Make up with no spf

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121 437 views | 18 Nov. 2019

Hi friends! We are

Hi friends! We are playing with makeup today and staying away from foundation and keeping it pretty simple! I love easy going looks…as you know… ENJYO!

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Ole Henricksen C-Rush Gel Moisturizer http://bit.ly/2CTjEHU

Supergoop SPF 40 http://bit.ly/2SemXnd

Benefit 24 Hour Brow Gel http://bit.ly/2CeKHif

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in shade http://bit.ly/2CV03aq

Fenty Foundation Brush http://bit.ly/2lTIAd0

L’oreal Pink Beauty Sponge http://bit.ly/2LyFjHa

Makeup Revolution Concealer shade c12 http://bit.ly/2NUK4iQ

Makeup revolution hydrating concealer shade c12 http://bit.ly/35bbXJ5

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer in shade 7 http://bit.ly/2F7DhyY

Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick shade in dark https://amzn.to/37dbyYw

Pink Contour Brushes http://bit.ly/2Z4SAmE

ABH Brow Wiz in Dark Brown http://bit.ly/2LUArOu

Laura Mercier Glow Powder in shade medium deep http://bit.ly/2lLGego

Hourglass dual ended brush http://bit.ly/2NX25wU

Buxom Blushes in Seychelles and Ibiza http://bit.ly/2Qt6iKw

Hourglass Edit Ghost Palette http://bit.ly/2otrqoj

Laura Mercier Highlight in addiction http://bit.ly/2KYq9g7

Glossier Pro Tip Liquid Eyeliner http://bit.ly/2qDJVas

Shesido Eyelash Curler http://bit.ly/2P4Px9n

Buxom Lash Mascara http://bit.ly/2Zff98d

Hourglass Caution Mascara http://bit.ly/2CLa4c8

Glow Recipe Watermelon Setting Spray http://bit.ly/2XmQxc1


Nail Polish “Ready For My Cameo” http://bit.ly/2XoiUUq

Gold Dome Hoop Earrings http://youtube.mejuri.com/Nicole11

Floral Top http://bit.ly/33X32uD


CAMERA http://amzn.to/2HTVdLS

VLOG CAMERA: https://amzn.to/2PHthxX

LENS http://amzn.to/2HTwmYn

LIGHTING http://amzn.to/2oBaHeTx

RING LIGHT https://amzn.to/2EluY15

TRIPOD http://amzn.to/2HPOulU


#EasyMakeupTutorial #NoFoundationMakeup #FreshSkin #MakeupLook

*FTC /This video is NOT sponsored. However, all opinions are my own. My links may contain affiliate linking. This means that I may make a small commission if you purchase through my links. Thank you for all the support!


You are so beautiful! Love this look!

Me To

This is not a “no foundation makeup look”

Maika Vue

Wow! How is your skin so flawless! <3

Diana Rudan

Also a video on skincare and how to get a even skin tone!

Kawaii Potato

You look flawless! With and without makeup! ? loved the video!

Dawn . S

Skin is amazing!!!!

Blueberry Milk

Your bone structure and skin.... Stunning... ???

Scorpio 78

Beautiful look you don’t need that much concealer let a lot makeup.

Just a bit of advice- you need much much more SPF than what you applied- the amount applied will give little to no protection

Anna M

What’s your shade in the Lm tinted moisturizer? It’s missing from your description. Thanks!!

shivani biswal

Why so much concealer ?!!.. Girl you're perfect ?


Please let me know where you got those hair clips from!!! <3

Birgit Desie

Love all your videos ❤. Wich color do you use in the Laura mercier tinted moisturizer? The link isn't working..

matthew trinidad

can you at least say what shade in Laura mercier tinted moisturizer you are in?!?!

Eleiny Ramirez

Jewelry collection

Frances Marina

JUST IN CASE YOU DONT ALREADY KNOW....you don't need makeup with that skin lol

Becky Morrow

I am new to your channel. I think you are too hard yourself. Why are we our worst critic? You could go without makeup and still look gorgeous. Your skin looks like glass.

Savanna Savanna

her skin is beautiful without makeup!

Jacqueline Brittney Trevino

I don’t know how u showed up on my feed but god u r annoying...less talking please ?

quick ASMR

What shade is your LM Tinted Moisturizer?

Shelby L

What shade did you use for the tinted moisturiser?

Making It Up

Girl, your skin is flawless! ?

Kathleen's Island

What shade did you use in the LM tinted moisturiser? I think a few of us here have pointed out that the link doesn’t work xx

Faries Elias

ahhh !! love this look ??

Ravinder Dubb

hey when clicking on the link for shade for Laura Mercier it doesn't show you what shade do you wear please?

Diana Rudan

could you do a video of your top favorite cream products! Xoxo


I am 1 minute into the video and wondering WHY DOES SHE NEED MAKEUP?! You couldn't tell tell me anything if my skin looked like that.

Catherine Pierre

Which shade did you use for Laura Mercier tinted Mosturizer?

ashley honahan

You’re probably one of the most beautiful you tubers !

mera baba

Awwww thnx for sharing it with us??? I'm also a mom of little girl and I got so many inspiration from you and yeah I'm the first one to comment ?

Sasha xo

Thank youuu for this ❤️ I was just telling myself the other day that I want to stop wearing foundation everyday and just use concealer

Avantika Tagde

From where did you bought your eyelashes?

Dana Mudara

I love this so much!! Thank you for sharing❤️

مع دانيا

Colored Asian Girl???!!!

Amanda B

Never seen that highlighter face before lmao

Candise Newton

Could you do a video all on what skincare you use& how to keep your skin so dam crystal clear ?

cleo leighton

she kinda sounds like kourtney kardashian lol

Phoebe James

I’m definitely a 12… I think??

Love Jones

Could you do a drugstore version?

Karel Alonajan

you apply so little sunscreen :o

Oh Keh

Would this tinted moisturiser be good for oily skin


Hi Nicole! What did you put to have the glow on your collarbone and chest? :) and pleeease share your day/night skincare routine !

Jass Gill

Pretty ?



Brooklyn Brown

She doesn’t use powder I live for powder


If I looked like you, I wouldn’t know how to act... your skin is unreal

Make up with no spf

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IS THIS THE BEST DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION? Maybelline Dream Urban Cover SPF 50 |Aysha Harun

63 507 views | 15 Sep. 2019

HEY FAM! I wanted to give

HEY FAM! I wanted to give the new Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation with SPF 50 + the new Superstay Concealer a try for ya'll! Hope you enjoyed this review! Please SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP this video to support! xo


Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation SPF 50 | http://bit.ly/31nXo3n

Maybelline Superstay Concealer | http://bit.ly/31mBmhG


♡ Instagram: http://instagram.com/ayshaharun

♡ Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Ayshaharun

♡ Facebook: http://facebook.com/AyshaAbdulOfficial


Please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Music by Epidemic Sound





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Spin For Perfect Skin Brush 70% off

CODE: ayshaspin | http://vpwow.com/ayshaspin

15 Piece Brush Set (love these!) 70% off

CODE: ayshabeauty | http://vpwow.com/ayshabeauty

Velour Lashes (my fav lash company) 15% off

CODE: AYSHAVELOUR | http://bit.ly/2PR8zjE


Canon 80D | http://amzn.to/2G0Qfii

Sigma 30mm f1.4 Art Lens | https://amzn.to/2K2uaPk

Canon G7x Mark || (vlogs) | http://amzn.to/2DAQxXX

Canon M50 | https://amzn.to/2Td7EIr

RODE Video Mic Pro | http://amzn.to/2pjGRvC


Natural Lighting


2 Soft boxes | http://amzn.to/2pk1OaA

Diva Ring Light | http://amzn.to/2FPzgMs


Where do you live? - Los Angeles, CA

What did you study in uni? - Business Admin/Marketing

Ethnicity? - Ethiopian/Harari

Age? - 24

FTC Disclaimer: Not sponsored. Some links above are affiliate links! All opinions are my own.

Mariele Storm

This looks soo amazing on you! Wow! Completely perfect. I want it because of how flawless it looks on you and the SPF, but I don't wear full coverage foundation, so I'm conflicted. :( Guess I'll just stick to layering three different SPF products on my face...


Girl your skin looks flawless. Thanks for the review and your lashes looks so natural.?❤

Urbansweetheart Teresa


Onyinye Okolie

Your brows look bomb. Can you do an updated brow tutorial


We have the same skin tone so I appreciate your reviews so much!!

زينب إيهاب _Zeinap Ihab

I'm from Egypt and I'm very interested to watch you❤❤❤

Thal Lu

Alsalamu Alakuim. Love your hijabs and makeup tutorials. ??


I look forward to watching all your videos and I’ve been binge watching them now all day and I’m totally in awe of the editing ???


She gets to the point at 8 minutes. You’re welcome.

sweet sour

The lipstick is beautiful on you

Tiffany Bell

Editing!!! On point...love it!?

nioka scott

OMG, the look is so beautiful and so are you. The makeup looks so natural. Love the tutorial.

Sumaya A

Allahuma Barik ??❤️

Love Life

I’m not going to lie I just bought that foundation fr Walmart a week ago n I’m absolutely n LOVE with it!! The formula is amazing it last all day!! Mixes well with my too faced concealer!! N matches to my complexion to a fucking T!! It’s amazing!!!


Nice review thx I might have to take a trip out to my local Walgreens !!

maliha A

Girl, loved the review!!! But, Loreal did broad spectrum SPF in their foundations like 15 years ago! Definitely try Loreal TruMatch, possibly the best foundation on the market that literally no one talks about anymore because of all the PR and new launches

Khadijah C

Who is scrolling down to view comments


Wow .love the finished look.

Ali Almaliki

Is both of them good for dry or combination skin?

Kaziah Cunningham


Laura Fatimah Akindele


Lecia Bella

I think ? you made the foundation work..with your application technique..? bravo ... and yes fall in T.O is fab

LifeofNae *

you literally have no pores,flawless skin.

Bee H

That face. Stunning.

Meriam Mussa-Desautels

Never noticed how Somali you look... haha love ya :)

Hurley 08

It didn’t oxidize because you already had that orange corrector underneath.


What mascara did you use, please reply, thanks hun.


Woaa she looks very different with makeup on ?

Hana Beauty Channel

Mashallah u look so Flawless?

MrsDeeOsborne Phillips

Hello Aysha, What is your undertones? Mine are olive & I have the hardest time finding foundations..Thank you!

Dis My Life: Vlogs

your skin is flawless

L. Hensley

Naw... Revlon colorstay is the Queen ? of drugstore foundations.

Eucharia Anyaoha

Where can I buy it in Nigerian Lagos

Carolyn Young

So so pretty. So natural.

Saalam Noor

Is not good for Muslime to grow Nails

Sahalah Ahmed

Hey,it's really gorgeous n what kind of camera do you use

Patricia Buck

Beautiful foundation and looks good on you.

jenni blacks

Hi you are so beautiful with out the makeup what I will say has an order women the company that your showing never made makeup for black sink now we are hot property to them if you try black seed soaps which will even out your sink then try Iman makeup range.

JoAnna Johnson

I'm shooketh!!!! It's beautiful!!????


definitely can't wait to try both of these now! it looked amazing on you!


Is this oily skin friendly?

Sus Boodoo


Seham Ismail

"just stay quiet" im dead, you're hilarious


Beautiful ❣️ ❣️

Karen Johnosn

Best brows on YouTube. Please do a brow tutorial

noorbee bee

11:43 You are a Maybeliever ;)


Gorgeous Asyha ???

Nori Dunn

What final cut effects package are you using?

Modestly Beautiful

Get ready with me on the go look..lol

made dwi savitri

Hey, i came from bali. And love your make up (as usual). Welcome to bali, enjoyyyyy...

Sumaya A

Yooo mashaaAllah your face is actually perfect

Representation Matters

I am a senegalese-american fam! ??

Beatriz Collazo

Love watching how beautiful ur makeup looks

This is Mila

Definitely going to review this on my channel as well

Lynn S.

This product looks amazing! unfortunately they aren't cruelty free so they won't be getting my money.

hiba mohammad

U made ur face orange before foundation.

Octavia Moore

Jesus is the truth the life and the only way! Repent of all sins and turn to jesus christ our lord and savior ?God bless?

Uncle Eddie

I’m Shook. Girl _____...?


I love it when you do makeup videos and reviews

Shylissia Bynum

Does this have flashback?

Rahma Salad

Can u show me how to do shop for beginners make up and tip and tricks for beginners. I’m new to make up but hope to be as good as you someday thx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Disa Jardine

Awww, my 6ix Sis! Gonna miss the natural fall DVP sights, eh? Gonna miss u up here, too! All the best down south...keep ur Canadiana tho! ???

Kennesia Gaines


Sana Begum

So beautiful

Amet Almaweri

Ma’Sha’Allah your always flawless!!

Lee-Shay Jaftha

It defs oxidized but you made it work really well.

Adriane Passley

Going to shoppers now!!!! They better have my shades in downtown Vancouver!!

Diva Den

What colors did you use in the Jackie pallette? It looks so natural and pretty. I'm sold on the foundation & concealer.


There is no way on God’s green earth that darkest colour is Nyma rich! ??‍♀️ The finish looks really good though and it’d be interesting to find out rough info as to how long the spf lasts for during the day without having to retouch. I’m glad they’ve at least made a moderate effort to make the shade range run to darker skin tones AND include the spf - FINALLY! ?

Also I think the colour corrector leached through to affect the foundation as the foundation on your forehead where you didn’t apply the corrector looked better. Maybe try setting the corrector with some translucent powder first. Works for me, it may work for you too.

Muna Almanji

Ur skin ? mashallah

Takia M

Makeup always on point! And the editing! Yass! ❤️

chizii obi

New subscriber.... I think you should have used their primer, setting powder and setting spray to know how it all holds up..i would really love to know.. Thanks ❤❤❤?

Chantee Quackenbush

BUT YOUR VIDEO QUALITY THO!!!!! It looks so good and now I have to go buy this foundation!

O'mya Rose

My slow self thought that this was a review on the new Laura Mercier foundation going into 2 minutes of the video???‍♀️ great informational review though lol!!



Chan Santos

That foundation looks amazing on u and ur skin is so flawless...you’re so beautiful

Andrea Dorsey

Gorgeous, flawless, and yes definitely radiant! What product did you use on your cheeks? Great video!

Daisy Cakes

The makeup looks perfect!!!! I'm honestly speechless by how amazing it turned out


why orangy??

Queentina Doire

You do not need foundation. Your skin is naturally beautiful.

Eucharia Anyaoha

Where can I buy the foundation in Nigerian Lagos

Eucharia Anyaoha

Where can I buy the product you are using in Nigerian Lagos

Bucketlist Beauty

Too much corrector dats y it looked darker but with d concealer it turned out good

Dheia Hisnika

Oh my god
Ukhty,,, you look so beauty

Amina Vojnovic

Can you please do a everyday drugstore makeup video or a beginner makeup kit


You're just so beautiful mashaAllah ❤

BeautyonAdime with ShayShay

Definitely have to try this foundation!

Mariam Mbodze

Am inlove with your skin?

Blacka Magic

You were in brown skin girl video

Lily Hale

Aysha! Please do an updated eyebrow tutorial! I mean ????

Absolutely beautiful!

SweetyStar S

Mashallah, congrats on 1st car.... ?

Areeg Ahmed

عائشه هارون من اي بلد

Claudia Okyere-Fosu

I need that foundation ???

Tracey M Smith

The name of the foundation is strange. Dream urban ?

kdub nyc

I love the look, absolutely flawless looks like a high end foundation will give a try for sure thanks for the video ??????????


ashya Harun, have you made a video on healthy/gluten free makeup brand? I am gluten intolerant and I am allergic to most drug store and Mac stuff. Please let me know. I am from the Horn like you and I am a little lighter skinned more like your husband but I think you might be able to help me locate the good foundation shades. Lets see if you read this...also, I would like to contact you in Toronto.

Melissa Garcia

Your lipsticks where are they from?! The entire names they are so beautiful ?

S Dalvi

I just discovered you and I think you have a beautiful face and the makeup is just a tool that enhances your features :)

sanaa Anbari سناء العنبري

تعجبني قتاتك حبذا لو عملت الترجمة باللغة العربية وشكرا جزيلا

Candy R

From all over the world girl! Lol I'm from South Africa, love your channel!!?

Make up with no spf

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FULL FACE USING ONLY SPF | How to look bright and refreshed without makeup

10 280 views | 22 Apr. 2020

As promised, today I'm

As promised, today I'm showing you a quick and easy glow up using only SPF. That's right, no "shade matched" complexion products, just blurring and brightening SPF products that will get you out the door feeling confident AND protected from the sun.

Supergoop What's Worth it + What's Not video: https://youtu.be/ugCd-_irQ6Y

Items Used:

Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte: https://go.magik.ly/ml/w5dv/

Zincscreen: https://go.magik.ly/ml/qcbb/

Bright Eyed Mineral Eye Cream: https://go.magik.ly/ml/w2jt/

Shimmershade Eyeshadow: https://go.magik.ly/ml/w2k2/

Finishing touches (optional):

Glossier Lip Gloss in Clear: https://glossier.79ic8e.net/z9NKx

Glossier Boy Brow in Brown: https://glossier.79ic8e.net/X3Yay

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara: https://bit.ly/2RVtTRl

I use MagicLinks for all my ready-to-shop product links. Check it out here: https://bit.ly/34uCpjz

Other Discount Links:

Other Discount Links:

20% off at Aether Beauty: http://bit.ly/aether-kackie (Code KACKIE)

10% off at Glossier: https://glossier.79ic8e.net/gkoXg

10% off at Thrive Causemetics: https://bit.ly/2OL4sVC

20% off at Venics Organic: Code KACKIEREVIEWSBEAUTY

15% off at Farfetch: https://farfetch.mention-me.com/m/ol/uh4nv-kackie-carmody

10% off at Follain: http://shrsl.com/1fqs1 Use code KACKIE10

20% off at ICONOLAB: http://bit.ly/2YV2MJE Use code KACKIEGLOW20

10% off at Thrive Causemetics: https://bit.ly/2OL4sVC

$5 off at Function of Beauty: kevynco.functionofbeauty.com

20% off at Maskeraide: https://www.maskeraide.com Use code KACKIEBEAUTY20

1 month FREE at Rocksbox: https://www.talkable.com/x/3I6wPX

$2,500 off your complete smile makeover at The Cosmetic Dentists of Austin: Mention my name on your first call!

FTC disclosure: This video is not sponsored. This video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links.

Sarah Smith

I am fortunate enough to be a nurse right now, making a steady paycheck. Would you have a list of small businesses you would recommend I support right now? I want to make a purchase per pay period, from a small business right now to do what little bit I can to help those struggling.

Emerson Block

I’ve been loving the biossance sunscreen! Could you review the mineral fusion foundation? I remember you mentioned it in your declutter

Sophie Smyth

I have no idea what day Friday is but whenever it is I’ll be here

Tara MacDonald

Love this, it’s my normal now only using tinted sunscreen. I’m also a nurse and can’t wear makeup under the masks. I love drunk elephant umbra tint and la Roche posay tinted SPF 50.

Essa Balao

Have you ever used the Biologique Recherche P50 lotion?

Maggie Battersby

This look can also be called: I am going on vacation and I dont want a single burn in any corner, crevice, or pore.

Judith Brighton

My eyes were stinging just watching you put sunscreen all over your eyes! It always bothers my eyes! I was a big IT Cosmetics CC Cream girl the past few years, but lately using LaRoche Posay tinted spf with added Goop (I think?) spf powder for touch ups on my nose because I truly hate a sunburned nose on me. Cheers!

Joanna Bisceglia

Have you tried any Coola products? I've used some in the past and just curious on your thoughts.

madison lemmo

Can you review mineral fusion!?

Elizabeth Blazewicz

We all know why we’re here. On the hunt for the ultimate holy grail in summer facecare.
A relatively clean,coconut free, tinted,non greasy, natural glowy face spf that doesn’t slide off and absorbs oil.

Ashley Bishton

Love this video! What is your favorite body Mineral Sunscreen? I'm on the hunt lol

Annie Evans

I use Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield, and it provides a light coverage that evens things out -- I actually stopped wearing a foundation because this did enough coverage for me to feel good! Seriously considering picking up the Supergoop eye cream though.

Clare Skaife

This is everything I've ever wanted for a summertime face - nothing super heavy or high maintenance, but enough to warm up my pale little face and pull myself together in a morning. You're a joy Kackie, thank you! x

Lea Smith

This was so refreshing....something different that I would not have thought of. Thanks!!!

Kristen Pickett

Waiting on my zinc screen to come in the mail ? so excited to try it out. I’m sure I’ll order their eye cream after that ? lol

Kate Richardson

I purchased the Good Molecules exfoliating powder after watching one of your last videos, and discovered it is a BOMB dupe for the Tatcha rice cleansing powder?

Kate M

Thank you! I am buying the supergoop shadows and will be wearing this look immediately. I rock climb quite a bit, so makeup gets smudged around and re-application is tricky. I’m currently only wearing the CeraVe tinted mineral sunscreen (extreme dry skin).


I love the Coola BB cream with spf 30. It's blurring and I'll just wear that by itself. I have light, normal skin

Karina Palazzo

I hope you read this Kackie I use a product called truly clear on my kp and body acne. It's a round bar that's 98% natural. I use it on my back and chest mostly back of arms etc. It clears any issue in no time. Give it a try I was so self conscious about my back but now I wear what I want because it's clear

Not 4 You 2 know

My go to is Josie Maran's Argan Daily Moisturizer Spf 47(mineral). A great two in one moisturizer w/spf. Then I like Supergoop Bright Eyed to wake up my eyes. Those are my Favs but I also like the ZincScreen for the it's brightening benefits on my fair skin.

Anabelle Brooking

Hey, have you tried Clearista retexturizing Gel for your KP? It dissolves keratin. They sell on Amazon. You might want to check it out.

April Morrissey

I love this look! I’m a subtle makeup girl and want to give this a try for sure ?

Karolyn Anderson

This video is basically informing my new “normal” routine... as much as I love my regular pop of (all the) color(s), now that I’m staying in my house, I’ve adopted a natural look for just lounging around watching Brooklyn 99 or reading.
The statement you made about how we should all be wearing sunscreen while glued to our screens really opened my eyes. I didn’t even THINK about it before you said that!!! I thought to buy myself blue light filtering glasses, but did nothing as far as my skin is concerned! You’re the real deal, Kackie!

Alexa Blake

What a cool concept! I loved this ❤❤

Judy Eckhart

Thank you for this video. Just fyi, you may already know this but I use the Paula’s Choice BHA body lotion and it cleared up my KP in days.

Megan Gillen

New subscriber here who just watched this and your Supergoop video. I totally understand your SPF preferences!! I've always found that chemical sunscreens worsen my eczema and even sting my face for extended periods of time lol ?I've always just used a Neutrogena zinc-based sunscreen because a dermatologist said it would work fine (and it's cheaper), but I'm looking to find something new without hurting my face hahaha Have you tried the Kinship Self Reflect Sunscreen?? I stumbled upon the brand on Instagram and can't find many reviews of it, but I'm so interested in it!


I have the paulas choice sunscreen that is tinted and matte. I have a combo skin type. I use it and the Becca under eye as just an easy look. I’m definitely looking into the under eye one you have.

Jessica C

Sun tegrity moisturizing face sunscreen and primer, as well as their 5 in 1 tinted natural moisturizing sunscreens an their impeccable skin mineral matte tinted coverage. Coola Liplux original, their body sunscreen and face setting spray. Supergoops setting spray as well as the matte screen and excited to try more of their products! And can’t forget drunk elephants umbra tinte

Laura Beth

Speaking of Krave Beauty, you really should watch the founders channel, Liam Yoo. Her most recent video is right up your alley. Besides her very soothing demeanor, she’s very knowledgeable about skin care and problematic skin, in particular. She used to work for Korean beauty giant Amorepacific before leaving and founding Krave.

As for favorites, UltraSun, Make: prem, Helliocare - which is super lightweight & perfect for the Texas heat - TheBeet Sheild, Purito and Evy are my current faves. The last one is this super cool mousse.

I don’t care for American sunscreen. Chemical burns my eyes and I find most mineral to be way too heavy and inelegant for my taste. I don’t need to feel like I’m wearing a suffocating mask in the middle of a super hot & humid summer, but given where I live, I need my sunscreen to be serious pretty much the entire year.

Elizabeth Joslin

And Krave the Beet Shield is the besssstttttt!

Rachel Essex

The Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte is great for summer. I love the Perricone MD No Makeup Blush. Unfortunately, they reformulated it so it doesn’t have an SPF anymore.

Erin Kenyon

I like the Koran biore uv if it’s especially sweaty out. Otherwise I just started using Ultrasun. I also have the coola spf setting spray that I was using when I was out driving a lot. Oh a the supergoop buckthorn spf hand cream and the jug of supergoop for my body. Very Interested in the purito unscented spf it’s just taking to long to ship so I have to cancel it. Have you tried beet shield? I think I remember you mentioning that?

Feisty Life Media

There is something in the Umbra Tinte that my skin doesn't like. My skin burns right when I apply it. I do love the idea of the video though.

Kristina Morrison

I just realized there were actual channels dedicated to cruelty free + nontoxic beauty aka yours and now I’m going video by video and watching each one because I’m so excited.

Sara Marie

I’ve got combo/oily skin and I love volition beauty sunscreen fluid and biore sun essence!

Ashley Lawrence

Farmacy's Green Defense Mineral SPF is really nice for dry skin! It isn't tinted but its longwearing and brightening


when I click on the links for the products, none of them work in sephora. they all say product not carried..??

Amber Cushing

Personally, I love to unseen sunscreen because it feels so light throughout the day and prevents oil from showing through without being drying on the skin. I love the fact it is clear because I'm super fair, as in almost no one carries my shade, which makes it really hard to do what you've done which is BEAUTIFUL!

Elizabeth Dunne

Could you do a full face of Tower 28? I’ve been hearing good things about the brand. I’m interested in several products, the blush, bronzer, and lip jelly. But I’m uncertain what colors would look best on a fair red head.

Gabriella Rogozin

Amazing! I’m here for the makeshift eyeshadow/blush situation.

Mattie Montgomery

Purito’s Comfy Water Sun Block SPF50+ PA++++ is my go to for my incredibly dry and acne prone skin. Loved this video and look!

Amanda Wood

loveee this i do it all the time. And love supergoop and let's MD <3

Isabelle Beaudoin

Nice video !!! You look so pretty!!! Do you still love and use the Ilia spf serum???

Lauren Hall

The Kinship sunscreen is awesome! I have very fair dry skin with some hormonal acne and rosacea. Generally mineral sunscreens are too drying, thick or filled with high comedogenic oils (why do all the cheap reef safe face sunscreens have cocoa butter???). The kinship one is very light and not hydrating or drying. It has a light vanilla scent and disappears on contact. If you have deep skin or oil skin you might not like it. But it’s my favorite so far! SPF 32.

Helen Furber

Have you tried any of the cyberderm or sunscreen company products? I just got their SPF50 and it is tinted and works well as a kind of dewy skintone neutralising tint, minimises pores! But I found it really irritated my skin. Have had this happen with another mineral only SPF and wondering if I have a zinc sensitivity, or if the cyberderm is particularly drying! Also wondering if Thrivecare mineral SPF (other thrive! thrivecare.co) has been on your radar as a more affordable and clean/ethical option? Would love to see you review both! Incidentally the cyberderm Retin+erase is great


Where did you get those earrings?? I can't tell if they're spacers or regular studs, but I love them <3

Sspr Sun

I love that about zinc too! Its so nicely blurring and also spf its awesome. I use the live clean sport spf 45 because its cheaper lol but i want to try supergoop

Katherine Baltrush



Love this, such a great video idea!!

lu lu

Have you tried Kinship Beauty's sunscreen? It looks really good, I'd love to see a review on it!


Skincare Fri-yay! Looking forward to it :)

Sarah Turner

I use mainly Supergoop and Colorscience. And I second the request for you to review Colorscience. They have just come out too with SPF blushes as well.


I'm currently trying to find a new sunscreen to use because the last one I was using reformulated to use zinc oxide. I'm going to try some k-beauty brands. Zinc oxide dries out my skin like CRAZY (tried other products with it and it's always the same result). I know it's supposed to be mildly astringent but on me in acts like I'm being turned into beef jerky. Granted the climate I live in INSANELY dry, humidity levels are frequently in the one digits. Sometimes I have to moisturize mid day (and I'm still in my 20's). (And anything with humectants in it is an absolute no because of this climate).

Sarah Park

Color Science has some amazing blushes that are basically pigmented SPF sticks. Theyre clean and fragrance free! Id love to see you review Color Science! I love their Sunforgetable sunscreen in bronze. I use to it cancel any white cast from the first sunscreen I use.


Doesnt ilia have spf powders? Like 25 spf? I'll double check. Kbeauty tends to have spf powders and sprays for reapplication. Oh and @sarahpark is right. Color science has really interesting color spf products. Also pacifica has some nice spf lipbalms. ?