not pursued it further. I still find it aggravating and would like to the redness. have you any suggestions on other options? my most recent derm said to leave it be now. thank you for any input!

It's Just Renee`

lol he was talking under the influence

Allyn Eltanal

i have really bad spider veins under my eyes!!! :((( can you pls help me? more info pls

Red nose treatment

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How To Cover Nose REDNESS (And MAKE IT LAST) | MakeupAndArtfreak

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Hey guys! In this video I

Hey guys! In this video I am going to show you a makeup tutorial on how to cover redness on your face (specifically the nose) and make it actually last all day long. (I find the nose area is the first one to get the makeup fade throughout the day and the hardest one to make it stay, so here I show you how :)

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Brushes Used:

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nada tupe

I wish if my nose was red

مريم الشبرمي

ما اعرف انقليزي ما فهمت شي ??

Candle Duck

I like your earrings :)

Mr Militofres

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هيئة مكافحة شحاذي اللايكات


Clara Afton

The e-girls:???

Walter Cano

I have a permanent red nose :(

Honi Ab

Hello from Germany ! :)) it helped me a lot! Thanks!! <3

Ee vee

we have the same situation but i just avoid touching it

Trice Tyme

its crazy because im darker skin and my nose is soooo red and peaks out of makeup sometimes. thank you

Misty Isennock

I have watched just about every beauty guru on YouTube. You are the only person who has helped me with winged liner and eyeshadow techniques for down turned eyes. You are so talented. Thank you so much

Dr. Mike Hughes

I don't see the list


عيونها حلوة


My skin started to get red and oily after I took accutane for acne... I don't really know what to do, it sucks.
Sometimes I can't even look in the mirror especially in FLOURESANT LIGHTGING! It really sucks and I really need to fix it without applying a makeup..

Moe hmm

i actually want a red nose lol

we love ice cream

I found your channel today and I love it! Your tips are great. I have subscribed. :)

Emmkah Peh

Awesome video format! You recently asked for content suggestions and this is precisely it for me. Tips and tricks to up our makeup games. Thanks, love! ❤


Can you do this as a man?

UFC Fan The House

Oh my goodness!! Thank you so so so much for revealing the steps to take care of this issue!! You are so amazing for posting this as it ACTUALLY WORKS!! ?????? I’ve spent all of my prior life embarrassed and ashamed during the winter because my nose just stays red!! And with your video, finally the curse is over! Thank you again you’re a real sister!

Rocky Plays

I need to get rid of it

Diana C

Try Cetaphil redness cream .

Ehssan Sbiya3

أريد الترجمة


I think red roses look cute..i paint mo nose red.. ;-;

Ande Ycal

Your eyes are such a pretty shade of green.

Dr. Mike Hughes

I can't get the name of the products fast enough. Can you send me a list and steps? Macmikeal (at) me (dot) com

Team Party Version 2.0

You talk to much. ?


Thank you so much! Thought I was the only one with this #RedNose issue, but glad I searched it here :) Great tips indeed! (as I've only used either Step1 (Grey) one or Green tube at MUF) but that was not enough for my Red nose!


I've the same problem but i'm man. What i'd like is make no understand people i've used product on my nouse. How can i have a real real and durable natural effect?


My nose has been red my entire life, I’ve been to so many doctors and they didn’t help.. it’s very noticeable and I hate it, i wish I could get rid of it

kylie bieber

My nose looks way red than that

ahmed elshkra

انت جميله جدا


Do you have a tutorial for your eye makeup? :)

Theodore Baker

I have had a red nose ever sense 3rd grade, and I always got ask why I had a red nose and they always called me Rudolph and I got into 5th grade and started wearing makeup because I was so insecure about it and it can also show through the makeup, I just want a normal nose!!!

Joana Garcia-Martinez

I have a red nose too?And whenever I use foundation mostly on my nose and I put on a face mask cuz of coronavirus and whenever I take off my mask my nose gets red,How can I get rid of a red nose??

Seals and Things

Your eye makeup is so pretty in this! ? Was this look in a previous tutorial?

Ananias Myer

Thanks to Dr Madida on YouTube that rescued me from human Papilomavirus with his herbal medicine, I am cured and free.

Dr. Mike Hughes

I have a lot of redness on my nose. I have been using a product called bye bye redness. It costs $32.00 for a 2 oz size. I said there has to be a cheaper way. I tried to get the product names you were showing but could get them all. Would love the product names with brush names so I can get a workflow for my Sunday use.


It rly sucks when your nose is big and it’s red.


definitely going to use these steps to get rid of the redness!

Whoop Whoop

I go on the sun beds that seems to make it 90 percent better but I cover it up with a plaster when I'm on it. It's probably not the answer but it works.

Goncalo Fonseca

I'm a man and I'm not ashamed of watching this video!

Isabella Billock

Yes! Thank you for this! I love your channel!

Kasandra Y

Should've focused the camera lips/nose not eyes/nose


I'm the only one that likes when my nose is red and I'm wearing make up? It gives me a doll look on my type of face. ??


Does applying foundation only helps cover nose redness ?

Red nose treatment

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Rhinophyma Removal: Incredible Results!

56 708 views | 27 Dec. 2017

Rhinophyma is a skin

Rhinophyma is a skin disorder characterized by a large, red, bumpy or bulbous nose. It can occur as part of phymatous rosacea. Dr. Nayak provided substantial results for this patient!

(314) 991-5438

Nayak Plastic Surgery & Avani Derm Spa - Frontenac

607 S. Lindbergh Blvd

Frontenac, MO 63131

(314) 896-3376

Avani Derm Spa - Des Peres

1070 N. Ballas Rd

Des Peres, MO 63131




*Nayak Plastic Surgery “NOSE” social media! Follow The Nose Ninja:*

Snapchat: @nosebynayak

Instagram: @nosebynayak

Facebook: @NayakPlasticSurgery

Facebook: @AvaniDermSpa

Twitter: NayakPlastSurg

Pinterest: @DrNayak


Sir you are an artist!

tiredofpc K

What is the benefit of this “twilight” type of anesthesia (pt semi &/or unconscious, an oral airway in place, O2 supplementation, monitoring of vitals ongoing) procedure over a “local” anesthesia type procedure w/pt awake, alert, no O2 supplementation or monitoring needed/used? Is that based on pre-disposing medical problems, MD preference, or both?
Certainly the deeper anesthesia is far mor costly. I’ve seen multiple rhinophyma txs by Dr Sandra Lee w/excellent results with only local anesthesia.

Γιάννης Μακρής

Im 25 and im starting to develop rhinophyma!!bad skin!!It doesnt show yet but it changed my life and I know it cant be fixed!!I know I will never have the nose I had before developing!!The goal is that to find treatment to give u the nose u had!I dont wat to have kids cause they will have it too so better alone!!Bad condition that must to find a cure to never develop it!!


Is this method used only for this condition or also simply slimming the nose?,

Juan Edison Raymundo López

Excelente trabajo!


Great work. Beautiful

Barking Spider

Can you talk about the strength and type of laser you used? Not in layman terms. Tks

Laura Austin

Loved the follow-up interview. I watched another of Dr. Nayak's rhynophyma videos and wondered what the healing would be like. The man looks great. I would drive 9 hours, also.


Is the rhinophyma affecting his cheeks too? Or is that rosacea?

Jeanne Mabry

Will they treat the redness/Rosacea that still exists?


Wish I had money my nose is getting jacked up AF


He looks great! Good job!


Another good job. Question. Have the sides of the ridge of his nose intentionally been left wide due to his natural contour, or could it have been thinned out more in the middle?

Giovanni Cervantes

I think I'm in the beginning stages of this what's the cost of this treatment

Adriana Almeida

Would the laser by itself help scar tissue removal in the nose ?

Nedd Ludd

That's gotta be wonderful to get it treated. Wish you well.

Kathy Hanna

It looks like the sides of the nose near the bridge could have been shaven down more but it looks good. I love watching these procedures!



Elizabeth Gardner


Elda B


jojones jojo

You need to show the whole operation at normal speed

Dianne Copland

What causes the redness?

Cara Robeson

Wished would have shown the removal with cauterized tool

Ruth Dederick

Thank you so much for posting! This is amazing

kat smokahontas

Jesus his voice is sooo soothing

Cara Robeson

You skipped the best part

Kaleo Von Hamm

It's amazing how you could find his nose....great video


Id like to see the whole operation, they take out all the good ones ?

Luz Ortiz

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover treatment for rosacea try Skyarza Treat Rosacea Star (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it.